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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Megaman ZX

Ashe and Grey have very important parallels in their respective stories. For example: Falling. Ashe begins her story by jumping from an airship, falling thousands of feet while avoiding other airships, and landing perfectly at her destination. This signals to the audience that Ashe is impulsive but entirely capable, and also probably a god. At the beginning of Grey’s story, Grey’s first action is falling flat on his face in an empty lab. This is an insight to the fact that Grey is tired and most likely just needs a nap.

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I knew exactly what their body types looked like in my head so I had to do a little doodling and put them down on paper!

   Left to right (w/ bonus headcanons):

Pandora: Kinda short; the curviest gal, with rock-solid legs

Prometheus: Freakishly tall and lean, borderline twiggy. Acts like he’s the hottest thing around anyway

Ashe: The shortest and doesn’t care. Pretty athletic build since she’s active all the time. Not bulky but can kick your butt anyway

Vent: Easily the most built. Biceps, pecs, abs, quads, the works. Still a pretty humble and modest guy, though.

Aile: Flat as a board and gangly as a monkey. Super acrobatic and flexible. Has zero qualms about her body shape.

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All right just a random shenanigan I conjured up: Vent, Atlas and Ashe are in an outdoor training facility, complete with trees, big rocks etc anyway, Atlas gets a little bomb happy and proceeds to blow herself and the other two just random places of the training grounds. Ash is laying on her back and finally after the world stops spinning she looks up and sees her two seniors hanging on a tree branch by the seat of their pants getting atomic wedgies and all of a sudden just bust out laughing and says" and you fuckers wonder why I don’t wear pants! “

I think that’s probably a new headcanon.

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i remember model x saying something like that after he helps you in the first part of the game also zero and aile having this dynamic in my au is what i live off

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Aeolus and Atlas:*having an argument about something stupid*

Atlas:“how bout I shove my Knuckle Buster up your ass?!

Aeolus:” how about I put my sword in-between your legs?! “

Atlas:” What?“


(imaginary virtual cookies to whoever got Aeo’s reference. yes I ship these two goofballs.)

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