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incorrectlycorrectfun · 12 hours ago
*Y/n in an Interrogation with Natasha*
Natasha : Are you always this Polite and Calm?
Y/n : To a Fault, Unfortunately.
Natasha : I don't understand what you mean?
Y/n : I am currently bleeding out, ma’am, but I didn’t want to interrupt your interrogation, Let's start with that.
Natasha : Oh Jesús- TONY! MEDICAL NOW!
Y/n : Thank you ma'am-
Natasha : Shut up-
*Pulls Y/n to the Medbay* *Clint comes to Natasha*
Clint : Are you still sure that she is-
Natasha : Yes I'm sure she is my future girlfriend
Clint : I-I didn't mean that but Okay- Great I guess
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theofficialshield · a month ago
Tumblr media
Somebody stop Stephen. He's making the little girls at the park cry.
-Post by Natasha Romanoff Hill
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zemothebaron · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Baron
My own edits
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mr-tony-stark · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tony’s sensors were going crazy.  To every side of him, there seemed to be an alarm warning him about something, but when he turned his head to try and see what the threat was, there was just clear sky and forest stretching out as far as he could see.
There was definitely something happening here.  He’d gotten an alert for a temporal anomaly on his sensors back at the compound and taken off in his suit to find out what was going on.
He flew into the heart of the disturbance and landed.  “FRIDAY, scan the area.” 
Just as a net of red lasers swept over the area, what looked like a door appeared.  It was made of gold light.  He took a step back and aimed his repulsors at it.  A woman stepped out.  The kind of woman that if he were in a bar and not stepping out of a weird portal he might just hit on her.
“Hold it right there, blondie,” he said.  “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”
Tumblr media
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rpcmasterlist · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
reblog this post to be added to the MARVEL MASTERLIST with your muse’s name, whether they’re canon or original character, or if they’ve got a Marvel verse.
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gatorprompts · 10 months ago
from  the   disney+  series .  mentions  of  death  present .
“ i  beg  your  pardon . ” “ on  behalf  of  the  time  variance  authority ,  i  hereby  arrest  you  for  crimes  against  the  sacred  timeline .  hands  up ,  you’re  coming  with  us . ” “ get  out  of  my  way . ” “ can  you  at  least  tell  me  what  it  is ? ” “ it  sounds  dumb . ” “ know  this .  you  cross  me ,  there  are  deadly  consequences . ” “ please  sign  this  to  verify  this  is  everything  you’ve  ever  said . ” “ oh ,  this  is  absurd . ” “ do  a  lot  of  people  not  know  if  they’re  robots ? ” “ this  is  a  mistake !  i  shouldn’t  be  here . ” “ who  actually  believes  this  bunkum ? ” “ i’m  sorry ,  my  friend  is  an  imbecile . ” “ madam ,  a  god  doesn’t  plead . ” “ look ,  this  has  been  a  very  enjoyable  pantomime ,  but  i’d  like  to  go  home  now . ” “ no  one  bad  is  ever  truly  bad ,  and  no  one  good  is  ever  truly  good . ” “ can  you  hear  me ?  are  you  a  recording ?  or  are  you  eve  alive ? ” “ love  is  a  dagger . ” “ i  thought  perhaps  we  could  work  together ,  but  now  i  see  you  lack  vision . ” “ come  any  closer  and  i’ll  kill  him . ” “ you’re  not  the  only  tech  savvy  loki . ” “ i  don’t  know  what  that  means ! ” “ i’m  sorry ,  madam .  didn’t  exactly  have  time  to  scan  the  brochure . ” “ by  the  way ,  i  thought  you  wanted  me  dead . ” “ so  we’re  a  team  now ? ” “ welcome  to  the  real  world .  down  there ,  we’re  awful  to  one  another  to  get  what  we  want . ” “ you  could  be  whoever ,  whatever  you  want  to  be ,  even  someone  good . ” “ every  moment  those  variants  are  out  there ,  we’re  all  in  danger .  find  them ! ” “ and  so ,  that’s  where  i  grew  up .  the  ends  of  a  thousand  worlds .  and  now ,  that’s  where  i’ll  die . ” “ do  you  think  that  what  makes  a  loki  a  loki  is  the  fact  that  we’re  destined  to  lose ? ” “ we  may  lose ,  sometimes  painfully .  we  don’t  die . ” “ we  survive .  i  mean ,  you  did . ” “ you  did  it  on  your  own .  