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lunopal · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Finally finished this fanart for ‘that’s the art of getting by’ by @sarewolf on Ao3
Hands down, one of my favourite raising Harry fics, so you should check it out if you haven’t already ;))
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pinkandblueblurbs · 17 hours ago
you don’t like the way remus’s cock tastes, so he comes up with a solution
Remus Lupin x fem!reader. D/s, daddy kink, blowjobs, sliiiightest dubcon if u wanna stretch (like u could see it as ‘pressure’ ig, it is all consensual tho), lollipops/food, petnames. This was quick, so not my best work, and not proof read
word count: 1.1k
“C’mere, sweetheart.” Remus mutters from where he sits in the chair of his desk, nimble fingers undoing the buckle of his belt. You huff, hesitant to move from your comfortable position on the bed.
“Cause I said so. Don’t make me ask again, c’mon.” The male mutters. You look up from your book to see him freeing his cock from his trousers, already impressive at only half mast. You sigh, but obediently rise to your feet and cross the room to meet him. You reach out to stroke his cock as you usually do when your boyfriend needs a quick release.
“None of that, doll. Get on your knees f’me.” He instructs, lightly batting your hands away. You groan.
“You want a blowjob?” You whine, scrunching up your nose. “Those are gross.”
“I know you think that, bun, ‘n that’s why I don’t ask for them often. And I eat you out all the time, don’t I? So go on, get on your knees.” He orders, signaling to the ground with his eyes. You pout- you could safeword, of course, none of his orders are ever really forced. But you don’t, you sink to your knees, keeping your pout settled on your lips in protest.
“Attagirl.” He strokes his own cock, the member quickly growing to full hardness in his hand. His fist comes to rest at its base, holding it outwards. “Open up, now, get to it.”
You do as he says, leaning forward to give the tip a soft kitten lick, and immediately your face scrunches up and you pull back as the musky flavor seeps into your tastebuds.
“Yuck!” You exclaim, smacking your lips unhappily. Remus rolls his eyes.
“Don’t be fuckin’ dramatic, Y/n, people suck cock all the damn time. Get your mouth back over here.” He mutters, reaching out to grasp the back of your head and lead you back to his cock. You whimper.
“It tastes bad, daddy.” You whine, glowering at the dick before you. Remus sighs.
“Fine.” He grumbles, reaching over with his free hand to pull open a desk drawer. You watch curiously as he rummages through the drawer until he finally pulls his hand out, holding a wrapped lollipop in your favorite flavor. You gasp, grinning, and Remus smirks.
“That seemed to do the trick. Y’want this, sweetheart? Y’want a treat?” He coos, changing his inflection in hopes of exciting you. Of course, it works, and you nod eagerly.
“Yes, daddy!” You immediately chirp, eyeing the sucker hungrily as he unwraps it. He holds it out to you- but when you reach out to take it, he tuts.
“Ah ah. No hands, baby, just suck.” He orders. You don’t question it, you just follow his directions, leaning forward to take the bulb of hard candy into your mouth. You let out a pleased hum as the sweet flavor dances on your tongue, suckling eagerly, and Remus watches.
“That’s it, bet that tastes good.” He murmurs. He lets you enjoy it for just a moment before he’s pulling it from your mouth and directing you back to his cock. “Now suck on this, doll- there you go.” He grits out when you latch onto the head of his dick without complaint. You fix your gaze upwards, the taste of his cock masked somewhat by the sugary flavor lingering on your tongue. Remus groans as you suckle avidly.
Soon, however, the taste of the lollipop fades, leaving you unprotected, and you start to whimper around his cock, scrunching up your nose and pulling back against his hand.
“Alright, alright.” His voice is tight from the vibrations of your noises as he lets up, allowing you to pull back. He brings his hand in front of your face again, still holding the lollipop. “Y’can have more, go on. Get rid of the “yucky” taste.” He mutters, and you do so immediately. Your gaze never leaves him, you keeping your eyes up on his handsome visage, and he lets out a fond scoff at your innocent expression.
“I fuckin’ spoil you, y’know that? Most little girls don’t get sweets just for sucking their boyfriend’s cock.” He murmurs. You smile around the lollipop in your mouth, very well aware of the benefits you’ve reaped with your whining.
“Alright, that’s enough.” He pulls it from your mouth again, and his hand is back at the base of your skull, pulling you forward. You let him feed you his cock once more, and he sighs in pleasure, pushing you down so his tip teases the back of your throat. You barely suppress a gag, tears gathering in your waterline as you blink up at him.
“See, bunny? It’s not so bad, is it? Tastes kinda good if you’d just get used to it.” He murmurs, clearly trying to talk you into it. You furrow your brows to show him you aren’t convinced, and he chuckles. “Or not. Maybe I’ll have to get some flavored lube, hm? If you’ll only fuckin’ suck shit when it tastes like strawberries.”
