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bookmac95 · a minute ago
Tumblr media
My next read is ‘Shuri’ by Nnedi Okorafor and Vita Ayala, from the library so this is actually my first Marvel comic to read which I’m happy to get into. :)
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fancy-delusion-stuffs · 2 minutes ago
Avengers at the theme park 2
Tumblr media
Not my gif credits to owner/s
part 1 
Scream laughs on all the big rides
She will slow down the ride if other people are really scared
Likes the parks and climbing on all the equipment like a 5 year old
Her and Vision sit on swings just talking
Would keep knocking over Pietro's ice cream so he has to catch it in his bare hands
gets a princess makeover and looks ethereal
Puts candy floss on ice cream, just inhales sugar
Likes all animals and they love him - if he's lost he's probably in a petting pen befriending them
Always needs 20 bathroom stops on the way there
Employs his ant friends to bring him food when he's waiting in a line
Either assassinates or apologises to everyone on bumper cars
Doesn't learn when playing bumper cars with Thor
Also went on Tea Cups with Thor and threw up 3 times- flying vomit is not good
He likes the carousel
Always gets Aunt May something from the gift shop, usually a keyring to add to her collection when Peter goes on Mathlete trips
Gets a sugar high and crashes super quick
He's absolutely fine with big rides and would hold MJ and Ned's hands to comfort them
Dr Strange
Is the non-negotiable DJ on the car ride- anyone who disagrees is left on the side of the street
Responsible adult but not in mother hen Steve way
Pretty funny though if he gets drunk and he starts rambling about his surgeries tbh he probably has videos of them on his phone
Drunk magic not a good idea
the only one able to stop all of Loki's pranks and plots to attack Thor
Uses portals to travel the theme park so he doesn't get sore feet
Makes Steve's life a misery
He eggs on all the kids or drunk adults to mess with Steve and just sits on the bench laughing his a$$ off
Though his moods do vary so he can be a outgoing ghost of Bucky Barnes or the broody Winter Solider who feels completely out of place
Last time he went to a Haunted House, he may have thrown knives at props if they jumped forward (he knows when people are about because of his training but the props catch him off guard)
He and Sam dare each other to go on the biggest rides- they scream their lungs out and never mention it again
Splashes people on water rides and pretends to be innocent
Crowds are a great way to disguise his pranking mischief
Had a bet with Natasha who could steal as many wallets as they can - Steve proceeded to yell at them which gathered a crowd
-Natasha won the game and Loki's respect
Has used magic to stop a rollercoaster as its at the top and hanging over the edge- but only because Tony called his Rudolf again
Like Bucky, he will splash water at you but depending on his mood its either little drops or a tidal wave and he wont feign innocence
Strange messed up his suits from portal travelling and dropping him in puddles and now Loki is out for vengeance
let me know if you have any request for avengers, I’m off school for summer in 2 weeks so I have more time :)
@ iluvharrypotter172 :)
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bladorthin · 3 minutes ago
I was wondering why Loki wasn’t featured in any of the Marvel‘s Voices: Pride cover art, as he is more or less queer in the comics and mythology. But it turns out, he freaking was featured, but Marvel cut him out!
Tumblr media
This seems to be the earlier version of the cover and this is what became the official artwork:
Tumblr media
They actually cut him out which doesn’t bode well at all for the Loki series and Marvel‘s future representation of queer characters at large. If they will do it with Loki, they will do it with the Young Avengers too. Both Loki and Billy and Teddy (and Tommy) are incredibly important to me and this behavior worries me greatly.
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rewrittens-ads · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                the year is 2012  …  again .   the  avengers  had  thought  that  it  was  a  done  deal :   they  go  back  in  time  ,   they  stop  thanos  ,   &  everything  goes  back  to  normal  -  and  of  course  ,   they  get  back  the  people  they  were  missing  for  those  five  years  .   alas  ,   nothing  would  go  perfect  for  the  avengers  ,   would  they ?   something  goes  wrong  ,   and  when  they  try  to  go  back  …  there's  a  flash  .   everyone  wakes  up  moments  later  .   and  they’re  still  in  2012  .  
