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#Matthew Fairchild
pxthetic-mxnster · a day ago
just some coi memes...
cordelia seeing james with grace at the end of coi
Tumblr media
“tatiana is problematic but she isn’t as bad as grace-”
Tumblr media
alastair wondering why thomas still hates him 
Tumblr media
pov: you insulted the merry thieves
Tumblr media
cordelia: sure i’ll go to paris with you, it should be fun :)
Tumblr media
lucie realising she has to work with grace if she wants jesse back
Tumblr media
charles after finding out everyone hates him
Tumblr media
matthew pretending to be happy
Tumblr media
me reading about how an/na treats kamala 
Tumblr media
christopher basically anywhere:
Tumblr media
thomas after being accused of being the murderer
Tumblr media
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rinadragomir · 2 days ago
Tell me that I'm not the only one who is so much interested in TSC minor characters😭
Like what about Woolsey Scott? What happened to him after TID? Is he still alive is TLH? Cassie once said that he was based on Oscar Wilde and
For many years Oscar Wilde lived at 16 Tite Street in Chelsea, near Woolsey Scott. While the two were never romantically involved, they did conduct a very long chess game.
Imagine how great it would be if he met Matthew and became his friend and mentor or something like that 😍Woolsey had already encountered addicted people (when werewolves were taking drugs) and he could have helped Matthew.
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youngreckless · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feel free to use but please don't repost
likes/reblogs appreciated <3
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let me know if you want to be added/removed to my tag list ♡
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foxglove-airmid · 2 days ago
The Merry Thieves Chosen Weapons:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anarmorofwords · 2 days ago
actually, why not make it a seperate post
it feels wrong to me that Matthew is so often portrayed with alcohol as "his thing" - Kit has, like, a vial or goggles usually, Thomas his weapon or something about Paris or a book, James a book or even that damn revolver, but Matthew's "thing" is his addiction?!?
no no no no
It's one thing to simply include his flask somehow, or to portray him with alcohol purposefully to illustrate something, but why are so many Matthew fanarts using it as a sort his "attribute"?
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belle-keys · a day ago
it's amazing how the one man who's been blackout drunk for the whole two books was the one to realize first that Cordelia was in love with James all along AND that James started loving Cordelia back after the gracelet broke, like not even Lucie, James' sister and Cordelia's almost-parabatai, saw through the Mess but the self-proclaimed waste of space in a waistcoat did
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cordeliadarkles · 2 days ago
i don't hate the jordelia artwork we got but i wish artists could draw something other the the whispering room scene or the bed scene in choi. i feel cordelia is more sexualized than other main characters from cassie clare and that's highly disappointing (especially because she's the first main character that's not white in one of her books) if there are going to be more jordelia drawings please let it be of them playing chess, or their wedding reception, or them fighting demons!!
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TLH rewrite chpt.2
Special thank you to Tri, Rua, Clary, Zia, Jaimie, Ana, and @bookswitchcraftandcats for beta reading and putting up with my nonsense <33
I want to put a warning here and I honestly should've put one on the first one but it's pretty much too late. This rewrite will have mentions(never graphic) of s/a and harassment, along with suicidal thoughts and even an attempt. There will be discussions and flashbacks about abuse later on so be warned. There will always be trigger warnings at the beginning of every chapter and for the most part this rewrite will be fluff and chaos, but there will be some dark moments and I want everyone to be aware of that before they continue on with this series. As a victim of some of the things that the tlh cast has been through I completely understand if anyone doesn't want to be tagged or if they want to go as far as to block me so they don't see the updates for this. Stay safe and I love you all <333
Also if you want to know more about what this rewrite will include please look at this ask and this one
Chpt.1 here
Warnings for this chapter: mention of charlestair(1)(derogatory) and somewhat of a sex mention but it's brief and not explicitly said.
Word count: 1917(fun fact: the US joined world war 1 in this year)
Enjoy the fluff <333
Alastair woke up to a pillow hitting him, he didn’t even need to open his eyes to know it was his sister. “You know, Layla, we aren’t leaving for the institute until later tonight.”
“Oh I know,” she smiled cheekily at him, “I just wanted to hit you with something.”
