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#Mel talks

time for me to ~sleep~ since i gotta be up kinda early so goodnight angels! see you tomorrow 🤍

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i think since i’ll be posting all of november i might get around to writing another fic since i’ll have the time

is there anyone you guys would like to see? either someone you think i write for well or who i’m yet to write a full fic on yet? please let me know 🥺

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You know I booked a hotel room for tomorrow night (for an exam I ended up not even writing bc my teacher is sick) and I kinda really wanna bring my guitar but I’ll have to check out before school and carry my bags around all day until my mom picks me up

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The Kanz frontman sending me “Hey, thank you so much Melissa! It’s really appreciated and I hope you have a great day. See you soon! Bye” after I pre-saved their new single is sweeter than any of the audios I got from my ex bf lmao

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Hi friend! You have no idea how much I appreciate this. It’s been a very rough day, perhaps the worst I’ve had in a long time. It definitely wasn’t fun being hit with a panic attack when I was just trying to finish my psych homework and it was really scary, but sometimes I just have to hit a low before I can start building myself up again. My journey with my mental health has definitely been a longtime struggle but despite all that happened today I still have improved so much from where I used to be and I know I’m getting better, it’s normal to have fallbacks and bad days/weeks/months. I appreciate the fact that you guys make me feel safe and comfortable enough to vent and the extra love you guys send definitely helps. For now I think I just need sleep aha but again tysm for this💗

And if you guys are ever struggling pls feel free to reach out bc I have been there and I know how much the extra support can help

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#shinaus speaks ➵ #mel talks

#shinaus asks ➵ #mel answers/replies

these will be the changes in my tags, if you aren’t interested in seeing them make sure to block them out! love you!

i’m also likely going to get rid of #cute anons since y'all are all cute anyway hehe, but instead of #cute blogs i’ll just write whether or not it’s a moot of mine 😌

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boot goofin in my platforms that make me 5'8 >:) i dyed my hair back to black like a couple days ago and i am simply vibing once again

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I really would like to believe this is true oh my goodness imagine how sweet! But also sad bc I’m sure he makes attempts to try and reach out to them but ofc is unable to do so so he just kinda sits there and enjoys their presence. I mean if Klaus got a lil series then maybe Ben,,,,

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