REWRITTENHQS  is  a  marvel  +  dc  rpg  centered  around  the  multiverse  ,   taking  place  in  the  middle  of  ENDGAME.  instead  of  the  avengers  returning  back  to  their  timeline  ,   not  only  are  they  STUCK  in  2012  ,   but  it  seems  others  have  been  brought  back  to  2012  nyc  just  as  well  .   
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incorrecthick · 3 minutes ago
Felix: Yeah I'm LGBT. Felix: cuLt leader. Felix: God hates me personally. Felix: cowBoy hat. Felix: *sniffles* Trying my best.
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invictus-rp-promo · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
INVICTUS || A literate, 21+ Marvel/DC crossover roleplay
Darkseid has taken the Phoenix Force into himself. In his hubris, he believes he can outwill the Phoenix and harness its power to finally enslave the world. Beginning with Earth, Darkseid used the power of the Phoenix’s reality manipulation to affect and change the properties of Chaos and Magic, rendering once powerful individuals far less formidable than they originally were. The army of Apokolips has flooded earth and begun the process of enslaving who they can and crushing who they cannot.
The Justice League, the Avengers, and the X-Men have formed a tenuous truce to fight against an adversary far greater than themselves. However, past history between the X-Men and the Avengers mixed with distrust and uncertainty from the Justice League makes this alliance an uneasy one. Will our heroes be able to put aside their differences in order to save the world they love and defeat Darkseid and his army before they become inevitable?
“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”
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sokoviarising-promos · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
SOKOVIA RISING is a literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Dozens of roles are open, so apply today—Sokovia needs you, heroes!
                                WILL YOU JOIN THE FIGHT?
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nykvela · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Ghost Rider could be revving up to join Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. @marvel_india via: The Hashtag Show #doctorstrange2 #doctorstrangeinthemultiverseofmadness #marvel #mcu
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anonymousfiction211 · 11 minutes ago
You always have a choice: 2
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Loki went to his hiding place, after being locked up in prison on Asgard together. You still don’t quite trust the God and things get out of hand.  Word Count: 2.857 words Warnings: Bit of angst, smut A/N: There are a few more chapters coming. I will post them every thursday. This is an alternate timeline. Loki has encountered Asgard and helped Thor fighting the Dark elves. After that he took over Asgard, was caught and thrown in jail. Hope you like it <3 Click here to read chapter 1
The morning light shone trough the window and awoke you. Your hands roamed the space next to you. Your eyes snapped open when you didn’t feel anyone next to you. You sat up straight and scanned the cottage. You didn’t see anyone. You slowly got out of bed and stalked around. Loki was nowhere to be seen. Panic was starting to rise. You were stupid to believe that you could trust the God of Lies. He was gone, with the Tesseract, probably to save his himself. And you, you would die a painful dead, alone. Worse, he had used you. He could have taken off the moment you arrived here, but no. He probably just wanted to fuck you, which explains his way of fucking you. And you foolishly believed that he actually cared for you.
At this point you starting to search around the cottage for your clothes. You needed to move and fast. You dressed yourself and went to the kitchen. It wouldn’t hurt to grab some knives you could use as a weapon. The front door opened behind you, you turned around with two knives in your hand. Ready to attack, whomever had entered. You were surprised to see Loki standing there, eying you. ‘What are you doing, darling?’ he asked you. ‘Where were you?’ you screamed at him. You were still standing in your fight stance, adrenaline rushing through you. You were expecting him to make the first move. He just holds up a bag and looked a bit hurt at you. ‘Getting something for us to eat’ he said to you.