you  ran  rings  around  them .  you’re  amazing ! ” “ well ? ” “ i  know  you  have  some  quip  you’re  dying  to  say . ” “ oh ,  i  don’t  have  a  quip .  i’ve  nothing  to  say  to  you . ” “ when  you  think  the  ends  justify  the  means ,  there’s  not  much  you  won’t  do . ” “ what  is  this  place ?  where  are  we ?  who  are  you ? ” “ this  is  the  void ,  that’s  alioth .  and  we’re  his  lunch .  come  on ! ”  “ i’m  as  in  the  dark  as  you  are . ” “ your  whole  reality’s  been  destroyed .  tell  me ,  how  does  it  feel  to  be  on  the  other  side  of  it ? ” “ this  is  it ,  isn’t  it ?  this  is  where  you  dragged  me  after  you  stole  my  life .  a  fitting  place ,  then ,  to  take  yours . ” “ and  what  if  i  said  loki  wasn’t  dead ?  not  yet ,  anyway . ” “ i’d  say  you  were  lying . ” “ maybe .  or  maybe  we  want  the  same  thing . ” “ i’m  telling  you  this  willingly . ” “ i  want  to  know  who  lied  to  me . ” “ that’s  nice .  super  believable . ” “ i’d  like  to suggest  we  take  a  quick  breather  so  i  can  ask  several  thousand  questions . ” “ it’s  been  a  very ,  very ,  very  trying  past  few  days .  ” “ all  i  know  is ,  i  got  pruned  and  i  woke  up  here ,  and  now  i’m  surrounded  by  variants  of  myself ,  plus  an  alligator ,  which  i’m  heartbroken  to  report  i  didn’t  even  find  all  that  strange ! ” “ tough .  got  to  keep  moving  so  we  don’t  die . ” “ why  the  hell  is  there  an  alligator  in  here ? ”  “ okay ,  but  what’s  your  plan ? ” “ don’t  die . ” “ don’t  die  isn’t  a  plan .  it’s  a  general  demand  of  living . ” “ we’re  all  villains  here .  we’ve  all  done  horrible ,  terrible ,  horrific  things . ” “ all  i  know  is ,  i  don’t  want  to  hurt  you .  i  don’t  want  a  throne .  i  just  want  you  to  be  okay . ” “ well ,  if  you  think  it’s  a  bad  idea ,  i  prefer  you  to  speak  your  mind . ” “ we  write  our  own  destiny  now . ”
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soythesaucytoast · 5 months ago
For the love of glob please look at the post completely, as that is where my interests in rps are, the fandoms I frequent in, both in the post it's self and in the tags, perhaps you'll find common interest in the list of what you also like to mines,
Looking for a fellow Roleplayer of sorts, anyone up for it..? DM me if ur interested, and to spread me around it would be cool if you rebloged
-I have RP ideas for Star Wars, DC, Marvel, avatar last Airbender/legend of Korra, TMNT, and HTTYD, Wings Of Fire, Percy Jackson, FNAFSB, Gravity Falls, Aphmau, Sky children of light, high school sorts of rps, 1940s sorta Rps, laboratory rps, fantasy, kingdom/royalty types(allot of sub categories in allot of these btw,) , and a few more, I can't fully think of em RN but they exist, are there anything here you may be interested in?
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xenovair · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#XENOVAIR  ------   She will come for you and you will do nothing ,   because you can do nothing
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lunagifpacks · 8 days ago
-- florence pugh gif pack
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
click the source link for 281 gifs of FLORENCE PUGH as Yelena Belova in Black Widow. All gifs were made by me, 268x150, for RP use only. Please, do not repost in gif hunts, gif packs or any other media without my explicit permission, nor claim as your own. Please give proper credits if using in crackships. Like or reblog if you end up using them. TW: guns, blood, fighting, alcohol, injury, explosions, fire
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noble-man-of-iron · 13 days ago
Sleek and Slippery (Open RP)
Tony sighed and leant back in his workshop chair, running his fingers through his unruly mop of hair at having finished up one of his experimental projects. Thank fuck he had actually taken the time to collaborate with Strange and Vision on this one so that he could actually have something knew, another bot-child in a way he figured, an articulate one too, fully mobile and functioning.
An alert popped up on one of his holographic screens, making him snorted softly at the contents before he truend away from it again, dark eyes sweeping over the tall but sleek form of what could pass for a human...almost anyways if not for a few additions.
