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Im going to write masayou soulmate aus and no one can stop me but at the same time im not the best writer so maybe ill just toss my ideas out here for now. Void write this down because im gonna have to come back to these.

This is a long post im sorry

First au will be the colorblind one where you see color once you make eye contact with your soulmate for the first time. However, platonic soulmates exist thus causing more confusion. One thing that helps is that the effect romantic soulmates have is much stronger while platonic soulmates tend to just help with vibrancy or seeing some colors. (Im just winging it here because honestly masahinashiyou are def soulmates).

Anyways, this is how its gonna go: youji and masaomi meet in the usual i saved your life way we’re stuck together except both can see colors pretty darn well now. For youji it was kinda a brief explosion of color followed by dimming except for the colors red, gold, and purple. Its similar for masaomi except the vibrancy is slower to come for him but it starts with blues and metallics. Masaomi naturally has to keep this under wraps because he needs to know who exactly this guy is and what type of person he is and he also doesnt believe himself to be a romantic of any sort. Is he capable of being romantic yes of course but will he ever do anything like that now? Not unless the person had earned his respect and seemed worthy.

Oh no this could be a multi chaptered thing

Anyways this sort of goes along with his slow burn sort of thing whereas youji is kind of just that type of person to help out masaomi without needing proof to accept that masaomi is an important person in his life (the cult really watered down the whole soulmate thing because theyre homophobes so its just “important person in your life” for them). The colors also represent his “oh no hes attractive” side of youji who secretly has it pretty damn bad for masaomi.

They both stick with each other because they both recognize that theyre going to be important to each other (though currently only masaomi has an inkling as to how important they are/will be to each other since his vision is not terrible and that brief explosion of colors was no mistake, he simply isnt/wasnt ready to trust youji fully and also the universe was giving him a challenge and a choice which he will not back down from thank you very much) and youji wont realize what the colors and vibrancy mean until he meets hinami and shiori who are more than welcome to discuss those with him.

What happens when shiori and hinami meet them? For shiori and hinami, the world becomes more focused when theyre by each other and small details and colors pop out more. This is especially true for hinamis side since shiori brings clearer perspectives and other points of views to the table. For shioris side hinami brings out the brighter lighter and softer colors of the world that one might miss. Masaomi brings out the bolder colors and youji stabilizes the “image” and brings both color types into balance. For youji hinami brings all the colors into focus and its breath taking but also for the most part the colors were already there. However light seems to hit everything he sees now and wow you mean light causes different shades of things? Shiori doesnt seem to change much but he does notice that certain colors look more saturated or that he can see certain textures now and differentiate between certain shades. Especially in the blues, purples, and greens, hinami works mostly with the warmer colors. For masaomi he hinami doesnt change much for him although he does realize how he remembers the details of people and earthy tones more easily after meeting her. Shiori balances out the saturation and brings forth the colors that refused to come out before or simply just needed a push to come forward. Of course shiori also comes with pushes towards youji.

Oh goodness this is so long. All this detail is unnecessary but its here. It ends with them all agreeing to OT4 after hinami and shiori wrestle feeling talk and misunderstandings out of masaomi and youji. Youji totally thinks masaomi is an unrequited/not reciprocated love after all and/or JUST FRIENDS. But really masaomi is like “of course im going to be with youji forever thats been decided since i was 18. And shiori will be there too but she was a more recent addition to my life. I guess hinami can come too” but hes just been quietly planning this and thought that everyone else was on his level and knew already. And it ends happily ever after (except eventually shiori and hinami die and masaomi and youji drift apart but then they come back and kasamatsu comes across pictures of all of them and asks about what happened and does some snooping and finds out his dad and masaomi were soulmates and has to work with kise to get them together again but kise mostly just wants to do it so he can get more alone time with senpai but then akashi interrupts and furihata is a romantic and is all for it and also cites the manga a lot for help and youji is embarassed because his son is insisting and pulls out the “this is what mom would want” card and they talk about hinami and shioris deaths and what that means for them and their feelings and masaomi FINALLY admits to how he didnt like living without youji and youji admits that he wished masaomi was around for more of his familys life even tho masaomi cringes because babies and kids but does admit that had masaomi been around they would probably be much greater than they are now NOT THAT THEYRE BAD OR ANYTHING JUST LIKE OK HE’LL SHUT UP NOW but that youji could somehow make kids look appealing. In a sense. AND THEN it finally ends happily ever after omg.

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The biggest surprise about becoming a Hafuri is how suddenly desirable he is. Youji is the shinki of an unpopular god of destruction, and up until now, had been snubbed as a worthless weapon. Before that, he was a worthless ghost, and while he can’t remember his human life, he’s pretty sure he was a worthless man.

So it’s a little unsettling to now be sought after.

“Really, Youji, just imagine what we could do together,” Everett says. “My shrine is so large. I can give you anything you want, every luxury you can think of, any kind of pleasure.” Everett is a god of prosperity, so of course he gets a lot of prayers and the best shrines. Youji is a little distracted by the fact that Everett’s hand is currently on Youji’s lower back, in a half-embrace that brings them very close together.