It took a few seconds for you to calm yourself. You lowered your knives to your sides, but still feeling bit on edge, you hold onto them. Loki closed the door behind you and walked towards the table, he was standing on the opposite side of it. With a loud thump he threw the bag of food on the table. You noticed his breathing was faster than it was a moment ago. His hurt expression has made way for an angry one. Without saying a word, he held out his hand and the Tesseract appeared. He put it on the table and slide it over to you. When you caught it a lump in your throat began to form. Tears were pricking behind your eyes, but now was not the time to display any sign of weakness. ‘Just take it and go’ he said. His voice was monotone, and his face didn’t show any emotion. You looked at the cube in front of you and back to Loki. Even tough he didn’t show it, you felt like you had hurt him.
That’s when you realized, you needed him, but he didn’t need you. He would be perfectly capable of living his live, whilst avoiding Thanos at the same time. After all, he apparently was doing that for a very long time. In this situation you were dependent on him and he could easily betray you. He could have betrayed you from the moment you were in Odin’s vault together, he could have run of with the Tesseract by himself. Or worse, deliver you to Thanos himself, he could easily spin it like that was his plan all along and get back in good graces with Thanos. ‘I thought..’ you started but couldn’t finish the sentence. The way he looked at you, you knew he already knew the end of that sentence. ‘I know we were in each other’s way a lot and didn’t treat each other like we should have. But for you to think I would actually do that. If you really believe that, take it and go’ he said. ‘And if I were you I should hurry. It will only take a few minutes before the signal of that stone will emit and after that a few seconds for them to be here’ he took a long pause. ‘If you don’t and you stay, I already told you. I need you to trust me’ he said.
You slid the cube back to Loki. After all, what choice did you have? You put the knives down on the table. Loki made the cube vanish like he did yesterday. He walked towards one of the chairs, grabbed a book and started to flip through it. ‘Loki?’ you said, hoping that you could somehow apologize for hurting him. But Loki didn’t respond and kept his attention fixed on his book. You walked towards the bag and saw that it contained some food, which you had never seen before. You took out something that looked like bread and pulled off a piece. You sat down at the kitchen table and nibbled at the bread. It tasted nothing like on Asgard, but it wasn’t half bad. You didn’t eat all of it, the suspense in the room made you lose your appetite. You put the rest of the food away in the cabinets. When you turned your back you felt Loki’s eyes on your back, but when you turned around his eyes were glued to his book. When you were done you decided to give it one more try ‘Loki?’ you asked again. He still didn’t answer you. You sighed ‘I’m going for a walk’ you told him.
You walked towards the door and turned the handle. When you pulled the door towards you, it didn’t open. You started to wiggle the knob and pull harder, but the door still didn’t budge. When you turned and looked at Loki you saw he had a small smile on his face. ‘You’re not going anywhere’ he told you, still not looking at you. ‘Seriously? you asked, stunned by this sudden move. He wasn’t even trying to hide his amusement at your reaction. ‘Just trust me, darling’ he purred. ‘Loki, don’t be an ass. Just let me leave’ you were starting to get aggravated.
‘Oh, I’m being an ass? How would you call your behaviour?’ he countered.
‘Given my situation, completely rational’ you answered.
‘Concluding that I abandoned you when you woke up and arming yourself is rational?’ he had lowered his book and he locked his gaze in with yours.
‘Given who you are, I think that it is’ the moment the words left your lips you knew you regret them. But you had already said them, no turning back now. You flinched when Loki got up from his seat and strutted a few steps in your direction. It made you take a few steps back, until you felt the table behind you. There was only a meter of space between you and Loki, but you could feel the anger radiate of him.
‘That’s how it is? After everything I’ve done fore you? You knew that I didn’t have to help you. In fact, my life would be a lot simpler right now if I didn’t help you’ he yelled at you.
‘Then why are you helping me? I don’t understand’ you yelled back at him. There was a silence for a minute. You two were still in some sort of staring match and you refused to be the one who would lose. ‘How could you not understand after last night?’ he asked you. He was still angry, but his voice was much softer now. ‘What? Because you told me you never let me go? Guys say anything when they just hade some’ it felt like an outer body experience. You literally saw yourself fighting with Loki like you were a third person in the room. And when you heard yourself, even you didn’t understand yourself. No wonder you were alone, you had no friends, always bouncing from place to place, the only ever solid relationship you had was an enemy. And that was Loki. He closed the distance between you. His hand went to your cheek and you flinched, expecting a hard blow. The blow never came, instead you felt the back of his index finger stroking your cheek. ‘I thought last night meant something. Apparently I was wrong’ he pulled his hand away from you and his soft voice was replaced with one of spite.