He groaned and shooed her away, she left his room laughing, and was probably on her way to tell Risa of her success in waking him up. After a few minutes of stretching in his bed, he got up and went over to his desk, the unfinished letter to Charles still sitting there, haunting him. It was foolish of him to go to bed with such a letter out in the open where any member of his family could walk in and read it, but he knew that as much as Cordelia loved to annoy him, she’d never go through his personal journals or letters.
The man didn’t understand why it was so hard to finish said letter, he’d done a million times before, maybe it was the stress from his father’s arrest and the move. He was certain he’d be able to finish it tomorrow when he was more relaxed.
“Grace!” Her mother shrieked from her bedroom, “come here so i can decide what dress you’ll be wearing to the institute’s party!”
The young woman stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to move, but she had to. Her mother was always like this, controlling her every move, she couldn’t even eat without permission. She got up begrudgingly and put on her poker face as she walked to her mother’s room, preparing for more harassment about how her body looks.
“-cie. Lu, are you awake?” The brunette heard her brother ask from behind the door.
“Unfortunately.” She groaned back.
Lucie could hear James laughing in the hallway, “do you know where Matthew is? We’re supposed to help Kit in the lab today.”
“Jamie, I don’t think Math is feeling all that well today.”
“Is he in there with you?”
“Yeah but don’t-” James came in after hearing the affirmation, “-come in.” She finished with a sigh.
He observed the scene in front of him, his sister in her nightgown and his parabatai, who’s half-naked, asleep next to her. James shut his eyes tightly and scrunched up his face, “please tell me there is a reason excuse as to why he’s in here dressed like that.”
She looked down at Matthew then back up at James, “I promise it’s not what you’re thinking.”
“Then please explain. Actually wait, please don’t. I don’t want to know.”
Lucie rolled her eyes. “Something happened and he needed some comfort. I promise nothing you’re thinking happened.”
“Good.” And then he left, probably to bleach his eyes.
“Ariadne! Anna Lightwood is here for you, she says she’s going to take you to the institute to meet Barbara.”
The woman rushed quickly down the stairs, eager to meet her lover’s cousin and to see her friend. “Thank you mother.” She kissed her adoptive mother on the cheek and left out the door, bumping into someone. “I’m so sorry!”
The person laughed, “it’s no problem, I’m Anna, Genie’s cousin.” They winked at her, she immediately felt relaxed that she needn’t worry about pretending in front of them.
“It’s very nice to meet you, Genie talks about a lot.”
“Well I’d hope so, considering I am her favorite cousin.” Kamala giggled at that.
“My birth name is Kamala, but my adoptive parents hate it when I tell people that so only use that name when they aren’t around.” Anna nodded in affirmation. “Oh and Genie never clarified but are you a woman? Anna’s typically a woman’s name but you aren’t exactly dressed like one..”
Anna laughed again, “I get that a lot. I am,” they paused, thinking of an answer, “everything at once, and if you’re wondering how to refer to me, I simply don’t care, use whatever feels natural in the moment.” She opened the carriage door and picked Kamala up by her waist and hoisted her inside. “We mustn’t keep your friends waiting.”
Thomas knocked on the Carstairs front door and put hands behind his back in waiting, a woman answered the door after a few minutes. “Hello miss, I’m looking for Alastair and Cordelia, I’m taking them to the institute a bit early.” The woman looked him up and down with pursed lips before holding up her pointer finger to signal for him to wait a moment and closing the door. After about 5 minutes, he thinks about sitting down to wait instead when Cordelia opens the door.
“Hello Thomas, aren’t you a few hours early?”
“Yes but Lucie insisted I come get you so she can show you around London before the party. And I didn’t want Alastair to be bored around the house so I figured I’d take him to a new cafe that just opened up and then to the museum since none of my other friends want to go with me.”
Cordelia shrugged her shoulders and went back inside. What was it with these people and leaving him outside without saying anything? This time Alastair opened the door, “did Layla just leave you out here?”
“I’ve been out here for almost 15 minutes now.”
