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“Mischief boy, you’ve met peter right?” You ask as you gesture to the boy in the red and black suit.

“I believe I have yes.” The god says, eyeing him a bit. “And my name is Loki remember?” He corrects with a small smirk in your direction before turning back towards Peter. You could tell peter was a little nervous but it was even easier to tell as he began to speak.

“Oh uh hi mr Loki sir. It’s good to meet you. I’m spider par- wait no. I’m Peter man-“ he stutters and you suppress a laugh, pulling him in for a side hug.

“Peter Parker buddy. We’ve talked about this.” You say and he nods, embarrassed.

Tony had put you in charge of showing Peter around since both him and Happy were busy and it seemed like an easy enough task until Thor asked if you minded showing Loki around as well. You had felt it rude to say no but you knew it would probably turn to a disaster.

You were always confident, arrogant even, like Tony which is what he liked about you and why you were so close but when you were around Loki every bone in your body melted and you became increasingly flustered against your better judgment. It frustrated you more than anything else ever had, so you decided showing him around might help you change that. So far, it surprisingly was.

“Ok so obviously we’re in stark tower, I’m sure you already knew that.” You begin as you guide them towards the elevator. Peter follows eagerly and Loki trails behind, obviously feeling this was unnecessary though his eyes remained on you the entire time, making you blush profusely.

“Are you alright y/n? You look a bit flushed.” He asks with a cheeky grin, clearly understanding the effect he was having on you.

As you’re about to quip back, Peter begins asking a bunch of questions and your focus is brought back to him, easily answering each one.

What you didn’t notice was Loki’s gaze remaining trained on you in fascination as you listed off facts about the building.

You’d helped oversee the plans with Pepper herself, causing you to know all there was to know about the tower and it’s contents. It was why you were perfect for the job of tours.

“And that concludes the tour.” You say with a shrug over an hour later. “I would ask if there were any other questions but I’m afraid I have a lot of work to catch up on so if you’ll excuse me gentlemen.” You say apologetically and you wave before turning and walking back to your own office.


Loki watched you walk away curiously.

He didn’t know much about you but he had seen you with Thor a few times and when he’d tried to take over earth. Even then, when he’d been occupied with ruling the entire world, he’d found himself almost unable to look away from you. Thor often teased him for staring too long and he hated that his brother had something to hold over his head like that.

He was so mesmerized he hardly noticed Peter awkwardly trying to get his attention.

“Uh mr Loki sir? Are you ok?” He asks and finally Loki turns to him, cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment, a rare sight from the god.

He quickly regains his usual composure and smirks. “I am perfectly fine spider child.” He replies and Peter groans.

“It’s uh… it’s actually spider man.” He corrects but Loki waves him off and walks away to find his brother, already beginning to question his choice in people to confide in.


A few weeks later…

Loki had grown aggravated. Everywhere he turned, he could hear you laughing with a fellow avenger or see you sitting peacefully by the window doing your unfinished work. He was enchanted by you and it left him even more unhinged than usual.

Today was no different. He left his room and came to the living room to read, only to find you squealing happily as you and Peter were running around the room away from an annoyed looking Bucky with black doodles scribbled messily on his face.

He tried to ignore it, walking in confident strides towards the couch but froze as he felt your hands on his torso, the rest of your figure ducking behind him.

“Hide me reindeer games, we drew on Bucky while he was napping and now he’s really mad!” You plead, still in a fit of giggles. He remains speechless for a few moments, unsure what to say.

Before he can finally speak, Bucky runs up and grabs you by the waist, playfully tackling you onto the couch and tickling you as his revenge. With your head back, you see Peter on the ceiling, hiding and making you laugh even more.

Seeing Bucky be the cause of your beautiful laugh made Loki’s lip twitch in annoyance and jealousy. He knew you weren’t his but he wished you were.

Tuning the sound of your squabbling out, he sat down on one of the stools by the bar with Thor and rolled his eyes at the sight of his brothers teasing smile.

