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[How Jin Guangyao’s evil meetings with his lackeys often go]

Xue Yang: Very witty, my lord.

Jin Guangyao: Thank you, Xue Yang.

Su She: Very, very, very witty, my lord.

Jin Guangyao: Thank you, Su She.

Xue Yang: You’re certainly wittier than your father.

Su She: And head and shoulders over Nie Mingjue!

Jin Guangyao, glares at Su She: Is that supposed to be witty?

Su She, nervously: Er…No, my lord. Th-that was an example of the sort of thing that you yourself would not stoop to.

Jin Guangyao: Go away!

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So I just read a few Nie Huaisang one-shot fics and one where Jiang Cheng changes the past where he erases WWX. (I honestly meant to put it down and just bookmark it for later, but then my brain just would not let me stop!😭) 

Then my mind says, what if Nie Huaisang dies, and it’s a dumb bureaucratic accident? Like he wasn’t supposed to die, but he did, and the heavenly court sends one of their grunt men to fix it. How does this grunt man do it? Sends him to the past. Only it was supposed to be two days back, not several years earlier before the Sunshot Campaign. (Paperwork for the grunt man)

Now Nie Huaisang decides that he needs to keep Meng Yao on their side so he won’t kill Dage and still have him spy for them during the Sunshot campaign. And who is this grunt man who is helping Nie Huaisang on the side? Well, none other than Mo Xuanyu, apparently his little demonic cultivation attempt didn’t do what everyone thought it would do.

Cue angst, crushes, backed up paperwork (sorry Mo Xuanyu!🙇🏽‍♀️😈), confiscated spring books (Nie Huaisang:😡) and overcomplicated plans that may or may not lead to anywhere.

Honestly, I have no idea if I would write this. I mean, if I do, it better be a one-shot. I can’t do another multi-chapter fic.

Also the fic is called “The Way It Wasn’t” by KouriArashi. It made me cry and held me in suspense! Anyway there is a fic I have been wanting to read and I need to get back to it. If only I can make myself finish watching the “Scum Villain” Donghua!

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“Хочу сделать быстрый набросок” сказал я и захерачил вот это.
За што, почему, моя любовь к ним не иссякла
И помощь не поможет мне всё ещё

Да, потом можно перевести взгляд и утонуть в глазах, в которых пляшут отсветы фонарей, и умирать снова и снова *чувствует чувства*

I say “I wanna to do a fast scetch” and do this
Why for what
My love for them has not dried up
And the help stil willl not help me

And yes, then takes a look at him and die again and again in his deep black eyes *feeling feelings*

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HONESTLY. gusulan is lowkey so creepy in like the best way. it’s like oh we’re a bunch of air signs with a holier than thou attitude, we have 3000 rules, we’re cursed (in love), we don’t make horribly construed excuses for the ones we loveeee no sirrrrr, people see us as pinnacles of virtue (even when we’re not), we cannot let outsiders in because bad things happen when we let outsiders in, we must keep up appearances of perfection and strive for perfection at all times, BOOM! dark family secret; our dad fell in love with a woman who didn’t love him back, she also killed a dude, and he locked her up to waste away like a mad wife in the attic and then he locked himself up to atone for all of this oh and there’s like a 99.9% possibility we were both rape babies. we’re healthy :) this is healthy :)))  

i’m not gonna lie to you i think about a crimson peak jadecest au where lan xichen (who’s many many previous spouses died tragically and the society™ is in tears because he’s so young! so handsome! so charming!)  marries meng yao and wangji tries to off him. but it’s meng yao we’re talking about!! they have a heated fight where wangji pushes meng yao off of a balcony, triumphantly running down the stairs only to meet meng yao, lighting a cigarette in the corridor all ~~~~~ wangjiii 

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Jin Guangyao being a Dumbass. Part 1.

- intertextual analysis, also known as nitpicking

- meta. Don’t mind me.

Dear A-Yao. Hi! Quick question. Why did you dismember fierce corpse!Nie Mingjue? Okay, let me rephrase it better. Why did you choose that specific method of body disposal over something that will leave you with a lot less mess than when you first began?

You can’t have, I don’t know, cremated him???? Is dismembering a body honestly worse than burning it? You’re already choosing to chop your dead da-ge into pieces you seriously still care about the “desecrating dead bodies no-no” scale? Is this another bit to slightly mollify your conscience? Is this sentimentality or just stupidity?

The protagonists can’t solve a dead body mystery when there’s no dead body macguffin present for them to piece together! And don’t give me the “fierce corpses become more resilient to fire” bullshit! You have a whole torture dungeon! You were in power for thirteen years! You couldn’t have chained the super buff dude to a barbecue stand, put a fire underneath him and just left it burning all year around? I doubt any corpse can remain in human shape if you put it on medium to high heat for over a decade!

You’re a goddamn villain Jin Guangyao! Start acting like one! You never cared about “the proper way of things” before! So why are you now going down the “Liberate. Suppress. Exterminate” Lan Qiren Certified route when you’re suddenly presented with a vengeful fierce corpse of your sworn brother that just busted out of nowhere?

Also, you didn’t even think to investigate further? All members of sect families were put through rituals at birth so they are unable to become vengeful spirits when they die. (You think if Wen Ruohan could come back as a fierce corpse to assassinate you back he would?) But now! Suddenly! Your oldest sworn brother whom you, presumably, personally saw buried, is now a fierce corpse! Running havoc around mountain villages! After you subdue him and hush up the incident, you decide to dismember him, scatter the limbs around the cultivation world to be properly suppressed with wards and stuff! And absolutely nothing else? You didn’t think it’s weird? You didn’t go “I wonder how something so impossible could’ve happened I should probably have someone look into it”??? You just went on your merry way???

Is this the same dude who casually decided to investigate why sect leader angry grape ran around Lotus Pier waving Yiling Laozu’s sword and screaming, while he’s having his own personal meltdown? And that’s how he found out about Jiang Cheng and Wei Ying’s golden core swap, and used that to incapacitate said angry grape at Guanyin Temple?

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