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#Major Grom
meri-l · 2 days ago
Facts about the characters in the Plague Doctor comic book. Facts taken from ASCfm the writers of the Plague Doctor comic book
Sergey Razumovsky
Height 185.
Sergey can't fence, but he loves knives.
Because of sitting at the computer ruined his eyesight and wears lenses not just for color.
At 'Vmeste" he has introduced a corporate ethic to address him informally and by name.
Seryozha is very skeptical of modern literature and loves Pushkin (russian poet)
Seryozha likes pizza, depending on his mood, the most varied: both gourmet and cheap.
In principle, he is an omnivore and does not turn his nose up at anything edible, but is very fond of beautiful serving.
He likes chocolate bars of all kinds.
Sergey continues to make sculptures.
He is a good shot and has been practicing for a very long time (since Major Grom)
Seryozha does not like swearing, Oleg is indifferent to it.
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Oleg Volkov
Height 190.
During his school years Seryozha forced Oleg to read a lot of books, but now Oleg is more accustomed to reading than to perceiving information in a different way. He prefers text recipes to video.
Oleg is a fan of European cuisine, but even though he can cook anything he likes, he is more inclined towards meat and ethnic cuisine.
He was an economics major. That is, economist, accountant, and other related education.
Oleg first killed a man somewhere in the Special Forces, before his career as a mercenary.
As he grows older, Oleg finds only the sweets and desserts he has made himself tasty. Occasionally he condescends to some very expensive and delicious sweets, plus he loves fruit.
Dreams of getting a dog.
Continues to smoke even after his lungs are shot.
There was a brief episode in Oleg's life when he was a gamer, but a very brief episode
Oleg is indifferent to art and classical music, but understands them by virtue of the fact that Seryozha was constantly rambling on about them in his youth. Oleg was always telling Sergei about pokémon and rock bands
Oleg would not have been thrilled to be called Olezha, because it was childish.
The writers did not confirm that Oleg was Tatar 😔
Tumblr media
Lera Makarova
She didn't have a prototype.
Lera's height is 179.5
She is a fifth year medical student.
Loves listening to sounds of nature and audio of whales singing.
Loves soups and broths, steamed food, does not like heavy home-cooked food with lots of fried, lots of fat.
When she was in school she got A's and B's.
Prefers natural makeup, does not do it every day, but knows how to make up.
Before she met Seryozha and her total fatigue, she liked to run in the morning.
Her ex-boyfriend's name is Artem.
Lera has a book "Witcher". On her bookshelf she has "Dubrovsky" by A.S. Pushkin and "Kamaleinik's Flower" by O. Gromyko.
Lera is 5th dan in kendo, which means she is at least 23 years old. Kirya (Lera's brother) is 2 years younger than Lera.
Her parents don't mind that Lera does kendo, and her family supports her.
Tumblr media
Height 190.
Vadik is 35+ years old, never called Dragon in canon.
His car is a Jeep Cherokee.
He has a perfectly legal driver's license, he didn't buy it.
He has an ethnographic interest in all national cuisines and always tries to taste the local food when he visits a particular country. The more unusual the dish, the more interesting it is. In St. Petersburg he is a fanatic about the local puffins.
He can cook, but without any soul or fanaticism.
Dolph Lundgren was offered as an example of the artist's appearance.
He studied at the Department of History and Theory of World Culture. Defended his doctoral dissertation.
Not against animals, but he can not afford to have one.
Only one tattoo, but it's a big one, occupying the upper torso and shoulders.
Tumblr media
His height is 182.
After the explosion and the wrecked car, he has pins in his legs.
Altan is a Buddhist, like the rest of his family.
Wears things with his neck covered, collars and scarves, and is a fan of gold inlays and epoxy
At home he may be in shorts, t-shirts, and a bathrobe, but those who saw him like this would die.
Nemetaphorically can buy up wilted roses for 50 rubles, just so they don't die.
He studied bioengineering at ITMO, but was forced to graduate from another university.
He and his sister are half-siblings: the mother is the same, the fathers are different.
He never saw his father or his sister's father, as his sister's father died a long time ago and his own father abandoned Altan's mother before he was born.
He is a club-goer (in fact, he asked to go to Hong Kong just for that), but has become quieter with age.
Doesn't like to ride in the front passenger seat in a car.
If he wants to offend Dragon, he'll say Gaga's country album sucks.
Likes to walk on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.
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c0ffeebee · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
это такая игра с клетки на клетку в отчаянном прыжке это такая игра кем-то сегодня пожертвуют на доске ♟🤍🖤 [this is the game from one square to another in a desperate leap this is the game someone will be sacrificed on the board today]
Поставишь мне шах и мат - освободишь всех друзей, оставшихся в живых. Проиграешь - и они умрут. Ну что, начнем игру? [Give me a checkmate - and you free all your friends that are still alive. Lose - and they all die. So, shall we start the game?]
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actuallyidontgiveadamn · 4 months ago
Marvel&DC: green screen and CGI not only for special effects but for costumes too Bubble(Russia): anyWAY we put the historical part of the second major city in Russia in a lockdown and started burning cars. Also our villain has a professional stunt double in real gear with two actual working flamethrowers. everything burning on screen was actually burning
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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meri-l · 2 days ago
On September 19, Russia will hold elections to the State Duma. In honor of this event, flyers with my favorite meme started appearing in many Russian cities
Tumblr media
Translation: I don't count votes (voices) , I hear them.
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the-fatal-impact · 2 months ago
American superheroes: Wears special suits with specific design and multifunctions to support heros powers, safety and their identity.
Russian superheroes:
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