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Lucifer: You're right. Belphie: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?
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You know the epic love story in Supernatural about the celestial being with a special connection to the Empty who rebelled from their father and their nature, even sacrificing their life, because they fell in love with a daddy issues bisexual who loved humanity? no, the other one
Megstiel | Lucy Dacus- Direct Address (Youtube) honesty is like a kiss on the lips / come closer and I'll tell you exactly how it is
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What would the ros think of an mc who is adorable when they are mad? Like the angriest cinnamon role?
Also how would they react if the mc was mad at them but still needed to be touching them? Like holding hands but not wanting to look at them.
And finally how would they act if the mc threatened them with the worst punishment imagineable, no more kisses!
(Love the demo... more please... now)
Thank you and so sorry that this took so long! I'm working on getting more out, so don't worry!
He’ll go the extra mile to get on an angry cinnamon roll MC's nerves, then just bask in the reaction.
He won't let the MC live it down if they try to give him the cold shoulder while still holding onto him. He'll gesture to the contact and make smart remarks like, "Oh yes. I can feel how upset you are with me."
He'd never admit it but the kisses threat kind of gets to him. He'll try to seduce you into forgetting about it. "Can I have one last kiss then?" he'd say and then turn it into a full on makeout.
She doesn't want to make you angry, but once you are she tries to keep from cooing over the cuteness, so that you know she respects you. It's hard though. Ends up zoning out and just smiling at your rage.
She's also touching you and trying to use it to quell your anger. She's leaning into your touch and giving you puppy dog eyes. She'll kiss the hand that's holding yours, saying things like, "Do you still want to be upset with me?"
She would try to catch you in a technicality. Covering you in kisses she'd say, "You won't kiss me, but I can still kiss you, then?"
He’ll try so hard to not let an angry cinnamon roll MC know just how adorable they are when they're upset. He knows what it's like to not be taken seriously so he'll stifle the urge to smother you with affection. This only applies if you're angry at him. If you're angry at someone else he just enjoys, maybe even fuels the fire.
He would get even clingier to try to get you to look at him. Draping himself over you, hugging you from every angle he can, all while saying things like, "I don't want you to be angry with me. Please look at me so I can apologize."
He'd beg and whine. He'd be full of complaints and would constantly try to negotiate. "No more kisses? Do you mean today? No more kisses until when? The terms aren't clear! This is not how negotiations work!"
If it's a serious argument, she would set aside how adorable she finds you, but if you're just being cute and angry then she would be sure to let you know. "Are you angry? That's precious, do it again."
She would try to quell your anger and apologize, but would end up making it worse because she wouldn't be able to stop patronizing you. She'd slide her hand up your arm soothingly, snickering and saying things like, "You're being so aloof, so cold. Will I ever feel your embrace again? Oh, but wait."
She would not take you seriously and would try to seduce you into letting the punishment go. She isn't giving any ground and she loves a challenge. "You want to punish me? I'd like to see how far you can take it."
She cheers you on. She loves to see your cute face when you unleash on someone, except if she's the one you're upset with. "Oh there's the face! Who's got us mad? Me? Wait, no!"
She would keep asking if you were still upset. She wouldn't even notice that you're instigating the touching, because she's draping herself over you. "Still mad? Come on! What about now?"
She would miss the entire point of the punishment. "Okay, no kisses. That gives me plenty of other things to work with!"
He hates when you're angry, but at the same time really likes how expressive you are. So he would have you talk it out with him so he could see your reactions. "And what else happened?" he'd say as he soaks in every expression and all of the information about who wronged you.
He would lean into the touch but would be very confused. He'd keep asking you about it. "We're not talking." He'd look at your joined hands. "But we're touching? I don't know what you want."
He would just agree to it, and try to hold you instead. Or bring his lips just short of contact. "If that is what you want then that is how it will be. I don't love you for just your lips."
She's kind of obsessed with the juxtaposition of you being dangerous and wrathful and yet so adorable. She just zones out with a dopey smile on her face.
She would keep trying to apologize, but the contact would distract and fluster her. "I wish you would speak to me, I hate that there is this distance between us. I mean not distance, because we're touching. You're touching me. I—" She just stares at your fingers interlaced with hers.
She gets very sensitive about it and overthinks it. You'll probably have to reassure her. "You're disgusted with me now. You don't even want to kiss me anymore."
He would try to calm you down with a great deal of hands on gentleness, which also gives him time to admire your faces. Taking your face in his hands, "Take deep breaths with me. Exhale your anger."
He would still try to talk to you and would find the contact very reassuring. "It must be frustrating. Being with me." He'll look at your still joined hands. "Thank you for still choosing me."
