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#March 12th 2021
mattieandmatter · 21 days ago
no me mandabas nada hasta que me necesitaste, como era tuyo y no eras mío, y cuando dije que no me dañaría con propio mano me llamaste egoísta
cartas cortes
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backyard-birds · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Click for fullsized eyebrow glory)
As Spring returns, the goldfinches have begun to molt back into their breeding plumage. Right now they’re transitioning, and it’s wonderfully awkward. They have eyebrows!
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whatadriennewore · a month ago
Tumblr media
Adrienne Houghton wore this exact Balmain ‘Blue and White Crepe And Denim Wraparound Skirt’ along with a pair of Jessica Rich Racy Mule Gold heels during a fitting for Season 2 of ‘I Can See Your Voice’ Friday March 12th, 2021 Links to purchase these blazer are below!
Balmain Blue and White Denim Crepe Blazer (Price Unknown): Balmain (Available Soon)
Jessica Rich Racy Mule Gold $215: Jessica Rich
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mallowstep · a month ago
names part two
so i’ve talked about names here and here and here on my main blog where i used to post warriors stuff but since i’m now dedicated a space for warrior cats essays it seems like now is a good time to talk about it again.
anyway i’ll save u having to read all of that; link one is the longest and hardest to summarize but it basically discusses what i’m describing more in detail here, link two is my initial take on naming using some of the names from firestar’s quest, and the final link is just me rambling about how much i love skyclan.
alright so…what do i think about names?
well, first, any system i come up with is going to, ideally, account for approximately 75-90% of names. as in, 75% or so of cats will be valid by the system i design, and ideally 60% of the remaining cats will not require renaming. like, you know, if a parent names their child cateigh you aren’t going to say “that’s a wrong name that is not a name” the same way you might if say a parent names their child, like, “bedroom.”
second, the system must account for clan differences. that is, the 10-25% of cats i do not cover cannot be exclusively from skyclan. i will not be getting rid of frecklewish. we have had two of them and i love them both.
so all of that said, let’s look specifically at the rules i’ve made for kits in “names. leaders. meaning.” (i.e., the first link) and if i have any exceptions to make.
[2.5k words, 14 min read, lots of section headers, a lot of the word count is a list you can skip]
so thunderclan queens name their kits. there’s not much to that. they name them within a day of their birth, which is why they’re usually named after what they look like.
because i don’t know every cat that is or every has been in thunderclan, i can’t say i won’t miss cases of cats not fitting this pattern. notably, i don’t know much about squirrelflight’s dead kits, other than i think their names are juniperkit and dandelionkit?
but there are plenty of cases where they aren’t and it’s because of parental reasons. like, uh, hollykit.
here’s a notably exception: leafkit. well, not really, but leafkit is named because she looks like leafstar. this is a decently large deviation from the norm.
cats are usually named with a decent amount of patterning/traditioning. stormkit is a pretty typical thunderclan name in times of battle. obviously right now, this is a time of peace, so it’s not really applicable.
featherkit was a common name, but it’s fallen out of favor. flowers are in right now, as well as trees. prey is falling in popularity.
as far as suffixes go, there’s usually a lot of effort to be descriptive. that’s why we have bluefur and snowfur. i still haven’t forgiven sunstar for this.
so bluestar was signficantly more creative in her names, and it’s continued through the leaders, ending with twigbranch. bramblestar is pushing thunderclan names into the metaphorical. this is the one (1) good thing he’s ever done.
shadowclan kits get their names picked over by every nursery queen. i use tigerkit as an example, because everyone is kind of like “hey tawnypelt…hey maybe we shouldn’t name ur son after ur legitimately and completely evil father” and she was like “but i want tigerkit to overcome the name of his father” and the shadowclan queens are like “…that goes against both thunderclan and shadowclan ideas of the power of names”
so they name the rest of the litter to try to curb the dangerous power of tigerkit. flamekit because firestar killed tigerstar, and dawnkit because dawn is a time of peace.
dovewing’s kits are especially out of place because of this for the record.
