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#Marinette Dupain-Cheng
bambicambi · a day ago
Jason: *wraps Marinette in his arms* god, you're just so- so beautiful and gorgeous- *kisses her forehead* fuck, i could marry you.
Marinette: *blushes under the affection* you could.. you could what..?
Jason: *tenses* ....
Marinette: *smiles up at him* you could what..?
Jason: *bites his lip then grins* i could marry you.
Marinette: marry me?
Jason: *makes them sway in place, softly* yeah..
Marinette: are you proposing, Jason Peter Todd?
Jason: ... *licks his lips* maybe?
Marinette: *purrs* Maybe?
Jason: *laughs* maybe.
Marinette: so are you maybe saying you're willing to maybe make me your wife?
Jason: *nods* yes. And maybe im saying that maybe i'd like to be *whispers* your husband.
Marinette: *grins* yeah?
Jason: yeah.
Marinette: *beams up at him* then maybe i'll say yes.
Jason: and maybe i'll get a ring later.
Marinette: *jokingly scandalized* Jason Peter Todd, are you saying you don't have a ring?
Jason: *swings her around* maybe, my love. Perhaps.
Marinette: *laughs* no matter, i can wait.
Jason: *kisses her, murmurs* that's all i ask for.
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cassarilladraws · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Spirit Comic AU - Part 3  Comic Updates On Monday I’m taking Chat Noir not feeling seen way too literally. My bad. I’m realizing how angsty the beginning of this comic is... *taps “angst with a happy ending” sign* Part 1 Part 2  ko-fi
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quickspinner · a day ago
Weekly Lukanette Link Roundup
What is the Weekly Roundup? | Previous Weekly Roundups
The last week was multiple layers of hectic so many apologies if I missed anything this week. Feel free to drop me an ask or a DM and I’ll be sure anything that was missed gets included next week. 
From me: Indelible Ch 14
From @thesaltyoceanwaves: Never Lose That Feeling
From @emikogale: Sewing my Heart | Aquamarine
From @keentrigger-writes: 100 Days
From @goldenlaurelleaveswrites: The Weight of the Mask Budding
From @verfound: More Than a Checkbox on a Stupid List Ch 1 (NSFW)
From @mikauzoran: Clarity in the Harmony
As always if I missed something that should be included reblog with the link and I’ll reblog it here! If you prefer not to be included in these roundups for any reason please drop me a message, or if you post something that you would like to be sure I include, please drop a link in my asks and I’ll make sure it gets listed (Lukanette endgame only please - see what is the weekly roundup for more details). If you want to be sure I’ve flagged your work for inclusion you can check the quickroundup tag on my blog to see what I’ve got in the queue for this week.
If you find something you like please like/reblog the original post to let the author know you enjoyed their work!
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chatonne-rousse · 17 hours ago
Love Tastes Like a Tiny Macaron (and Sometimes Like Camembert)
Ladybug notices that Chat Noir finds the Camembert power-ups less than delicious (to say the least) when he's the one who has to eat them instead of Plagg.
After brewing up a new batch of the power-up concoction, Marinette has a discussion with Tikki about their respective beloved felines, and she decides to do a little something special for the best partner a bug could ask for.
Read it on Ao3 here.
It's been a wild week in Paris, at least in terms of akumas.
"When I get to confront ShadowMoth in person one day, I'm totally punching him in the face. I'll bet his face is extremely punchable," Chat gripes as he ducks around the corner, a crash resounding on the other side of the building.
It's a testament to how exhaustingly ridiculous the week has been - and it's only Wednesday - that Ladybug doesn't even chastise her partner for his threats of violence against their nemesis. Honestly, at this point she'd gladly queue up to be next in line and land the second punch (and the third and fourth and so on).
Ladybug peeks around the corner to assess the damage from this particular akuma. Jacques of All Trades has been a pain to fight from the start, a skilled handyman who'd gone unpaid by a client for a large job and decided to show the entire city just how much his time was worth. So far, they've dodged a barrage of wrenches and screwdrivers, spinning drills and one terrifying, larger-than-life circular saw.
Chat's hand at her shoulder tells her he's joined her in peering out from their current hiding spot. They gasp in unison when Jacques of All Trades whips out and ignites a giant acetylene torch. In the evening's dim light, the blue flame casts eerie shadows on the façades of the surrounding buildings.
Quietly, she hears Chat mutter, "Holy crap, he can weld, too?"
The two heroes turn wide eyes to each other and simultaneously reach for their power-ups, he for his pocket and she for her yo-yo's infinite storage.