He took a stab back. ‘Loki, I didn’t mean…’ you started. Trying to explain your behaviour, even if you didn’t quite know where that explanation was going. ‘I help you, I protect you, I keep you safe and I’ve shared my bed with you. In return you think the worst of me, don’t trust me, and use me to escape your fate’ he said. There was no emotion in his voice, and that was worse than the anger and spite. ‘We have history, how do you expect me to forget that?’ you said. ‘I don’t, but even if I trapped you, or left you, it was only in situations which I knew you would be able to handle on your own’  
He walked towards the door and opened it. ‘Trusting someone is a choice. I’m the God of Lies, so people don’t choose to trust me. Even after I had my brother’s back a hundredth times, even if he was the one who was acting stupid and irrational. People lie, a lot. But somehow, I’m the one who always lies’ he took another step, he was standing outside with the doorknob still in his hand. ‘Where you’re going?’ you asked him, still thinking about what he had told you. ‘I’m going for a walk. You can stay or go as you please’ he said. Then he took a deep breath ‘But right now, I trust you to be here when I get back’ and with that he closed the door and left.
And for the first time in your life, you felt utterly alone. You were always alone, you barely remembered your life when your parents were alive, or you had friends. How it all went wrong, you couldn’t quit tell either. But being on your own was something you were good at, you always had your own back. There were flashes of your time in Thanos his clutches. The way he explained his plan, and how he treated you. It made sense to be on his side and you were hoping to find a family there. What you found was madness, chaos, and destruction. But by that time, it was too late, you were in too deep. You felt your tears starting to stream down your cheek. The only thing you wanted right now was for Loki to hold you, but he wasn’t there. You were alone, because you pushed him away.
You quickly brushed the tears from you face and walked towards the chair Loki was sitting in earlier. It still smelled like him. The book he was flipping through was laying there. You picked it up and it wasn’t noticed it wasn’t a normal book. It was a notebook, and you instantly recognized his handwriting. Maybe it was invading his privacy, but you couldn’t contain your curiosity. On every page there was a different scenario on how he could escape Thanos. He had written them down and later commented on his own ideas. Some he thought to be useful and some he found later to be downright stupid. Halfway through the page you came across a page where the title was underlined multiple times. Even tough he couldn’t see Thor breaking him out of jail and requesting his help to fight the dark elves coming, he had planned to fake his death a long time. He was just waiting for the right opportunity. And Loki was cunning when he saw his chance he took it.
When you turned the next page, you saw that his change had changed. He had written down everything you told him when the two of you were briefly locked up together. After a few pages you saw different plans. Plans about escaping Thanos, but ending up together. You looked at the date and saw it was dated only a few days after the two of you were thrown in a cell together. Next to his plans there were again, little comments he left for himself. You saw a debate with himself about including you, whenever you did something to annoy him he would write it down as a reason to leave or betray you. But he had scratched all those thoughts and written down reasons to help you underneath them. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at Loki’s constant bickering with himself. When you turned to the last written page you were absolutely stunned. The last page didn’t say much, it wasn’t about a plan he had come up with. It just said:
Last night was amazing. But you need to come up with a better plan, quick. Let’s face it, life without her in it isn’t worth living. And maybe get her a few books so she stops stealing yours.
After reading that you put the notebook aside. You scanned his bookcase and started to read one of the stories. Trying to distract yourself from all the thoughts and emotions, you didn’t want to deal with right now. When you were hungry you ate some of the food. You noticed it was getting darker outside and wondered when of if Loki would come back. You stopped that thought and realized it wasn’t a question of if Loki would come back, but when Loki would come back. Because you decided he would come back. He had to.