Alastair sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers, “please come inside and excuse her and Risa, Layla forgets her manners sometimes and Risa just doesn’t like people.” He stepped to the side and gestured for Thomas to come in. The house was cool compared to outside, “wait in here while I go find my sister.” He led Thomas to the family room and sat him down on one of the couches, “if Risa tries to shoo you out just tell her I let you in. And don’t move!” Thomas nodded and Alastair left the room.
He waited patiently in the room, looking at the decor and becoming very interested at his nails. He heard someone walk into the room but assumed it was Risa, she sat down in the chair next to him, it was not Risa. “Hello ma’am.”
“Hello. Are you here for my Layla?” She asked.
‘This must be their mother Alastair looks just like her.’ Thomas smiled, “Cordelia’s future parabatai asked me to bring her to the institute. And I didn’t want Alastair to be bored in his room, so I thought I’d take him to a museum to pass the time.”
“You are a very handsome young man.”
“Thank you Mrs. Carstairs, you are very beautiful as well, I can see where your children got it.”
“You know my daughter is around the age where she should be getting married.”
‘Where is this going-’ “I hope she finds someone worthy of her. Alastair too.”
Mrs. Carstairs squinted at him, almost like she was studying him. “You will have very beautiful children.”
He laughed nervously, “Thank you but I don’t know if I’ll ever have kids of my own.”
“Oh I see.” A pause. “My son is very handsome too.”
Thomas, forgetting where he was for a minute, sighed happily, “he most certainly is.” Snapping out of his thoughts, “I mean, I imagine a lot of ladies think that of him.”
Sona laughed, “you are very funny. Be nice to my son, try to bring back his happiness. He best be honored to bring such a fine young man into the family.” The Lightwood was positive his face was all shades of pink and red. “Oh Alastair there you are.”
Alastair came back into the room and kissed his mother on the cheek, “good morning mama, I hope you didn’t scare Thomas too much.” Alastair looked panicked towards Thomas, “she didn’t scare you right?”
“Calm down, azizam, I was only telling him of how you are of marrying age now.” 
Alastair looked appalled, “mama!”
“It’s true! You need to start looking for a spouse like your sister.”
The persian man grabbed Thomas’ arm and pulled him out of the room and back to the front door. “I am so sorry about that.” He said, burying his face into his hands.
Thomas chuckled, “it’s alright, don’t worry. My mom’s the same way with my siblings and I, at least the both of them are in relationships.”
“My mother wants either of us to get married sometime soon so that we will be able to form an easy alliance with another family in case our reputation gets ruined due to my father’s actions.”
“Well if worse comes to worse,” Thomas put his hand on the side of Alastair’s arm and squeezed it gently, “my friends and family will stand by yours.”
Alastair didn’t know why Thomas’ smile made his heart speed up, or why he really wanted him to touch his arm again, but he found comfort in those words. Before he could reply, Cordelia showed up.
“Ooooo Ali’s got a boyfriend” 
“Must you be this annoying, Layla? Tom and I are just friends.”
“For now~” Cordelia said in a sing-song voice. Alastair rolled his eyes and muttered something in Farsi.
Thomas coughed, “shouldn’t we get going now? I’m sure Lucie’s bouncing off the wall waiting for you.”
Tessa was folding laundry when she heard a knock on her door.
“Tessa, can we come in?” Cecily asked. “And by ‘we’ I mean myself and Sophie.”
“Come in, ladies, I’m just doing laundry.”
“I didn’t know Will’s new name was ‘laundry’?” Sophie giggled walking into the room. Tessa threw a hand towel at her but she ducked at the last secons making it Cecily.
Cecily bit the inside of her cheek and glared at Tessa, “oh now you’re in trouble.” The brunette shrieked as her sister in-law grabbed a pillow and chucked in at her, she missed but Sophie had grabbed a pair of socks secretly and hit Tessa dead on, who dramatically fell back onto the bed. After a moment of silence, the women started laughing hysterically, the other two joined Tessa on the bed.
Sophie sighed resting her head on Tessa’s shoulder, “Genie’s coming back from Idris today. She- they said they wanted to be here with family.”
“And we’ll do everything we can to help them feel better,” Cecily said. “We all know what it’s like to be publicly embarrassed like that, especially you both.”
“Yeah, everything’s going to be alright for them, all of them.”
