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anime_irl via /r/anime_irl by Dazai53

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I’ve almost finished reading the original webnovel!!  Only three chapters left ;w;  But the good news is that’s because a new chapter dropped yesterday!!  I have to be careful about spoilers on Twitter, but it’s close enough that I don’t mind (and most of the tweets were about a development I expected).

The manga version also updated with chapter 20 part 2 on NICONICO!  They only keep the last few chapters available so be careful of spoilers if you look~  And ofc it’s in Japanese.

When I’ve caught up, I’ll start going back and properly collecting information from the series.

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I admire Lizel’s confidence so much there will just be like Activity Lizel Has Absolutely Never Done In His Life and he’s like “I’ll go first”

and he’s often not even good at it!!  He doesn’t necessarily fail, but he’s not good!!  But the opportunity will come up again and someone new will ask “Have you ever done this before?” and he says “Yes” SIR you did it ONCE with SUPERVISION and you still almost HURT YOURSELF

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Digimon Adventure “The Hikari of Dawn” Review

Digimon Adventure “The Hikari of Dawn” Review


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*If you are a fan of any of these three please do not read any further as this is not meant to bash on them as I am just stating my own personal opinion on particular subject about them. But if you are interested in reading the article please feel free and comment after you are done and enjoy.*

You know ever since I submitted that one motivational poster about InuYasha’s intentions with Kikyo onto my DeviantArt page: Didn’t understand it has seriously given me a whole new perspective on just on InuYasha and how and why he acted like he did but also on his friends Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippo and I have to seriously tell you that from what I have read and what I have seen in the anime in my own personal opinion I don’t consider these three to be true friends of InuYasha at all.

From when the group first started out it seemed that they did indeed have a good bond of friendship between them. But as time went on it seems that despite calling themselves “friends” of InuYasha they didn’t seem to know the true value or definition of it.

What is it that holds a good friendship together? It’s not just going into battles with one another and having each other’s backs, it’s having their support; their FULL support. It’s one thing to have friends who provide support during times of success which is what they did every time InuYasha succeed at something like mastering a new technique to Tessiaga. But genuine friends are there through all of our peaks and valleys — the grief, the joy, the failures and everything in between. To be able to know someone enough and to trust them enough to even allow them to support you through tough times is a sign of real friendships, Supportiveness is crucial in friendships. Honesty isn’t always an easy thing, but it’s important to your bond. Swallowing that pill and being the best friend you can by being open with them always works out better. These three were not there for InuYasha during his most critical moments that were involved with Kikyo at all and were not above to immediately judge him and think he was “two-timing” Kagome every time he went off to see Kikyo and even though whenever he came back later to them like the faithful friend he was and told them the truth to what really happened they still didn’t believe him. True friends are ones who not only likes us for who we are but also ones who wants what is good for us.

InuYasha was also going through such a conflicted time having to deal with Kikyo’s resurrection because let’s face it that is not something that seriously happens everyday and it seems that he just wanted to make amends for what happened in the past as he was tricked into hating her and wanted to make things right between them even if it meant earlier on him following her into death (If you read my motivational poster you will understand what I am talking about).  The other thing that if you really stop to think about this too is that sometimes you heard (at least Kagome said this) that what happened with Kikyo was over and it happened 50 years ago BUT to InuYasha it was a tragic event that was still fresh to him as he was sealed to a tree for 50 years so the memories and events of it where like they just happened yesterday and was not something that one could get over very quickly and when Kikyo’s resurrection happened it didn’t help the matter anymore either.  It would kind of be like saying to someone who just lost their boyfriend/girlfriend so tragically to suck it up and get over it and at which point they deserve a good hard ass-kicking.  

Also another thing that comes to my mind is that for nearly the entire InuYasha series Sango, Miroku and Shippo were all antagonistic towards Kikyo who I have seriously come to sympathize with as she didn’t ask to be resurrected but that ugly orgess demon Urasue who wanted to use her for her spiritual powers, after being resurrected she never thought she would see InuYasha again or even see her own spiritual reincarnation either in the past who was falling in love with InuYasha as well. (I would go into more details about this but I might save it for maybe another future motivational screenshot). All these three knew is that Kikyo was a powerful priestess and her and InuYasha had a history together, they didn’t even think of what might have been going through her mind or how she felt about her new “existence” on the earthly plane. It was not until the 8th episode of InuYasha: The Final Act, where they show sympathy for InuYasha and Kikyo as she lays close to her death with InuYasha by her side.  Also in the last episode of the series, Miroku and Sango are talking about how Kagome went back to her own world for 3 years before she finally made the decision to return to the past to be with InuYasha and it shows them to be very concerned about InuYasha and his feelings and it seriously made me stop to think to myself, “Where was this act of compassion and sympathy when InuYasha had that situation with Kikyo?” That’s all it was nothing but sympathy as it is important emotion to have especially in friendship but in this case it wasn’t just about being sympathetic but also empathetic as well. A close friend rejoices in your joys and sorrows over your pains. A true friend is not just sympathetic, they are empathetic. They share your feelings, weeping with you when you weep and rejoicing with you when you rejoice.  I also felt that at times InuYasha was being criticized on things that were unnecessary too.

