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#McLaren Mercedes
lilysf1blr · 2 months ago
One good thing to take away from this is that Daniel’s win last week wasn’t a fluke. He is comfortable in that car now and can bloody drive it.
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inchident · 2 months ago
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they look like so tiny and are posing like a boy band whyyyyy
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radiocheck · 3 months ago
Mclaren Belgian GP wallpapers via mclaren official instagram
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Tumblr media
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multifandomboii · 3 months ago
I'm back and it's a race week and most importantly, it's a 💫triple header💫 (and also a Stray Kids comeback-)! Anyways, here's the...
McLaren Young Driver Programme!
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(Kinda lonely, isn't it?)
Former members:
- Wesley Graves (1998)
- Lewis Hamilton (1998-2006)
- Cheng Congfu (2003-2006)
- Giedo van der Garde (2006-2010)
- Oliver Rowland (2007-2010)
- Alexander Albon (2010)
- Jack Harvey (2010)
- Petri Suvanto (2010)
- Oliver Turvey (2010-2011)
- Kevin Magnussen (2010-2013)
- Ben Barnicoat (2010-2015)
- Nyck De Vries (2010-2018)
- Tom Blomqvist (2012)
- Stoffel Vandoorne (2013-2016)
- Nobuharu Matsushita (2015-2017)
- Lando Norris (2017-2018)
- Sergio Sette Câmara (2019)
Background as always:
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Other academies:
Mercedes Junior Team
Ferrari Driver Academy
Sauber Academy
Williams Driver Academy
Alpine Academy
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dizzyduck44 · 7 months ago
Having issues. My posts aren’t appearing in tags. This has been going on for 24 hrs at least. Any ideas?
If you see this post please reply just so I know how far (or not) it’s getting. Thanks
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Tumblr media
i have wayyy too much to say on this order smh-
checo: i actually screamed in joy after seeing this. rbr better give him a good career like this.
carlos: for a second, i forgot he raced for ferrari and thought this was a mistake.
max: whatever it was that lewis said about him, hell yeah, it worked.
pierre: our french boi. *screams in joy*
lewis: i genuinely expected better results but i then realized they were on hards. so that's fine.
valtteri: again, hards.
lando: okay, 7th is a good start for lando. hopefully, P2 gives him some more good luck.
sebastian: seeing seb in the top 10 makes my heart all giddy ngl-
yuki: after seeing his performance, i kinda wanna add alpha tauri to my list of teams that are gonna kick ass this year.
kimi: kimi is kimi. nothing there.
daniel: aw. i really did want the mclarens to be in top ten together.
charles: i actually expected mazepin to be in last but when i saw charles, i was on the verge of having a mental breakdown- I BLAME NETFLIX THIS CANNOT HAPPEN-
egg: okay bro, get back to your home in 20th place. you aren't allowed to go above 19th.
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rinotakashiro · 2 months ago
*The best part of yesterday’s programme, change my mind*
*Kimi didn’t say Bwoah (but neither did Chris) - so where is my tag of #WeBwoahAsOne?!*
*Top moment of Kimi “do you think I will answer your questions” Räikkönen*
*I still can’t find the meaning of the 21x23 question, but nice try Andrea*
*Never ask someone who sleeps before a Grand Prix “are you ready”*
*I now have 1000 ideas about Love Like Letters, I’m sorry not sorry*
Chris’s Silverstone episode:
*05 or 06 mid-season Silverstone test - he didn’t specify the year but Kimi was still at McLaren-Mercedes and Chris at RBR*
*End of day, the whole RBR team were required to do debrief with Marko for around an hour*
*Kimi called at 5.10 pm asking Chris to leave and hang out with him, “Christian let’s go!”*
*Chris explained to Kimi he still needed to attend the meeting because it was Marko*
*and I mean, we all know Marko, he might have made Chris into his dinner if Chris left early - plus Chris was not his favourite from the beginning to the end*
*Kimi, once again, “Let’s go! We don’t need meetings!”*
*Stop giving me such secondary school couple vibes you two*
*Andrea: he had no idea about Marko*
*Rino: but on the other hand, why do we need to have any idea about an asshole?*
*Kimi was the one making the move despite Chris being the more outgoing and sociable one*
*I see trust and love in their interaction*
*And I was almost sure Chris was the one making sure Kimi didn’t get too drunk and into trouble*
*I’m dead, this is my ghost typing and screaming*
*For @whatdidwejustdo’s information about the friendship between Kimi and Chris*
*Even more precious is that they are always very close regardless of each other’s social status in the paddock*
*Verhältnis they say* (that was the word used by ORF in 2007 when they described the close relationship between the two)
*but even worse, Verhältnis can also mean an extramarital affair…*
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lilysf1blr · 2 months ago
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They are becoming the driver pairing everyone dreamed of them being and more 🥰💖
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redemptionshoey · a year ago
Tumblr media
Have I mentioned how excited I am for next year??
All credit to jakepauldesign on instagram for this mock up😍😍
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dizzyduck44 · 10 months ago
McLaren have just decided today is their day haven’t they? We are all just passengers at this point.
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rinotakashiro · 3 months ago
Spa-Francorchamps with Chris, without saying it’s Spa-Francorchamps - Part 2
Honestly if it was not DC the impact would be even worse and it would be more likely that the front car (Chris) got affected too
But still, after so many years, I have no idea what happened and how it happened
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mcpingpong · 2 years ago
time to call them “McLaren-Mercedes” again
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