“Trouble with a certain someone brother?” He asked innocently and Loki pursed his lips together.

“I do not have the slightest clue to what you are referring.” He muttered, not meeting his brothers eyes and instead stealing another glance at you.

Thor chuckled at his brothers denial. “Of course not. That is why you are gazing at y/n with such intensity I am sure.” He commented sarcastically in a lowered voice. Loki immediately looked at him in alarm but quickly regained his unphased persona.

“Yes I find y/n quite attractive. And yes I possibly enjoy her company more than I do others. Is that what you wanted to hear?” He asks with his usual smirk.

“Only quite attractive? I could have sworn you were practically smitten only a week or so ago…” Thor teases further and Loki’s face contorts in frustration as a blush rises in his cheeks.

“I am not at all smitten with y/n. Merely fascinated by Midgardians. Now if you’ll excuse me.” He hissed defensively as he stormed off back to his room, growing more embarrassed and enraged by the sound of his brothers deep laughter floating in the air behind him.

Neither brother, however, had noticed the boy in the spidersuit hanging above them, accidentally hearing the whole thing.


The next day…

“Hey Peter. You’re trailing me around the tower today for something for school right?” You ask as you walk into the kitchen that morning.

He jumps, clearly startled and looks up at you, his face blushing more than usual.

“Y-Yeah I uh… I am.” He mumbles quietly and you raise an eyebrow in his direction.

“Are you ok kid? You seem… off.” You ask cautiously and he responds with a nervous laugh.

“Totally. I’m uh… I’m not off at all. In fact I’m on!” He rambles and you march up to him, looking him directly in the eyes.

“Kid what’s wrong?” You demand and he refuses to look you in the eyes. “Is it that flash kid? Because I’ll teach him a lesson if you need.” You say, voicing your concern. He rapidly shakes his head and you sigh.

“Peter Parker you tell me what’s wrong right this minute or I swear to god-“ you start as Tony walks in and gives you a confused look.

“Y/n, why you gotta threaten the kid? Spider boy what’d you do?” He asks, looking between the two of you.

“I did nothing mr stark!” Peter says quickly. Tony turns his expecting gaze back to you.

“He’s hiding something from me.” You say, crossing your arms.

Tony scoffs, quickly looking between the two of you again. “Sounds like something you two can figure out on your own.” He says, stepping around you into the kitchen and grabbing his own food.

You turn a serious glare to Peter and he groans. “Fine! I was hanging from the ceiling hiding from mr Barnes and I-I overheard Thor and mr Loki’s conversation, not that I was eavesdropping!” He begins rambling and you sigh.

“Peter. Point please.” You ask and he smiles guiltily at you.

“Ok ok. Well I overheard them talking about m-miss y/n… and mr Loki admitted to liking you.” He blurts out. You blink at him in surprise, caught really off guard.

Tony bursts out laughing from behind you and you spin around, pointing a threatening finger at him. “Not a word Stark.” You warn but he’s too busy still laughing.

“Reindeer games took a liking to you!” He teases, his voice still booming with laughter.

“I said not a word!” You sigh, running a hand through your hair.

Natasha enters and looks between the three of you, finally settling on your stressed expression.

“What’d he do?” She asks you, gesturing towards Tony though he’s still too busy cackling to notice.

You sigh, debating whether or not to tell her.

“He’s laughing because Peter told us Loki likes me.” You say finally. Her face remains neutral as ever but she swiftly kicks Tony in the calve.

“Did you guys not know that?” She asks, clearly amused by the whole situation.

“No! You did?” You shout in confusion.

“Yeah I thought it was pretty obvious?” She questions.

With a heavy sigh, you walk off to your room, completely forgetting your job to help Peter.

Not watching where you’re going, you collide into something. Or someone, as you realize when two hands reach out to grab your shoulders to keep you steady from falling.

