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A/N: anything for you, anon and Steeb of course (Spooky Sad Sunday)


I thought you loved me.”

Your words, the first ones you’d spoken in quite a few minutes, turned Steve’s gaze back to you. It was a harsh glare that you offered him, and he suddenly wished he hadn’t said anything at all.

“I do love you. I always have—”

“And yet, I was never enough. Is that it?” You spat out your response like it was bitter poison resting on your tongue.

“Enough for me? Of course you were!” he pleaded, and you laughed sarcastically.

“Look at that! You haven’t even left yet, and I’m already past tense.”

“Don’t do this—”

Please don’t touch me,” you snapped as he reached out to grab your hand, and he quickly retreated. “I hope this was all worth it. And believe me when I say that I’m so fucking lucky that I don’t have to see your face anymore.”

You turned away and walked off as fast as your legs would carry you, not daring to look back and watch the love of your life go back in time for a second chance with his first love.

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Midtown Tech’s AP Environmental Science classes were on their annual trip to Wappinger Creek.

It was a dreary October morning. At a crisp 56°F, the group of moody, barely awake teens were rubbing their hands together for some semblance of warmth as they made the trek from the bus to the water.

“We told you to be prepared for the weather,” Mrs. Devonshire said, her hands slotted comfortably in her fleece jacket.

“The weather app said it was going to be 70°!” Flash complained, hugging his arms close to his chest as he shivered in his t-shirt in jeans.

“The high is 70°, but it is currently 9:30AM.”

“Well how was I supposed to know that?” Flash grumbled, sinking into himself further.

Peter clenched his jaw to keep his teeth from chattering. Even in his three layers, gloves, scarf, and hat, the cool breeze that tickled his rosy cheeks was still unbearable.

“Did you know that there have been allegedly twenty-seven murders in this forest?”

Peter looked at MJ incredulously. “By the same person?”

She scoffed. “Of course not.”

Peter pondered on the information. “I… don’t know if that makes it better or worse.”

“Don’t worry. Most of the bodies were recovered.”

Peter’s eyebrows shot up. “Most?”

She grinned. “Keep walking, Parker. Maybe that’ll warm you up.” She sauntered past him with the air of unwavering certainty that she always exuded.

Peter, thankful for his new and improved lung capacity and cursing his still sensitive calves from the not-so-graceful landing he had the night before on patrol, gritted his teeth further as the sore muscles screamed for relief.

He nearly collapsed on the creekbank, plopping himself onto the ground. The freshly fallen leaves crunched beneath his weight.

Flash began to approach him. Peter held his breath, preparing for whatever unnecessary quip that would come out of Flash’s mouth.

“Hey, you okay? You have your inhaler, right?”

Peter waved his hand, looking to the other teen with a smile that was hopefully more reassuring than perplexed. “I’m fine.”

“We don’t want a repeat of the Hall of Science.”

“I’m never gonna live that one down, huh?” Peter ducked his head.

“When you pass out and fall down a flight of stairs and spill your water bottle all over the stairs on your way down and cause ten other people to tumble down with you, well, you’re never living that one down.”

“Thanks, Flash,” Peter said dryly.

“Take care of yourself. Don’t wanna embarrass yourself considering you’re already so embarrassing just being you!” And with that, he trotted off to his group.

With a series of long groans, Peter peeled himself off the forest floor and headed to join his group.

“So,” Betty said, “we need one person to go get the aquatic samples and three people to take forest samples.”

Amanda shook her head. “I can’t go in the water. Not in those waders. Who knows who has worn those?” She shuddered. “I’ll stick to picking up leaves and rocks. Here. On land.”

“I can’t go in either,” Bentley said. “Don’t think they’ll fit me.” He motioned to his 6’5” self.

“Peter?” Betty asked softly. “Do you mind?”

“No. Not at all,” Peter said.

“You have to get four viles of the creek water, three bags of different vegetation, and three rocks.” She handed him the supplies. “You just keep everything in the big bag. Got it?”