You jolted awake when the door opened hard. You realized that you had been sleeping on top of the bed, waiting for Loki to come back. Loki walked in and slammed the door shut behind him. You noticed rain was pouring down and Loki was drenched. Water was dripping from his hair and his clothes on the hardwood floor. You were wondering why he hadn’t just teleported back. The two of you looked at each other. His emerald eyes seemed to glow in the dark. He walked towards the bed while stripping off his clothes. The only thing he was wearing when he crawled onto the bed were his damp boxers. He crawled on top of you, and you let him. His body felt cold from the rain against your own. He kissed you fiercely and you eagerly returned the kiss. His hand was under your shirt and fondling your breasts. When he heard you moan you felt him smile.
You took of your top, giving Loki better access to your breasts. He took advantage of that by trailing his kisses down your neck to your nipples. The way his warm tong swirled around your nipples made them hard. After he was done with one he moved to the other. His hand was at the hem of your shorts and underwear and in one smooth motion he pulled the down. You were laying before him, you returned the favour by undoing his underwear. He looked at you and you swore you saw him looking sad. He sighed and didn’t move. You hesitated a bit, but decided to take matters in your own hands. You pulled him in by his neck for a deep kiss. Your heart fluttered when he returned the kiss. He was surprised and you took that to your advantage to flip the two of you around. Loki was laying on his bed, letting out a soft groan. You were straddling his lap and felt our heated core against his erect cock.
At this moment you didn’t needed foreplay. You were already wet and ready for him. He moans loudly when you took his cock and slowly pushed it inside of you. You didn’t give him any time to overthink this and slowly started to ride him. Loki grabbed your hips and after a while starting to move with you. You were riding him at a slow pace which was adding to the intimacy. When you started to moan Loki tried to speed you up by taking control of your hips. You grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands down on either side of his head. You were pinning him down whilst riding him. ‘(Y/N), I can’t hold off for long’ he whimpered beneath you. You felt all his muscles flex underneath you and knew he was trying to hold of until you were there with him. 
You broke your kissing on his lips and necks and sat up straight. You guided one of his hands to your clit and he started to stroke small circles on it. When you were panting you felt Loki’s cock inside of you twitch and his seed spill. It triggered your own orgasm. Loki moaned your name shamelessly when he felt your wall clench around his sensitive cock. After your high ebbed away you pulled off him and laid you head on his chest. Your arms were around him. You felt a touch of his magic cleaning the both of you up and suddenly the two you were beneath the blankets. ‘I’m glad you stayed’ he whispered to you. ‘I’m glad you came back’ you whispered back before you fell asleep safely in his arms.
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im-a-girl-from-the-future · 12 minutes ago
*hits blunt*
Yo guys what if.. Wanda is Pan? l-like I literally can't imagine a straight person wanting to date or [( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)] with a robot I'm sorry but just doesn't work for me... man she isn't like said it but it's official for me she is pansexual now
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laneofpennies · 13 minutes ago
This blog is so pointless these days I apologize to my followers </3
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dreamitanddoit · 16 minutes ago
MCU characters favorite musicals
Wanda- Dear Evan Hansen
Damaged babies
Making up stories so that you can live a life with a happy partner and family?? Wanda could never relate
Natasha- Chicago
Violent but sexy
Would be the baddest bitch in that cell block and she knows it
“Sorry boys… ya had it coming”
Tony- School of Rock
Taking in children and turning them into badasses? Peter and Harley can you say relatable please
except he’s a lot cooler than Dewey because he’s successful duh
May have only seen the movie but knows it’s a Broadway show now so he’s sticking to it
Bruce- Wicked
Sees himself in Elphaba but can’t figure out why
Will sing Defying Gravity for you
“Wait I thought she was supposed to be the bad guy”
Peter- Hamilton
Heard MJ talking about it once so of course, he had to listen to it
Tries to rap Guns and Ships… fails
Likes Peggy
Steve- 1776
Patriotism but make it old school
Appreciates the new medium for people to learn about history
Thinks it’s better than Hamilton
Thor- Mamma Mia
Hair twinz
Attempts to seduce Jane with Sophie’s part of Lay All Your Love on Me the real reason they broke up
Clint- The Lion King
Literally only because of his kids
Tries to sing the beginning of The Circle of Life... it’s embarrassing and kind of offensive
Sam- Motown
Appreciates the Black representation
Marvin. Gaye.
