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#Marvel Cinematic Universe

I will say this, the day of this date is wrong. December 17, 1991 is actually a Tuesday, not a Friday. The Starks died on the 16th, which is on a Monday, and the article was obviously printed the next day, which was on Tuesday, 17 of December of 1991. That is all.

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If The World Was Ending
Chapter Two:
Worlds Apart

Read on AO3.

- ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

“Here we stand
Worlds apart, hearts broken in two, two, two
Sleepless nights
Losing ground, I’m reaching for you, you, you

Feeling that it’s gone
Can change your mind
If we can’t go on
To survive the tide love divides

Someday, love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched and went our separate ways…”

~Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) - Journey

- ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Where did all the water go?

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Us, The Martians
Chapter One

Read on AO3.

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“So can you tell me what you’ve got inside?
Well is it all those fears that you hide?
‘Cause it’s all messed up now in my mind

Tell me how you think you’d find
Your uninhabited piece of mind

You always gotta pray for the pessimist
And these days seem the strangest existence
Now make way and obey all the best of us
Before they just eat you alive…”

~Eat You Alive - Sum 41

- ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

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Alpha! Harley Keener x reader head canon.

Before we begin, this is a alpha! Harley Keener head canon and both, Harley and reader are adults. It has a bit about sex and about being insecure and abandonment issues. The reader is gender neutral and also, the a/b/o dynamic is not mentioned, so everyone can enjoy it. Also, there’s no claiming or bonding bite in this AU head canon.

  • Harley will most probably be a-not-so aggressive or dominating Alpha.
  • He will be protective of you and at times, a little possessive.
  • He has abandonment issues so you always comfort him when he is upset.
  • He will be insecure from time to time and will think that he is not the right mate for you. But you always reassure him that you only want him.
  • He loves cuddling.
  • If he wants to cuddle with you then there’s no way you can deny his request.
  • His favorite position would most definitely be where he’s right on top of you and his face is by your neck. Close to your scent glands.
  • Will kiss your neck before falling asleep as a way to say ‘I love you ’ and/or 'good night ’.
  • He will always scent you before you go to work or anywhere without him so that everyone knows that you are his.
  • He will do this by hugging you or by kissing your scent glands.
  • Will get upset even if he faintly smells someone else’s scent on you.
  • Harley also happens to be the kind of guy who is not ashamed of being jealous.
  • He is always holding or touching you in a protective way. You don’t mind it at all.
  • Growls at anyone who is eyeing you but doesn’t get aggressive.
  • During ruts, he tends to get aggressive easily and very possessive. It’s not like he can help it.
  • You help him during ruts and his helps you during your ruts/heats.
  • He tries to be as gentle as possible with you during sex.
  • Lots of kisses and cuddles after that.
  • The kisses are usually slow and soft.

That’s all I could think of. I hope you all enjoyed it!

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Okay but imagine Peter trying to make homemade pasta for dinner for him and May and having to call Tony because he’s on his 3rd batch and this one also keeps falling apart, then tony and Peter are Facetiming as Tony makes Pasta in the tower for Peter to follow along with.

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Tumblr mobile's tag suggestions, MOST of the time: you've typed "marvel" and your most common Marvel tag is "marvel cinematic universe," so here you go! now you don't have to type it all out!
Tumblr mobile's tag suggestions, JUST often enough to cause problems: you've typed "marvel ci" and I've temporarily forgotten your normal posting habits for no apparent reason! "marvel cinematic roleplay" and "marvel cinematic rpf" both come before "marvel cinematic universe" alphabetically even though you've literally never used those tags, but good luck noticing that before automatically accepting the suggestion!
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Summary: Bucky Barnes wakes up, unaware of who he is or where he is, only to receive a new mission.

Word Count: 1.1K words

Warnings: Violence, mentions of torture

Notes: So this was a little excerpt I wrote for a story collab on Bucky during his time as the Winter Soldier. Thought I’d share. Enjoy!


The Winter Soldier was completely unaware of his surroundings. He felt cold and a shiver raced up his spine as he sat up from the surface he lied on, examining the space around him. There was only a single beam of light that broke through the otherwise dark room; however, its brightness did nothing but induce a migraine. The smell of metal, sewage, and blood filled his nose as he let his feet touch the ground. A grey door of steel faced him, his new greatest enemy. He couldn’t explain why, but the looming feeling that he was trapped always haunted him.

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Everytime we watch a movie or a show, we develop different relationships with different characters based on our own perspectives. Our perspectives again are based on our individualism.

We are all different and beautiful in our own different ways. Based on our own individuality we also ship characters. Some like good, some bad. Some people want good to go with good while some want bad to go with good.

We take inspiration from character, sometimes hope that we need to survive. We ship characters based on our ownselves - with that fact being said. When hate on a ship that’s not basically anything criminally wrong, we also hate the self respect and image of people who follow that ship.

When hate on character (that’s not racist or rapist or terrorist of some sort or threatening someone’s rights),we hate on every person that follows that character.

Keep this is mind every time you want to write hate for a character or a ship. Shouldn’t we understand this fact and understand that our differences are just that beautiful, beautiful enough to celebrate.

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Winner Takes All

Tony: Honey?

Stephen and Steve: Yes dear?




Natasha, pointing at Stephen and Steve: And we are underway for a winner takes all match

Natasha: Doctor Strange v/s Captain America

Natasha and Rhodey: (high fives)

Rhodey: Lets grab some popcorn

Peter, with Morgan at his side: So Morgan, do you want another father?

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