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#Marvel Universe
maxmarvel123 · a day ago
Tumblr media
from the Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #600 by Dan Slott (script), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Klaus Janson (inks), Dean White (colors) and Joe Caramagna (letters)
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commanderpeggymcgee · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
@sophiadimartino: “My first ever comicon! I've already signed all the #funkopop dolls behind me and am loving meeting everyone! Defo gonna get arm ache.”
I actually bought one of her autographs to be signed from this convention and I can’t wait to get it! 😍🙏🏻
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athenamgh · 18 hours ago
a/n: just a bit of Natasha Romanoff
paring/s: Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader
summary: why play nice if it is so much more fun to play bad
warning/s: fluff, sexual tension, against minor veryy, mommy and daddy kink (minor)
word count: 1.8k
Natasha Romanoff MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
After a couple of months of debating with Furry, he finally gave in and assigned you to the new mission. You were excited at first, your injuries these past couple of months were healing quickly and the echoing whisper in your head seemed to disappear, you desperately hoped that it drowned with all the horror that you experienced on that day six months ago.
But as you were sitting in this flourishing five-star hotel, next to this greedy jerk Dominic Laurentis, who seemed to be involved in some illegal gun smuggling with Russian mobs, you felt bored and you couldn’t help but think that you rather sit in your room in compound playing video games, than last another torturing minute next to this ten grand suit jerk.
Suddenly the gloomy atmosphere that surrounded you interrupted the loud heels hitting the luxury floor of the hotel’s lobby. ‘Finally..’ you thought to yourself. You slowly stood up, smoothing out your dark velvet suit from all the wrinkles. You were pretending to be a new Laurentis’ bodyguard that was specifically assigned to keep his special lawyer and special deal ‘package’ safe. For one thing, you were sure. This supposed to be lawyer and bodyguard that Laurentis assigned was just necessary loose ends that will need to be dealt with as soon as the deal with the mafia will be sealed.
You needed to do a double-check because the sight in front of you left you stunned. Across from the room, you saw a red-haired woman, dressed in a red dress that was way above her knees, hugging her curves just in the right way. The closer she was walking towards you the more you could see how indeed beautifully engraved her face was, how gorgeous she was.
“Ahh, my most beautiful and favourite business partner, Natalia,” Dominic said making with such nasty seductive voice that you almost puked. The woman came to him with the brightest smile, giving him two kisses on both checks greeting him and when turning to you. “Meet my lawyer and your next most valuable job of keeping this fragile lady safe, Y/-..” Dominic said trying to introduce the woman but she cut him off.
“Y/n, it’s been years…” she said playfully, stretching her hand out. You just narrowed your eyes at her nodding but keeping your hands in your pockets.
“Oh, you know each other?” Laurentis said surprised.
The woman clenched her stretched arm to the fist-pumping your shoulder lightly and turning to Dominic “Well, we kind of went to the same high school together”.
“And she kind of was a crazy bitch around..” you paused for a moment “there..” you said for the first time.
“Oh and she speaks” redhead said making you roll your eyes. “No, no need to bring it all up, it’s all in the past,” She said with a charming smile glancing at you for a split second. “Besides everything is different now. And your obsession with those… books, I believe, was starting to become scary.” You rolled your eyes again.
Dominic interrupted this little play “Okay, even if you don’t like each other, I need you both this evening at the party/business meeting. Here it’s your room number,” he handed the card to the lawyer. “You can put your stuff there and talk everything out. So you don’t kill each other and I’ll see you at 11:30 pm,” he said and walked away.
You and the lawyer entered the elevator, doors closed behind you, as a redhead pressed the 10-floor button.
“Really?! ‘A crazy bitch out around there’ – Gossip Girl,” the woman said looking at you with narrowed eyebrows, you could quite puzzle if it was a slight surprise or more dismay in her eyes.
“What, Natasha?! It was a great TV show”. Romanoff rolled her eye’s searching for something in her purse.
She was adding her now found red lip gloss on her lips as she said, “Well, at least you could have said something from “Sex And City”. You threw a playful look at her answer.