"Well, LB, are you ready to get lit?"
She snorts. "I'd prefer not to, Kitty Cat. I really didn't wake up today with a burning desire to be scorched by an akuma."
Chat clutches his chest and swoons dramatically. "My Lady! You know your puns set my heart ablaze!
Ladybug giggles as she picks out the tiny orange macaron she'd infused with the fire power-up potion on Sunday for this week's batch and pops it in her mouth. She's pleasantly surprised by the flavor of tangy orange marmalade; it's been such a crazy week, she couldn't have been certain if she'd chosen orange or mango or peach for this batch. The good thing is that all of those flavors are delicious, she thinks, as her suit transforms to magical Nomex around her body and over her head.
She looks up just in time to see her partner gagging on his own wedge of orange Camembert, his face scrunched into a grimace of disgust as he tries to swallow it without chewing.
"Blech," he sputters, sticking his tongue out. "Why couldn't my kwami eat something, anything, less disgusting than this horrible cheese?"
She smiles fondly as she watches him transform, complete with no less than three different poses. (Her partner is so extra, and she loves him in all his ridiculousness.) She pats him on the back when he's finished, flashing him a sympathetic smile through her helmet. "Come on, let's go extinguish his plans!"
Chat's face lights up. "Hell yes! I'm stoked."
Ladybug's surprised laughter rings through the alley as she follows her best friend back into the fight to save the day once more.
Marinette never imagined she'd have an honest-to-goodness cauldron in her bedroom, but life has been full of surprises lately. The hidden box filled with jewelry to which tiny gods with world-altering power are tethered is testament enough to that.
The pipette's glass stem tinks against the inside of the vial that contains Tears of Joy as she gathers enough for the base mixture already simmering on her desk. The liquid turns a cheery shade of purple when she carefully squeezes in the required number of drops for this recipe. Marinette stoppers the vial and rinses the pipette at her sink before setting it on a towel to dry.
After giving the pot a stir, she steps back and glances up at Tikki, cozied up on her bed watching Nailed It! on Netflix. Without looking away from the phone's screen, Tikki reaches for a macaron on the plate beside her and takes a big bite, crumbs falling to the comforter around her. Marinette stifles a laugh at her kwami's sweet tooth...and her love of televised baking competitions.
When the power-up mixture is ready, divided into vials on a little rack where the additional special ingredients have been added, she reaches for the little round box of Camembert that Chat had supplied her with to replenish his supply. Her nose scrunches and her eyes twitch as she lifts the lid and the cheese's essence hits her senses. It's not bad, necessarily, just very, very pungent. She shakes her head and gets down to the task of infusing each wedge.
She's just finished the space power-up when a thought occurs to her.
"Hey, Tik?"
Tikki pauses her show and floats down to her holder. "What is it, Marinette? Is everything okay?" She pointedly ignores the array of vials and the cauldron on the desk.
Marinette smiles. "Everything's fine. And don't worry, I'm all done mixing. Nothing to see here now except stinky cheese."
They laugh, though Tikki makes a face at the smell.
"I was just wondering...why does Plagg like this stuff? Has he always just eaten cheese?"
TIkki laughs again, her giggle a tinkling melody of joy that warms Marinette instantly. She can't help but smile at her kwami.
"Well, the short answer is: because Plagg takes great pleasure in being a pain in the butt."
Marinette snorts. "I'm not surprised."
"But honestly, he's just always loved savory things, the more...let's say piquant, the better."
"Like what?"
"Well," Tikki says, drawing out the word as she thinks, "he's wild about garlic. He's been overjoyed to find it in the foods of so many cultures around the world. Oh, did he ever stink sometimes!" She shakes her head with a fond smile. "His poor holders."
Marinette can't help but agree. She feels bad enough for Chat Noir and what must be a constant scent of cheese emanating from his clothes and belongings.
"Oh, and Plagg loved onions during our time in Bermuda!" Tikki exclaims, clapping her paws at the memory.
"You were in Bermuda? When?"
Tikki takes a moment to think. "That would have been...the early 1700s, if I recall correctly. The Golden Age of Piracy! Oh, that was fun."
The look of nostalgia on her little face is vaguely unsettling. Marinette decides not to ask her to elaborate.
She instead finishes up the ice power-up and replaces the lid on the cheese container before starting on the filling for her own macarons.
"So...when did he discover cheese?"