It's a little cruel to get him hooked on kisses and then take them away. He would try to act like he's okay and meditate himself through it but would end up having an outburst. "Please release your anger. Please can this fight be over with? Anger isn't good for your health and— I miss it! I do miss the kissing!"
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Lucifer X Reader: Oops, Sorry (19)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry for my mini hiatus! Exams are a bitch.
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Ok, but now I'm just imagining the MC sending Saraah's husband the shovel talk through letters. XD Just, the finesse focused, subtle MC sending extremely polite, well-written congratulations letter for the wedding, laced with the subtlest politest threats in such an elegant manner, that the poor guy almost doesn't realize his life is being threatened until the signature, meanwhile the more aggressive mc just slaps: "P. S.: You ever dare to hurt him in any way and nobody will recognize your corpse once I'm done with you," at the end. It gets funnier the younger the mc is at the time of Sahaar's wedding.
(btw I absolutely adore Sahaar, thank you for making them <3)
Omg I love it. Either way, Saraah's husband would be like "Saraah, why does your 19 yo sibling keep sending me threathening letters?"
And Saraah would burst out laughing "oh, that's precious. Let me see them!"
I'm so happy to see so much Saraah love!!❤
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Can We Pretend Everything Is Okay, Even If It's Just For A Moment?
Tumblr media
He's sorry, he really is.
He regrets it, he really does.
But that doesn't mean anything.
He knows he's being selfish. He isn't the victim, quite the opposite. If it weren't for him, he wouldn't be feeling this onset of emotions.
But he can only keep wallowing in his guilt for so long. Regardless of how terrible he feels, he knows you must be being doing worse...
You've been doing better. You left your room for the first time this week, Levi had insisted on showing you his new cosplay but you knew he had different intentions, and for that you’re grateful. If it weren't for him, you don't know what you would be doing right now. But that doesn't change the fact that you still are yet to face your, "killer."
Leviathan had just left, insisting you try to get some sleep. But lately it’s been quite difficult because you are unable to stop your mind from remembering the horrors that occurred that day…You can't forget, and you probably never will.
You sigh to yourself, realizing you are yet to fall asleep. But you'd rather be tired than plagued by flashbacks of that day every time your rest your eyes.
It's 3 A.M so nobody should be awake, maybe Lucifer but he would be too occupied with his work to get distracted. You get out of your bed and walk to the kitchen, hopefully a tea will calm you down.
You wish you could forget seeing your body limp on the floor. His hands around your neck, snapping it like it was nothing, seeing the joy on his face after he killed you...
You were in the middle of making yourself a tea when you heard his voice. It was impossible to not recognize, especially when it belonged to the person who brought upon you your death...
"Can we talk?"
Something so simple, so casual. Why? Why was he not bothered, why was he acting as though he didn't kill you!?
You need to leave. You can't be here, alone in a room with him.
Forgetting about your tea, you attempt to rush out of the kitchen but his voice stops you.
He sounded pathetic, desperate, almost as if he were the one who died!
And that bothered you.
You turned to look at him, taking in his disheveled form, the bags under his eyes, an obvious sign he also was having a hard time sleeping.
How ironic.
You wanted to scream, cry, anything to show him how much he hurt you. But you didn't, instead you could only muster out a quiet, "hey."
"Can we talk, please?" He says in a soft voice, a voice that would have sounded innocent if it weren't for the person saying it.
You nodded, walking over to where he stood.
"How have you been? I haven't heard from you in a while."
"What do you think? You killed me, you enjoyed killing me! Do you seriously expect me to be able to move on from t-that?" You exclaimed venemously, your voice betraying you towards the end.
The look on his face almost pains you, just almost. His eyes are wide and full of sorrow. 'I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen," he says with a shaky voice.
"How did you not mean for this to happen? You lied to me, manipukated me, and lured me into being your friend only to kill me! Why are you the one whose so torn up over this?" You cried it, no longer caring about disturbing the rest of the brothers. "You killed me like I was n-nothing," you whispered quitley.
"You are important to me," he seghs before continuing, "ever since you arrived in the Devildom, my brothers have been happier. I want to get to know you, I want to experience what it is like to be loved by you," he says softly, a small smile gracing his lips.
"I want to love you. I want to be able to talk to you without fearing for my life!" your sobs echo throughout the kitchen, you must look pathetic.
A shaky hand reaches out and softly caresses your back, you flinch and it swiftly retracts.
"Do y-you regret k-killing me?" you ask with a raspy voice.
"Yes," he wants to say more, but he doesn't know how. "Do you think you can ever trust me again?"
You are taken aback by his question. You want to say yes. You want to put all of this behind you, but you can't.