suffixes are also pretty communal. senior warriors, medicine cats, parents, mentors, all get a say, although the leader does get a final decision. and usually the mentor covertly leaks it to the apprentice, who will subtle indicate their approval. so no, like, tinycloud situations. (if you remember when tinycloud was named she was not happy about it.)
what, i have no established order for these, except that we start with thunderclan and end with skyclan. anyway so windclan kits are named very plainly. it’s similar to thunderclan but there’s a lot less symbolism. in that, like, a thunderclan queen might name her grey kit dovekit in a time of peace/renewal, or when she’s hoping for one, but in a time of conflict, that grey kit might have been named mistkit or stonekit. yes, i am riffing off of bluestar’s prophecy. yes, this is because we have bluefur and snowfur. no, i will not stop bringing this up.
anyway so windclan is more, “you gotta black kit? well…you can use nightkit, darkit, ravenkit, crowkit, and maybe if you’re feeling spicey, something like hollykit.” i don’t know enough windclan cats of the top of my head for this. also, all names are approved by starclan via the medicine cat. this is very important.
the leader and the medicine cat collab on the suffix. usually the clan leader is just running it by the medicine cat, unlessy you’re crowfeather, screwing with your entire clan’s naming traditions because pretty girl.
like holy shit in my au tallstar is so fucking pissed at him he loops back around to calm. because like. crow. crowpaw. at any point. at any point you could have brought this up you fucking idiot. you were going to be, like, crowflight or something. for the journey. but no. you just had to go and mess it up. crowfeather is bad name for him! or more, it doesn’t have a meaning and just. yeah. no. no one is happy about that. go to fucking shadowclan with your weird inheritance naming.
alright so this is a fun one. riverclan queens name their kits however the fuck they want. you wanna name a kit silverkit? go for it. feel like graykit? yeah sure why not. willowkit? featherkit? stormkit? oakkit? troutkit? there are no rules, there is only name.
actually, there are rules. the rule is that the name has to mean something, and it has to be good. it’s usually a kind of wish for your child. but unlike thunderclan, this isn’t about what the queen wants for her kit. i mean it is, but that’s like “oh small kit i shall name you dovekit so that you can be peaceful and not have to fight” whereas here it’s like “imma name u silverkit because i like trinkets and they’re silver and i want you to know you are like a trinket you are a constant emblem of my love”
and suffixes? those r like. the clan leader being like. aw shit ur a cool cat. ig. it’s written out p directly in names leaders meaning go read that.
last but certainly not least, skyclan: inventing last names like the old english peerage since 2010 or whenever firestar’s quest came out.
but i mean, yeah. they take a long time to name their kits. see, i have this soft headcanon that they kind of…keep doing kit naming ceremonies. like when kits are old enough to leave the nursery (ca. 1 moon), and the queen has decided on a name, they bundle em up and leafstar is like “harrykit…u wanna be skyclan?”
i don’t know, i’m stil workshopping the details. it’s not like, a public gathering thing (tiny kits r smol), but leafstar will formally greet them as part of the clan and canonize their name.
but anyway, they take a long time to name their kits, like, as long as they can before the kits get all “suckle mother by what shall i refer to myself as” so as much as a moon. in the gorge, kits names were formally introduced at a full moon gathering, so they definitely think it’s kind of weird the other clans don’t introduce their kits by name.
kits born on or near the full moon usually have a good deal of lee-way in this, queens aren’t rushed into naming.
but yeah, if you want your name to live on, die within a moon of a queen kitting. there’s like, a 100% chance you will be in one or two of her kits names.
as far as warrior names, leafstar is pretty solitary. like, thunderclan is decided purely by the leader (although they might seek input from parents/mentors at their discretion), but there are traditions. patterns. riverclan is also decided purely by the leader, but the tone is a lot more casual and leaders generally check in with the apprentice. leafstar? nah this bitch name cats whatever she wants.
other than tinycloud, no one has any problems. but she usually is still paying tribute to cats, directly or indirectly, in warrior names. skyclan is young, but they actually probably have the closest bond to starclan out of all of the clans now. i mean, for one, they lived right next to their moonpool equivalent. second, every moon the whole clan gathered to share news with starclan. third, and most important, their whole history is marred with grief and loss. so they cling to everyone very, very, closely.