“Ah, thank you?” Youji says, a little flustered by this attention. “I mean, that’s nice. You have so many shinki, though. You don’t really need me.”

“I don’t have any Blessed Regalia,” Everett points out, which Youji thinks is an unnecessarily fact to mention. There are only two shinki who have transitioned to Hafuri, Youji and Hinami, and Hinami would never leave the goddess of wisdom. Youji wishes Hinami would have warned him that other gods would be interested in him after he transitioned. (But then, maybe she hadn’t known. It would be obvious to all that Hinami is fiercely loyal to Shiori. Hinami would have attacked anyone who dared suggest she should leave Shiori.)

“Come, Youji, I have so much to offer you,” Everett says, low and enticing. Youji can’t help but feel a little regretful, as Everett is very rich, and also rather good-looking.

“Sorry, Everett. I’m Masaomi’s shinki. Always.”

“We’ll see,” Everett says. “Always is a long time. I’m sure I can persuade you eventually.”

Youji shakes his head. He’s about to let Everett down a little firmer this time, when he hears, “Hey, let go of Youji!”

A hand sneaks around Youji’s waist and pulls him into an unexpected hold. “Don’t try and steal Youji just because he’s the best. If you want a Hafuri so bad you can get one of your shinki to do it.”

Youji rather likes how Masaomi holds him, like he’s something precious that he doesn’t want to lose. And Masaomi smells nice. Youji has always thought so. 

“Think about what I said, Youji,” Everett says, ignoring Masaomi completely as he makes his exit.

“I’ll be richer than him some day,” Masaomi says. “I have a plan.”

“Sure, Masa-chan,” Youji says. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“You said always,” Masaomi says. “I’m holding you to that.”

“You heard that? How long were you listening?”

“Not important! Let’s go drinking.” Masaomi releases his hold and Youji, but grabs his hand and leads him away. Masaomi might not be a popular god, but Youji can’t imagine putting his life on the line for anyone else.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! MasaYou is always a viable option for prompts =D And as an obligatory self-promotion, you can read a whole bunch of Masaomi and Youji in Shine the Brightest! Also, I want you to know that when I got your ask, I went, “I have a Noragami MasaYou AU?? That sounds like a thing I could have written, but I have no memories of this.” I was able to find the first part, though, so that was fun! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy them!!

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Thank you so much, anon-friend!! I am really glad you enjoyed the conclusion of that story. It’s hard to believe the project is finally finished =) 

Thanks for the song rec! I just finished listening to it, and it IS a good MasaYou song =D I think it conveys their unique dysfunction really well. Thank you for the rec and for reading “This is Love!”

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I am glad you enjoyed the Masaomi and Yumeko short, anon-friend! =D And very glad you enjoy the OCs =) =)

Hahaha I periodically come up with AUs that I never intend to write, but for that MasaYou AU, here were the loose ideas I had:

  • Masaomi and Youji have a random anonymous one night stand, and Youji leaves before the exchanging of names/phone numbers can take place.
  • Masaomi decides he had a great time and is very much interested in doing this again, so he uses his various hacking abilities to 1) find Youji’s name and 2) track him down where he works to find him there.
  • This promptly freaks Youji out, there may be threatening with knives, with the whole, “WTF how did you find me, this is super creepy, are you stalking me.”
  • To which Masaomi replies, “Ahaha, OF COURSE NOT. That would be absurd. Who would do that? This is purely a wild coincidence, I am as surprised as you are to see you here, I work here now, just got a new job as an analyst.”
  • Which means that he has to hack various databases in order to come up with a fake name and a fake resume that retroactively says he’s been hired as an analyst at the JSDF.
  • Which is why he ends up working with Yumeko, who is his supervisor.
  • Other whacky hijinks ensue. 

Thanks for asking, anon-friend!! I have so many AUs I will never write.

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If you're still taking prompts and have the time can I please request a Masayou Princess Tutu au 🙏I'm so investtteeeed in them now, it's ruined me 😂

Masaomi figures no matter what the narrative was supposed to be, he was doomed to be a failed knight. It would bother him more, except he never really thought of himself as a “knight” from the start.

Not like the duck who is currently at his feet. Youji time and time again proved he was much better suited for the role of knight, even if that wasn’t the role he was supposed to play either. Masaomi bends down to pick up the duck in his hands, and it’s the first time he feels like he failed. Not with Hinami, the prince with a shattered heart, who Masaomi was supposed to protect. But this duck, who is a hero, and deserves a happier ending. 

“I’m sorry,” Masaomi says, and it’s an absolutely useless thing to say. It does fuck-all for actually conveying what he wants to say. Sorry you were never destined to be with the one you love. Sorry you were meant to disappear into a flash of light if you so much as confessed. Sorry the one you love rode off into the sunset with the crow princess, sorry you would have made a much better knight, sorry I couldn’t even protect one duck.

Youji nips at his hands, like maybe he doesn’t want any of those apologies, even the ones Masaomi didn’t say. 

