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well shit new tumblr hit me now too, it looks fine but where the fuck is the activity on my dash???? that is like currently the only thing i care about where the fuck is it?? xD and xkit is not working either, which is understandable but still…

where the fuck do i turn this off?? i don’t want this right now grknjegjke

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So, this is a lineart belonging to my dear sweet @me-and-my-gaster, which I got through her patron since I am one of her patrons on it where depending on which tier, you get monthly goodies :>c Like colour pages, just like this one! 

So you guys who love to colour should really go and join her patron, she is a amazing af person and artist who I love so overly dearly, who deserves all of the support! You get so many awesome things in them bundles yes, would link but since this is Tumblr I kinda can’t. But just go to her Tumblr and check it out ye!

But I been wanting to colour one of these for flipping ages, and now today I finally finished this one xD which I have been working on since last year, but now it is finally done!

And damn am I happy with how it turned out, the colours turned out so frikking good and I had to much fun colouring them lines! I feel like I learnt allot from this one when it comes to colouring and it’s so interesting to see how other people do their art all up close and personal. There are some things I wish I had done a bit better, at the end I got really sloppy as I just wanted it done, but idgaf I am way too happy and proud how this turned out!

And I hope Gasty that you think I did your lineart justice UwU ❤ ilu!

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Happy 1st april (:

I have finally realized what a grievous mistake fandom is, and from now on I want no part of it. 

So from here on out, I am going to leave Tumblr and only be active over at my Instagram, where I am going to start posting photos and videos of my work out routine. 

And where I am only going to praise our lord and savior baby Jesus, and how in the bible the only love and marriage that is allowed is between a woman and a ma- 🤢 I mean, between a man and a wo-🤢I mean, only hete-🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


Moving on.

I am going to give up on drawing, and instead focus on my true goal in life… becoming a mathematician who LOVES GARLIC AND ONIONS SO MUCH AND WHO POSTS SEXY WORK OUT VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM.

You can find me at 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤡🤢🤢🤢🤢.com btw (;

I am giving up Seaswap and all of my au’s too, they all go to @me-and-my-gaster, who I am sorry to tell here instead of in private, but you are too problematic babe, we can’t stay friends when you draw and like… such things I am sad to say 😔 home*tuck is clearly the devil’s work, and the way you draw skeletons with their… phalanges, it’s too problematic.   

Hope you and the rest who follows me soon too will see the light, like I have.

Now, don’t forget to follow my Insta instead of here, which is  🤢🤢🤢🤢🤡🤢🤢🤢🤢.com, in case you need reminding, you illiterate nonbelievers 😤 But only if you have given up fandom and embraced the true path that is our lord and savior sejus. 

Now farewell, this Tumblr will get purged in 2 seconds bye 🤪

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oh thats a good point actually - do your Boys all have different set romantic/sexual orientations or do you have them change depending on the scenario they're appearing in? :>

Ohh yees this is a very, very excellent question Ethan ohhh :>c

I do not have their sexualities change depending on the scenario they appear in, but most of my boys overall are pretty much completely pansexual, with some small leanings here and there but overall so are they hella pan, or bi.

As I headcanon in monster culture that, unlike humans, so is there no definite sexualities in monster society, they haven’t needed any names for their sexualities. 

Since there is no stigma whatsoever if you love someone of the same gender or is not interested at all etc, thanks to all monsters been so overly diverse and that there have never been any so called stigma thanks to religion etc, to change that.

They love whoever they want to, or don’t it’s all up to each individual monsters, so pretty much all monsterkind is pretty much pansexual or bisexual, with some few who are not. 

For example, Undyne who is a whole ass lesbian, and Mettaton who is asexual, in my headcanon at least. But while it’s a bit strange to only be interested in one gender or not been interested at all, so is there absolutely no stigma or hate happening. 

With that explained, let’s return to the boys.

Most of them are completely pan, or bi, they don’t really care or have a preference when it comes to gender overall. 

Though some do have some small things they prefer when it comes to appearance and stuff, some leans a little bit more towards one specific gender a tiny bit. But overall none of them cares what you got in them pants, if they like you they like you, simple as that.