ALL the music slaps who are we kidding
Bucky- Bandstand
Did someone say PTSD?
Wishes he had a girl like Julia to come home to
thanks to @themarvelbunch + @cevanslatte for their input
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tinyyoungblood · 18 minutes ago
we’ve all read fics where peter ends up being a brother figure to morgan, right? well, i’ve been thinking, and what if morgan will go through a phase where she genuinely hates peter because he’s the reason tony decided to help? (heart shatters)
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cole22ann · 18 minutes ago
Radioactive Spider Bite
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: language, vilonce, muture content? Maybe later on?, jealousy, death, idk its marvel... slow updates.
A/N: please don't be rude. Feed back is welcome but be kind. If there is any little details you would like to change to fit your style and personality please do so. This will also be on my WATTPAD along with all my other stories. This begins with Civil War when Peter comes home to find Tony Stark there. It will go to Homecoming, Infinity War, End Game, Far From Home, and then when No Way Home is out and I watch it the story will continue as long as there is a new movie with Spider-Man.
Word Count: 1119
Captin America: Civil War
Chapter Three
Peter looked at me and I stood up walking over to the window. "When you can do the things we can, but you don't... and then the bad things happen. They happen because of you," Peter said. Mr. Stark looked at both of us. "So you wanna lookout for the little guy, you wanna do your part? And you just wanna sit back and watch just in case you need to step in? Make the world a better place, all that, right?" Mr. Stark asked. "Yeah. Yeah, just look for the little guy. That's what it is," Peter said. "Yeah. I guess so. I don't feel like I should be out there but if Peter needed help... I'd be there no questions asked," I said making Peter look at me smiling.
I walked back over to the bed and sat beside Peter. Mr. Stark stood up and walked to the end of the bed. "I'm gonna sot here, so you more the leg," he said to Peter. Peter moved his leg moving closer to me so Mr. Stark could sit down. He sat down and clasped a hand on Peter's shoulder. "You got a passport?" He asked us. "No, we don't even have a driver's license," Peter said and I shook my head. "You've ever been to Germany?" Mr. Stark asked. "No," We both said. "Oh, you'll love it," Mr. Stark told us. "I'm sorry. What? We can't go to Germany," I said. "Why?" He asked. "We got homework," Peter told him. "I'm going to pretend you didn't say that," Mr. Stark said and stood up.
"I'm being serious. We can't just drop out of school," Peter tried to argue. "It might be a little dangerous," Stark said. "Excuse me? What might be a little dangerous?!" I asked standing up now. "Better tell your Aunt Hottie I'm taking you on a field trip. I'll have to call your mom," Stark said. "Well, technically my mom made May one of my legal guardians. But no!" I said. Peter stood up as Mr. Stark went to put his hand on the doorknob. He shot webbing and webbed Mr. Stark's hand to the door. "Oh, thank god," I said. I never thought I'd be happy to see that web shooter. "Don't tell Aunt May," Peter said pointing a finger at him. "Yeah, definitely, do not tell Aunt May!" I said.
"All right, Spider-Man and Spider-Girl," Stark said. "Shit," I muttered. Guess I was going to Germany with Tony Stark and Peter. And it lookalike I'm Spider-Girl. How fun. We just looked at each other before Mr. Stark spoke. "Get me out of this," he whispered. "Right! Peter get your whatever it is," I said nudging him. "Sorry. I'll get the dissolvent," Peter said and walked over to where he kept it.
