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#Master list

Here it is everyone, the list we’ve all been waiting for!

Everything here will be put under the cut to save space and whenever new posts are added, I will put it next to the appropriate character labeled “Recently Added”! 💕✨

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hello and welcome to my mess of a blog! 
my name is nellie, im 19, and my blog is centered on writing for bnha and haikyuu!



masterlist .. tba
 wips … tba



this blog will contain 18+ content!! so please be over the age or i will block you if i find out

 i also run a kpop writing blog, and i see nothing wrong with a little recycling, so i will be reposting some of my fics with different characters. so, if you see something similar dont worry, i am not plagarizing!!! 

requests are open unless stated otherwise, but please keep in mind that i will only choose to write what interests me!

 !!! i do not read the mangas !!!! so please refrain from spoiling !!!!! 

please respect me and everyone who interacts with my blog, i will not tolerate any forms of hate or bullying

ask box is always open so feel free to come in and talk about your day or rant and let out feelings! id love to chat with you all!! 

→ not necessarily a rule but ,,,,,, i am a huge simp for shindo and oikawa so pls thirst abt them with me (honestly come to me with anyone and i will thirst about them with you)


© kemochie | all fics created by me are prohibited to be modified, reposted, or translated 

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Story Warnings: Bodyguard!AU (except it’s not actually an AU because Bucky’s still an Avenger), Reader’s a loveable idiot, Fluff, Humour, Slow Burn, Angst, Violence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Bucky), Eventual 18+

Summary: Natasha ropes you into her plan to help Bucky’s mental state. It’s such a terrible idea, it just might work.

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Ship: Yagi Toshinori x Reader

Rating: Explicit [18+]

You run a popular cafe. But all it took was one decision. One small, spur-of-the-moment decision that set off chain reactions. One little, free drink changed your life. It led you to the kindest man you’ve ever met. Yagi Toshinori.

explicit content in italicized chapters 

(1) honey cinnamon latte

(2) maple soy latte

(3) chamomile tea

(4) ?????

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Here’s the master list from Castle Monday Throwback (May 11, 2020). All stories here were recommended by you, the readers and writers of Castle fanfiction.