it’s a huge part of their culture, this idea of ancestors living on through them. especially when there’s early conflict between ancient!skyclan descendents and the other cats, and gorgeborn/loner, daylight warrior, etc., finding unity by making each cat have a connection to those who have come before is really important.
so yeah, skyclan names are really really critical to them. that’s kind of why leafstar does not preserve firestar’s renaming thing, because billy and bella and harry and bounce and all of these prefixes are part of skyclan now.
like i said, last but certainly not least. i wasn’t just. repeating a common saying. i meant it.
so i’m using this allegiances generator to cover some examples. this is not an end all be all. i may make a post to update with more examples, for ideas purposes. not in a gatekeep-y way. they go TC | ShC | WC | RC | SkC
dawn: pale, any color, but esp. tan or cream. soft. primarily she-kits. peaceful name. | peaceful, bringer. internal strength. dawnstripe. positive. | tan, brindle. loyal, stern, strong. | good clan member, loyal, well loved. associated with times of plenty. | N/A
dust: tan. not really used for tabby cats. green-leaf, fighting. | N/A | tan. not used commonly, associated with drought and barrenness | not used. associated with drought | N/A
flame: fire-colored. strong. warm. good fighter | flametail. honorable. wise. good choice. | strength, good fighter. rare, fire is dangerous. | no specific meaning, rarely used. | associated with firestar. positive. leadership.
heavy: large kit, esp. with smaller siblings. uncommon. | N/A | same as thunderclan. uncommon. | good fisher, well-fed. | N/A
mallow: white, fluffy, soft. a very pale cream color. could have been daisy’s name. | N/A | short fur, white or tan. maybe with darker paws/limbs. decent name for a kit. | fluffy, squishy. desiring a medicine cat. | N/A mallowstep’s name was actually from the sisters. he doesn’t apply. he’s also not part of canon so he doesn’t have an impact i just thought i’d mention it.
pear: sweet. tan, pale. shorter fur. friendly. coming into favor. | N/A | same as thunderclan, unlikely to be used, seen as a fragile name | sweet, friendly. desires for a happy and simple life. low ambition. | N/A
rowan: light brown/tan, esp. spotted tabby, red, esp. spotted, tortoiseshell | rowanstar. won’t be used for a while. disgraceful. | uncommon. sturdy. brown, red. tortie with lots of molting | valuing tenacity, wisdom. good for half-clan kits. | also rowanstar. similarly unlikely to be used
starling: dark, white spots. small-ish. good hunter, times of plenty | starlingwing. positive. room for positive growth. honorable. | dark, white spots. good runner, light. | starlingfeather. old skyclan name. may or may not be used again.
tumble: clumsy. longer fur. not commonly used. | N/A | clumsy. old tunneling name. strong, broad shouldered. falling out of favor. | clumsy. peaceful. playful. positive, but rarely used. the river is a big enemy of kits. | N/A
wolf: grey, strong. powerful. fighter. not a peacful name | wolfstep. nothing special. | not used, dangerous | strong hunter. large. part of larger litter. positive. | N/A
same deal as above.
cry: not used, insulting, shriekly/loud voice | N/A | good at spotting and catching birds. | good with birds. excitable, high energy. | not used presently, used to be part of the bird name sets ([bird name]-wing, feather, flight, cry)
ear: good hearing. good at finding mice, voles, etc. | N/A | good hunter, especially for moles. | empathetic, good listener. keeps watch. | N/A
hare: fast. uncommon. | N/A | good hunter. very good hunter, fast. maybe unreliable. | not really used. maybe for a half wind-clan kit | N/A
leaf: strong willed. opinionated. clear character. | most recent was amberleaf, who wasn’t anything special. has space for a reapperance. | good runner. comfortable in the wood. not terribly common. | patient. dappled. | leafstar. very good. good leadership. strong.