Genie stared out of the carriage, they couldn’t wait to see Kamala after all these months, and their family of course.
“Genie,” their father started. “The institute is having a party tonight, do you feel you want to go? We can grab your siblings and Anna and go shopping for some outfits if you want.”
“Maybe later this week papa, I just want to be home with family right now.”
He put his hand on their knee. “That’s perfectly alright, whatever you need right now.” There was a pause before he spoke again, “I know you’re all grown up but you’ll always be mi cielo.”
“I know papa, you’ve always been there when we need you. I know you worry about being like your dad but you’re not, you take good care of us, and we love you very much.” They put their hand on top of Gideon’s and smiled, “but for the record, shopping is Anna and Barbie’s thing, not mine.” Their dad laughed as they went back to playing fantasies in their mind while staring out of the window.
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hahahax30 · 22 hours ago
Day 1938 of thinking how much drama we would've been spared if Henry and Charlotte had told Matthew they were expecting a child.
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tierney-a · a day ago
Thomas: *aggressively throws water bottles*
James: Uh... what's up with him?
Christopher: He’s trying to yell mental health and wellbeing into us.
Matthew, crying: It's working.
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lord-jethro · 3 days ago
Which TLH characters I could beat in a fight
Me: kinda strong I guess. I rarely lose arm wrestles. I have decent reflexes.
Cordelia: ohhh hell no. I’m running. Even without her fancy sword, she’s enough of a badass that she could pummel me
James: I’m indecisive?? Like he could shoot me but I’d just insult his favorite poem or something and he’d break down weeping. Like even if he turned into a shadow, a shadow can’t beat me up??
Matthew: bro’s so drunk he can’t see straight so yeah probably (joke joke JOKE don’t hurt me)
Lucie: on one hand I’m quite a bit taller than her but she could just call an army of ghosts to beat the shit out of me. So nahh I guess
Thomas: Thomas would straight up kill me but he’d be very upset about it
Christopher: I feel like I could take him in hand to hand combat (he’s kinda a weenie(affectionate)) but as soon as he brings out the explosives…. Oh no
Jesse: I’m fairly confident on this one. I love him, but he’s …not really a badass. He’s probably pretty rusty after being dead for seven years too
Grace: in the midnight heir,, she was pretty intimidating,, but she hasn’t shown any of that since. Plus I’m not a man so she can’t control me. And her weapon of choice is a hairpin??? What are you going to do with that?? (I suppose she could control a dude to beat me up but….)
Alastair: like he’s not renowned for his strength or anything, but he could glare at me and I’d melt like the wicked witch of the west encountering water. So no.
Anna: mmmm no I’d get sliced in half with her whip. i could get dirt on her outfit and she would be so filled with rage that I would be eviscerated immediately
Ariadne: everyone paints her as a badass, and I guess kind of?? She doesn’t really have any major weaknesses so yeah I’d likely lose
Charles: hahaha he’s a politician I hate those. bye bitch
Conclusion: I am doomed. My hubris brings upon me my downfall yet again.
Should I do this for the other series??
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foxglove-airmid · 2 days ago
Please gaze upon Matthew Fairchilds chosen weapon in awe
Tumblr media
It was mentioned that his were serrated edges too
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Part 3 of Making Amends
A month ago, none of the Thieves would have ever given him a gift, much less one for his infant sibling. Now here was James, giving him a round box wrapped in colorful paper, handing it to him as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world.
Notes: Epilogue of Making Amends! Some things you need to know:
The Grace/James problem is fixed, and James had forgiven Grace
James and Cordelia are together for good
Grace and Christopher have started dating
Anna and Kamala have also worked out their stuff (your choice to decide if they're dating!)