But Masaomi isn’t going to wallow in self-pity. Hinami and Shiori, against all odds, found a happy ending in a story that was supposed to be a tragedy for everyone. 

“I’ll write us a better story,” Masaomi promises. “I’ll write us a better ending.”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend!! I do love Princess Tutu. And MasaYou =D

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Hello, it is quite late now but I wanted to thank you for that great chapter. It was tragic and hard to read at times but beautifully written. We got answers to many questions and many passages take a whole new meaning, notably the part when Youji talks about the time he got drunk and tried to have sex with Masaomi. I have reread this part recently and I have two questions. 1, it is safe to say that Youji does not remember what happened exactly, but is Masaomi aware that he doesn't? 1/2

Thank you, friend!! I’m glad you enjoyed that chapter =D And yes all around to your questions! Youji remembers pretty much up to the point where he was about to leave, and then ~~plot conveniently~~ does not remember that Masaomi actually kissed him back. Masaomi is aware that Youji does not remember he kissed him back, and kept quiet about that fact, for his own reasons.

And yes!!! I was really hoping readers would make that connection =D =D When Youji is on the date with Everett, he is remembering Masaomi saying that to him, which is why he started acting the way that he did at that point. Thank you for noticing =) And thanks for reading the chapter!!!

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uGH your angst skills are too?? good???? I feel like the recent feels of superhero au and then hanahaki au are /killing me/. Can I prompt HinaShi established relationship? Ideally something fluffy, but with those two, I’d be happy if they’re just alive and somewhat on the same page.

“You’re looking pale these days. What’s the matter, your super-soldier girlfriend wearing you out?” Masaomi waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

But Shiori only sighs, and lays her head down on her desk. “Yes, in fact.”

“Really? Do tell. With details.”

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Masaomi-san. We went hiking yesterday.”

“Hiking?” Masaomi says this with the appropriate amount of disdain that Shiori feels the sentiment warrants.

“Yes. Before that, we went cycling. Before that, kayaking. Hinami-san did most of the work, there, but…”

“All your dates are outdoors?” Masaomi successfully guesses. “What, Hinami never lets you plan the dates? That’s rather selfish of her.”

“Not at all,” Shiori says, lifting her head and bristling. “Hinami-senpai is very considerate. She’s just… happier. Being active. We tried to Netflix and chill one night, but she kept twitching and getting up, and then ended up assembling a bookshelf for me. Which was nice, I needed a new bookshelf, but…”

“Not the way you wanted that night to end?” 

Shiori sighs. Their relationship is still fairly new. Shiori still can’t believe someone as amazing as Kasamatsu Hinami would even want to date her. So she wants to make sure Hinami is having fun on their dates, and she always seems happiest when she’s outdoors and running around. 

“How do you handle it?” Shiori asks, for surely Masaomi is not any more athletically inclined than she is. “Youji-san is just as active as Hinami-senpai.”

“More so, I should think. That man probably wouldn’t even sleep indoors if he could get away with it,” Masaomi says. “Luckily, there are many indoor activities we both mutually enjoy that uses up excess energy nicely.”

Shiori suppresses the impulse to sigh again. Her relationship with Hinami isn’t quite there yet, but maybe someday…

“You’re probably being too accommodating. You should be more selfish, Shiori,” Masaomi informs her. “Really, Shiori, this attitude is just defeatist, and not like you.”

Shiori mulls this over. Perhaps it was time to go on the offense. 


“We’re watching a movie tonight, Senpai,” Shiori says, smiling, as Hinami enters her house. 

“Oh,” Hinami says, slightly taken aback. “Sure. We can do that. Do you have another bookshelf for me to make?’

“No, I just thought we should spend some time indoors tonight,” Shiori says, pulling Hinami to the couch. She sets up the movie, while Hinami sits down on the coach. The restlessness is already sitting in, and Hinami looks a bit like a caged tiger, ready to start pacing back and forth.

As the movie begins, Shiori moves back to the couch. But instead of sitting down next to Hinami, like she did last time, she sits down on Hinami’s lap.

“Shiori–” Hinami startles in surprise.

Shiori nuzzles into Hinami’s neck, getting comfortable. Hinami’s arms automatically wrap around her, securing her in place. “Yes, Senpai?”

“Nothing,” Hinami says, blushing. But she seems to calm down, and looks less like a tiger ready to move. Shiori breathes out in contentment, and thinks they should have been watching movies like this from the start. 

A/N: Thank you, anon-friend! I’m glad you enjoyed those superhero au and the hanahaki short! Sorry for this delay– now seemed like a good time to write some happy fluff, thank you for the prompt =D

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fun fact! whenever i get to the "I’m beginning to think I was never in the same orbit as Masaomi." line i start to cry! which is an achievement tbh bc i usually lack tearducts! for scientific accuracy i have reread the whole fic around 4 times and yep! tears! congrats!

Thanks for sharing, friend!! I’m glad that was an emotional line =D Poor Youji was way to ready to believe that he never deserved to be Masaomi’s friend. 

Thank you for reading (and re-reading!!) I hope to have the next chapter up soooooon!!!! =)

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