He lets you off again, giving you another taste of the yummy lollipop, before guiding you right back to his cock. This time, he starts to thrust. You gag lightly around him when he hits the back of your throat, which only spurs him on judging by the slew of low groans that spill from his lips.
“That’s it, baby, gonna make me fuckin’ cum- take it ‘n swallow it all like a good girl and I’ll let you finish y’candy, alright?” He grits out, voice a low, gruff rumble that betrays his nearing release.
You nod as much as you can with his usage of your mouth, and with only a few more thrusts he’s cumming with a long groan. You whimper when the hot, thick, in your opinion foul tasting seed hits your tongue and slips down your throat as you swallow around him, but you manage to do it without spilling a single drop.
When he pulls back you sputter, eyes watering and face a puckered image of displeasure. Remus rolls his eyes, holding out the lollipop.
“Here, you little brat, open up.” You let your lips slacken and he pops the sweet into your mouth, and you’re happy as the flavor slowly drowns out the taste of his spunk. Remus sighs, tucking himself back into his pants.
“I’ll definitely have to get some flavored lube.”
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v1oletvenus · 2 days ago
blurb: the morning after your first time with sirius
content: sirius black x fem reader, you can decide where the setting is (dorms, room of req, one of their home bedrooms, etc.), EXTREME FLUFF, kinda long for a blurb but its literally all one scene so <3
Light filtered in through the gap in the curtain, illuminating the two lovers entangled in each other.
Sirius had been awake for a short while, fingers caressing your cheek as you slept through the early daylight, your soft breathing and relaxed features causing him to smile at your mere existence.
It had been perfect.
From the candles flickering around the bed, the white lacy lingerie you'd picked out prior, to the kisses trailed all over your body throughout the night.
Not to mention the comforting words exchanged between the two of you all the while; he had made sure you were enjoying yourself with sporadic 'you okay?'s, 'so beautiful's and 'you like that?'s, to be met with breathless replies of 'mhm', shy giggles, and hazy kisses of affirmation.
He'd taken care of you afterwards, too, making sure you knew how much he cared about you and loved the intimacy this brought.
Though you were sensitive, you melted into his balmy touch as he ran a cloth along your skin, and peppered kisses where he didn't. You weren't sure there was a single inch of your body that he hadn't kissed that night.
Everything about last night was perfect. And it didn't stop in the morning either.
He was still in a trance, admiring this beautiful creature he called his girlfriend, when you awoke. Your eyes fluttered open, your sleep disturbed by a faint breeze floating in through the open window.
As soon as you met his gaze, you felt home.
"Hi, Siri." you said in a tiny voice, smiling up at him dazedly as you came to.
"Morning, angel." he greeted, his gorgeous morning voice raspy and honeyed.
At the sound of that voice, the memories of the night before flooded into your mind - the way you had explored each other's bodies for the first time, the amorous words you had said, the lustful looks that you'd exchanged as pleasure washed over you both again and again...
All of a sudden, a shy smile found its way to your lips as you evaded his gaze, instead opting to stare at his chest upon which your hands were resting.
You felt him chuckle as one hand came to caress your cheek, lifting your head slightly to look back into his eyes.
"You alright?" he asked sincerely. The simple reminder that he cared about you was enough to snap you out of your momentary bashfulness.
"Mhmm." you hummed, snuggling into him further. He turned on his back, allowing you to rest your head on his chest as he traced circles into your shoulder and held you close.
"Last night was incredible." he whispered, a faint trace of a smile on his lips as his gaze wandered the ceilling.
He couldn't help but feel all the more intimate with you after that night - all the more in love with you.
He couldn't believe that someone like you had walked into his life - he'd always thought of sex as something disposable, quick, meaningless.
But with you, all that changed.
Every touch, every kiss, every moment - he cherished it all, wanting to stretch the seconds into infinity. Even now, the sounds of your soft moans played over and over in his mind like a broken record he had no intent on fixing.
"Really?" you asked softly, your fingers absentmindedly wandering Sirius' toned chest.
He'd had a sex life before you - you knew that. And though of course it didn't matter, it did contribute to the reason why you were somewhat hesitant to do it with him in the first place.
What if you weren't good for him? What if he didn't enjoy it as much as he did with previous lovers? What if you simply... weren't enough?
But all those doubts were immediately dispelled with the uncontrollable grin on his face.
"Really." he assured you, shifting slightly to hover over you, meeting your eyes again. "You were perfect. You are perfect." he hummed, softly nudging his nose with yours.
You couldn't help it - you needed his lips on yours. And with the slightest lean forwards, he was doing the same - just like magnets.
Your lips connected, sending waves of warmth through your body once again at the simplest of touches. Sirius set you on fire and yet calmed you all at the same time - the feeling was utterly perplexing, but that was just love, you supposed.
The both of you were smiling into the kiss when you both pulled away, small giggles escaping you as his fingers began to dance on your waist.