“Got it.” Peter gave her a bright thumbs up.

The waders were unlike anything Peter had worn. The thick rubber made his usual agile self stumble back into his old, gangly self. He was at the height where they were still unfortunately too high for his legs, making his wide stance ever the more of a wobbly waddle.

He took careful steps into the water, getting slightly thrown off by the feeling of the water pressure surrounding him from the outside.

He found a rhythm quickly. He was good at adapting. He stuck to the creek floor, quite literally, his adhesive feet being able to keep him planted steadily.

Peter smiled softly to himself, enjoying the simple sounds of nature, tuning out the many different conversations of his peers to just surround himself with rustling leaves and whistling wind.

Peter perked up when he spotted a patch of black sedge. Plodding heavily through the water, he made his way to the other side.

But, when he stepped forward, sticking his foot once more, he was thrown completely off balance as a large rock adhered itself to his foot, lifting up from the creek floor.

Before he could catch himself, Peter went tumbling into the creek.

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Kamala: *hacking*

Natasha: That’s not how I typically get my information

Kamala: How do you typically get it?

Natasha: I find the person, and then I put the fear of God into them. But we can try it your way

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Avengers Ship Writing Challenge!

I am writing a fic for each Avenger character/Avenger actor ships, so send me a ship in an ask from this list and I’ll try to write something about them.


  • Black Thunder (Natasha and Thor)
  • Brutasha (Bruce and Natasha)
  • Captain Hill (Steve and Maria)
  • Clintasha (Clint and Natasha)
  • Fosterson (Thor and Jane)
  • Pepperony (Tony and Pepper)
  • Scarlet America (Steve and Wanda)
  • Samtasha (Sam and Natasha)
  • Scarlethawk (Clint and Wanda)
  • Winterwidow (Bucky and Natasha)
  • Thorkyrie (Thor and Brunnhilde)
  • Dr. Pepper (Bruce and Pepper)
  • Romanogers (Steve and Natasha)
  • Spideychelle (Peter P and Michelle)
  • Starmora (Peter Q and Gamora)
  • ScarletVision (Wanda and Vision)
  • Scotthope (Scott and Hope)
  • Captain Squared (Steve and Carol)


  • Captain Falcon (Steve and Sam)
  • Bird Bros (Clint and Sam)
  • Phlint (Phil and Clint)
  • Science Bros (Bruce and Tony)
  • Ironhawk (Tony and Clint)
  • Hawksilver (Pietro and Clint)
  • HawkAnt (Scott and Clint)
  • Stony (Steve and Tony)
  • Stucky (Steve and Bucky)
  • Thorbruce (Pretty self-explanatory)
  • Winterhawk (Bucky and Clint)
  • FrostIron (Loki and Tony)
  • IronStrange (Tony and Stephen)


  • Hiddlesworth (Chris H and Tom Hid)
  • Stackie (Sebastian and Anthony)
  • EvansStackie (Chris E, Sebastian and Anthony)
  • Evanstan (Chris E and Sebastian)
  • Evansson (Chris E and Scarlett)
  • Evansen (Chris E and Elizabeth)
  • Rennerson (Jeremy and Scarlett)
  • Rennersen (Jeremy and Elizabeth)
  • Rudder (Jeremy and Paul R)

Just send me an ask and any other details you want.

@optimistic-dinosaur-nacho @donutloverxo @captain-a-rogers @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @yavanna80 @averyrogers83 @jaqui-has-a-conspiracy-theory @daphne-fandom-writing @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics @kindaskimpy @navybrat817 @navybrat817-sideblog @carissime72 @dreamlesswonder86 @archerybitch68 @sarabeth72 @k-evans-writes @princess-evans-addict @katiew1973

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No. 26 

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpees: Tony, Steve, Clint

Caregivers: Tony, Steve, Clint

Title: The One Where Tony, Steve, and Clint Go Camping

Part 1 

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO

Steve had never been camping (beyond that period when he was 5-6 years old and he and his family had to live in a transient camp in the woods, because his dad lost his job. Clint said that didn’t count).

