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#Mental health
mentalquotes · 2 days ago
I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.
Lauren Oliver, Delirium
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postitforward · 2 days ago
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Hi there👋!
Yes, we’re waving at you. Why not take a little break from scrolling to practice some radical self-care? 
This year, we’re combatting holiday blues with the help of Koko, a team of mental health experts. They made a mood-boosting mini-quiz that’s grounded in science—just for you. 🤲🎁Here you go!
Not into taking tests in your free time? We feel that. Enjoy this mood-boosting playlist, curated by Armani White, you can have it in the background.
Here’s everything else we have on tap this week:
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Need a reminder for upcoming classes?
Break a sweat with Flex Friday on 11/26 (add to your calendar)
Pamper yourself with Self-Care Sunday on 11/28 (add to your calendar)
P.S. Did you miss our event on Monday? You can find the recording here.
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Falling apart does not erase the progress you've made. You're allowed to fall apart sometimes.
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moth-mailbomb · a day ago
Local punk n disabled lesbian in need of some support..
Hi, my name‘s Siya. I’m a minor living in an abusive household, I have several mental illnesses and ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
Every day here feels awful, I feel constantly scared, im trying to recover from depression and self-harming but it feels so hard and I feel like I can’t go on. I’m trying so hard to ask for professional help, but no one in my life seems to do anything to get me out of my situation.
And as I’ve come to accept that I have to be 18 before I can do anything, I’m turning to all of you to maybe give me some encouragement to keep going.
One note on this post is one day I’ll try to keep myself alive, stay clean from self-harm, and try my best to deal with what I have .
You don’t have to add notes if you don’t want to, I’m just making this post so it’s out there. Never feel guilty if you don’t want to do this.
I love you guys…
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mentalhealth · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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postitforward · 14 hours ago
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We all know the mental health benefits of exercise. 
Somehow ‘the benefits’ don’t seem to motivate us. You know what might? The fact that you’re already here. Even better, you don’t need any equipment. Just throw on something comfortable and make some space. That’s it. 
We promise you’ll feel at least a little bit better after you get your body moving. 
💪Flex Fridays💪 with Tiffany for Take The Moments Yoga at 12:30pm EST
About the class
​​In this Take The Moments yin yoga class, participants will be invited to move gently through asana (posture) transitions, giving space to notice the subtle and transformative moments to root into the messages of their bodies. 
Meet Tiffany
Tumblr media
Tiffany Curtis is a 200-HR RYT focused on providing intergenerational communities of color the wellness resources they deserve to be alive and feel their living with pleasure. With Reiki Level 2 attunement and certification as a transformational coach, Tiffany brings a belief in the power of embodiment, spirituality, and narrative journeying into her teachings. These same practices provided her healing and grounding, as she experienced the sudden loss of loved ones in unfathomable ways - through processing this loss, she fell in love with the pursuit of healing. Tiffany hopes to offer this same pursuit for all to feel into the possibilities of their humanity.
Need a reminder for upcoming classes?
Pamper yourself with Self-Care Sunday on 11/28 (add to your calendar)
P.S. Did you miss Monday's class? No worries, catch it here!
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being mad, angry and upset is okay because anger is a valid emotion and it shouldn't be repressed. this doesn't mean we have to go around projecting it upon others, but it does mean we're allowed to be angry and properly verbalise we're feeling that way. if someone doesn't understand that, it's on them.
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