"Siri, you know I'm ticklish - Stop it..." you murmured through quiet laughter, trying to pull his relentless hand from your lower abdomen.
This only spurred him on, his tickling attack growing more merciless by the second.
"S-Sirius! Please!" you spluttered amongst your giggles, trying to swat him off you.
"Pleaaaseee..." you drawled, giving up on your wriggling and instead taking a different approach - reaching up and enlacing your hands in his dark hair to pull him down for another kiss.
His assult stopped almost immediately as he melted into you - this position of him hovering over you incredibly familiar from the night before.
When he pulled back, he looked at you again.
But he didn't just look.
He saw you.
He had seen you in your most vulnerable state and in your strongest, and everything in between - yet, the pure adoration in his eyes when your eyes locked never faded.
He watched as your features softened, your brows almost furrowing as he noticed what looked like to be tears in your eyes as you looked up at him.
"What is it, princess?" he asked, sitting the both of you up and onto his lap. "You okay, my love?" he asked, his arms securely around you as he looked up into your eyes.
You gave him a watery smile as you ran your thumb along his features; his cheekbones, his temples, his jaw, his lower lip, his chin, his adam's apple - you loved every detail about him.
And while it didn't scare you, it was still quite intense for a teenager to feel.
You didn't know feeling like this was even possible before you met him.
"I'm... It's just..." you trailed off, getting lost in those grey irises that were fixated on you. "Nobody's ever looked at me the way you do." you whispered.
He sighed softly in relief, reaching a hand up to tuck your hair behind your ear and resting your foreheads together.
"I love you so much, Y/n." He told you.
"I love you too."
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constancezin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Her eyes are green
Like a lizard on a lettuce leaf
Her hair is red
And smells better than ginger bread
I love her
She melts me like butter
Yeah... James would have loved his daughter in-law
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lonelyhe4rts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Marauders Era x reader ft. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, Regulus Black, Marlene Mckinnon and Lily Evans
Warnings: one suggestive comment depending on how you look at it, mentions of Black household abuse, mentions of bad self esteem, however apart from that it’s just fluff, but as always please lmk if there’s any i’ve missed!
Summary: Documenting the many love languages from the Marauders Era Word Count: 2.5k (i’m so sorry for this) 
an: ahhh. finally some fluff after around four fics of smut i think? i really hope y’all enjoy this, it felt so sweet and wholesome to wrote. enjoy babies xx 
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quality time
Remus expresses his love for you through quality time together. He doesn’t mind if it’s a walk by the lake when the sun sets across the wide horizon, or curling up on the couch with you, books grasped in the palm of your hand. His lycanthropy makes him believe that he’s not worth anyone's time; anyones love; anyone’s care. However, through the simple act of spending time together with you, he felt his fears and insecurities melt away, the weight of his heart resting in your hand as he would bury his face in your hair, inhaling the sweet scent and feeling the tension lingering on his scarred figure fade away.  
You spotted the way the lanky male manoeuvred through the crowds in the hall, the floppy honey head of his hair peeking over the students in the corridor, meandering his way over to you. His hand clutched the strap of his shoulder bag to his body, preventing the bag full of books and quills from being brushed off by a large group of wizards and witches pushing past him. “Heya lovie,” he calls out, his long legs bringing him to you even quicker than you’d expected. He approaches your figure at the end of the hall, his large hand coming forward to card through your own, craning down to smear a sweet kiss across the crown of your head. You both turn towards the doors, walking out together towards the path leading to the lake, watching the way the sky bled into a smooth plethora of colours, hues of pink and orange blending into one. “Hey Remmy, how was your lesson?” you asked, your steps quicker than his to keep up with his brisk pace. “Was good sweetheart. How was my pretty girl’s day?”
“S’even better now that I’ve got you. James and Sirius are gonna have to wait till tomorrow t’see you. Want you to myself all night,” you responded, whispering the last part into the shell of his ear, watching the way his cheeks blushed with the slightly suggestive comment. 
He gulped before replying, “whatever you want my love. Just as long as I get time with my best girl all night.” 
physical touch
Throughout his childhood, affection towards Sirius was sparse and very few and far between. Except for the occasional hug from his brother Regulus, he grew up touch-starved, never knowing how the feeling of one’s arms wrapped affectionately around another’s could blossom a love so deep to nestle within his chest. You’d made sure that throughout your relationship, he’d never go touch-starved again. You’d fill his day with fleeting touches; brushes of your hand against his; soft kisses wherever you could imagine. His day consisted of his eyelids peeling back in the early morning, eyes watching the way you slumbered peacefully against the skin of his pectoral, your hand threaded through his own as his arm pulled you even tighter to him. He felt his cheeks flush with a twinge of pink as you’d brush your soft lips against his cheek; his jaw; his forehead, peppering his blushing face in your love. The weight of his day melted from him as you’d hold each other close in the shower, arms wrapped around each other tightly, heads buried in each other’s skin as the shower water poured over your bodies, drips and drops of water running down his long hair. 