But some of them aren’t only pan/bi tho, for example, Stretch; he is also demisexual, it takes a bit for him to grow romantic feelings for someone, he needs a proper friendship connection before romance starts. He is also poly, up for having more than one partner at a time.

Though I almost forgot tho, my G snas boi Gans, he is completely aro/ace. And is the only one out of my boys to be so. 

Technically though, I don’t have proper or set sexualities overall for most of the boys, as they don’t fully need it anyway thanks to my headcanon about monster sexualities overall, they will fall in love no matter what the person identifies as or got in them pants.

And while some, like Stretch above, do have some small preferences, so is this post already getting so long, so if you want to know more like proper specifics then send in another ask ye. 

The only exception to the whole sexualities and this ask tho; are my pirate boys. 

Since they all were originally humans before dying and becoming cursed skeletons, so is it only right that they all got properly named sexualities. Since they have not grown up in proper monster culture and are not originally monsters, unlike my other boys.

So Boney; he is a gay demi bisexual, it takes a bit for him to fall properly in love but this more out of trauma and fear of actually falling in love, but he does lean a bit more towards men overall. This is why I say he identifies as a gay bisexual, easier for him to get interested in a man, or someone who is more masculine overall, but he can still fall for someone who is a woman or nonbinary etc. 

Pass on the other hand is completely pansexual, he literally has no preference like at all, if he likes you he likes you and that’s that. He is also very poly, but it is something he technically doesn’t fully need, as he adapts himself to his partner, if they aren’t okay with adding more people into their relationship so is he completely okay with that.

Then there is my Seafell pap boy Crow, who is completely and utterly gay. Men is the only way he rolls, the gayest ex pirate there ever was.

I haven’t properly thought out the rest of my other pirate boys, but I do have my female versions of Boney and Pass, aka Bon and Nessie. Though Nessie is like pretty much the exact same as Pass though so I’mma skip her.  

Bon tho, she is very much a lesbian. A complete and utter lesbian. 

And that’s all ya get for now yeah. 

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Who's the gayest boi of them all?

This boi (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)❤

Or at least with how he behaves and just how fab he is, and that he does lean a bit more towards men overall compared to all my other boys. Except for Crow my Seafell pap boi, who is officially gay. :>c

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ESSY I have an important question! I just saw the comic about the swaps and the lollipop/cig what is the most memorable trick played by any of your brother sets?

Oh gods, can’t believe you found that old thing xD it’s so old, and my swap bros have changed so much since then. But oohh this a good question mhhh… let’s see… 

When it comes to pranks/tricks, so is my swap bros the ultimate pranksters, they prank one another constantly and their prank wars are in fact, legendary.

And one of the amazing pranks they have done on one another: is when Berry succeeded in hiding literally all of Stretch’s crocs all over the underground.

To get them all back, Stretch had to literally search through the whole underground, alongside solving various puzzles and riddles and so on. While also avoiding traps and other various things meant to stop him from finding them, made by Berry, who went way too overboard like he always does with literally everything.

But both of them had allot of fun, and no one got hurt, or well mostly at least; Stretch did end up a bit burnt in one of the more harder puzzles, but he turned out fine. 

Stretch was in no way angry about having to search for all of his crocs/shoes, or that he did end up a bit burnt, it was allot of fun and it was one of the longest pranks done to him; since it took him pretty much a whole month to find them all.

And it also took Berry a couple of weeks to plan the whole thing, and to come up with all the puzzles and traps as well. While making sure Stretch didn’t catch him since it’s real hard to keep shit from him. 

So yeah, that is one of the most memorable tricks ever played between the two of them. There are many, many others, but those are for another day.  

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Hopefully I'm not too late, but could I perhaps get good old swap pap in outfit 13 and palette 13?? UwU ❤ bc 13 be the best number pft!

Hi! I’m sorry, somebody else already asked for that color/outfit combination. Would you be interested in a different combination? 

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Came for old familiar faces and nostalgia, alongside back then latest obsession of Undertale, stayed for THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, AMAZING AF CONTENT, AND THAT U ARE BABEH UwU

hdfkadjhfs NO U BABEH!!!