You admired Natasha’s stunning figure before you. Your eyes climbed up from her legs to her lips, you licked your lips at the sight. Then your look shifter through red-heads back until she met with forest green eyes staring at her through a mirror. Your breath hit at the back of your throat and your face spread a horrible blush, you could never control it around her, so you quickly glanced away from her.
You could feel that Natasha was smirking at the effect she still had on you. She turned around facing you, her right arm resting on one of your shoulders, stepping a bit closer, making you look back at her.
“Hmm, still this adorable and shy Y/L/N,” Romanoff said, but to her surprise, a mischievous smile spread your lips that always took Natasha’s breath away. You bushed Natasha against the elevator wall making her gasp. Her eyes so intensively pierced at you.
You leaned forwards closing so little space between the two of you, brushing your lips through the red-heads frim jaw, making Natasha close her eyes and part her lips at the sensation of your warm soft lips against her skin. A short moment later your lips travelled up to her ear to whisper, “Don’t you ever dare to forget Romanoff, I can play nice, but we both know, that I drive you crazy even more when I don’t.” On your face appeared an even bigger smirk as you felt Natasha’s body vibrate at your words.
You looked up at the little screen which now showed the tenth floor. You pulled off the red-head and stood at the other side of the elevator, leaving Romanoff heavily breathing. As the elevator door opened, you quickly stepped out calling “Are you coming or not, Romanoff?” and with a big smile kept walking, it felt good knowing you still influenced her.
You sat down on a king-size beg leaning your elbows on your thighs, burring your face in your hands. One thought kept bugging you ever since Natasha entered this grand hotel lobby ‘Why was she here?! I thought this mission was classified.’ You knew it wouldn’t stop eating you alive until you figured it out.
“Why you here?” you suddenly asked with such a serious tone, making Natasha stop in her tracks.
“What do you mean? It’s a mission” she asked surprised at your sudden questionnaire.
“My mission!” a frustrated shout escaped your lips before you could stop yourself. You quickly looked down instantly feeling embarrassed of such childish behaviour of yours. “I just meant... I-.. I thought…” and suddenly it hit you. “I thought Fury trusted me enough..” you heard Natasha shift in her position walking closer to you. “I thought you all believed that I can do it”.
“No, stop”, you suddenly felt Natasha’s hands on your knees, you looked up to look at her, her facial expression was so soft. “He trusts you, we trust you..”, you chuckled in disbelief looking away from her. She cupped your cheek, to make you meet her eyes again. This time her face shadowed a slight worry, “We were just so worried about you..” your jaw tightened giving a clear expression that ‘you are not a child and can take care of yourself’ and she read your mind perfectly as she said “I know.. I know.. but I couldn’t leave you alone in this.. not after the last time.. I-“ she closed her eyes struggling to say the last words and your heart ached at it “I would never forgive myself if I let something happened to you… again”
This time your hand cupped the side of her face, your thumps brushing her cheekbones “Nothing will happen to me, Nat, I am stronger than I have ever been” your eyes were filled with promise. Natasha smiled softly, nodding her head. You knew it’s gonna take more than a few words for her to let you off the leash, but it was a start.
Fifteen minutes were left until you needed to leave this room and go to that damn party. Natasha to your surprise seemed way too excited for it. You would lie if you said you weren’t boiling from curiosity and may that was a bit of jealousy as to why she was so thrilled to go to that room full of strangers who probably have done countless horrible things and especially to that moran Laurentis.
But you just kept your head low, pretending that you didn’t care, pretending that you were concentrating on the mission as you were gazing at the wooden floor.
Her finger lifts your chin, making you look up into her forest green eyes that you could drown in with the biggest smirk on her face. She leaned forwards a bit and seductively and said “I can’t wait to bring you back to this hotel room tonight..”
Your eyes shadowed lust. Natasha saw it and gulped. You suddenly gripped her hips making her straddle your lap. She gasped at your sudden move, but a moment later her breath became heavy and hot as she felt something hard through your pants. She glanced down for a split second just to a moment later lookup to meet your darkened eyes with a mischievous grin. Her breath audibly stutter.