He felt the way your breathing evened out, smiling softly as your eyelids fluttered open, cooing at the way you yawned ever so slightly, snuggling your tired face back into his smooth skin. His hand came up to brush through the tangled tresses of your hair, massaging your head as the dim light breaking through the curtains broke you from your slumber, your face nestling even further into Sirius’ torso, your breathing tickling the small tufts of hair sprouting from his chest. “Morning, dovie,” he whispers, his voice so soft and barely there, it felt as if he hadn’t even said it. It wasn’t a usual occurrence that people were ever witness to the soft side of Sirius, them rather observing his snarky and confident nature. You felt privileged to see the side of such a sweet boy, so dedicated to loving you. “Morning Siri,” you replied, the soft skin of your eyelids peeling back to gaze into the grey depths of his eyes, smiling tiredly as he leaned down to kiss your temple. “How was y’sleep?” He inquired, shuffling his body down the bed to be face to face with you, his breath tickling the skin of your cheek. “So good, y’know I sleep better when I have my best boy beside me.” You lean in ever so slightly, lightly brushing your lips over his, before he takes his own initiative, connecting your lips once more in a harder kiss, pouring his love and adoration for you into every fleeting moment of it. 
acts of service
Expressing his love through acts of service, was James Potter’s favourite way to evoke his deep and irrevocable adoration for you. They didn’t need to be big or expensive, fancy or rare - the thought and tenderness he put into each one, only helped in growing the deep pool of love you had for each other. He’d see something in a store at Hogsmeade, his face pressing up against the glass to watch the dainty ornament, lagging behind as his friends ran into Zonko’s. He’d see a flower beside the black lake, blossomed and contrasting beautifully against the dark water of the lake. His fingers would pluck the petaled-flower from the ground, twirling it between his fingertips before he’d place the flower behind your ear, tucking the pretty petals in the smooth strands of your hair with a dopey smile. It would never matter to you what it was, whatever James had plucked from wherever, would always be enough for him to express his love for you - love from the boy who was known to love so deeply. 
Your heart jumped at the way the bespectacled male burst through the room, his excitement and eagerness to see you pulsating from his body into the air around you. You laughed at the way he smiled after swinging the door open, your hand rising to clutch the skin about your heart, feeling the rapid beating beneath the palm. “God James, you scared me,” you laughed, eyes crinkling at his excitement. He clutched something in his palm, striding forward to sit adjacent to you on the burgundy bed. “What’s that you’ve got?” you asked, fingers brushing away the stray curls that fell over the arch of his eyebrow. His palm opened, the dainty petals of the flower he’d plucked from outside standing out proudly against the calluses on his hand. “S’a flower. Thought of you when I saw it.” Through his explanation, he never once stopped to dim the smile stretching across his face, his eyes twinkling with pride as he marvelled at the way the daisy tucked itself so perfectly behind the bend of your eye. “S pretty. Y’so pretty sweetheart.” 
words of affirmation
Akin to his brother, Regulus never grew up with much love. He’d grown up with etiquette lessons and crazy cousins, never knowing what it was like to have someone tell them they loved him. Of course he had his brother, but when the time came for Sirius to go to Hogwarts, the only love he’d ever known moved miles and miles away, not even turning back to wave as the train took off from the station. When the time came again for his brother to run away, he believed he would never experience even a smidge of love again, until you came into his life. His family believed they were doing him good, making him feel powerful with what they’d call ‘praise’. With the way they’d claim he’d ‘make the family great again’ and that ‘the dark lord will love him’. Their words didn’t feel like praise to him, they were reminders of his transgressions; reminders of the monster they were turning him into. Their words and phrases didn’t help him feel loved, they made him feel sick, unwanted, worthless, only the necessity of dark magic. Your words however, cast a light on him that outshone the dark. The way your lips would move as you’d casually compliment him, brushing the pad of your thumb over his plump lips, whispering about how pretty he looked. Lying in bed, your fingers twirling the dark ringlets of his hair, softly humming about how sweet he was; how much you cared for him; how much you loved him. The words you used and the gentle tone of your voice was more than enough to help him feel loved and even the dark shadow cast by his blood family could and would never be able to dim the light of your own words. 