Tikki's answer is immediate. "Here in France, in the 1400s. Cheese has been around for millenia, but he didn't find his, um...passion," she giggles again, "until he tried French cheese. Then suddenly he was a cheese connoisseur. And I guess the rest is history."
"Why stinky cheese, though?"
Tikki shrugs. "Remember the short answer?"
"Ah, yes. Pain in the butt. Makes sense."
After a beat of silence, they burst into laughter. Marinette thinks of her silly partner and his penchant for being a bit of a pain, too. She has a feeling her kwami loves her own pain in the butt partner as much as Marinette loves hers.
Wiping her eyes and saving the Tears of Joy for next week, she sighs happily and caps the aqua power-up macaron with its waiting top half.
"Well, I'm so glad you like the same sweet things that I enjoy. I feel awful for Chat when he has to power up. Why on earth does he keep eating something he hates?"
Tikki is silent for a moment, and when Marinette looks up it's to find her kwami's expression soft.
"I think there's a short answer for that, too. A different one."
Marinette's eyebrows furrow. Tikki smiles and continues.
"He loves his kwami, Marinette. Simple as that."
She's helpless to the warm smile that lights her face, mirrored in Tikki's expression. They do have two very special cats, don't they?
"He keeps the Camembert power-ups on hand for the times when he powers up before transforming," Marinette marvels, understanding dawning slowly, "when Plagg has to eat them."
Tikki nods.
"And he just gags them down when we have to power up during battle when we're already in our suits."
Tikki nods again. "Your Chat Noir might be the most selfless black cat holder I've ever known. Plagg says he's the best he's ever had."
Marinette purses her lips as her eyes fill with tears. Her mind whirs, an idea forming and growing and solidifying along with her resolve. It's late, but her partner is worth it.
"Are Chat's pockets infinite like my yo-yo?"
"I believe so, yes. They're magic, after all."
Taking a moment to make sure the burner under the cauldron is off and that nothing is in danger of spilling on her desk, Marinette nods decisively at her kwami.
"What do you say to making an extra batch of mini macarons, Tik?"
Tikki grins at her holder. "I think that's a wonderful idea."
A few nights later finds Ladybug playing a card game with her partner on their favorite rooftop after patrol. The night is quiet and warm, the stillness broken by their laughter and friendly banter.
Chat triumphantly lays down his last two cards, a pair of sevens in hearts and diamonds. With a cheeky grin, he points a clawed finger at Ladybug's last two cards. "Hmmm, I'm going to guess that one of those cards is le pouilleux. Am I right, My Lady? Am I?" he asks in a sing-song voice of friendly mockery.
She scowls at him and sticks out her tongue before they both burst into laughter.
"Fine, fine. You win that round, Chaton. But I will crush you next time. Mark my words."
Chat's laugh trails off into a jaw-cracking yawn. He reaches for his baton and checks the time. "Ugh, I should go. Five in the morning comes early."
Ladybug makes a face. "Ew."
"Yeah, ew. It sucks." He smiles at his partner and reaches for her hand to kiss her knuckles. "Well, My Lady, I bid you good night."
"Wait!" She squeezes his hand before pulling away and unhooking her yo-yo from her waist. Sliding the cover open, she reaches into the glowing interior to extract a little rectangular box and meets Chat's confused eyes once more. Before he can make a joke, she holds it out to him. "This is for you, Minou."
She can't help but smile as his expression morphs from bewilderment to excitement to confusion once more as he opens the box to reveal the contents.
"You made me tiny macarons?"
"Well, sort of. I mean, yes, obviously." She takes a deep breath. "I know you don't like Camembert--"
Chat's snort of laughter cuts her off. "Understatement, LB. It's so gross. But it's Plagg's favorite, so..." he trails off, rubbing the back of neck and shrugging, still smiling with a "what can you do?" look on his face.
"I know, Chaton. That's why I made those for you. If...if you want them, of course."
He cocks his head in confusion, looking for all the world like a real cat.
She reaches over the open lid of the box to point at a tiny macaron. "They're power-ups, Kitty. For you. Camembert for Plagg for when you power up before transforming, macarons for when you're already suited up. No more eating stinky cheese for you! It's a win-win!"
Chat doesn't say a word, but his face speaks volumes. He carefully closes the box, sets it on the rooftop beside them, and envelops his partner in a hug. Ladybug smiles as she wraps her arms around him and sinks into his warm embrace. No one hugs like Chat Noir, and she treasures each one.
"I can't believe you did that for me," he murmurs into her hair.