"I'm hoping at least that you'll turn out a but like JARVIS maybe or even Vision or FRIDAY. All the sass and smarts and good looks too." He murmured softly. He jerked his head up though when somebody knocked on his workshop door.
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knowsvalue · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i didn't know our government had such good taste in secretaries. what's your name darling?
A G E N T | ©
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theofficialshield · a month ago
Tumblr media
Whichever one of you placed this sign on a very normal coffee machine in the break room...
You have a good sense of humor. Also I spent 3 hours trying to make it work so I expect your resignation letter on my desk before Tuesday.
-Post by Nick Fury
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zemothebaron · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Baron Helmut Zemo
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writingonthecloudz · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
"I'm sorry I don't.. I don't know what you mean" he asked confused look on his face.
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sharkieresources · 8 months ago
P L A T O N I C / F A M I L Y I N B O X M E M E
a series of roleplay sentence starters based on the ' found family ' trope because there aren't enough non ship centred memes; some taken from various media sources
' a home isn't always the house we live in '
' hey, hey you're going to be fine '
' thank you both. you're my family now '
' i've got you, i promise i've got you '
' they got hurt last night because of me. why would they protect me now? '
' you're my kid. i know you aren't my blood, but you are my ( son/daughter/baby ) '
' it's not an unkind thing to make a new home. and it will be one where all whom you love are welcomed '
' if you're gonna insist on taking care of me, I get to take care of you as well '
' we'll figure this out as a team... a family... '
' after everything we went through, we can't- i can't go back to not being your friend '
' it was everything i wanted, because i chose it to be mine '
' when my world ends, it will be because i lost my family... because i lost you '
' i'm thankful you trusted me when it counted '
' you were supposed to take care of me. i had no one except you, and then you just left... '
' i have people i need to look after, and one of those people is me '
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razorfst · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
 ––– "...𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐢𝐭 𝐚𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐜𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐬." 
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blackwidowandco · 6 months ago
Back Stage || Dazzler || Open
“So, how’d you like the show?” Dazzler asked as she walked to her dressing room. “I think it went well even though the Friends of Humanity threatened to cause trouble.”
Tumblr media
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whomuses · 3 months ago
open rp || peter parker
This was not the plan. This was absolutely not the plan. He just had to get to help, that was all. Everything was fuzzy, it was late and the blood loss was getting more and more severe by the moment. The bullet he'd taken, plus the knife wound and the - shock - he'd won, but it had been a nightmare, and the - the price was, perhaps, not worth it.
So in the dark, navigating on some kind of instinct, he stuck to the wall - the blood coating his hands and soaking into his costume was making it harder to stick, half wondering why he'd left the window shut as he slid it open and collapsed through it. It was only as he landed heavily on the floor that he realised.
This wasn't his apartment.
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langdonsfavouritesmut · a month ago
how would pietro maximoff react if he wanted attention but his S/O is busy ?? <3
This one was tricky, but I love that he was requested. I feel like he is such an underated character
If you're busy working while he's with you:
He will literally run around you like a child just to piss you off
we all know he's a big flirt, so he will definitely tease you and go all flirty trying to distract you. "I think I'm prettier than whatevers on your computer screen darling"
I don't think he likes having alot of free time, his power allows him to literally run at the speed of lightening, if you're not around he gets bored quite easily and it annoys him
He is the type of guy to definitely make a list called "stupid and meaninglessthigns to do when they are not around". he HATES being bored.
He likes adventure and excitement, and he doesn't like waiting around for people. He will probably just run to wherever wanda is and hang out with her, or just zoom around from house and house making friends with strangers, he is very sociable ;p
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aluraborealis · 8 months ago
Desperation —Open Starter
The night air was cool against her skin. It contrasted sharply from the drunken heat of the club. Alura sighed, tilting her head up to feel the summer breeze as she leaned against the rooftop railing. The music below still thrummed in her chest. Frankly, the blonde welcomed it. At this level, it wasn't overwhelmingly loud, the bass almost like a second heartbeat, drowning out the ache in her chest if only momentarily.
To any bystander, she'd appear as a young girl looking to escape the crowd below for a moment alone. In some ways, this was true. Alura had come up here for a moment of reprieve.
The only difference being that despite her choosing to be here, she felt utterly, devastatingly lonely.
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