Thomas and Alastair are together
Matthew has realized he loves Cordelia as a friend and has made progress in his alcohol abuse problem
ABOVE ALL NO FUCKING BIG ANNOYING DEMON PROBLEMS (this is my happy ending for them if u can’t tell)
Takes place about 1 month after Part 1 and Part 2
Alastair’s POV
Part 1
Part 2
Alastair gently placed his sibling in the cradle. It had taken him forever to get his sibling to sleep. He was usually great with children, but today he just off seemed off. Or maybe it was the recent changes in his life that made everything seem different. For one, he had started dating Thomas about a month ago, who after a lot of struggle and the occasional fight had finally convinced the Thieves that the Alastair he knew wasn’t the Alastair they did, and that the past was behind them and they should try to get to know him better. They had reluctantly agreed, but they had agreed nonetheless. In fact, Matthew had been the first to agree and had argued with Thomas against Christopher and James, which had been a surprise to Thomas; Alastair later told him that he and Matthew had already had a lengthy conversation about the topic, which had delighted Thomas so.
Another thing that was bothering Alastair was something he hated to admit: he was scared. Scared Thomas would be inflexible, demanding things he couldn't give, and scared Thomas would hurt him the way Charles had. Alastair knew reasonably that Thomas was nothing like Charles, but he couldn’t get rid of the dread that filled his chest and threatened to spill out at any moment.
Alastair felt strong arms go around him from behind, and tilted his head to see Thomas smiling down at him. Alastair smiled up in return, then pointed to his sibling and said, “I just got him to sleep.” Thomas nodded, leading Alastair to a couch and sitting down beside him.
The rest of the Thieves came in, Matthew talking to Christopher and James behind them. They smiled and greeted Alastair, who, feeling awkward with Thomas’s arms still around him and sure he was blushing, smiled back. James placed something on his lap. “For the baby,” he said.
Alastair thanked him and willed himself not to cry. A month ago, none of the Thieves would have ever given him a gift, much less one for his infant sibling. Now here was James, giving him a round box wrapped in colorful paper, handing it to him as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world.
Thomas released him from their embrace and Alastair opened the box. Inside it was a teddy bear with golden fur. Around its neck was a ribbon that said ‘Baby Carstairs.’ He looked down in silence at the bear for a moment, and then realized everyone was watching him. He stuttered his thanks again and went to place the bear beside his sibling, who automatically curled up around it.
He and the Thieves watched his sibling, all with smiles on their faces. When Alastair looked back at Thomas, he saw he was still smiling, although he had a confused look on his face.
“What?” said Alastair, coming to sit beside him again.
Thomas shook his head. “Its nothing,” he said. “It's just… Well, the bear’s not new.” At that he looked at Matthew, who along with the rest of the Thieves had turned away from the child and were sitting in chairs spread around the room.
Matthew grinned. “Alastair my dear. I thought a home present would be better than a store-bought one in this case. I hope you don’t mind. It seemed more befitting.”
“Especially since Oscar has had it since his childhood,” Christopher chimed in.
“By the Angle,” said Alastair in surprise. “Its Oscar’s toy?”
James groaned. “You told me Thomas told him, Matthew,” he said.
“Jamie,” said Matthew with a devilish grin. “I did no such thing.”
While James and Matthew playfully argued back and forth Thomas whispered to Alastair, “I’ll buy you a new one.” Alastair started to protest, saying he did like Matthew’s present, but Thomas shushed him with a kiss. Alastair knew Thomas would buy him one either way—once Thomas saw something he thought Alastair needed he wouldn’t take no for an answer—but he thought the Thieves gift had been sweet, so he decided he would let his sibling have both.
When they broke apart from their kiss Alastair noticed the room had gone quiet. He looked around and saw the Thieves studiously ignoring him and Thomas. Christopher was staring at the baby and Matthew and James were staring at each other, all three of them trying hard to hold in their idiotic grins.
Thomas laughed. “You lot are bloody awful at pretending,” he said.
“Well,” said James, breaking away from Matthew and smiling at Thomas and Alastair. “It’s not like I bless you with images of me and Cordelia showing affection all the time.”
“Yes,” said Alastair with pompous, smiling proudly and pumping himself on the chest. “But this is my house, so you are all subject to me and my boyfriend’s rules.”
“Well, in that case,” said James. “Let’s get out of here.”
Everyone stood up and walked out of the room, Alastair pausing in the hallway to tell Risa, who was passing by, that his sibling was asleep in the library. He then walked out of the house to where the rest of the group was waiting for him.
“Where is Layla anyway?” Alastair asked James as they got into a carriage.