You watched the way the shimmering light bled from his wand, beams of glittery light twisting and turning around the frosty sky, bleeding into the shape of an animal, gliding over your heads. The wings of the bird formed over your head, fluttering over your heads, as the both of your eyes followed the wondrous creation around the astronomy tower. You witnessed the way the entire body glistened into place - a head and legs and a body bleeding into place, your mouth gaping open with wonder and adoration at the raven flying over your head, giggling as it swarmed and dived over your amazed figure. “Oh my Merlin,” you breathed out, shaking your head slightly side to side, a wide smile stretching over the expanse of your face. You shifted your eyes away from the image, looking back to the dark-haired boy who had created it, almost chucking at the way his face was etched with disbelief, his eyes wide with amazement and wonder. “I can’t believe I just did that,” he said, the tone of his voice gaspy as he watched the way the bird dissolved back into the autumnal chill surrounding you. “Really? I had every faith in you, you’re so smart Reggie,” you gush, rushing forward to envelop the Slytherin boy between your arms, smearing soft, slow kisses onto the curvature of his jaw. “My smart boy.” 
physical touch
Similar to Sirius, feeling your fingers brush against hers only amplified Marlene’s love for you. She’d be enamoured in the way your fingertips would trace the detailed ink of her tattoos, following the dips and dives of the swirly ink embedded into her skin. Her eyelids would flutter closed as you’d kiss your way up her neck, ending the affection with a gentle snuggle there, ticking your nose against the curvature of her jaw, as you’d bury your face in it. The way you’d grip her thigh at the Gryffindor table, needing the creamy skin of the limb in your palm, as your head would lay against her shoulder, craning your neck to look up into hers, as she would look into yours. Marlene was ingrained with a sarcastic personality; snarky in nature, sexy in attitude. She’d tease and taunt others; decorate her body in tattoos and piercings; be tough against prejudiced Slytherins, but nothing would ever give her more satisfaction than the feeling of your skin against hers, tickling the surface as the weight of the world fell from her shoulders. 
Her features were etched in a sense of deep serenity and peace, as you brushed the face cloth over her face, gently washing away the layers of dark liner she decorated her lash line in. Her lips were puffy and glossy as you brushed the warm cloth over them, colour bleeding into the fabric from the day’s wear. You pulled the cloth away, observing how drops of water clung to her cupid's bow, making the small swell glisten in the candle lit light. You leant forwards, clinging her lips in a sweet kiss, sensual and sweet, as her hands pulled your hips towards her own, letting out small giggles enhanced with glee as she did so. The tips of her feathered eyelashes tickled the skin of your face, heightening the elation and sweetness of the situation, the experience of such a domesticated moment with Marlene causing an even greater love to blossom within your heart. When you parted, she threaded her hand through your own, rubbing her thumb across your knuckles, keeping your body close to your own, as she still sat atop the bathroom counter. “Let’s just stay here a bit longer, m’kay? Then we can snuggle,” she whispered, her eyes looking up into your own, desperate to keep your touch as close to her as possible. 
quality time
Picnics by the lake, library dates hidden away in the corner - it didn’t matter where or what you were doing with Lily, just as long as it was done together. The woman expressed her love in many ways - she was a born sweetheart, always kind and helpful, sweet and sultry, but spending time with you was her favourite way of showing it. It felt like each and every time she looked at you; spoke to you; kissed you, the love in her heart blossomed even further, bursting with adoration with you and the way she loved you. It was a love she’d never experienced before, not a love she’d ever want to forget. Wherever you were; whatever you were doing; however you looked like, she wanted to always spend time with you, no matter the occasion. 
You both giggled with delight as you ran through the halls, hair blowing back and air brushing over your face, in your rare moment of disobedience. The paintings stared down at you, as you huddled past, looking down at you in disdain. The two of you made your way up the stairs of the astronomy tower, hands clasped and smiles matching, as you took the long journey up to the open tower But you knew once Lily would see it that she’d love it. You turned back to look at her before opening the door, a wide smile stretched across your features as it swung open, the red head behind you gazing in wonder at the sight before her. “Oh dovie,” she gasped out, gripping your hand within her own and looking at you with the slightest sheen of tears in her emerald eyes. “For me? Y’did this for me?” The disbelief in her words made you chuckle, finding it funny that she’d think you’d ever do anything less for her. “Of course Lils, you’ve been so busy lately and I just wanted to spend time with m’best girl.” You’d never forget the way the small track of tears weighed down on her lash line, threatening to flow over with the weight of her love for you.
hp/marauders era taglist: @cupids-crystals @mirclealignr @slvt4fakerealities @barksexybark4u@demirunner @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleiggh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @larix999 @tasteofyourlight
if the tag didn’t show up, then i couldn’t tag you! 
the gif is not mine!
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lady-random · a day ago
Sirius and Remus: *walk off holding hands*
Regulus: Oh my god, they’re dating!
James: Congratulations, you’ve just figured out the worst kept secret in the Hogwards, just be thankful you weren’t around for the pinning phase
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chaoticregulusstan · a day ago
Sirius: Regulus is allergic to mosquitos.
Remus: What?
Sirius: Yeah, he's been getting these purple bruises all over his neck when he goes to the quidditch pitch.
Sirius: Oh Prong! Maybe you can pass him some repellent since you go there, at the same time.
James: Will do. Have to take care of him, right?
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pestoprongs · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
“We’ll fall in love again in the next one, alright?”
just caught up on Flight 143 by the biinbitch on ao3… literally no words.