She scoffs into his chest, still smiling. "It's the least I can do, Chaton. Not a problem at all."
"Still, I...thank you. You''re the best, LB."
Ladybug squeezes him tightly once more before stepping back. She reaches down for the box of macarons and places them in his hands again, then boops his nose, delighting in the way his eyes cross.
"What's a little extra baking for the best partner in the world?"
His smile is so soft it almost hurts. Then his brow furrows just slightly as he asks, "But...why?"
Her answering grin is as warm as her heart. That's easy. It's another short answer.
"Because you're my partner, and you're worth it."
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sunfoxfic · 13 hours ago
Statistically untrue. The average Cheng steals no items every year. Marinette "Phone-Thief" Dupain-Cheng, who steals over 10,000 phones every day, is an outlier and should not have been counted,
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You know it bad when your friends drugging you is a good thing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry that its been a long time I posted. School has been a Rodeo.
(Click for better quality!)
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coffeebanana · 2 days ago
Because Fanfiction is Self-Indulgent...
and my birthday is coming up soon...I started to make a new post of my own fics to pin to the top of my page. A gift of sorts to myself, because I love it when people read my fics, haha! Normally when I do this it’s recent stuff, but today I’m just linking a range of things I’m very proud of, for various reasons. I’ll try my best to keep the descriptions short! (7 fics since that’s my favourite number)
What a Time - Stuck at a party she doesn't want to be at, Marinette tries her best not to think about him. Not to miss him. Why can't she seem to stop? Aged up Love Square reveal, Emotional Hurt/Comfort.  
Cost Is Too High (Not To Love) - When Marinette finds herself stranded outside of her hotel room, luckily Adrien's there to invite her over to his. But why is he acting so strangely? Why doesn't he seem to want her there at all? Post-reveal, pre-relationship Love Square.
I Don’t Believe In Umbrellas - New York isn't like Kagami expected it to be. In fact, her life isn't like she expected it to be. When she first meets Marinette, that weirdly energetic girl from her psychology class...honestly, Kagami just wonders why Marinette won't just leave her alone. But the more she gets to know her, the more there's just...something about Marinette. My beloved 20k word long Marigami college AU oneshot. Features queerplatonic Adrienette and Lukanette too!
Emergency Contact - When Marinette invites Adrien to live with her temporarily while she recovers from an injury, she thinks the hardest part is going to be hiding her feelings from him. But Adrien's idea of being helpful might go...a little overboard. Post-reveal, pre-relationship Love Square. Miscommunication. Mutual Pining. Need I say anymore? 3 Chapters of angst + 1 of fluff! Somewhere Only We Know - Luka’s words swirled around in Marinette’s brain, playing on a loop, intersecting only with the contents of Nino’s text from minutes ago. The one carrying the news that Adrien was leaving. And this was her last chance to tell him how she felt. Post-Shadow Moth Defeat, season 4 compliant, Love Square Identity reveal songfic. Because who doesn’t love that “running through the rain to confess your undying love” trope? The One Where Even Supervillains Need Their Coffee -  As if being a supervisor at a corporate coffee shop and having to deal with terrible customers, emotionally unstable managers and incompetent coworkers wasn't enough, now Hawk Moth himself is a regular at Miraculous Coffee. But is there more to this supervillain than meets the eye? And what is a coffee shop but a place to bring people together in the most unexpected of ways? I would be remiss if I didn’t include this one. Coffee is literally half of my brand. My beloved OC Margot, and I know OCs scare some people away, but...I’ve been told people laugh so hard they can’t breath when reading this series. The Uncertainty Principle -  Adrien wakes up from a nightmare and calls Marinette for comfort. Hearing his distress, Marinette talks to him on the phone for a while, but when all is said and done...she can't get to sleep without making sure he's okay. So she shows up at his apartment for an impromptu sleepover, and...they get to talking. About how their relationship has changed over the years. About their feelings for one another... Oh look...MORE post-reveal, pre-relationship Love Square? And science jokes/puns/metaphors? Emotional hurt-comfort? I think I’m getting predictable... Honourable mentions...Literally any of my other fics. I do enjoy what I write, y’all. And I enjoy sharing it with you too!! 
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ouiladybug · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ADRINETTE: A FAIRYTALE artist credit: Gaëlle Avril [1][2] [ tmbr ]
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yannasketches · 4 months ago
dAMn yOu, nINo
Is this...considered Adrienette??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bambicambi · a day ago
Marinette: *smiles at Tim* ...
Tim: ... *raises an eyebrow* what? *amused* What is it?