But thank you aaaaaaah TToTT

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Heeeyaaaa granny UwU ❤❤ here to ask ya for one of them sweet sweet colour palettes, could I get my Boney boy in "High fashion"? because he be a fashion boi and them colours be pretty af yes

You know I’m always up to draw the most beautiful man on the seven seas!

Edit: I forgot Boney’s nose ring and it bothered me, so I added it in.

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And the last super old character sketches I got, which is a bunch of Grilly’s yes! Gods these are seriously old, especially the first two think they were some of my absolute first like designs I made back in the day xD the third boi I made hella later back when I still used snapchat pft

Anyway, first boi is my Underfell Grillby aka Vio, who I began to colour ages ago I remember I actually showed it as a wip once. But then I just never got around to finish it because how do you draw fire xD Still I like how he looks, should prolly fix him up a bit but overall this still how I prefer him to look.

Second is Underswap Grillby aka Pot, who looks pretty much identical to how the original swap grillby looks like, which means he needs a desperate update yes xD Because gotta make them characters my own take as much as I can, still he cute tho with his frazzled flames

And lastly, which is a old snapchat photo since I never scanned him in, Swapfell Grillby aka Lord Carnation! His outfit too needs a bit of an update, but overall I still really like how he looks like, he be snazzy af.

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What's Boney like in a relationship?

yeess :>c


He is kinda clingy, he is very touchy feely and just desperately wants to be close in every way he possibly can, without seeming desperate. He’s a very affectionate boy when he gets into it and just really loves to cuddle, to have like soft make-out sessions, that could lead to more if the relationship has gotten that far, hugs and kisses and just lot’s of romantic shit. 

He just really loves to touch his partner allot, so there will be allot of small touches all over the place, like sit and fiddle with his partner’s hand, standing really close so some part of him is just touching his partner, he will sit in their lap or they in his allot. 

Lots of flirty banter, he loves to banter and flirt, he especially like to have like very deep discussions about things like literature, history etc what have you. He likes to talk allot, but also really likes to listen.

But Boney is really hard to even get into a relationship though, thanks to a lovely thing called trauma caused by his arse of an ex, who is the cause that Boney and Pass died and became cursed skeletons to start with. 

Thanks to said betrayal so are Boney really, really scared of opening up properly in any way and get close with other people. Especially romantically, since he fears he will end up betrayed, used and hurt once more. Also fear that he will end up hurting his brother again, like his now ex did literally kill him.

So while Boney might appear chill and confident, so is he really not when it comes to romance, not anymore. He fears romantic relationships so much while also craving it like mad, he is a very romantic and social kind of guy, he wants and needs that romance stuff but he is terrified of it.

But when he do get into a relationship again, so is he really affectionate, lots of touches and wanting to be near to be as close as he can. He likes giving gifts and kinda pamper his partner, but he even more likes to get pampered like seriously shower him in compliments and gifts he will eat that up like a man starved. 

He’s a really romantic boy, whose idea of a date is to infiltrate while wearing very fancy disguises some rich people’s party and sneak away from said party to steal their shit and make out in shadowy corners. All the while bantering and just having an exciting time before escaping, maybe running away from the guards if caught, before celebrating the success at a bar or in his cabin/a rented room with some wine and maybe some fun between the sheets.  

And that’s all you get as otherwise this will turn into several pages worth of headcanons but these be the basics, enjoy UwU ❤

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IT’S MUFFET TIME (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ❤

Yep that’s right, time for more extremely old sketches and this time it’s my Muffet’s turn UwU or well 3 of them at least pft! 

