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I did not get the summer job I was hoping for. I am saddened. 

When I graduated with my degree, I didn’t imagine it would be easy to find a job in my field, but I never thought it would be this difficult. the amount of opportunities have been drastically culled due to COVID and the ensuing budgetary cuts. I know I have so much to offer the world and none of the positions to do so.

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Second time with ethics apps and I’m feeling a lot better about it. Knowing my supervisor won’t hesitate to correct my mistakes and give those sweet sweet specific edits really motivates me to try my best 😅

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I wanna talk about postgrad things on here but idk if anyone would care lmao

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Mastblr 17/1

Last day working at the burger joint. Had this lovely exchange with one of my customers

Me: Would you like any dessert?

Him: YEAH. (pause) Wait, what?

Me (confused): would you like any dessert?

Him: Oh. I thought you asked me if I needed a refrigerator.

Me (laughing uncontrollably): Why would you say yes if you thought I asked if you needed a refrigerator? Why would I ask you if you needed a refrigerator?

Him (struggling not to laugh): I don’t have to explain myself to you.

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16/01/2021 ~ snow day!

There’s something magical about snow days I think, especially now when all you can do is go outside and life can feel so monotone. I had a long walk through the city with a friend and Amsterdam delivered in all its beauty as usual. Love that first picture especially - it’s of part of the Homomonument, dedicated to victims of homophobia. There’s always flowers and candles there, and it looked so peaceful covered in a fine layer of snow.

Unfortunately it all melted overnight already, but the sun is shining today and I’m all set to make it a productive Sunday afternoon after spending so much time outside yesterday!

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Mastblr 13/1

I had a pretty good interview today. Then I turn on the TV to catch Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo

So good day

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13/01/2021 ~ morning views

First real post of 2021! Been laying low over the holidays, but I’m back now that classes have started again. Three hour long zoom classes + a prolonged lockdown are kicking my ass but I’m hanging in there. Been busy with my volunteer job, which I am so greatful to be able to still do online to keep me sane. Also started writing and doing yoga daily just to have something non screen related to do and I’m enjoying it so far. Had those delicious pancakes Sunday.

So that’s me - how is everyone else doing (she said to the void)?

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Mastblr 12/1

Yeah my mum started complaining about how “it wasn’t the polices’ fault” because “they had been defunded so there weren’t enough officers patrolling” and “BLM wanted the police to be less violent so the DC Police are just doing what they wanted”.

My mum is on a diversity and inclusion committee and I am increasingly feeling the need to sit her down and legit lecture her about how that’s not how any of this works

Update: she’s ranting on the phone about how she is considered indigenous because of Grandma Rumor to prove a point to said DI Comittee. I’m gunna scream. I’ll make the PowerPoint tomorrow.

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You know these ribbon skirts would be a lot easier to sew if I remembered to use iron-on adhesives like I was supposed to so the ribbons wouldn’t buckle

So that project’s on hold for a few more days until I can get those.

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Since I found out my grad program DOESN’T start today (they misprinted an updatedstart date — it actually begins the 25th), I unexpectedly have a little more time to enjoy myself before dipping into the full grad-grind!

I have been spending some of my leisure time tending to numerous plants, including my new (and growing) propagation station, as featured above! Currently, I’m trying to establish 3 buddies. From left to right are mint (already planted), ??? (Truly, I’ve no idea what the buddy living in the syrup bottle is), Zamioculcas zamiifolia (“ZZ”), and… a green onion!

Delightfully, the green onion is already growing new roots. The ZZ I’m less sure of. In general, I don’t know how well ZZs take to water propagation, but so far it’s leaves are still supple. As for the ??? plant, it has been hanging in water for weeks without rooting! Even so, it also remains pretty supple. So I guess we’ll just see how it goes, huh?

Unfortunately, most of the extra time will be devoted to the work-grind instead. The following are on this week’s menu of To-Dos:

  • Finalize and publish the Spring tutoring schedule
  • Co-write the conclusion/analysis for a small research paper (So excited!!)
  • Finish developing “Welcome Back!” assignments

As much as I’m enjoying a break, COVID has me stir-crazy and I’m really looking forward to getting started on the next steps of my future career! As such, I cannot wait until I can get started with my program. By then, I should have more relevant and interesting content to share.

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💚11.01.21 💚

Just taking care of my leaf babies as i get myself through Greenman’s thesis. It’s probably the most relevant text I have been able to find, but it’s taking me down a lot of tangents. I’m getting a little bit overwhelmed, feeling i have to know EVERYTHING about the topic before I can start writing. 

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Mastblr 9/1

Gods I hate the day following a seizure.

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Mastblr 8/1

All of my friends from up North are asking me how I’m handling things right now. They are all shocked and expect me to be equally surprised.

I’m not.

I grew up on Harry Potter. My teenage years were spent with the Hunger Games. In high school we were taught 1984 and Brave New World.

How can I be surprised when I was raised having already seen it happen again and again?

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Just going over the spec. for our Group Research project. And analysed another essay that turned out not to be very helpful for my project…

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Mastblr 7/1

I am once again mistaken for a Dr.


If I had the means I would just get a PhD just to avoid this issue.

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💗07.01.21 💗

We’re STILL working our way through all the Christmas treats! Just going through Boucouvalas’s essay on the ways in which Transpersonal Psychology has influenced other theoretical systems. It’s provided me with lots of further reading for my essay! 

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Mastblr 6/1

Hey, America…what the fuck?

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