“Are you alright?” He asks and you feel your muscles tense as you hear the familiar accent.

“Yeah yeah I’m fine.” You dismiss halfheartedly, your face burning from the probably really apparent blush rushing to your cheeks. “Oh sorry! Are you ok? I kind of bumped into you, I should be the one asking.” You realize a second later. He grins a little and you feel your heart miss a beat.

“I um… I am fine as well. Thank you.” He responds, clearly also having forgotten to speak.

“So I um… I heard a rumour about you.” You say, gauging his reaction.

“Oh? And what might this rumour be saying about me mortal?” He asks, an eyebrow raised in amusement. You roll your eyes at the nickname he’d quickly learned you hated.

“Well I’m not quite sure if it’s a rumour. I mean it came from someone who heard it directly from your lips so.” You ramble and you feel him moving closer to you, leaving barely a gap between your bodies.

He gently pushes your chin up with his index finger, forcing you to look at him in the eyes and sending shivers down your spine at his touch in the process.

“What was this rumour or not rumour about?” He repeats quietly.

You gulp nervously and look into his grey blue eyes.

“I may have heard that you… that you take a certain liking to me.” You say quickly, your words close to jumbling together. From the burning red on Loki’s ears though, you can tell he heard you perfectly.

“That is… that is…” he begins, trying to find the proper wording to use.

You watch him hopefully, wondering what he could possibly respond to the accusation with.

“That is actually correct.” He says finally, nodding his head with a sigh and your eyes go wide.

“It is?” You question and he nods, refusing to meet your gaze. “Because well… I kind of feel the same way?” You add.

“Do you truly?” He asks, uncertainty filling his voice.

“I do yes.” You say, your lips spreading into an embarrassed smile.

He chuckles a bit and you raise an eyebrow.

“Your smile. It is quite beautiful I must say.” He admits, a blush you found adorable creeping into his face.

Without a second of hesitation, you grab him by the face, standing on your toes and lean in for a kiss. For a moment, it’s delicate and sweet but soon, it grows frantic and passionate, him pushing you against the wall carefully to balance you both to prevent from falling. Your lips remain pressed together agressively for a few more moments before you both pull away.

Loki looks at you, stunned.

“That was…” he begins and you bite your swollen lip, smiling sheepishly.

“I believe I will have to thank that spider boy later.” He says with a laugh and you giggle.

“Sweet! Who would’ve thought eavesdropping would get you thanked?!” A happy voice says from above you. You look up to see Peter hanging in his webs, watching the scene unfold below him.

Though you want to be annoyed, all you can do is grin and laugh at his antics.

You continue laughing, Loki joining in while Peter gets himself down, planting his feet onto solid ground faster than you thought he’d be able to.

You cling to Loki’s side, arms wrapped tightly around his torso.

“So does that make me the reason you two are together then miss y/n?” Peter questions and you laugh at the nerves in his voice.

“Yes, yes it does. And thank goodness for that.” You smile up at Loki as you speak.

The three of you walk back towards the living room and you stay by Loki’s side, never wanting to let go to the man beside you.

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First Date with Loki Headcanon