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themarvelmarauder · 2 days ago
James: *staring at Regulus* The stars are so beautiful
Peter: But it's the afternoon?
James: I know
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Andromeda: *putting baby Dora in Sirius’ arms*
Sirius: She looks like you
Baby Dora: *changing her hair from brown to bright pink*
Sirius: So what’s the big surprise-*looking back down at the baby* AH
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longlivelupin · a day ago
Sirius: I'm having problems with a guy
Marlene: 'his dead body won't fit in the back of my car' problems or 'I like him' problems?
Sirius: I like him
Marlene: Too bad, I could have helped with the other one
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v1oletvenus · 2 days ago
blurb: sirius teaches you how to play pool
content: sirius x fem reader, mention of drinking alcohol & smoking, very much so sexual tension ;)
The light from the neon signs hung up on the brick walls filtered through the smoke in the air, the bar bustling with people save for the discreet corner you found yourself in.
You had aligned the cue with the white ball laid on the pool table, trying to angle your shot as best you could while Sirius jangled some coins into the jukebox, choosing a song for background noise.
You felt your brows furrow and your lips scrunch in concentration - Sirius' eyes on your every move the past hour had done nothing for your lack of pool skills, so you figured you'd take advantage of him being distracted to take the perfect shot.
However, your plan completely fizzled out when you tapped the ball with weak force and gained yet another zero points for your tally.
You didn't know if it was the alcohol in your system, the fact that you knew Sirius was about to start teasing you again for being such a terrible player, or just your hatred for losing at anything, but you couldn't help the whine that escaped from your lips as you stood upright.
You rested your chin on your hands that cupped the top of the pool stick, pouting as you saw Sirius walking over with a smirk.
"Aw, puppy." he faux-frowned, reaching out to caress your cheek. "Another miss?" he tried to supress his grin, pressing his tongue into his cheek.
You noticed nonetheless, and pulled away from his touch. "Stop enjoying this so much." you mumbled, pushing the stick into his chest and walking away from the table. He chuckled, shaking his head as he set down his beer on a nearby chair.
He leaned over the table to angle his own shot again, but not without sneaking a cheeky glance at you - frustrated and bothered, but looking as gorgeous as anything in a tight little black dress and his loose leather jacket hanging over your shoulders.
He noticed your pensive face, tainted with a slight blush as you were aware of his eyes on you, while you pondered as to whether you might be able to cast a charm on the pool cue to lean into your favour.
Sirius regained focus after realising you weren't going to meet his gaze in your agitated state. In a fluid movement, he'd aligned the stick and had knocked several figures into their pockets.
"No fair." you huffed quietly from your perch on a nearby barstool, noticing Sirius' smug grin.
"'S just a game, baby." he reasoned, pulling you up from your seat with his hand in yours and leading you back over to the table. You rolled your eyes, slipping your arm towards his cup and stealing a few sips of his beer.
Having had enough of taunting and teasing you, he grinned. "You want my help?" he asked, looking down at you with raised eyebrows.
You bit the inside of your lip, your gaze wandering around the room and across the floor as you mumbled a hesitant, "Maybe."
He chuckled, stepping towards you again and slipping an arm around your waist, his hands meandering your hips encouragingly as he pried the drink from your hand, setting it down on the table.
"You wanna use those words of yours, pretty girl?" he probed, his voice raspy and low with the close proximity.
By now, your heart was practically leaping out of its chest, and you were almost entirely sure he could feel it, from the way your body shuddered under his touch.
He loved the effect he had on you, and that you had on him.
"Siri..." you pondered, finally bringing a doe-eyed pleading stare to Sirius' view. "Please could you teach me?" you bit your lip, fluttering your lashes ever so gently so as to coax him into giving in, which he always did.
"Atta girl." he winked down at you, before taking your hand in his and leading you back over to the table to take your shot.
"Alright love, c'mere." he smirked, gesturing for you to stand at the head of the table. You obliged, not long after feeling his hand on your waist once again.
"Take this." he mumbled against your ear, having moved completely behind you to get a full view of the table. You took the cue from him, and placed it on the table, scouring it for the ball you had to hit.
"Now," Sirius started, covering the hand you had on the stick with his own. "You want it so the angle's just right." he smiled, moving the both of your bodies so you were slightly bent over the table, fingers intertwined on the pool stick.
Both of you couldn't help but smirk at the familiar position your bodies were in, him pressed up against you as you leant down.
He loved how malleable you were under his direction, willing to do anything he said just to gain the momentary satisfaction of a win.
"Good girl." he praised, kissing the crown of your head.
You could feel his warm breath fan your neck as his body pressed against yours, and you couldn't help but giggle slightly at the sensation.
"What's got you laughing?" he grinned, leaning to the side slightly to glimpse your face. You smiled, shaking your head.