So in light of all this I have to honestly say once again in my own personal opinion. The three of them were not being true friends to InuYasha and I also let’s face it they are human the reason I am saying this is because InuYasha is also human but he is HALF human and HALF demon and if you once again read the description to the motivational screenshot in blue highlights up above you will understand where I am coming from. They were treating him in the ways of a human being which isn’t bad okay but didn’t seem to have a full grasp on his Inu-Yokai nature, if they did they would have been more understanding and more empathetic towards him and his situation with Kikyo too. Even in the final battle with Naraku he addressed them as his “so-called” friends as it can make you stop to wonder what he meant by that and if he might have seen the TRUE nature of what their friendship was made out of as I pointed out in my last motivational screenshot I posted previously that some OCs of mine set to appear are also going to call their friendship into questioning too.  

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Mona 🧡🦋


Meet my new OC, Mona - the monarch butterfly fairy!! I hope you guys like her! 🧡

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This screenshot demotivational poster is super highly Anti-InuKag. For those of you who like this pairing, please take what I have to say with a fine grain of salt. As for the rest of you, my beloved Anti-InuKag friends, revel in my evisceration of one of my biggest NOTPs of anime as well as my evisceration on my least favorite anime “heroine” of all time.

I may come off as fussy and I may come off as snooty, but I never understood the appeal of InuKag. Even when I was a 13-year-old seventh-grader back in 2005, I just did not endeavor to understand why is it that this “couple” is so well-loved, especially considering the times Kagome constantly “sat” Inuyasha and their relationship demonstrated loads of unhealthy patterns.

One example I will always go back to when I was a thirteen-year-old lad was when I was spending my Christmas break in Los Angeles with my parents and younger siblings that I caught the second Inuyasha movie “Inuyasha: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass” late at night on Adult Swim. I know that any hardcore InuKag shipper would squeal in delight with this particular moment. However, all I felt was sheer indifference and just shrugged my shoulders with a blank look on my face.

On a narrative standpoint, yes, Kagome was brought into Inuyasha’s life because she accepted him as a hanyou, despite Inuyasha wanting to become a full-fledged yokai. When Princess Kaguya chanted her spell, due to her knowing what Inuyasha desired to be, Inuyasha was about to transform into the full yokai he wanted to be. This spurred Kagome on to be released from her being captured, for the umpteenth time and so much being for her being a “heroine”, in order to make Inuyasha snap out of his about to be complete transformation. She does this by kissing him, thus breaking Kaguya’s spell. Therefore, this completes the trope found in fairy tales with love’s first kiss being the be all end all action of the two protagonists finally affirming their love for each other.

However, since this is InuKag we are talking about, it did not surprise me that they went back to their old bickering, squabbling, and grumbling ways, which went on and on and on, thus making InuKag a classic example of a couple whose relationship goes one step forward and one-hundred steps backwards. Moreover, the emotional ramifications of what Inuyasha and Kagome have been dealing with together throughout the series, the movies, and even the first episode of the sequel are nothing short of pernicious in terms of severe trust issues and a bevy of unhealthy cycles in constant repetition, especially with Inuyasha still having the Beads of Subjugation on his collar for years to come.

The kicker is that the ending showed Inuyasha and Kagome still in denial about their growing feelings for each other, even though Kagome’s wish to encounter Princess Kaguya was fulfilled. It did not also help matters that she sat him and Shippou told Inuyasha to grow up with the locket showing Inuyasha’s and Kagome’s face from the photo booth on show. This just showed that Kagome seemed to be always on the right and Inuyasha was always on the wrong, even though Kagome is quite the manipulative, mopey, low-down shrew.

I know I can hear the hardcore InuKag shippers crying for my blood when I say this, but I am still convinced that InuKag is worth rooting for by any stretch of the imagination. Even though this scene was made for Inuyasha to have found someone still alive to accept him as a hanyou, this does not excuse this fart of a couple from going back to old bickering ways. Hence, I am still proud to brand InuKag as one of my biggest NOTP for life.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I will see you in the next submission. Take care and stay safe, everybody.

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✨🌸✨ So the flash mob has started✨🌸✨ #SSBlankPeriod2021

✨The first day: Rain “Let’s stay here for now” 🌧✨

I will try to draw all the themes and they will all be chibi😁

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