  • Dude was legit surprised when you said yes when he asked you out.
  • Speaking of which the way he asked you out wasn’t too complicated. He brought you a rose which turned into your favorite flavor the second you touched it. Via his spells.
  • “Y/N, would you accompany me tonight to dinner?”
  • “I always sit next to you at the banquet.”
  • He smiles, a mischievious smile and you wonder what the little devil is up to. “A dinner just between you and me. A date.”
  • You nearly jump out of your damn skin but you play it cool, “Sure, why not?”
  • Okay, first of all the night starts out kinda awkwardly.
  • He’s not sure what to say because even though he’s tall, dark, and handsome, he had always been overlooked by most girls on Asgard in favor of Thor when it came to the romance department.
  • He’s a secret fan of romance novels so your date would be based around that.
  • I’m talking a candlelit dinner on a balcony of the Asgardian palace with the stars sparkling above like a thousand diamonds.
  • Conversation would start slow but it would eventually build up as you realize that you two have more in common than you would’ve thought.
  • You’re surprised at how much he generally cares about what you’re up to and how you’re doing.
  • Don’t get me wrong Loki is completely self-absorbed but he still has room in his heart to care about others, especially you.
  • He shows you his magic skills which are incredibly impressive, and you waste no time in telling him so.
  • While other Asgardians label him nothing but a trickster, you see true talent. Because that’s what it is.
  • The night goes smoother and smoother and you realize that you enjoy Loki far better than Thor.
  • The night ends with you giving Loki a meaningful kiss on the cheek and walking back to your room with your heart thumping like crazy.
  • You don’t feel his eyes watching you, because he knows he found her. He found his soulmate.
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Summary: You have to learn how to swing dance for a mission. Bucky teaches you.

Warnings: Gunfire, I guess? Maybe some swearing.

Word Count: 1,175


You raised an eyebrow at Fury’s hologram, looking up from the file. “Swing?”


“The party is 1940’s themed?”

“Yes.” Fury said gruffly, seeming to get annoying.


“I don’t know. Sykes is 87. Ask him.”

“The 1940’s was in the middle of World War II and the Great Depression.”

“Yes, yes it was.”

“I will never understand old rich men.”

Fury sighed. “Just go prepare. You have a week until the party. Use that time wisely.”

You nodded, grabbed the mission file, and left the room, heading to the elevator. From there, you made your war to Bucky’s room, where he was lying on his head, reading. You flopped down next to him, groaning.

Bucky Barnes: Your best friend and resident Soft Assassin Baker™. See also: Extremely hot and one of the nicest people you had ever met. He was, in short, the man of your dreams.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking up from his book.

“Due to the absolutely horrendous decision of one Mr. Kyle Sykes the first, I now have to learn how to swing dance.”

Bucky looked at you strangely. “You do know that I know how, right?”

You looked up in surprise. “You do?”

He chuckled. “I was alive in the 1940’s, doll.”

“Huh. Sometimes I forget that. You so young for someone who’s a hundred years old.”

He laughed. “Thanks,” He stood up, extending his hand. “You have…?”

“One week.” You deadpanned. “Because, of course, Fury couldn’t tell me sooner.”

“One week to learn how swing dance, then. And I am going to teach you.”

“You sure you can do that? Not gonna bust a hip?” You asked Bucky, taking his hand.

His grin grew, and he tugged you up, spinning you into his chest. I’m sure. In one week,“ He spun you out again, "you’ll be swing dancing with the best of ‘em.”

A week passed, and Bucky had been right. By the time the party came around, your swing dance had replaced your waltz as your best dance. Bucky had been an amazing teacher, and you were incredibly grateful.

“Thanks again, Buck.” You said, having stopped by his room on your way to the party.

“Anytime, doll.” He said. “Good luck.”


Your target, the 25-year-old grandson of Kyle Sykes (he was named Kyle Sykes III), had asked you to dance within your first five minutes at the party. You had no idea why. You had just been standing there elegantly, drinking a glass of champagne, after all.

“I hear you’re set to become the next CEO of Sykes Tech?” You said, in an attempt to make small talk. It seemed to work.

“Yes, I am.” Kyle said, puffing his chest out haughtily. You nearly threw up in your mouth.

“There’s talk that you’re going to stark making nuclear weapons?”

“Yes, I will be.”


“Why what?”

“Why are you making nuclear weapons?”

“To defend our country.”

“But doesn’t making nuclear weapons tell other countries that we mean them harm? And that we’re ready for a nuclear-level attack?”


“Why not?”

“You ask a lot of question.”

“And you’re surprisingly arrogant for someone who’s going to be running a company.”

“I didn’t come here to be disrespected like that.”