  1. Hidden (Rated: M) by AddisonSp
  2. Partners with Benefits (Rated: M) by AddisonSp
  3. In the Course of Human Events (Rated: T) by BerkieLynn
  4. Feels Like Home (Rated: T) by bingblot
  5. Red (Rated: K+) by bnr848
  6. Lily (Rated: T) by bnr848
  7. Reece (Rated: K+) by bnr848
  8. Jake (Rated: K+) by bnr848
  9. Retrouvailles (Rated: T) by bravevulnerability
  10. Elastic Heart (Rated: M) by bravevulnerability
  11. Such A Happiness (Rated: T) by caffinate-me & airbefore
  12. State of the Union (Rated: T) by caffinate-me
  13. Back to Where We Have Never Been (Rated: T) by caffinate-me
  14. Unwritten (Rated: T) by caffinate-me
  15. The Western Way (Rated: T) by caffinate-me
  16. Whatever We Love (Rated: M) by Cartographical
  17. The Bodyguard (Rated: M) by Cassie Bones
  18. Too Soon (Rated: M) by CharacterDriven
  19. The Frog at the Bottom of the Well (Rated: K+) by chezchuckles
  20. Worst of Times (Rated: T) by chezchuckles
  21. Comfort from Days Gone By (Rated: T) by CheerfulChemist
  22. A Different Shade of Pale (Rated: M) by CheerfulChemist
  23. A Quilt of Many Colors (Rated: T) by ColieMacKenzie
  24. Fade Into Light (Rated: T) by ColieMacKenzie
  25. Our Serendipitous Paths (Rated: T) by ColieMacKenzie
  26. Imbroglio (Rated: T) by Cora Clavia
  27. Lighthouse (Rated: M) by djinni14
  28. Spiral Bound (Rated: T) by Dmarx
  29. No Joy But Lacks Salt (Rated: M) by Elliot Silver
  30. Building Walls (Rated: T) by EllaNight
  31. Focal Point (Rated: M) by EllaNight
  32. Apologize (Rated: T) by evitascarlett
  33. Reflections (Rated: T) by evitascarlett
  34. Take You Break Me (Rated: T) by eyrianone
  35. Beyond Broken Castle Walls (Rated: T) by eyrianone
  36. Unfinished (Rated: M) by eyrianone
  37. Arriviste (Rated: T) by faithsette
  38. Attachment Syndrome (Rated: M) by FanficwriterGHC
  39. Of Finding Innocence (Rated: T) by FanficwriterGHC
  40. She’s 18 Why Does She have to be the Adult? (Rated: T) by farewellblindgirl
  41. More Than Words (Rated: T) by feministly
  42. Decisions and Dominoes (Rated: M) by Flashpoint33
  43. Destiny (Rated: T) by FuelDH206
  44. Entrances and Exists (Rated: T) by Ganymede Rose
  45. What’s Love Got To Do With it? (Rated: M) by Garrae
  46. Felis Felix (Rated: T) by Garrae
  47. Resurgence (Rated: T) by Garrae
  48. Kitten (Rated: M) by Garrae
  49. Timepiece (Rated: T) by Garrae
  50. What’s In A Name (Rated: M) by Garrae
  51. Fan Girl (Rated: K+) by GeekMom
  52. The Plan (Rated: M) by Googie
  53. Atlantic (Rated: T) by honeyandvodka
  54. Flashlight (Rated: T) by l03l
  55. Rich Man, Poor Man: A Darker Path (Rated: K+) by idiosyncratic1
  56. Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop (Rated: T) by ifonly13
  57. The Price of Protection (Rated: T) by ilovetoread09
  58. Operation: White Whale (Rated: T) by InkyCoffee
  59. The Message (Rated: T) by International08
  60. Sweetheart (Rated: T) by International08
  61. The Vigil (Rated: T) by International08
  62. The Call (Rated: K+) by International08
  63. Hi Dad (Rated: T) by jareya
  64. Two Tainted Rings (Rated K+) by jeffysquint
  65. Sealed Lips (Rated: K+) by JennaBennett
  66. One Writer Girl (Rated: T) by JennaBennett 
  67. Hunted (Rated: M) by JillianCasey
  68. Accept No Substitutes (Rated: T) by jstar1382 & chezchuckles
  69. Rewound (Rated: M) by Kate Christie
  70. The Saddest Are These (Rated: T) by Kate Christie
  71. Eight Ways To Say (Rated: T) by kimmiesjoy
  72. Midnight Queen (Rated: M) by kimmiesjoy
  73. Old Saint Rick (Rated: K+) by The-KLF
  74. The Big Top (Rated: K) by krumkler
  75. Motherland (Rated: M) by Ky03elk
  76. Lost In Bright City Lights (Rated: M) by Ky03elk
  77. Thin Mints (Rated: K) by leuska
  78. Dead to the World (Rated: T) by leuska
  79. Purrfect Love (Rated: T) by LittleLizzieZentara
  80. Slow Burn (Ratd: M) by Liv Wilder
  81. Solid Ground (Rated: M) by Lord of Kavaka
  82. The Haunting (Rated: T) by Lord of Kavaka
  83. Redemption (Rated: T) by Luminous Lu
  84. The Candy Beard (Rated: K) by missy52061
  85. Inherited Traits (Rated: K) by missy52061
  86. Early Nights and Pillow Fights (Rated: K) by missy52061
  87. Sea of Princesses (Rated: K) by missy52061
  88. C’est La Mort (Rated: T) by MistressOfSmite
  89. Waiting Game (Rated: T) by muppet47
  90. Til Death Do Us Part (Rated: T) by The Muse of Apollo
  91. Not Such A Bad Guy After All (Rated: T) by Netsrik1
  92. Coming Up For Air (Rated: T) by Netsrik1
  93. The Friend Zone (Rated: M) by Neuship
  94. When Stuck In An Elevator (Rated: T) by nighttimerunner
  95. Heartbeats (Rated: T) by Oliviet
  96. Reading Rights and Writing Wrongs (Rated: T) by Paige Terner
  97. Anything Could Happen (Rated: T) by Pegship
  98. A Fistful of Castles (Rated: T) by Pegship
  99. Reaching (Rated: T) by PossumSoul
  100. The Ends Opening Into New Ends, Always (Rated: M): by recycled-stars
  101. Gone (Rated: T) by Roadrunnerz
  102. Against All Odds by Sandiane Carter
  103. Pickup Limes (Rated: K+) by seilleanmor
  104. Exec Monumentum Aere Perennius (Rated: K+) by seilleanmor
  105. Being Human (Rated: M) by skygirl55
  106. Ask Siri (Rated: M) by SparkleMouse
  107. Confessions (Rated: K+) by SparkleMouse
  108. Seeing Double (Rated: M) by stanaxbanana
  109. To Shatter Illusions (Rated: K+) by TappinCastlefan
  110. Our Best Selves (Rated: T) by Trinity Everett
  111. Summer of Light (Rated: K+) by Trinity Everett
  112. Minor Changes (Rated: K+) by Trinity Everett
  113. Seeking Clarity (Rated: T) by Trinity Everett
  114. Separation Anxiety (Rated: T) by VioletHills
  115. Antidote (Rated: K+) by wendykw
  116. Almost Morning in the Hamptons (Rated: K) by wendykw
  117. Prana (Rated: T) by whatifellinlovewith
  118. Cover Me (Rated: M) by wp1fan
  119. Shelter Me (Rated: M) by XX00Meg00XX


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