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inspiringldsquotes · 8 minutes ago
Air Dryer.......
Howdy all, got 1998 Kenworth 800, with a Cummins. Air Dryer is spitting engine oil. Over 1 million on the engine, I imagine the air compressor is the source. The air dryer is located on the passenger side, behind the front bumper. Of course located there, it don’t take much too make a heck of a mess . What would be a good ‘internet diagnosis’ as to cost, and difficulty of repair. TIA from Trucking Forum | #1 CDL Truck Driver Message Board
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mrsgaryrennell · 12 minutes ago
crying type of writer FOR SURE purely for the godly characterization (also a wittle bit of uwu because the FEELS 10/10)
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I don’t know what to freakin say sis you caught me off guard with the ask omg 😭😭😭 which btw I didn’t realize it was one of those ask things lmaoooo you can tell I’m the type that doesn’t read instructions 💀
But thank you 🥺💛 I appreciate you sm and I’m happy to know you enjoy Blue and Hazel ahhhh 🙈 and apologies about us not updating recently lol life decided to not give us free time and writers block is a chronic disease 🤡
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galsgeneration · 15 minutes ago
1 & 17 please
1. what is your all-time favourite fic?
either mirror image by kaleidoscopic_lover or rose drops by @magicstormfrostfire (magicstorm101). i really can’t choose!
17. take a guess - how many fics do you think you’ve read, total?
easily over 100 stories if taking speed reading into consideration.
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damicantpost · 28 minutes ago
Did the horny blog get deleted?
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how to create WhatsApp broadcast list | Send WhatsApp broadcast Massages | message
how to create WhatsApp broadcast list | Send WhatsApp broadcast Massages | message
how to create WhatsApp broadcast list | Send WhatsApp broadcast Massages | message 1. Open your WhatsApp 2. Click on ‘Menu option” 3. Click ‘New Broadcast’ 4. Select upto 256 contacts you want to be sending broadcast messages 5. Rename your the broadcast page 6. Click on the pencil icon to edit Now any message send under this broadcast will be delivery to all the contacts you added. Thanks for…
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easywonderland · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
happy 4/20 to all u sexy stoners 😙
if you ask nicely you might get a free trial
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thelightofthingshopedfor · 49 minutes ago
no that’s fine, Microsoft Word, just keep crashing on this one specific document that I need to be working on and that was just fine before maybe Friday, this totally won’t have a negative effect on my ability to DO MY JOB
...oh good, now we’ve advanced to freezing as soon as the document opens, that’s...a little more efficient than waiting until I try to do something, I guess, but still not helpful
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