"No. I don't' think I'll ever be able to look at you and not feel scared,” you speak regretfully.
The look in his eyes pains you, it is one of regret, sorrow, and acceptance.
"I understand, I'm sorry.." he speaks as he cries softly.
The two of you share a look, it makes you think of what your relationship could have been...
"Let's pretend we're okay, even if it's just for a moment."
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How do the ROs feel about a devout-to-the-old-gods MC?
Good question! I talk in the #religion tag about how each MC feels about the gods and the One-God and what they believe, especially here--so their feelings about an MC who devoutly believes in the old gods pretty much mirror their feelings about the gods in general.
Blade: he doesn't really care if MC believes in the gods or One-God either way and respects their beliefs to the point where he'll never mock or scorn them, but he would be very uncomfortable if they tried to convert him to their beliefs and is very adamant that he feels no personal connection or interest in deities--of either faith--himself! So he's basically indifferent on the subject of religion and would respect MC's beliefs so long as they respected his lack of them!
Trouble: religion doesn't really enter the equation for him and he's pretty much religion-indifferent: he's supportive if MC believes in the One-God or Old Faith either way, and the only difference is that he knows more about the One-God than he does about the old ones. But he'd be interested in learning about them and discussing them further and learning about MC's faith more if they believed in the old pantheon! Being staunchly areligious, he'd never "convert" either way, but he'd be interested in talking about it in an intellectual sense!
Tallys: she'd feel a connection to an Old Faith-worshipping MC because she herself believes in the Old Faith, so this is a plus for her! It's not like a requirement or anything, just another common interest and topic of discussion--so like being Elf!raised, it's another point of commonality between them. But she's not super, super devout (though she does practice dawn prayers in the old Elvish tradition), so it's not a huge part of her identity, either. She's tolerant of an MC who believes in the One-God, so long as they don't follow the versions of the Church that believes the One-God hates Diminished or anything like that!
Shery: she happily respects MC's faith and their right to believe in the old gods and believes that both religions are essentially different ways of interpreting the same entity or force, so she doesn't see it as a hard dichotomy like many believe; she thinks there's room for all kinds of beliefs in the world! So she'd be comfortable with it and would be interested in learning about it in a respectful manner, though the One-God resonates with her more powerfully!
Riel: he is politely but firmly agnostic (leaning towards atheistic, though he admits that he doesn't have definitive, scientific proof either way). So he'd politely acknowledge MC's faith and would be careful never to speak disparagingly of the gods or religion around them, but he would be very disapproving if they tried to push him into being more pious or tried to get him to open his mind to the possibility. He just has 0 interest in deities except in a historical, cultural, or psychological sense (as a way to understand the people around him); he wouldn't "care" that MC believes in the old gods (in that he wouldn't try to dissuade them or argue with them about it), but he doesn't believe in them himself. If anything, he would just keep an eye out to make sure they didn't get prosecuted for their pagan faith!
Chase: he is probably the most aggressively atheistic person out of the whole bunch, and while he doesn't usually talk about it (finding discussions of religion too heavy), he gets annoyed the most or provides the most amount of pushback if anyone tries to convert him or tries to insert religion into his life. He reacts exactly the same way if MC is devoted to the Old Faith or the New Church ("oh! that's cool! I am not interested in that at all but you do you, I will go off and keep myself occupied while you attend church/temple or will politely avert my gaze while you pray but I have 0 interest in pursuing the topic further") and essentially just goes about his own business, but it's a potential dealbreaker for him if his partner requires him to be religious or demonstrate any kind of faith!
Red: he mildly believes in the old gods and refers to them more in conversation than he does in the One-God (like he will casually say "gods help us" while Trouble will say "God help us") but they don't really factor into his life beyond casual and offhand mentions. His interest in them is more academic (he believes they existed, but possibly were not deities as they were later mythologized to be and could have been a different race or superpowerful Mages, that kind of thing) and he doesn't believe they're watching from on high, governing the actions of day-to-day people. But he generally believes in them more so than in the One-God; he'd be generally positive and encouraging in MC's worship of them, but would also be more interested in discussing them in an intellectual sense (such as pointing out contradictions or gaps in their mythology) rather than a purely faith-based one, which might lead to some conflict or offense!
Ayla: she's pretty rudely atheist-seeming in her day-to-day life and makes it a point to be pretty sacrilegious and challenging (finding the idea of the old gods an uncomfortable and embittering thought: because if they exist, why'd they let all this bad shit happen?), but she'd cool it around an MC who was extremely devout. Trying to convert her would likely lead to a lot of resistance or arguments, but otherwise she'd let MC do their own thing with little comment, and she'd expect them to do the same for her!