Tony had only been glamping (Clint said that didn’t count, either).

So, one weekend, Clint convinced Steve and Tony to go on what he called an “honest” camping trip. They hiked deep into the forest to a lake with small backpacks and sleeping bags. They hunted their food. They left their phones and every other luxury at home. The fun lasted two days. The night of the second day, while the boys were laughing around a campfire, a HYDRA helicopter flew overhead. It hovered for a moment, its spotlight blinding the Avengers. And then the bullets rained down and the helicopter dropped a small missile right into their campfire. The three men scattered in opposite directions as the forest exploded.

Steve woke up in a snow globe of sparks. He was lying on his back, staring up at a burning tree that was starting to fall over – directly onto him. Steve pedaled backwards, ankles digging into dirt and leaves, then he did a quick backwards summersault the rest of the way, yelping in pain when he put weight on his right foot. The tree collapsed right next to him, but Steve didn’t hear it. His ears were ringing like church bells. His foot was throbbing. He examined it, and found a bloody hole. One of the bullets had gone right through his boot, just south of his toes. Steve started coughing, then. Several trees were on fire, not to mention the dry debris on the ground, and the whole area was quickly filling up with gray smoke. “ST—” he half-yelled, choking. “STARK! BARTON!”

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A/N: hi there! I mean I spent most of Saturday night walking in the woods so that’s about as spooky as it gets for me this year! I’m in an apartment building so I don’t have to worry about anyone stopping by for candy lmao. thanks for the request and I hope you’re having a great day! (Spooky Sad Sunday)

warnings: injuries


You waited in the dark corner of Wanda’s room for her return, excited to speak to her again, but reluctant for her to find out what happened to you. Maybe you could leave a note instead?


Okay, too late for a note.

“Hi,” you offered shyly as you came out of the shadows, sighing when she began to run to you. “Wait, don’t touch me. It’ll hurt you.”

“What?” She stopped just a few feet away from you, her wide and frightened eyes meeting yours. “Why can’t I touch you and what happened to you? I mean, you were gone…I watched you disappear.”

“I know, and I’m so sorry you had to see that.” You stepped closer, the urge to touch her getting stronger, but you stopped yourself before she could notice.

“Why can’t I hear what’s going on in your mind?”

“I’m a little different now.” You let out a chuckle empty of humor, a frown coming onto your face as you looked at Wanda’s arms. “…Where did all of these scars come from?

“Oh.” She quickly pulled her sleeves down to cover them. “Someone came here looking for you and the fight was rough. I got thrown into the glass cabinet downstairs.”

You knew who the ‘someone’ was without any further details, anger fueling you as you began to march past Wanda, ready to hunt the guilty party down.

“Wait, where are you going?”

Her hand grabbed your arm before you could stop her, and the scream that followed was loud and full of anguish. You quickly faced Wanda and nearly screamed yourself when you saw her on the ground, her skin burning away fast.

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Warnings: nonconsensual sex, death, murder, violence, stalking, paranoia, blood, gore, and other warnings to be added

This is dark!Bucky Barnes with a likelihood off dark!Steve Rogers as well and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.

Summary: Your stalker gets closer.

Note: Alright, things are ramping up. As always, mind the warnings and take care of yourselves.

Thank you. Love you guys!

As always, if you can, please leave some feedback, like and reblog <3


You didn’t sleep much. Shallow spurts laced with fear. Your dreams when they came were vague but horrifying. A shadow, a voice, the feeling of being watched. Always.

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Natasha: “*shoots the wall of Y/N’s room”

Y/N: “*runs into  Natasha’s room*, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”

Natasha: “Bored”

Natasha: “*shooting at Y/N* BORED!”

Y/N: *dodging bullets*

Natasha: “Bored. BORED”

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