Suddenly, you saw a very recognizable man step through the doorway.

“I’m sorry, I have to use the restroom.” You said, effectively cutting off Kyle’s rant. “I’ll be right back.”

You ran over to Bucky, who met you a few steps down the stairs. You then dragged him down a corridor and into a broom cupboard.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You hissed.

“I was assigned to this mission.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“Can’t I come see you dancing?”

“That’s a lie, too.”

“Fine. I wanted to make sure the mission went well, so I got myself a ticket and came.”

“I can take care of myself.” You growled, picking up on his insinuation, or what you thought he was insinuating.

“I know that. I just…didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“You could have just told me you were coming.”

“You never would have let me.”

“You at least could have tried.” Bucky gave you a look. “Yeah, yeah, I still wouldn’t have let you come, but it was worth a shot.”

“Not really.”

You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose. “Look, I can take care of myself, okay? Now, I’m going to get back to my mission, and you are either going to leave, or stay out of my way.”

Bucky didn’t seem to like it, but he agreed. “Fine, I’ll-”

Suddenly, the door flew open. Kyle (the III, of course) was standing in the doorway with multiple security guards, all of them pointing guns at your heads.

“You can take care of yourself, huh?” Bucky muttered to you in Russian.

“Not the time.” You ground out, also in Russian.

“Going to the bathroom, eh?” Kyle asked, grinning. “Who’s this? Your boyfriend?”

“No. Just a friend.” You said, hand slowly moving to where you had hidden a gun.

“A friend who’s here to stop me from making nuclear weapons?”

“No. He wasn’t supposed to be here.”

Bucky had stepped forward slightly, and you were doing your very best to keep him back without them noticing.

“Is that why you’re trying to protect him?”

Crap. He noticed. “What are you going to do to us?” You asked.

“I don’t know.” Kyle shrugged. “Probably kill you.”

“Not if I kill you first!” Within a second, you had whipped your gun out, firing it at Kyle and shooting him in the chest. “You know, I really didn’t want to do that.”

From there, it was a blur of fired guns, bodies dropping, and you and Bucky running. “This was supposed to be a recon mission, damnit!” You huffed, as you and Bucky slid into the limo you had taken. “Drive, fucking drive!” You yelled at the chauffeur, who sped off.

“Well,” You panted. “That didn’t go as expected.”

“No shit.” Bucky said. “If you had just let me-”

“You weren’t even supposed to be here!” You interrupted. “There’s no 'if you had just let me help.’ There’s no 'if you had just let me do this.’ There’s none of that, because you weren’t supposed to be here! It was my mission, Bucky! Mine! And it would have gone much, much better if you hadn’t tried to 'help’!”

“As you had been yelling at him, your face had gotten ever closer to Bucky’s. You had not realized this, and were now thoroughly red.

Bucky, you were pretty sure, was staring at your lips. He licked is own at you stared at them, then leaned forward slightly. You met him halfway, and it ended in a kiss filled with a quiet passion and energy. It was soft, but it conveyed more emotion that could be put into words.

When you pulled away, mainly due to the pressing need for air, Bucky used his metal hand to press your foreheads together. "You’re blushing, doll.” He whispered.

“Oh, shut up.”

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It’s been a while since Rhodey looked after Tony when he was drugged up – which Rhodey is very thankful for – and he kind of forget how clingy the man could get. They were on a mission together, one that hadn’t treated Tony too kindly, which resulted in him spending several hours in the med bay of the tower before being drugged up to his eyeballs with pain killers. After that, it’s Rhodey’s job to get Tony to bed and making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, because Happy and Pepper are on a business trip, and while FRIDAY does have eyes everywhere, she can’t do anything when Tony falls out of his bed.

Finally, Tony lays in his bed, almost asleep, and Rhodey couldn’t be prouder of himself. He is about to turn around and leave, when Tony suddenly sits up, barely managing to not fall out of the bed in his haste. “I-I have to get to the car!”