James raised a dismissive hand. “Her and the other girls—Lucie, Anna, Ariadne, Eugenia and Grace—had something to do. They said they’ll meet us later at the park.”
They had arrived in London, so they left the carriage and walked to a nearby bakery. Inside, Alastair surprised Christopher by buying him a big box of lemon tarts just for him.
“What ho!” Christopher said, while everyone laughed as he dug into his first tart.
They ate tarts and drank coffee and talked about little things. The refurnishing that was happening at Cirenworth, Matthew’s constant efforts to limit his drinking, Christopher’s love for lemon tarts.
“I shall marry lemon tarts!” Christopher proclaimed happily when they left the shop.
“Well, that’s a shame,” said Matthew jokingly. “Grace will be so displeased.”
They continued to banter with Christopher, trying to decide which was funnier–his obsession with lemon tarts or his obsession with Grace. After a while Christopher admitted—somewhat begrudgingly, Alastair thought with a smile—that he would leave his lemon tarts behind if it meant having Grace. “I don’t think she would make me do that, however,” he added as they walked into Hyde Park.
“I don’t know, I might,” called Grace, who had overheard them and was beckoning to the group to come and join the girls at their picnic blankets. “You know, to see if you really loved me.”
Christopher blushed and groaned and everyone laughed. The Merry Thieves and Alastair sat down on the blankets, which the girls had already set up; sandwiches, drinks and pastries were everywhere. Alastair leaned against Thomas, breathing in the sunshine of the day and the warmth and kindness that surrounded him.
That was how the majority of the afternoon was spent; teasing each other, eating food and talking about absolutely nothing serious. Alastair had loved it, and when he realized that everyday could be like this, surrounded by people he loved and who loved him, was overcome with immense joy.
Later on, when the day was coming to an end and the group was lying on the picnic blankets–some talking in murmurs and others asleep–Alastair rested his head on Thomas’s chest and whispered, not knowing why, “don’t leave me.” He knew Thomas responded, but Alastair had already drifted to sleep. It didn’t matter; thinking about the day he had had he knew what the answer would have been, and he knew it would never change.
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anarmorofwords · 2 days ago
You're so right about how cool it would be to have fighting scenes not focused on Cordelia/cortana. I mean, Matthew's chalikars are beautiful (I mean, can you imagine him with a weapon that isn't?); spears are cool af; Thomas's bolas are prime joking material for Spanish-speakers; and Grace!!! Edwardian hairpins were used to stab people in real life. She's dangerous with them.
I like choi, tbh, so I don't know what to tell you. I heard cc's second books aren't all that great? But hopefully chot will be better. There are lots of things she needs to talk about, and at this point I'm most excited about whatever's going to happen with Matthew... And you know, how tf is Bridget so long-lived?
Right?!? Plz Matthew's weapon is amazing (no I can't imagine that, he's looking for beauty anywhere he can), ALASTAIR WITH SPEARS C'MON HE'S AMAZING. EVEN JAMES WAS IMPRESSED. Thomas's weapon is also so cool (but I personally think it should be called boleadoras in the narrative, the characters are not unfortunately joking about this, but it's cringy to read for me, not to mention, from what I know, for many Spanish speakers). Yes Grace's hairpins!!! I don't think they were even mentioned in the books themselves? It's such a shame!
Well I'm glad someone does :')
I can't say I'm excited for Matthew's arc, more like terrified, because personally I dislike most of the theories people come up with and wanna cry just thinking about his fate :'))) But that's literally just my personal thing, and I still hope I'll be positively surprised.
But yes there is many things she needs to address and resolve, that's for sure lol
and yes plz what's up with Bridget
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cygna · a day ago
Matthew doesn’t need to forgive Alastair. I can’t forgive all the people who have hurt me either but his behavior towards him has just been to much.
He can’t blame Alastair for his choice to poison Charlotte. That was his choice alone.
I seriously hope Alastair doesn’t find out about this because knowing Alastair he absolutely will blame himself and he doesn’t need to be any more self loathing than he already is.
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summergrace-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Matthew Fairchild...gone sour?
Both are overdramatic and over-depressing it only fits 😩🦋🦋
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