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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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During this mass quarantine period, I decided I’d start using the time to 1) get back to my comic art and 2) use the free time in-between to finish the video games I own that I’ve never completed or even got around to starting.

So which game did I randomly choose from the list without giving any prior thought to the plot therein? Metroid Fusion, ie the one where Samus must battle a killer virus that gains sentience, manipulates her own power suit, and tries to kill her.

Yes. Right now I am playing Samus Aran vs. the Coronavirus. I might as well back it up with a few rounds of Dr. Mario for good measure.        

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Adrenaline? Foodborne demonic possession? Or maybe a hint to their hidden lineage? Whatever it is, once Chewie or Chewella get into Zombro mode they are nearly unstoppable.🤛

Follow the link in our highlights and add Bite the Bullet to your steam #wishlist

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Ridley is the funniest character to me because imagine hearing about this space-pirate villain from that one video game franchise and you just TRY to imagine him, and then BAM you see a picture of him or sth and…

…like, honey, that’s a whole ass dragon right there, with the most generic sounding name, and you expect me to go ‘yea sure’ on that one?

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The map of Unova X388! Overtaken by phazon and snow, this place is incredibly cold with hostile life. The layout is incredibly familiar, however, you might have noticed the shape is backwards to that of the world of Unova you’re familiar with. There are also many new places; and also areas that do not exist in this world. 


You can also find corrupted variants of Pokemon, like the X388 Gastly line! Pokemon who have been corrupted by Phazon have the “Phazon” typing added to them. After the main arc of the region, you will have the option to cleanse the Pokemon of the otherworldy substance. 

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