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#Margot Frank

annefrankhouse_official – #MargotFrank is best known as ‘Anne’s sister’, forever standing in her shadow. From Anne’s diary, we know that Margot also kept a diary during her time in the #SecretAnnex. “Margot and I got in the same bed last evening, it was a frightful squash, but that was just the fun of it, she asked if she could read my diary sometime, I said yes at least bits of it, and then I asked if I could read hers.” Margot’s diary has not survived.⁠

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On Tuesday, May 16th, 1944, Anne took a survey of everyone’s classes/reading interests in the annex, and her sister Margot:

- Correspondance courses in English, French and Latin
- Shorthand in English, German and Dutch
- Trigonometry, Solid Geometry, Mechanics, Physics, Algebra
- Chemistry, Biology
- English, French, German and Dutch literature
- Bookkeeping and Economics
- Geography and Modern History
- Reads everything but mostly on religion and medicine.

That girl wanted to be a midwife in Palestine! Honestly, had she survived, she could have been anything! But I would have put my money on her being a doctor. 

Bright, brave and ambitious women inspire me so much! If they could get their work done in a secret hiding location, feeling daily anxiety for their future, nothing should stop me from doing mine. (Granted, we have obligations that they didn’t have on a daily basis, but seriously though, I’m impressed, and I want to reach that level of dedication to studying the stuff I like!)

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