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#Marinette Dupain Cheng

Miraculous ladybug sleeping positions:


Marinette - looks like she’s doing some sort of a weird dance

Adrien- he’s having a nice dream but likes to stick his feet out when it gets too hot

Luka- for reasons which will remain unknown, he always ends up upside down

Kagami- This one’s normal, except she looks like an Egyptian mummy.

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For @adrinetteapril Day 1: Pranks

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Adrien was not okay, and Tikki was worried. His father had cancelled his sleepover with Nino so he could squeeze in two extra photoshoots this weekend, there were so many akumas this week that he barely managed to get his side of the group project done and Chloe had yelled at him for “not pulling his weight,” and because of that he hadn’t gotten a chance to practise the piano even though he had a recital that evening.

And to top it all off, his phone wasn’t working any more.

“S'up, dude?” asked Nino, looking concerned. Adrien let out a frustrated growl and slid his phone across the table to Nino.

“The touch screen’s just stopped working. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but my dad is not going to be happy if I have to change it.”

“Why not? He can afford it.”

“You know what he’s like,” Adrien grumbled. “Any excuse to be mad at me, he’ll take it.”

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I told y'all to stop me but you didn’t. I made Erika’s “peasant” dress from Barbie and The Princess and the Pauper, I made a little face paint with freckles and blush! I did a Ladybug sweater and of course did pigtails so I could pretend I was Marinette…also I met a wisp on my island at 3 in the morning XD

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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in Marinette March! I have queued up the rest of the submissions from the tags and the activity feed. If I missed any of your submissions please let me know. The queue should unload tonight and tomorrow, so if you don’t see yours by tomorrow evening feel free to send me an ask. If you’re looking for the next event to participate in @adrinetteapril is starting off the love square summer madness tomorrow! Please go show that event some love. ❤ See you all next year for more love for Marinette.

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No one could’ve known what they were unleashing on the class when they befriended Marinette. She’d never felt comfortable enough to prank them.

Now she did.

Everyone knew to watch out for Nino and Kim battling for the title of Prank Master. No one could have possibly guessed they wouldn’t even be contenders this year.

No one even questioned it until PE – when everyone’s sneakers went missing. “Alright Nino, hand them over,” Alix said, rolling her eyes.

“Don’t look at me, dude,” Nino put his hands up. Alix raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah right, Kim would never take precious time off of gym class.”

“It would be highly out of character,” Max pushed his glasses up.

“But Nino always takes credit for his pranks,” Ivan said.

“Wait, so you weren’t the rubber spiders?” Juleka asked. “Those were totally awesome.”

“The cheese scented soap in the bathrooms?”

“The cat memes?”

“The benches? The candy?”

“Guys, none of those were me!” Nino said. “My plan was to blast music every time M. Damocles tried to make an announcement, but the dude hasn’t even tried it once! Seriously, it took me hours to set it all up. I didn’t have time for any other pranks.”

“Kim did all of them then?” Alix raised an eyebrow.

“Try Kim did none of them,” Kim protested. “My plan is outside.”

“Then who did all the other stuff?” Alya asked.

“Guys, I found the shoes!” Mylene motioned toward the gym. The others quickly gathered around. Inside the gym was Chat Noir, or, a sculpted version anyways, made out of everyone’s sneakers, a mop, and a bell.

Kim whistled, “Alright, that’s pretty impressive, even if it is cutting back on our gym time.”

“Nathaniel, was it you then?” Rose asked.

Nathaniel shook his head, “I’m not great with sculpting, my medium is definitely drawing. Marinette’s always been decent at sculpting though, right Alix?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not her favorite, but this is definitely something Marinette could pull off. It makes me want to leave me shoes here. Almost.”

“And it’s in character, Marinette runs the Chat Noir appreciation page on the Ladyblog,” Alya added.

 “But Marinette doesn’t pull pranks,” Mylene said.

Kim laughed, “Yeah she does.” The class looked at him, puzzled except for Nino.

“Who do you think taught us?” Nino grinned.


“Why hasn’t she done prank week with you two then?” Max asked.

Nino shrugged, “We offered the first year we started it, but she never seemed interested.”

“What changed?” Rose asked.

“No idea.”


Several Day Ago

“Marinette, what’s prank week?” Adrien asked.

“Oh, just something Kim and Nino started when we were little. The two of them always try to outdo each other with the most memorable pranks each year.”

“Can anyone join in?”

“Yeah, it’s usually just the two of them though.”

“Will you teach me?” Adrien asked, breaking out the kitten eyes.

Marinette didn’t even try to fight them. Besides, she loved pranks and it had been a while. “Let’s get started.”

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Marinette voted for her Kitty while Adrien voted for his Lady 😍

LOVESQUARE still remains STRONG guys 😍

😑 SERIOUSLY what has Alya have against Cat Noir 

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