You leaned forwards shadowing your mouth just above her right shoulder. You felt her shift in your lap in need of closeness. You started to gaze your lips through her soft skin. Then up to her long velvet neck, lightly inhaling the sweet perfume. She slowly tried to shift back and forth in order to get some friction, but your hands firmly kept her grounded on tour lap. Your lips ghosted her sensitive skin just enough to make her shiver but not enough to leave the trail of kisses that Natasha was desperately craving for judging by the way she stretched her neck to give you more space to work with. But you didn’t, making her clearly frustrated.
“Somebody is in a good mood,” she said not betraying how annoyed she was by your teasing.
You smirked against her skin and lightly hummed. Finally, your delicate lips reached her earlobe. You slightly gazed at it with your tongue and whispered “Hmm, yes, exactly”.
Suddenly you grabbed her neck, making her look directly into your eyes. She tensed up against you, she was not expecting that. Your lips were inches apart, you could feel her hot breath shadowing your lips every time she breathed out. “So you better not misbehave.. mommy,” you said with a firm tone, your eyes more serious than ever, by the pulse on her neck you could feel her hear running a marathon.
Natasha gulped once again and nodded overwhelmed by how attracted she was to you at this right moment. “Yes, daddy” she only said, but of course she had other plans for you tonight.
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grey-water-colors · 2 days ago
After All This Time (Bucky Barnes X Fem!Reader) Drabble/ One shot
I'm back! I broke my wrist late August and it took a while for me to be able to type again. I wrote this as a kind of mini chapter to get back into this series. This can be read alone as a one shot, or it can be read as part of the series (This would be after chapter 4). I'm super excited to get back into this series again!
Summary: Y/N relives the moments of her life where she is kept on the sidelines. This is also inspired by the song Nothing Left to Lose from Tangled the Series. Song is linked here.
Series Summary: The real world is a scary place, even more so when you’re alone. You live alone in a apartment filed with the figurative ghosts of your memories. You’ve both changed since you last met your fiancé, but can love mend the gap after all this time.
Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Descriptions of violence, torture, and trauma. Talks of death, triggers, PTSD, and killing. Cursing. Guns.
Word Count: 1,204
Series Masterlist
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
1942- New York City
Y/n watched as Bucky packed his bag, taking only necessities and the things that the Army had given him. He was being deployed in two days, and her in nine.
Guess we all are born with parts to play
She wished he knew how special he was, to her, to Steve, and to the world. She also wished that they didn’t have to fight, that he didn’t have to go out and take lives and that she didn’t have to fix them. If only she could actually fight in the war, instead of being an army nurse with the red cross. If only she could be useful to Bucky.
Some of us are stars, and some are just in the way
Bucky was going to change the world, she just knew it, and she was just going to save lives that was going to be lost anyways.
If only she could freeze time and keep her and her James here in the apartment forever.
1944- Hydra Base, Germany
“I know I was meant for glory,” the doctor whispered in a heavy German accent. She had been captured a month ago, and the experiments had started almost immediately. Her blood was on fire after the last infusion of what the doctor called “Super Serum”. Her body felt broken, but she thought back to her James in their apartment, slow dancing to their favorite songs in the living room. Those are the memories that kept her going through this torture.
1946- Hydra Base, Germany
After vigorous training, she was ready. Ready to go out and be an assassin for Hydra. The greater good of the world. To get rid of people who were holding the world back from it progress.
They never let her go out though. Her handler wanted her to, but the Doctor Constantine Cecilia, the man who haunted her dreams refused to let her out.
“She’s unsteady,” he would yell. Or “What if she dies and I lose all of my work?”
That vile man had more power than he needed.
But that’s never what my story brings
And yet I keep on waiting
So she stayed in the base, locked up and only let out to be experimented on.