First up is Swapfell Muffet aka Tuffet, gods this the oldest out of these 3 which you can clearly see because the anatomy is a mess xD I still need to draw her all proper sometime, but I keep procrastinating because she got flipping tattoos on all 6 of her flipping arms, and the rest of her body too! Which all look different and just yeah, but someday I will draw her properly because I love her so much

Second is Underfell Muffet aka Ruthie, I so adore how she looks and her outfit is something I really love, like its pretty much like lingerie but with a massive fur coat over xD and her hair is all curly and nice yes

And lastly, Underswap Muffet aka Dulce, not much to say about her but I do like her a whole lot too, I technically could totally draw her properly pretty quickly if I just did it but oh well, someday xD

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IT’S UNDYNE’S TIME YEAH (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ❤

That’s right folks, have even more old at sketches I never posted since I had plans on fixing them up all properly. But Since that never happened and since currently I haven’t drawn for like 4 days, I thought why the fuck not just post and show them ye xD

Anyway, once more these are like seriously frikking old, probably back from like 2017-2018 somewhere there I think. I have no memory of time at the moment but these be old af anyway pft! But anyhow, from left to right:

UF Undyne aka Cackles, gods I love her and I so need to draw her properly, she needs a bit of a touch up with her design and also her anatomy there is a mess and it already was back when I sketched her pft

SF Undyne aka Stitches, gods the anatomy here is even worse holy sheit, I was so pissed at the right sketch on this one because seriously what is going on there xD but yeah this woman be getting a redesign so she is more my own, actually currently sketching her up in my sketchbook this very moment in fact

And lastly, Swap Undyne aka Frecks! She still so very, very cute, but she so need a bit of a design lift too tho I still like her hair and face, it’s the clothes that be bothering me xD tho also the fact I have now given my swap asgore aka Fluffy a overall too and mhh dunno she might not have one anymore we shall see

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Holy sheit this goat man took way longer than I had planned, but shit am I proud af of myself for drawing and finishing him like srsly look at him grnekjgnkej xD

I am so proud of his design, his armour is very influenced by The Iron Bull from Dragon Age Inquisition, because this guy needed a tiddy window ok. His hair is black but it is blue so u can see the small details of it because I did not spend like over an hour drawing it all for it not to be visible! I’m just mgejkgkje so happy how he turned out so proud of myself, drawing them goats are always such a pain after all, and yes you get a nekkid version bc srsly I worked hard on that flipping body hair! xD

Ok here is some personality stuff for him yes, putting it under a cut UwU ❤

Keep reading

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GOATS GOATS  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ❤

Since I will literally never finish these, they are also like 2 or something years old prolly more too, so am I like hey let’s just frikking post them yeah xD so here we got all the sketches I got of my takes on some of them goats, not including the seaswap one’s, but the other one’s are all here yes.

I still like most of these allot, had plans on cleaning them all up proper and colour them etc, but alas seems like I will never get there, tho will prolly get around to draw them digitally properly sometime instead tho here’s hoping. But yeah I still like these allot even though they are pretty darn old

Anyway, first sketches are of my Underswap Asgore aka Fluffy, I’m actually in the midst of drawing like a proper pic of him and while his hair colour and outfit have now changed, not much else have and I love this too big and too kind goat man so much

Second is Swapfell Asgore aka Krum, think he is in serious need of a outfit change too, but I srsly do love his horns tho they good.

Third the only Asriel here, my Underswap Asriel aka Floppy, not much I plan on changing with him he still looks good yes, maybe spice his outfit up a bit make him more my own as currently he looks a bit bland, but he cute tho.

Fourth Underswap Toriel aka Braid, I’m still so proud of her outfit it looks so good, always imagined the armour to be in silver instead of gold and just mhh so should draw her properly sometime soon, this cold tired woman with her hammer.

Fifth Swapfell Toriel aka Regal, gods she so pretty but damn she messed up yo, also very proud of her outfit but damn she got so many things and details on her shit but also so wanna draw her grkjegjke

And lastly sixth, Underfell Toriel aka Vanity, I recall I was working on colouring her actually, as you can see on the next sketch, but I never got around to finish her, might change her outfit up a bit especially them colours they messy af. And also the reason why the scar isn’t visible is because she uses make up to cover it yes.

But yeah these all them goats, enjoy UwU ❤

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MORE GORE WIP (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ❤

Really thought I was going to succeed in finishing him today, but as u can see so am I way too far from being done xD I blame his darn hair, I worked way too hard on it njnjkergkjee but here’s hoping tomorrow will be the day, bc fuck am I proud of his outfit

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