A few hours later we were at Mr. Stark's lab. "I have suits for both of you," he said. He pushed a button and revealed two red and blue suits. "Suit up!" He said and walked away. Peter was all kinds of excited while I just groaned. "I hate this!" I said and grabbed the suit to go change. Peter and I's suits were the same except for the masks. His was a full piece that went over his head and mine was a thick black leather one that went over the eyes. Once I was changed I walked back into the lab where Peter was smiling like a child. "I really hate this. It's tight," I said Peter turned around and his eyes widened as he just stared. "Peter. Peter. Peter!" I yelled at the end. "Yeah? Hmm?" He asked. "My eyes are up here," I said pointing to my face. His head snapped up eyes wide "no. No. I know! I'm sorry! I... I didn't... I'm sorry," he stammered out. I laughed and walked past him. "Come on. And stop looking at my ass!" I said. "What? I wasn't!" He said with a squeaky voice.
We then headed to the airport to stop Captain America and the other rogue Avengers. "Underoos!" We heard Mr. Stark yell. "What a stupid name," I mumbled as Peter shot a web and pulled Captain America's shield away from him and I shot a web wrapping his wrist together. Then we both landed on top of some vehicle. "Nice job kids," Mr. Stark said. "Thanks," Peter said as I stood up jumping off the vehicle. "Okay, that was pretty fun," I said and waved. "Well, I could have stuck the landing a little better, it's just... New suit. It's nothing, Mr. Stark. It's perfect. Thank you, Peter rambled. "Dude, shut up," I said. "Yeah, we don't really need to start a conversation," Mr. Stark said.
"Okay. Cap. Captian," Peter said and saluted him. "Dude. No." I said shaking my head. "Big fan. I'm Spider-Man and this is Spider-Girl," he continued. I turned to look at Captain America. "Hi. Just ignore him," I said. "Yeah, we'll talk about it later, "Mr. Stark said. "Hey, everyone," Peter said. "Good job," Mr. Stark said and punched Peter to shut him up. "You've been busy," Captian said. "And you've been a complete idiot. Dragging in Clint... "rescuing" Wanda from a place she doesn't even want to leave, a safe place. I'm trying to keep!" Mr. Stark started to tell but stopped.
He sighed "I'm trying to keep you from tearing the Avengers apart," he said. "You did that when you signed," Cap said. "All right. We're done. You're gonna turn Barnes over, you're gonna come with us, now, because it's us... or a squad of J-SOC guys... with no compunction about being impolite. Come on," Mr. Stark said to cap. Cap then held up his hands and an arrow broke the webs setting him free. "All right, Lang," Cap said. "Hey, guys, something..." Peter started to say but a man was all of a sudden there grabbing the shield and kicking Peter back. "Oh, my god!" I said and ran to help Peter up.
"I believe this is yours, Captain America," Lang said. "When am I allowed to kick ass?" I asked. "Oh great. All right, there are two on the parking deck. One of them's Maximoff, I'm gonna grab her. Rhodey, you wanna take Cap?" Mr. Stark said. " got to in the terminal, Wilson, and Barnes," Rhodey said. "Barnes is mine!" Black Panther said and started running. Cap hit Rhodey and Peter pressed the intercom in his ear. "Hey, Mr. Stark, what should we do?" He asked. "What we discussed. Keep your distance, web them up," Mr. Stark said. "Okay, copy that!" Peter and I said as we shot webs and lifted ourselves off the ground.
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galiavgv · 18 minutes ago
RPG Meme!!! 
I worked really hard on this so please please support my art and creations, I´ll be very grateful with you al;; <3
If they were in a videogame (Or similar jsjs)
HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND REMEMBER... C H O O S E   Y O U R   F A V   C H A R A C T E R !!! <3 <3 <3
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aureummel · 18 minutes ago
Ayo I need some help with Twitter
I joined twitter again (probably a mistake but we'll see) and I want to follow accounts similar to the ones I follow on Tumblr so basically related to the stuff I fuck with. So imma tag a bunch of stuff and if you know any good twitter accounts that post stuff related to that, reply to this post please.
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goobergunch · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
from Superior Spider-Man #31 by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Giuseppe Camuncoli
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