Briony: she's more spiritual than religious-based and doesn't have a ton of definition to what she believes (like she believes there's some higher power out there, but whether it's literal gods or simply something like "fate" or "goodness" or "love", she can't say for sure), but she's more open to the idea of the old gods than she is to the One-God. Ultimately she would be interested in hearing why MC believes so strongly in the old gods, and if she found their belief compelling enough, she'd be willing to convert or worship them herself! She's basically open to anything!
Lavinet: she'd be a little uncomfortable with an MC (especially a romantic partner) who believed in the Old Faith, mostly because she's been taught from a young age that it's extremely blasphemous and paganistic and heretical... it might be like going on a date with someone from Tinder and finding out they're a devout Satanist? (Maybe a bad example, since your feelings on Satanism could vary, but I'm talking about the likeliest reaction being that surprise and "...Oh!") She doesn't believe in the One-God very much except for appearances' sake, so it's more a political concern that she'd be dating a literal heretic rather than a faith-based one, and I think she'd have a lot of layers to sort through like "What if anyone finds out?" (putting MC in danger, but also herself, but she also doesn't want to be the one to tell them to conceal their faith if they don't want to) to "What will our kids grow up believing?" So it'd be something they'd have to sort out between themselves--definitely not a deal-breaker, but more complex in her very public-facing situation than it is for the others!
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HellooOo ✨
Sooo im kinda back ? I'm busy with homework and "academic" stuff and college applications are just starting, so I don't know if I'll be posting drawings
But as always, you have to be positive? I'll try to upload things even if it's late (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Joshua why did you draw on the photo ?
- He looks better that way
- Oh come on! although I look good with eyelashes—
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Pride outside of Nexus City…
Tumblr media
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I love Saraah so much 🥺 how did he and his husband get together? Mayhaps we can learn more about our brother-in-law?
I'm so happy you do!❤
So, as with every other MC's sibling, Saraah married their husband because of an arranged marriage organized by the Venegard House. Saraah was not happy in the slightest.
He fought a lot with the Council and with his own parents to at least have a his spouse be another man (since Saraah is as gay as they come). Just months prior, King Arthur made a law permitting marriages of the same sex but there had not been any in Camelot's nobility. So after Arthur subtly pulled some strings and the Council agreed, Saraah's was the first same-sex marriage in Camelot.
They still didn't know eachother, but from an initial distrust from Saraah, he and his husband came to deeply respect and then love eachother.
You'll meet them both at MC's marriage, so quite soon!
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twst MC
Since the eng ver is coming out, here is my little MC
(I may draw her soon, cause I have the time lol)
Tumblr media
Try it out using this link:
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minecraft body language related things
- anything related to crouching. slowly going up to someone while crouching to be sneaky. spam crouching in “friend?? friend!!” crouching and looking down because you’re sad :(
- punching up in the air enthusiastically like “hey let’s go!!” punching the blocks underneath you rapidly as if moving your hands around in conversation. affectionately punching other players like you would pull someone’s ear.
- i dunno if this is just my group but full netherite players criting each other with axes and swords because it barely does any damage and it’s fun
- aggressive spinning to goof off
- almost-but-not eating something to make obnoxious noises
- that thing streamers/youtubers do when you can tell they’re staring at themselves in f5 to talk to an audience
- also, when you can TELL someone has paused to look at you in optifine zoom
- forcing yourself into swim/fly mode on land for maximum silly mode.
- waiting for someone to find where you are so you’re like. in a body of water going straight up and down with a riptide trident until they do. or just flying up and down with elytra
- getting in a boat on land and spinning in circles like “hey I’m bored let’s go”
- slowly swapping out tools either as a threat, or to dramatically reveal what item you have
- putting armor on as a threat, or taking it off as a “I’m relaxed” thing
- playing hot potato with a junk item neither player wants and chasing each other around with it
- i just think running around with a loaded crossbow out is really funny. you look like an oblivion npc
- loading up a trident throw but Not letting it go and holding it back as a threat
- rapidly flicking levers/opening chests/pressing buttons/etc to annoy the other person, especially while they’re talking
- closing a door in someone’s face
- playing a block in front of someone. they break it. you place it again. this continues for two more minutes
- jumping down at someone from a higher place like “HI I’M HERE NOW!”
- sitting in cauldrons. become soup.
- music disc dancing. moving around as much as possible for pigstep and slow crouching to cat
- being offended/sad etc and digging down a few blocks to sulk
- anything along the lines of a player taking time to make something for a joke. someone says “let’s talk” and the other busts out a crafting table and crafts a stair so they can pretend to sit
i love minecraft guys :)
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