When you have the passion and the drive
Her handler once told her that she was the only super soldier in hydra. But now there was another. Cecilia told her in his experimental mumblings that she was the test bunny for the super soldier. All of her experiments, her pains, her torture, was all so that they wouldn’t accidentally kill the Winter Soldier. She could do better she thought, she’d gone through more than the Soldier had.
I show up with heart a blazing
Ready to achieve amazing things
This was her moment. Cecilia had said that if she could beat the Winter Soldier then she’d be able to go out and be used by Hydra.
When she finally came face to face with him, her courage faded to nothing, and the Winter Soldier almost killed her. Memories unfamiliar to her crossed her eyes and she looked at the Soldier.
She had no idea what she’d said but then her brain went fuzzy and then nothing.
Cecilia said that she had a seizure, and that he had known all along that wouldn’t win against the Soldier, but he had wanted to see the hope die in her eyes.
But I’m left waiting in the wings
1996- Hydra Base, Russia
It was cold and windy on her first mission. The Winter Soldier next to her with a gun in his hand. His whole face was covered, he was unrecognizable. Hydra hadn’t bothered to take such precautions with her, no one knew who she was. A Super Soldier with no name. The people with her had said she wasn’t a threat, they laughed at her. She couldn’t waste time though on hurt feelings, they would just get erased anyways, her focus had to be on spotting the target.
“There,” she turned her head as she recognized the Russian scientist who had sold Hydra secrets. She raised her sniping gun and took aim, but she was ordered to wait.
I hear my cue
And yet I’m kept there waiting
One of the men who accompanied them whispered to his colleagues, knowing full well that both Super Soldiers could hear them, “Let the Soldat do it, we don’t know if she can.”
“The boss said her aim was impeccable.”
Know what to do
And still I stand there, waiting
A scoff and then, “Soldat, shoot.”
A gunshot, screaming, then the mission is over.
It’s always someone else who sings
While I’m left waiting in the wings
1996 – Maine
This would be her last mission with the Winter Soldier, and while she had wanted to hate him at first, they had become a sort of friends. Her heart felt fuzzy around him in a good kind of way.
And so I keep on keeping on
Mission after mission, the people in charge kept her from doing anything but watching from the sideline. Her talent wasted, and she felt useless. She knew that they were going to erase her memory, and that alone upset her because she’d lose her friendship with the Soldat. She wondered why they hadn’t erased her yet, and how much longer they were going to make her suffer.
My chances come and then I blink and they’re gone
Always overlooked unfairly
Her only conclusion was that they kept her around to torture her and the Winter Soldier. She knew that the Soldat probably knew that too. But they both knew that if they showed any emotion that they’d be punished or killed.
While pretending that it barely stings
2025 – New York City
But it stings, yes it stings
Curled up in the chair molded to the past she picked through her memories of Hydra and for a brief moment wondered if she could still fight, if she still had the aim of a professional sniper. In her heart of hearts though she knew that while her muscles would remember, she couldn’t bare the weight of another life lost.
Even in this new time, she still wasn’t useful. Both Bucky and Steve fight still, using the serum to help people, and she supposed that she could too.
And I’ll shed no tears
I’ll only keep on waiting
Waiting. She was always waiting for someone, someone to lover her, to help her, to direct her; but now she was alone and there wasn’t anyone to help her, but she was still waiting.
If no one cheers
Well, I can keep on waiting
She could help herself, but she didn’t want to. The world was a big scary place and as long as the only person hurting her was herself then she would gladly take that burden. This apartment was the only safe place in the world where the evils outside couldn’t get in. No matter how loud it was outside, the apartment would be silent, forever if need be.
Who cares how loud
The silence rings
“You can always try again tomorrow Y/N,” she lied.
You’ll find me waiting in the wings
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iamnojedi2004 · a month ago
I swear if marvel doesn't-
Tumblr media
Not all heroes wear cape... Yeah right... Because some are THE cape
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backtothe80scolors · a month ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about how to continue this xD 
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mayas-mind · 3 months ago
The vest scene in Black Widow will live rent free in my mind for months. It so perfectly captures a realistic sister relationship plus Yelena’s pure excitement just warms my heart
Tumblr media
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