“No, Tony, you don’t,” Rhodey argues, catching his friend before he can fall out of his bed. “You’re in no condition to drive, and you don’t need to go anywhere. What you need to do is sleep.”

“Peter,” Tony mumbles, continuing his efforts to get up, “I have to pick up Peter. I promised.”

Rhodey sighs. He may have been able to keep Tony from going to the lab, but making him forget about spending time with Peter? That’s impossible. “I’ll get him.” Tony looks at him, blinking owlishly, like he can’t really process the words. “I pick Peter up from school, and bring him here. You stay here and try to sleep, okay?”

“Yeah,” he agrees, nodding slowly, and melting back into the mattress. “Yeah, okay.”

“Stay in bed,” Rhodey warns again on his way out of the room. “If you try to get up, FRIDAY will tell me and then I’ll drive Peter home, you hear me?” Tony whines, but doesn’t try to get up again, and Rhodey can’t help but smile.

Taking one of Tony’s cars (it’s not like Tony would be angry, and Rhodey has to get at least some kind of compensation for looking after him, right?), Rhodey drives to Peter’s school. He’d been there a couple of times when Tony picked the boy up before, but now he couldn’t see the kid anywhere. Or any kid at all, for that matter. Quickly, he checks the time. School’s been over for a while now.

A bad feeling starts to spread out through Rhodey’s body. Peter is too much like Tony, and that means he’s probably in some kind of trouble. Deciding that every second counts, Rhodey gets out of the car and sneaks into the school, hoping that no one will recognize him and wonder what War Machine is doing at a school in Queens.

The school is eerily quiet, which makes him think something is about to explode any second (something always exploded when Tony was too quiet), but it stays quiet. Rhodey checks the labs first, but they are empty. Well, no explosions then. Hopefully. Not really knowing where to look next, he walks around a bit aimlessly, hoping to find some sort of clue where Peter may be.

Just when he seriously thinks about having FRIDAY track his phone, he hears some voices. One of them, he quickly identified as Peter’s. Thanking his lucky star, Rhodey follows the voices, but the closer he gets, the more obvious it gets that it’s not some friendly chatter.

“- do us all a favor and just drop out.”

“I’m not dropping out, Flash,” Peter groans, sounding more annoyed than angry.

“Nobody wants you on the team anyway.”

“You mean besides the captain of the team and the guy who got awarded most correct answered questions three times this year alone?” Rhodey couldn’t help but smirk as he heard the sassiness in Peter’s tone. That’s 100% Tony’s influence. “Besides, do you think they want you on the team?”

“Of course, I’m a valuable member.”

“Well, maybe then you should try harder to not be an alternate.”

There’s a metallic thump. “What did you just say, Penis?”

Deciding that he stayed out of it long enough, Rhodey finally rounds the corner and clears his throat, drawing the attention of the two boys on him. The unfamiliar one that Peter called Flash jumps three feet away from Peter, who leans against some lookers and blinks before the expression on his face morphs from confusion to recognizing him to delight and back to confusion.

“Hey Peter,” Rhodey greets Peter, but his eyes stay on the other kid. “Everything good here?”

“Colonel Rhodes,” because, other than Tony who gives everyone nicknames, Peter addresses everyone with their correct title and name, no matter what, “yeah, everything is fine.”

“Really?” He raises an eyebrow at Flash.

Flash, who all but shrieks and nods his head so fast, Rhodey kind of fears it’ll pop off. “Y-Yeah, Sir, everything is fine.” And then, in a flash, Flash is gone.

“Is he bothering you?” Rhodey asks as soon as the kid is out of their sight.

Peter groans. “Not you too.”

“What do you mean?”

“I really appreciate your concern, but I don’t need somebody else threatening to take care of Flash, whatever that means. Mr. Stark is more than enough.”

“I only asked if he was bothering you.”