Marinette: *incredibly soft* nothing.. i just have a really pretty husband.
Tim: ... *blushes* and i have a really pretty wife.
Marinette: *softly* we're not married.
Tim: *pulls her into a hug* and yet, we're husband and wife.
Marinette: *smiles* yeah..
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naimea-fanart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Joining the style challenge so I have an excuse to draw a bunch of Marinettes (and Pollen)! I couldn't do all of my fav artists even if I wanted to, but here are:
1- @buggachat
2- @yunyin
3- @rosekasa
4- @aerequets
5- Me 👉👈
6- @zoe-oneesama
7- @emsylcatac
8- @tizzymcwizzy
9- @lc-holy
Doing this I realized how much I love this fandom and the artists here! Some of y'all put so much work into coloring I don't even get how you do this
And the "simpler"/line art only styles work so well? aerequets and tizzy artstyles are both so expressive! It was pretty hard to replicate and making it look like the originals because every brush stroke counts!
The most difficult was definitely rosekasa's , it's so far from my own style I was thrown out of my confort zone but it was a fun experience trying to do the soft~ style
Weirdly enough lc-holy's style wasn't as difficult as I imagined? I think I'm pretty close? I didn't put that much work into the colouring and effects compared to the original style, to think you're doing whole comics that way is so impressive!
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pipiezexal · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
not Exactly the dialogue but haven't stopped thinking about this concept
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sabertoothwalrus · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sO I MADE A SEQUEL TO THIS COMIC,,,, cause I was thinking about what would happen if she asked Chat for advice. enjoy <3
edit: now with a part 3 🙈
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yannasketches · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve been using up a lot of creativity for work, and my brain currently couldn’t come up with stories for my personal art. I really felt like making a comic for fun though. So that I don’t have to think, I redrew an old comic! Hehe. I always liked the idea of Ladybug wondering what kind of person Chat Noir is behind the mask. Old caption to my original Instagram post :
I personally think that Ladybug assumes that Chat Noir’s civilian form is a flirty, sweater-wearing jokester who always gets into trouble with authorities and goes to school on a scooter – not the oblivious, sheltered cinnamon roll that is Adrien Agreste 🐞🐾
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bambicambi · a day ago
Jason: speaking of sleep and hangovers.. are you done here? Cuz my bed is- *points his thumb behind his back* -that way.
Marinette: trying to get me to get into bed with you, already? *purrs* scandalous, Jason, scandalous.
Jason: no, you'll be taking my bed. And i'll be taking the couch.
Marinette: wait, wha..?
Jason: you're drunk.
Marinette: no, im not???
Jason: yes, you are-
Marinette: I'm not?????
Jason: *gives her a deadpan expression* ...
Marinette: what-? Im not! I didn't even drink that much-!
Jason: uh-huh.. and i totally didn't see you drink at least six bottles of beer- SIX!
Marinette: oh, please. It wasn't even that much. And even if it was, six bottles isn't nearly enough to make me incoherent of thought or reason.
Jason: ... *shakes his head* no, Marinette.
Marinette: ... *smiles* fine, but im taking the couch. Im the guest.
Jason: and im the host, you're taking my bed.
Marinette: couch.
Jason: bed.
Marinette: couch!
Jason: bed!
Marinette: no!
Jason: yes.
Marinette: *glares at him* ....ill just sleep on the floor, then.
Jason: Mari..
Marinette: *points to herself* guest.
Jason: *scowls* you're going to get a bad back if you're going to sleep on the floor.
Marinette: .... *scowls* fine. Fine. I'll sleep in your bed.
Jason: *beams* wonderful, follow me. *starts walking down the hall* I'll show you where the bathroom is and then get you a few extra blankets.
Marinette: why would i need extra blankets-- OH MY GOD.
Jason: *grimaces*
Marinette: you literally have nothing on your bed. Its just a fucking mattress! Do you not sleep with blankets?? There isn't even a PILLOW!
Jason: ...its a habit.
Marinette: sleeping without a pillow???
Jason: *cautiously* nnno... putting everything away. Its a habit. *shrugs* i couldn't figure out a reason why to stop so i continued to hide my shit.
Marinette: ..huh.
Jason: *laughs and pushes her gently into his room* i'll go get the blankets.
Marinette: ...y-you do. Like. Sleep with a cover, though, right?
Jason: *amused* yes.
Marinette: cool, cool... *grins* cool.
Jason: *extra amused* cool.
Marinette: cool.
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