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So there are some pretty big storms on top of everything here in Indiana.

I’m getting the feeling we pissed off all the old gods and this is all them syncing up their retribution attacks to the same schedule.

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I know we’re all anxious about the pandemic. If it makes you laugh a little my group tonight jumped to the logical conclusion that since all museums are shut down and we are all out of jobs for now that we should go steal a painting from the IMA where another member works.

“We can pull an Oceans Eight!”

“We don’t have the brains for that. [person] just spent ten minutes arguing that we need to sanitize the pump on a sanitizer bottle.”

“It’s a valid worry. And we could do it. We got someone on the inside.”

“We’d be protected by HIPPA!”

“That’s not how HIPPA works.”

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Reading Althusser and knowing… anything about Althusser makes me really skeptical of his contributions. Like, hmmmm, I wonder if a man who went on to kill his wife writing about how morality is ‘empty’ and ‘blank’ rings any red flags.

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