“Yeah, that’s how it started with Mr. Stark, too.” Rhodey can’t help but snort at that, already picturing his friend making plans what he could do to this poor High School kid who’s bullying his favorite intern. Peter shoulders his backpack, and steps closer to him. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what are you doing here? Not that I’m, like, not happy to see you or anything, I’m happy to see you, of course, but-“

Rhodey raises a hand, making Peter shut up at once. “I’m here to pick you up.”

Peter blinks at him. “Pick me up?”

“Yeah, and drive you to the tower. Tony is not quite in the condition to drive.” Before Peter can start to panic about the wellbeing of his mentor, Rhodey quickly explains. “He’s fine. We were on a mission and Tony needed a bit of stitching up. All he needs is rest and a few pain killers.”

“Oh, okay,” Peter nods, shoulders dropping in relieve. “But, uh… it’s not an internship day.”

This time, it’s Rhodey who blinks in confusion. “What?”

“I had Decathlon today. Internship day is tomorrow.”

Rhodey sighs, actually contemplating if Tony had the freak out on purpose because he wants the boy close (he gets better at admitting how fond he is of Peter, but it’s still a long way) or if he genuinely mixed up the days. And now he’d promised Tony that he would bring him Peter. Oh, Rhodey can already see the tantrum the billionaire is about to throw when Rhodey comes back alone. “Well… Are you busy? Or do you wanna come with me and babysit a clingy Tony?”

“I’m free,” Peter quickly agrees, already radiating with an infectious kind of excitement. “He’s not in a lot of pain, is he?”

“Like I said, he’s completely fine, just drugged up. Which, to be honest, is very funny. He has absolutely no filter, so if you have any questions you want answers to, now is the time.” Peter’s laugh is bright and echoes back from the walls.

The tiny smirk on Tony’s face when they arrive back at the tower tells Rhodey that the sneaky genius knows exactly which day it is.

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Summary: Based off the prompt: You’re famous and I jokingly left a comment on your social media post asking if you’ll go egg my ex-partner’s house with me this weekend, and I never actually expected you to respond, let alone show up Friday night with dark sweatshirts, toilet paper rolls, and three egg cartons tucked under your arm.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 805


It all started with a comment on of Hawkeye’s Twitter posts:

Replying to @PokeySticks

Hey, will you come egg my ex’s house with me this weekend, lmao.

You hadn’t expected him to show up with two dark sweatshirts, a few toilet rolls, and three egg cartons.

“Well,” You said.

“Hi,” He said.

“Hi. Why…Why are you here?”

“You asked if I would egg your ex’s house with you, and it sounded like fun.”

“You do realize that comment was a joke, right?”

He shrugged. “Still sounded fun.”

“Fair enough. So, uh…” You pulled out the two cartons of eggs and three toilet paper rolls you had gotten from your car. “You wanna do this?”


Clint immediately climbed into a tree.

“Show off!” You called, tossing an egg at the front door.

“I see better from above!” He joked back.

A few minutes later, Clint broke the silence. “So, uh, if you don’t mind me asking, why’d you guys break up?”

“He cheated on me.”


“Yeah. He was a dick anyway, I was gonna break up with him soon, so, even better reason, ya know?”

“I’m sorry.”

You decided to believe him, but still shrugged. “Thanks. Over him, but thought this would be fun.”

Clint didn’t seem to know how to respond, which you considered an achievement. A few eggs made their way onto the garage door as you tossed a paper towel roll into a tree.

“Shit!” You exclaimed, staring down the street and seeing your ex’s car. “Shit, shit, shit! Clint, he’s home! Fuck!”

You and Clint dived into the back of your car, pressing yourselves against the floorboards.

Clint peeked over the edge of the window. “He looks so pissed.”

“Serves him right. Move over, I wanna see.” You got up as much as you dared, hoping your ex didn’t see your eyes.

He was furious, yelling someone you couldn’t make out, but sounded like, “That bitch!”