"'Tickles." You mumbled, trying to concentrate back on the game at hand.
"Just relax, take the shot..." he advised, his fingers daintily reaching around to pull your hair behind your neck, before planting a kiss there in its stead.
So you inhaled, smiling as you appreciated the sharp intake of breath you heard from beside you as your body pressed further into his at the action.
And you took the shot.
A squeal escaped your lips as they stretched into a giddy smile, as you watched five balls fall into the table pockets. You teetered on your toes for a moment, clapping your hands with an irrevocable grin, and Sirius laughed - how much more adorable could you get?
"Good job, princess." he grinned, walking over to the board and striking five points to your once bare tally.
You laughed, shaking your head as he re-approached you, and you slipped the beer from between his fingers. "Only got it 'cos you helped me." you mumbled, sipping the cool beverage as you kept your e/c eyes trained on his.
"Nah." he dismissed with a smirk, tucking your hair behind your ear.
"That was all you, doll."
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certifiedhorny · a day ago
lake | j.p
pairings : james potter x fem! reader
summary : james eating you out in the lake
warnings : smut, oral (fem! receiving), cum eating ig
Tumblr media
you whined loudly and wrapped your arms around your freezing upper body to keep yourself from the cold, "why do you want to go swimming now? it's way too cold out here!"
a small smile played on his lips as he admired the almost invisible, beautifully shaped silhouette of her girlfriend, you, standing in the dark a few feet away from him.
the moon was shining on the sky above you, just bright enough so he was able to see your face features.
"come on! i bet the lake is nice and warm." he chuckled as he saw you pouting.
"no, i bet it's not! it's freezing cold out here, can't we just go swimming next summer and not now in september? we'll catch a cold or worse!"
you pointed at the car, “i want to go back in there it's at least heated."
james demonstratively locked his car and walked towards you.
you rolled your eyes and crossed your arms in front of your chest before walking past your boyfriend and grabbing the opening thing on the door of the car and pulling it, hoping that the door would magically open.
"stop being childish and at least try the water, pleaase.", her boyfriend came up to you and wrapped his strong, warm arms around your small figure.
"okay okay fine, but if we get sick it's all your fault.", you tried to sound annoyed but the wide smile creeping onto your face said it all.
he smiled and took your hand, guiding you trough the small door in the fence that surrounded the parking lot they were parking in.
you both walked down the narrow path that followed down a hill that lead to the lake and cn put their stuff on a wodden bench, that stood next to the small stairs that leaded into the dark water.
"i dont want to go in there it looks like it's from a cheap horror movie.", you kept complaining and bent forward a little so you could take a closer look at the water.
"if you don't want to go i'll simply push you in there.", he chuckled and grabbed your hips, pretending to push your forwards, causing you to squeal.
"you're such an idiot." you turned around and hit his arm.
he threw back his head and laughed before pulling his shire over his head and tossing it onto the bench the rest of their stuff was already placed on.
while he pulled down his pants, revealing a blue swimming shorts, he pointed at yor clothes "take these off".
you sigh in an playful annoyance while the amusement was visible on your face, and started taking off yor sweat shirt and your grey pants.
his gaze flew over the beautiful curves of your now half exposed body and the brightest smile crept onto his face.
"i love when you wear that bikini.", he stepped closer and cupped your cold cheek in his warm, big hand and stroked it with his pointer.
"thank you.", you whispered and stared at the way the full moon reflected in his eyes.
"now let's go in."
he took your hand and walked down the few steps of the stairs and slid into the water, causing waves to flow around him.
you followed, but only sticked your big toe into the water, checking if it was really as cold as you thought it would be.
after your toe, your feet, then your entire leg followed into the water and soon you were also swimming towards james that ran his hand trough his hair.
"look, i told you it won't be that cold.", he mocked you and wrapped his arms around yours so you were able to hold onto him.
"yes, i have to admit that you were right.", you press a small kiss on the tip of his nose and wrapped your legs around his torso.
"i love you.", he mumbled and leaned his head against your shoulder.
"i love you too."
you and james stood like that in the water for a few seconds before you felt his hands trailing down your body and squeezing your butt cheeks.
a hiss fell from your lips and your cheeks blushed as you saw the grin on your boyfriend's face.
“you're so fucking sexy."
"you know..", he opened his eyes and grabbed onto you butt tighter, "i kinda really want to fuck you right now, y/n.”
your mouth opened and closed and she felt the butterflies flying around in your naked stomach.
"what's keeping you from doing it?", you leaned in and kissed the part of his neck that wasn't underwater while pressing your entire body closer to his, your boobs pressing against his toned chest.
"shit..", he groaned and his head fell back so you had a better opportunity to keep up the kissing and love biting on his neck., "you really want to do it now?"
