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achilles-writing-corner · 16 minutes ago
Hello! Can I request Makoto, Chiaki, Tsumugi, and kirumi with a childhood best friend s/o? Thanks in advance :)
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A/N: of course nonnie!! i do apologize if kirumi is ooc!! D:
post type: headcanons
characters: makoto naegi, chiaki nanami, tsumugi shirogane, kirumi tojo
warnings: none
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s be honest, everyone knew that you two were going to get together. you two have been friends since the beginning of time, and the both of you were practically made for each other!
on your first date, makoto took you to your guy’s favorite restaurant. you both went there almost every day when the two of you were younger, and you were so happy that he remembered! you tackle hugged him when you both got home after
“Of course I remembered! We went there practically daily! I loved going there with you, love!”
since the both of you have been best friends forever, you two never run out of things to talk about! every conversation with makoto is new and exciting, and you absolutely adore him
makoto was extremely nervous when he confessed to you, and you sometimes tease him for it. he always gets flustered and embarrassed whenever you do, recalling how he stuttered over his words
overall, your guy’s relationship is so adorable! the both of you recall inside jokes, make blanket forts and bake cookies together! the others might think that you’re both childish, but you wouldn’t trade your boyfriend for the world!
Tumblr media
your dates usually consist of you both playing video games! though chiaki has played most of them, she doesnt mind playing them again! you two have also probably already played them a bunch when you both were younger
chiaki loves going to the one spot in the park where you two played on her Game Boy! you fondly remember the excited expression on chiaki’s face when she finally beat that level she was struggling on
you both take naps together, chiaki laying her head on your chest while you stroke her hair. she usually ends up sleeping first, so you get to admire her peaceful expression. chiaki wakes up before you, so she admires your features as well
“Good morning sleepyhead. How was your rest? Also, could we stay here for a while? I just wanna rest with you for a while...”
buys you little trinkets! she always gets you things that reminds her of you! they’re nine times out of ten video game themed. beside the gift a note is placed there saying, ‘for my player 2 <3’. you swear your heart melts everytime
you always repay her, which makes her extremely happy. you know that she’s never been the greatest at expressing emotions, but you can tell chiaki is happy by the small smile that’s plastered on her face
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tsumugi definitely made you cosplay with her before you two became a thing. so now that you two are a couple, she makes you wear matching cosplays! which you can’t deny because of the adorable excited expression she gives you
she gets a little flustered whenever you kiss her when she’s zoning out. tsumugi chuckles and gives you a peck on the cheek, making your face heat up
a date with tsumugi is usually you two binging her favorite animes! she brings out all the snacks she has, and maybe she’ll even cosplay one of her favorite characters! you two end up staying up super late, and tsumugi starts to drift off on your shoulder
she always remembers the time she brought you to your first comic-con! tsumugi cosplayed as one of her favorite characters, and she was excitedly showing you around the building. you remember that your feet ended up hurting a ton afterwards...
tsumugi always says she never understood why you wanted to date ‘someone as plain as her’, so you always give her tons of affection! you’ve done this before you two started dating, but now it’s increased significantly!
“Thank you for sticking by my side S/O! Even if you have to listen to my ramblings you’re still here! I love you so so much!”
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kirumi has known you since childhood, so she knows all of your preferences! she gets you little gifts throughout the day, and you appreciate them. you insist that she not spend money on you, but as she’s persistent, she isn’t stopping anytime soon
she isn’t the most affectionate, so kirumi always tries to serve you. i mean, she is the ultimate maid, so it isn’t a surprise. though she does overwork herself to the bone, so you have to gently remind her to take care of herself
kirumi does appreciate that you care for her too! it can get tiring tending to everyone’s needs, so having you along side her is the best thing she could ever ask for
she remembers everything from when you both were little. kirumi remembers your favorite food, color, ice cream flavor, everything! its astonishing how much she can recall
kirumi can tell whenever you’ve had a bad day. i mean, you two have been friends for years, so it isn’t surprising. she insists on taking care of you whenever she notices you’ve been down
“S/O, please let me take care of you. You’ve had quite a rough day and I wish to relax you, if you’d like.”
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sketchysketchiness · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A fashionable Sailor Jupiter!
Prints Because you love me
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potatotrash0 · 30 minutes ago
the protags first reactions to hajime doing the spilts!! Makoto: "what" Komaru: "WOOO GO BOY GO" Kaede: same as komarus Shuichi: "huh"
i love that the girls hype him up and the guys just sit there in confusion dkcbskdnkdbx
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brad-kinnie-heh · 38 minutes ago
Alternative names for ships:
Sayaka X Mukuro:
Britney Spears
Leon X Makoto:
Lucky Strike
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potatotrash0 · an hour ago
now i just imagined nagito walking in w/ byakuya (in the protags in the popstar dresses) BUT the protags are singing like some of sayakas songs
makoto belting all the lyrics without stuttering bc he’s a mega sayaka fan dkcbdkncls
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potatotrash0 · an hour ago
He’d totally eat a raw egg and makoto would be totally fine because his body is weird like that. I think some people would fear him because of that..
once again makoto proves to be an unassuming yet terrifying force of nature...........
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potatotrash0 · an hour ago
oh my god i love your tokomaru hcs!! its super cute to image that toko writes little drabbles about komaru without realizing it. she probably realizes it at the worst time. like, the two are having a sleepover and toko's absentmindedly writing but she suddenly puts two and two together cuz komaru is literally standing right in front of her. it hits her like a ton of bricks that she is, indeed in love with komaru. she probably makes some unintelligible excuse and books it out of there, leaving poor komaru very lost. toko goes to makoto's house at like 2am and he opens the door half asleep and toko's just freaking out "I THINK IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR SISTER WHAT DO I DO, DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS, IM BLAMING YOU FOR,, uuuhhhh iM JUST BLAMING YOU"
dkfjdkfnkehdkd poor makoto ;;;;;; ahhh but i totally was thinking that she’d have a crisis when she realized lmao. she’s?? in love with komaru??? and she’s been in love before yeah but like???? she barely knew the other people what’s the protocol when you’re in love with your best and first friend in years oh god—
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potatotrash0 · 2 hours ago
i’m just imagining makoto awkwardly coming up to sayaka and attempting to ask her for the dresses and backtracking like 3 times before she puts it together herself and happily hands them over dkdjskjd
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potatotrash0 · 2 hours ago
hajime giving his friends dumb nicknames that relates to dumb stuff they did like makotos being "raw egg eater"
makoto eating raw egg scares me oh god. gahhhh it’d be so slimey ewww i don’t like it.......but anyway i think hajime would totally have makoto’s contact as a picture of him eating it dkfnsknd
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jadewashere64 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So i finally watched Weathering With You today (i loved it!) and i noticed the bracelet that Hina's mum wears, looked alot like the choker hina wears for the rest of the movie.
So i went back and looked and it seems like it is!
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sinful-liesel · 3 hours ago
[Character Song] The PV for SOARA's "Heart" Has Been Released
Tumblr media
Read More on ( 🌻
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