Your phone rang. It was him. You snorted, then answered.


“Did you egg my house?”

“Whatever do you mean?” You asked innocently, doing your best to tell Clint to shut up, or at least quiet his laughter.

“I know you egged my house!”

“I would never.” You said. “There are much better ways to get revenge, you know that.”

He growled. “I’ll press charges.”

“Go ahead. I didn’t do anything.” And he’s got no proof, either. You mouthed to Clint.

No security cameras?

Nothing. That’s what made it so easy.



The line went dead as your ex hung up and stormed into his house, and you and Clint burst out laughing.

“Oh, my God!” You wiped away the tears that had formed at the corners of your eyes. “That was so funny!”

“He has no idea!” Clint wheezed. “He looked so pissed!”

“And he has no proof that we did it!” Suddenly, you stopped. “Won’t this put a spot on your Avenger’s record?”

“No one knows.”

“Not even Black Widow?” You asked. “Aren’t you guys, like, best friends? And there’s the fact that she’s, ya know, a super spy and everything.”


“You managed to sneak out without her noticing anything?”


“Oh, my God, that’s amazing!” The two of you collapsed into another fit of laughter. “Okay, I think we’re good.” You were about to get up when you noticed the position you were in.

Clint was on top of you, arms on either side of your head, grinning, and you were stuck under him.

Clint didn’t seem to notice, and just got up and sat down, before reaching out a hand to help you up. You took it and pulled yourself up, then clambered into the front seat.

The drive was silent.

“How did you even get here? Or know the address?” You asked Clint, with one block to go to Avengers Tower.

“I have my ways.” He said mysteriously, and you snorted.

A few minutes later, your car was parked outside the tower.

“Got any more exes whose houses you want to egg?” Clint asked as stood outside.

“Not that I know of, unfortunately.”

“Well, if it so happens that there’s someone else’s house you to egg, I’m your guy.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” You said. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. See you around.”

“See you around.” You said thoughtfully.

You got back into your car, watching as he walked back into the tower and missing the glance he sent back.

When you got back home, you were about to hang your sweater up when a small piece of paper fell out of it.

Call me if something comes up. Or if you want to go out sometime. I think I’d be a better boyfriend than your ex.


You snorted. “That cheeky bastard.”

But you did end up calling him.

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Loki X Reader

Words: 1537

Warnings: Mischief, adult conversations, angst (blink and you miss it), implied smut, language

Summary: A prequel to the series Brassy. You meet Loki for the first time and begin your friendship.

@aesthetical-bucky ’s 1k Writing Challenge! Sarcastic/Sassy Dialogue Prompt: 4.  “Excuse me, I have to go and make a scene.” @tuiccim with Loki & Bucky

As soon as I saw this prompt I knew I needed to do a prequel of Brassy for the Loki/You meet. It was just too fun a prompt to pass up and seem to fit the backstory so well. 


You had recently joined the Avengers and tonight was your first time attending one of Tony’s galas. Your short dark green dress had a deep V in the front. Wanda had said the dress looked fabulous and you felt amazing in it. Hopefully, someone else would notice. 

As you entered the party you were greeted by Tony and Pepper and then they moved onto other incoming guests. You head towards the bar to get a drink and then join Sam, Steve, and Bucky standing off to one side. 

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N). Looking good.” Sam says.

“Why, thank you. You guys all look mighty fine yourselves.” You smile at each of them. 

“Looking forward to the night?” Steve asks. 

“Yeah. It’ll be fun. I’m not a great dancer but hopefully I can find someone to lead me around the floor a couple of times.” 

“Bucky, that’s your cue.” Sam smirks. “You were the big dancer back in the day.”

“Is that right, Bucky?” You smile at the gorgeous super soldier. 

“Once upon a time, Doll.” Bucky said. 

“Then I’ll look forward to a dance later.” You smile at him. 

“Thor’s here.” Sam pipes up. “And look who he brought with him.”

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