"yes, but not in this lake, i don't want to get the water inside of me." you giggled and massaging the growing bulge in his pants, causing his nails to dig into your soft, delicate skin.
he slowly walked towards the stairs, you still in his arms and climbed out of the water, carrying you to the bench their stuff was laying on.
he quickly threw the stuff away with his free hand, the other one gripping onto you tightly, and sat you down on the bench before getting on his knees in front of you.
he pulled your bikini panties down and tossed them away, causing you to flinch at the sudden feeling of coldness in your private area.
james lifted your legs onto his shoulders and ran his tongue up your naked thigh and bit the skin right next to her cunt. your head fell back and your eye lids fluttered as you let out a soft moan.
he smiled against your skin and let his mouth wander to your clit before circling his tongue around it and pressing a soft kiss onto it.
"holy fuck." you moaned loudly and your hips buckled upwards, begging for him to finally eat her out. he ran his tongue over your pussy for the first time and push you still upwards buckling hips down harshly, to keep you in place.
your hands clenched around the back of the bench as the pleasure and passion took over you. your entered a new state of satisfaction and it felt like you was caught in some kind of trance.
every time he touch you in any kind of way the hot knot in your stomach seems to get warmer and warmer even though the air surrounding her was cold.
your felt his hair softly brushing against your exposed thighs and his hands harshly keeping your hips from buckling upwards and his tongue running over your entrance and clit over and her hands got too weak to hold onto the bench so you desperatly grabbed onto his hair and tried to not pull it, but did it anyways, causing him to moan against you sending vibrations trough her heated body.
suddenly you felt that pleasure and satisfaction building up in the lower area of her stomach. you let go of everything on your body, your mouth stopped making noises and just hung open, your hair flew around your face in the wind and your hips stopped trying to buckle upwards.
the only muscle that was still tensed up were your fingers and hands. the knuckles of your fingers had already turned white and your hands felt like they were about to have a cramp, but you didn't care.
"mmh fuck", you moaned and your legs trembled as the knot in your stomach exploded.
your hands let go of his hair and your sweaty body collapsed backwards, getting caught by the back of the bench you was getting eaten out on.
the adrenaline and indescribable feeling of one of the most amazing orgasms of your entire life ran trough your veins as you let out something that sounded like a muffled scream and a moan in one before releasing all your juices and getting your full consciousness back.
james slurped up all of your juices and licked over your entrance one more time, helping to ride out your high, before licking over his lips and sitting next to you on the bench.
"that was so fucking hot, you cumming and trembling underneath the palms of my hands was just.." he chuckled.
"unbelievable.", you finished his sentence and leaned against his shoulder.
"yes." he pressed a soft kiss on top of her forehead, "but now you gotta take care of this here."
he looked at his big bulge in his pants.
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jasmine-and-moonbeams · 2 days ago
"conundrums and confusion"
regulus black x bilingual!reader
tw: screaming, shouting, fighting
summary: regulus and y/n have an international fight
a/n: ummmm....enjoy whatever the duck this is.....oh and if something of the french is wrong do let me know (i just used google translator :P)
Tumblr media
the gryffindor common room had never been noisier. screams and shouts filled the air with a foreign air as sirius walked in through the portrait door to find his little brother and yourself in a screaming match.
" tu es stupide, absolument stupide!"
"ah si, el burro hablando de orejas"
" tu es foutrement exaspérant!"
" te odio!"
sirius was flabbergasted as he approached the screaming couple who was surrounded by the rest of the marauders, lily, marlene and alice who were all equally as astounded as they sat on the couch and watched the fight.
"how long has this been going on?" sirius whisper asked to lily
"for about 30 minutes" she uttered back
"what are they saying?" he queried once again
"no one knows, but it sounds so....interesting, here grab some popcorn"
sirius rolled his eyes but never the less he sat down next to everyone to enjoy the show and begun eating said popcorn.
30 more minutes had passed but the screaming was yet to cease until suddenly one of you (apparently) had said something which made you both shut up and made you start crying.
to say that everyone was beyond shocked is an understatement. and to say that everyone's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as they saw regulus go and hug you was yet another understatement.
"perdon, perdon, todo fue mi culpa, tenias razon"
"non, non, non, tout était de ma faute, je suis celui qui est stupide, je suis désolé"
you hugged him tighter before you raised your head from his chest and he leaned down to kiss you.
"now, i hear the stars will be looking quite lovely tonight my love, how about we go see them?" regulus whispered.
you eagerly nodded your head and grabbed his hand to pull him out of the common room.
all of your "audience" was frozen in place with their mouths wide open and their minds filled with confusion.
"well everyone, i guess that's for this week's show, see you again next week around the same time, at the same place" james suddenly announced as he stood up "marlene,sirius, we have practice, lets goooo"
sirius and marlene groaned before following james out of the common room and just like that everyone began chit-chatting with each other and the common room was back to its usual british noise and international conundrums were left far behind.
@just-a-smol-spoon, @tokyocupid, @heyyjudie, @judeskisses , @queen-asteria04
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