leap: good jump. high energy. | deerleap, lightleap. a respected name. for mature and/or well travelled apprentices. | good hunter. good fighter. well rounded. maybe overeager. maybe ambitious | good fighter. excitable. not terribly common. | rabbitleap. calm, confident. chill. very common in old skyclan, but not usually a bird name.
pad: quiet, low leadership. not common. | N/A | heavy footsteps. good tunneler. not common. | high endurance. good friend, leader. | N/A
scar: only given to cats with scars. this is true for every clan.
shade: tabby. dark. good hunter | fernshade. nothing special. | not common, dark cat, good in tunnels | good fisher. very good fisher. implies better at fishing than other things. | rockshade. pretty neutral, but has space for more usage.
sun: warm, soothing. reliable, dependable. strong leadership qualities | N/A | good runner. awake during the day. very auspicious name. | good hunter, lazy, calm, relaxed. friendly. | N/A
wish: not really used. implies cat isn’t “complete” where they are | N/A | good connection with starclan. medicine cats only. | hopeful, optimistic, good at finding things. typical for medicine cats, but not always | frecklewish. friendly, finding one’s place
open/closed classes
alright my last take is, well, there are concepts of open and closed classes of words. think about english prepositions. you can’t suddenly use google where you would use to, or from, or w/e, but you can make it a noun or a verb.
so for names. names are usually an open class, but not always, and just how open it is is dependent.
so. thunderclan and riverclan are open clases, and windclan and shadowclan are closed classes.
skyclan is kind of in between. it’s a little bit hazy. they’re still sorting that stuff out.
alright, that’s it. i’m sure i’ll have more to say, but i’m happy with this.
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mattieandmatter · a month ago
watching this video discovering the food i ate/eat are considered “trash food” like...i shouldn’t be surprised that people continue to be classist but i will
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mallowstep · a month ago
i really want to write more skyclan lore but i don’t know any of modern skyclan :(
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mallowstep · a month ago
i’ll do a full introduction post at some point maybe but in case this is the time in between when i renovate the blog to look nice and making a proper about page, my main is @mattieandmatter and uh yeah i follow from there (obviously) but also will be reblogging a bunch of stuff and tagging it as mine
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mattieandmatter · a month ago
i demand you love me for i know how holy i am
depth perception
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mallowstep · a month ago
so you know how in skyclan’s destiny they save a twoleg kit?
can you appreciate the confusion of the paramedics like “this kid has herb mash on their leg wtf”
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mattieandmatter · a month ago
daily reminder that poor and urban are not synonymous. there is a large contingent of rural poor, and they also need support and help.
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theaxolotlkween · a month ago
Tumblr media
DP Side Hoes Week Day 6: Alicia/Family.
I wanted to draw my version of the Fentons and Alicia’s family that will appear in my reboot comic at some point. The members are Alicia Walker (Maddie’s older sister), Ichika Walker (née Yamamoto; Alicia’s wife), Flynn Walker (17; Alicia’s son from her previous marriage), and Okiku Walker (10; Alicia and Ichika’s daughter)
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sbicconnect · a month ago
Times And Seasons Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak | 12th March 2021
Times And Seasons Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak | 12th March 2021
Times And Seasons Koinonia with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak | 12th March 2021 #SnippetsFromTheSermon Realities in this kingdom are time-dependent and season-dependent. Every time period is not convenient for every result. When you sustain an understanding of the mystery of times and seasons, you will maximize your days and live a wholesome life; doing much for the kingdom, yourself, and your…
Tumblr media
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mallowstep · a month ago
no no. dovewing. she is the best.
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a-ghost-named-k · a month ago
Tumblr media
The photo for reference:
Tumblr media
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delicatebluebirdruins · a month ago
some repeating tlh thoughts with obvious context
- “Daisy my love” said by James after the fight
- one of us by abba is song that was running through my head towards the end of the book
So I’ve seen some people wonder why Cordelia didn’t go see her brother after her fleeing the house; so in the fight with Lilith didn’t she call Cordelia by the nickname “Layla” the same nickname that her brother uses; the same nickname he uses before she goes back to the house????
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