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Ya know what Stephenie Meyer implying Edward would just bust his propose to Bella in the same woods he left her in like that was PEAK bad writing as if my extra in love boy wouldn’t take her to Paris for that or going full Napoleon and conquering her the entirety of Europe 11 years old me been KNEW Edward’s propose was a whole event and no one can change my mind I don’t care I don’t care

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Seven years ago on April Fool’s Day I got divorced.

For a lot of that time I was convinced I’d never find love again. I was also very skeptical of marriage in general. 

Luckily, I was wrong, because I did find love again. A man who loves me and cares for me with so much gentleness and kindness. It’s so much more than I ever expected. More than I even believed I deserved. Divorce can really fuck up your self-esteem.

It’s not a perfect relationship, and I am still skeptical about marriage as a concept. Maintaining a healthy, loving, happy relationship for a lifetime is very difficult work. It feels impossible at times. Love often is such a precarious thing.

My expectations are definitely different the second time around. They’re much lower, and somehow I think it’s much healthier this way.

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If your husband doesn’t treat you like this, get yourself a new husband boo.. You’re very beautiful and you deserve more 🥰💁🏾‍♀️👑

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I can’t tell if it’s the quarantine and lack of pussy or real love but my boyfriend is starting to hint at marrying me and boy is this a plot twist bc I didn’t think I’d ever find love or get married.

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I had a question about about arranged marriages. How does the process of arranged marriages with royal families work?

Basically two kingdoms come together and they want to make a treaty. When the peace and trade details are agreed, the two monarchies will want to cement their work with a wedding. They will exchange portraits and descriptions, notes will be made of a prince’s accomplishments and of the bride’s beauty and likelihood to bear children. They will argue back and forth for a while until they sign the treaty. The bride will be sent over after she is deemed fit to bear children and the wedding will be concluded a week or even earlier after her arrival.

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How to be a great housewife

  1. Feel your own worth

  2. Ignore people who undermine you

  3. Take care of your appearance and health

  4. Stop the negative self-talk and criticism

  5. Be thankful every day for what you have

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It benefits society generally because it is associated with stable families. Stable families produce happier children and a more stable society with less crime and fewer social problems.

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It resumes… I think

To be of… alone

The simple matter

Of not being touched

In so long

It doesn’t worry me

I cannot feel… anymore

Of vision to God

I tell it cannot be

And all of love

Has left


And to true of be

We are all stricken

In way of gentleness

To be vision of God

There is passion

In passionate words

To applaud

And then of be


We soft and magnificent



And to be of the Lord

Is a driving rain

It is precious

The air goes out

The breath does not!

And all stops

In way of the Lord

Of heart to be simple

We can only try

The simple of poem

To be read way

To heart

We are

To say to another

To not despair

Of Angel

And creation

There is… us

And to be human

Takes away


Of all to love and all be

There is a way to soon

And all of it

That says and moves

We must not listen to

In moment of hardness

To share

There is all

In love to be passionate

And right!


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Don’t obsess #coronavirus in your #relationships and private life

Family Marriage #CouplesCounselor #ProfDrEkremÇulfa stated that it is important to take precise precautions for the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak, but they should not be made unreasonable obsessions.
Family Marriage Couple Consultant Prof Dr Ekrem Çulfa, in his statement, addressed the importance of combating Kovid-19 with individual measures, hygiene and cleanliness.
“For the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, it is very important to take individual measures meticulously, but they should not be made unreasonable obsessions.” used expressions.
Stating that something should be too extreme and force the logic in the middle in order to call a problem “obsession disease”, Family Marriage Couple Consultant Prof Dr Ekrem Çulfa said, “It is very necessary to wash our hands carefully in this period. It is necessary not to start washing hands again. It may be necessary to clean the instruments we use in disinfectant, but it should be done once and to limit it. When it goes to extreme, this situation turns into obsession. found the assessment.
#Family #Marriage #CouplesConsultant Prof #DrEkremÇulfa pointed out that the patients diagnosed during this period should continue their #medications and treatments and said:“If they have been given an assignment to do about this process,they should do it. They should not put themselves into a more extreme care than anyone else. A normal level of cleanliness will be enough. Anyone can easily understand that #meticulousness has become an obsession. sometimes they may be effective, but they may already realize from their behavior and attitudes that this is irrational, excessive and unnecessary cleaning. When this is noticed, they should try to reduce it, if they cannot do so, they should consult a #psychiatrist. they can apply to #psychiatry and put themselves in order. ”
“We live in a large country, seeing cases should not be abnormal.”
Stating that some of those who had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) disease in the current process also took the event to the extreme. Dr. Family Marriage Couple Consultant Prof Dr #EkremÇulfa 📠+905447243650 (Psikolog 0544 7243650)

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-tbh -You and your s/o fusing into one powerful being that will take over the world and dream about doing bad things but never do them. 

-Getting banned from places because you are too emo and miserable together instead of on your own

-Not blogging about furries but not hating on them either unless they are committing sexual acts on animals

-writing deep and emotionally manipulative haikus about popular tv sitcom friends

-sighing sadly and not descending to any lower forms of being

-openly pretending to care on online forums and murdering each other irl

-screaming obscenities about autocorrect to the void

-sharing nightmares about medieval ladies who romanticize worms. 

-avoiding bronies who wear all black because we don’t need to be called out for enjoying shrimp like the badass crows we are

-eating late capitalism for a midnight snack, soft broiled over the open flames of the republicans. 

-Making pillow forts against SJWs to protect our collective couple dignity and happiness, and protect our shrimp

-tbh no politics it all hurts until we get back into it as a collective couple hyper fixation and flinging shrimps at former mentioned SJW’s

Thanks I really love my fictional boyfriend he is very pink and sweet and psychic

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Im kind of at low point trying to keep up. 

I’m punching at the air so I let out my frustrations in the midst of our conversations. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster of unknown boundaries. 

I feel like I’m giving, but all I’m hearing it that I’m taking. 

A water and fire sign together? Did I pour myself on too much on to you that I put out your fire? 

Did you light a fire under me that I evaporated into air?

You’re asking of things that you want, but once I give than what? Will it be an endless cycle of you asking for things that you may think are a solution. And I’ll give and give to what extent? 

You crave change but there’s work to be done. A big house with white picket fence, a family to call our own. But the fear of actually achieving it, sometimes comes off do I deserve this?

So you run. 

And I chase. 

But are you running from me? or you running from stability?

You’re a wild fire who loathes commitment. 

And I’m a soul who goes with the flow. 

You stopped seeing me, you stopped hearing, you stopping looking. Sometimes I think you lost interest. Sometimes I think you crave a new muse and you’re just waiting that spark to show up unexpectedly. 

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