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#Makai Ouji

dream in a dream - dantalion x william (makai ouji: devils and realist)

Summary:  ❛ How could something so evil taste so sweet? ❜

Notes: i wrote this over the course of two days without any sort of real plot so-

also, i recommend listening to this while reading since its what helped me get through most of the writing process!!!

ALSO also massive thank you to salem (FantasyIsntDead on wattpad) for reading this for me and giving your opinion, ilysm <3

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                             Look  at  what  we  have  done

Rebellion  broke  out  in  Heaven  and  so  the  Archangel  Michael  led  his  forces  against  Lucifer’s  forces  into  battle. Heaven  became  full  of  bloodshed  and  violence  as  angels  fought  angels.  And  at  the  end  ,  when  both  forces  had  tasted  the  cost  of  war  ,  the  universe  wept  from  its  scars  and  the  destruction  that  had  reigned.

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