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One time in middle school some kids were playing cards against humanity, and a card which referenced Oedipus came up, and none of them got it but me, and so i had to explain to them who Oedipus was. I remember them all thinking I was weird for knowing it. 

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Through the crack and thick dark fog. A burn that seeps and poisons inside.

Tonight we talk about death. I cannot breathe yet again. Eyes shot open at three. Hours before finding out a fate, I cannot go back to sleep, heart beating in unrest. You called before. We’ve only been apart for two days, and my absence filled you with longing. How did we make it last year? How did I make it? It was the knowledge of your well being. Now it is undone, the spell shatters. A reaper might slip past us.

I held on the tiniest thread of hope. I never learn, yet another proof. Waited for the final hours. The thread turns out to be a handful of dog hairs. The spell shatters. A reaper slips past me.

In my blazer, buttoned up to the chin, waiting for a welcome never incoming. Your name rings loud on the tiny screen. Shivers run down the spasm. Your name stops ringing.

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All the people that used to be in my life have broken my heart time and time again.

Friends family and boys.

When will it finally be enough. Is the universe putting shit on me because I can take it?

Does the universe know me yet even?

When I end it will it just say “oh maybe that was too much” and learn with the next one.

I feel sorry for the next one then.

I love my life as much as I can however it’s always testing me on how much I can love this life.

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day 3: a memory

I had trouble thinking of this one. People tends to remember sad things over others, I do remember sad days far better than good memories. But I’d like to share a crazy memory. It was a year before my high school graduation, I signed myself up for a school play under the “stop human trafficking” champaign. I also signed myself up for the script writer and director. The chaos started there; the people in my class had literally no respect against each other. They rarely followed my instructions as a director, they did everything as they wished. I made a mistake in choosing the main actress and only realised that when she started causing trouble around the group. She had an argument with the main actor, with the setting crew and with literally everyone. It was such a huge mess. Despite the chaos inside our group, we managed to at least get the third prize. I was aiming for the first place with our script but we had to make do with that. Not to mention, I had to rewrite the script countless until the competition day drew near. Seriously, that gave me a lot of headache as the organiser. I’ve learned my lesson there too. What a crazy experience. 

Anyways, I hope whoever’s reading a great day. Sending love to everyone. 


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You see her and you see one of your closest friends. I see her and I can’t imagine ever being able to let her go. I see her and, I see everything I have ever felt and could possibly feel, wrapped in one. I see her and love stops being a feeling or an aspiration. I see her and love becomes tangible, perceptible to all the senses of man. I see her and all logic, reason, and fear dissipate. I see her and time becomes a gentleman who lets her walk by free of his grasp. I see her and my heart clocks out for the day, wanting to go home. I see her and she takes my breath away, and I don’t want it back.

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Ever wish that you could catch all your dreams and hold onto them? Preserve them like butterflies on a wall?

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#afewweeksago #tigger #doll #cafe #홍대카페 #연남동카페 #티거 #goodtimes #goodpeople #goodtalk #goodpartner #goodsister #covid_19 #mask #memories #문화창작집단날 #극단날 #seoul #korea #asia #fall #hongdae #art #artist #play #music #movie #entertainment #broadcast #theatre #sns (연남동 어딘가에서)

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A message in a bottle … words lost at sea

Here I type more words, that I never told you,

Which I now cast into the ocean,

To be carried away on the waves;

Perhaps they will reach you; or perhaps they will be engulfed by water.

These words I never told you, because in my head, they sounded crazy;

And I didn’t want to scare you away,

Though, this is what has come to pass, anyway,

So, I don’t think it matters anymore.

I accept the fact, that I am, in my own way,

Really rather an odd person;

Some would call me bonkers.

But I genuinely don’t give a fuck anymore.

The first time I saw you,

I thought you looked like Jon Snow.

After our first conversation,

I understood from our energy, that I had found my way home.

The first time I met your dogs through the screen,

I felt drawn to one of them in the strangest way;

The only way I can explain the sensation,

Is that it felt like looking into the eyes of the soul of my future child.

Whenever I looked into your eyes for an extended period of time,

Your energy radiated so strongly that I felt completely entranced;

To the point where I forgot how to speak -

I physically could not remember how to make words flow from my mouth.

Maybe this all happened in the world inside my head;

But then again - this may be the only place where I ever see things clearly.

I hope you can understand, that the following is true for me:

I would rather breathe passion, and laugh myself to tears,

And wander amongst the trees and the clouds,

Smiling sunbeams and giggling with spirit animals.

For this world which is full of magic,

It gives me life and it gives me strength;

It is far more entertaining than the realms

Of the grey shades of cold-hearted logic.

You have tried to wish me well, a full three times now.

Please know that, wherever you end up, I always wish the best for you, too.

You have brought so much magic into my life, and I will always be so thankful for that.

Yet I am lost deeply in a battle, between listening to your words, and trusting my intuition.

They are at present, in conflict;

But I also know, that nothing is ever as it seems.

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A/N: Happy birthday, Mate!

For: @yourfriendlyneighborhoodnerd

Read on Ao3 here:

It was something he did when he was young. A thing that didn’t make any sense to him at first. His aunt had looked at him (just freshly an adult), and smiled. She may have hated them but she loved their meanings. The first one was something important that connected to Ben. A tattoo of “With great power comes great responsibility” which was something Ben told him all the time. Under the tattoo was the Millennial Falcon. His uncle had been the one to get him into Star Wars.

“It was Richard’s favorite movie when it first came out,” Ben had said. Peter had smiled at that. It was a thing that meant a lot to him. Under the Millennial Falcon, Peter had the date 10/22/15, the date he lost Ben.

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