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BNHA OC: Hitomi Abe

瞳 (hitomi)- pupil of the eye

安倍 (abe)- peace, multiple times

hero name- oracle

quirk- future vision

she can see one minute into the future through and extra eye on her forehead. it’s kind of like looking through the corner of your eye, just up. she cannot hear in her visions, so she connects the presesnt with noises like people talking. if she does something different than what she sees in her vision, it will accommodate itself to the difference. ie: she sees herself talk to someone but she decides to avoid them, her vision will change to match her current actions.


she’s quiet, but isn’t shy, she just prefers to listen. she will rarely start conversations herself, but is good to talk to if you do. she does her best to come off as friendly and inviting. she has an excellent memory and is very naturally smart, but is kind of an airhead when in comes to some things. she often will give vague and somewhat threatening advice based on what she sees with her quirk, which she thinks is helpful and doesn’t understand why people don’t get it. she often gets caught up in thought or in sorting out her visions that she forgets what’s going on. she is almost impossible to embarrass, but doesn’t really like attention.


her uncle is sir nighteye! i figured their quirks were similar and it would provide angst if i make it that far. her mom is his older sister. her quirk is snapshot- to see a snapshot into the future once every hour. she was a nurse but became ill when hitomi was twelve and has been in and out of the hospital. her dads quirk is eyes- he’s covered in eyes but can see out of any two of his choosing. he’s a chef for a local restaurant, close to ua. hitomi and her class sometimes go there after school

random facts

  • she has complete independent control over her third eye and can open and close it at her will to block visions, but she can’t wink with her regular eyes
  • she considers people her friend even if they’ve only spoken once, and considers herself very close with her class despite not talking much
  • in my fic she replaces mineta because mineta sucks. that’s it.
  • she fights with a staff since her quirk isn’t physical. she’s trained in hand to hand combat and excells at it since she can always anticipate her opponents next move

i used a monster girl designer to make this! i just wanted to flesh out what she looked like, but this came out surprisingly accurate. maybe at some point i’ll commission something of her since i cannot draw, but for now this works. if you’ve read this, i’m currently writing a fic for her! i’ll post the first chapter in the next couple days, but let me know what y’all think!

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*BNHA/MHA manga spoilers*

What I say: I’m fine.

What I mean: While I desperately hope that Best Jeanist is still alive, what if he’s not? What if Hawks actually killed him in order to bring his body to the league to gain their trust? If that is his real body, what did they do with it after that? We now know that the Doctor uses dead people’s bodies as the basis for the nomus. Is Best Jeanist now a Nomu? Is he going to be a High End Nomu that the Heroes are going to have to fight? A former colleague turned against them? Even worse, what if Bakugo ends up having to fight against him? Bakugo, who finally came up with a hero name for himself that (presumably) doesn’t involve the word Murder, but is waiting to announce it because he is supposed to tell it to Best Jeanist first. Is Bakugo going to have to fight his mentor in this battle?? Someone that Bakugo respected enough to actually listen to despite his obvious irritation of how the internship went and wanted to work with again? To show how he has changed and improved? Is Bakugo going to shout out his Hero Name for the fist time at the remains of a man he respected turned into a monster?!?!? Is–

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todoroki & bakugou as boyfriends —



warnings: swearing

↳ todoroki x reader, bakugou x reader ( sep. )



  • really nervous at the beginning
  • always asking you if he can give you kisses or hold your hand
  • just be patient with him please
  • just hold his hands and reassure him that he’s doing fine
  • at the beginning you might have to initiate any type of kissing, hand holding, hugs etc.
  • expect huge ass gifts from out of nowhere
  • he could care less if it was expensive, it’s his dads money and he doesn’t give a fuck
  • cuddling was a struggle at first
  • poor baby is so stiff :(
  • you could be cuddled up next to him and he’d panic on the inside
  • again please reassure him that it’s okay and he doesn’t need to panic
  • after a few months of dating he’ll be more comfortable and relaxed with everything
  • he’ll start to initiate more of the kissing, hand holding, and etc
  • he’s not really big on pda tho
  • the most he’ll do with you in public is hand holding and a kiss on the forehead
  • he’s now a master at cuddling
  • baby is touched starved so he’ll take all the cuddling, kissing, and loving he can get when you guys are alone together
  • he’s family loves you so much
  • they think you guys are perfect for each other
  • he’ll even take you to meet his mom :((
  • he doesn’t want you to meet his dickhead of a father tho
  • todoroki really cares about you
  • he’ll be there for you no matter the situation
  • he’s just bad at expressing it
  • overall he loves you so much and he’ll do anything for you


  • he’s another one you have to be patient with
  • he’s bad at expressing his feelings
  • especially if it’s a feeling other than anger
  • just take it slow with him please
  • he’ll still act the same around you, he’s just so much more soft with you
  • at first he doesn’t really open up
  • still being the grumpy lil shit he is
  • he was a pretty bad kisser at first
  • but he’s a quick learner, so after some research about it he’s ready to tackle kissing again
  • and wow it’s like he was never bad at kissing in the first place
  • now he kisses like a GOD
  • his kisses are full of passion :D
  • after a few months of dating he starts to open himself up more
  • he loves you hugs so much and cuddling with you is like a gift from God
  • but he’ll never admit it at all
  • whenever you ask for cuddles or hugs he’ll play it off as if he’s annoyed but he’s secretly happy as shit
  • he always cooks for you
  • makes sure you eat healthy and regularly
  • he’ll take you on cute study dates :(
  • always helps you with your homework
  • makes sure you get the topic before moving on
  • he’ll help you study for any kind of test
  • he wants to make sure your thriving in your classes :(
  • his parents love you so much
  • they think you’re so sweet and kind
  • you’re the only one that can calm him down
  • he’ll be angry the one second and then when you appear it’s like he was never angry at all
  • overall he loves you very much and he’s glad you can tolerate his gremlin ass
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4 apr 2020 | this is a relatively new account (I remade it this past summer) and when i made it, i was still a clown who cared about follower/following ratios (even tho it legit doesn’t matter on tumblr lmfao). 

anyways! because i’m not following a ton of blogs rn i’d love to follow more! if you like/post any of the following (can be 1 or all, idc) - just give this post a like and I’ll check out ur blog :)

  • harry potter (idk i have a hp sideblog so i need inspo sometimes)
  • minecraft (LOL)
  • animal crossing new horizons
  • tiktok (i was on the app since 2018 so +1 if youre into old tiktoks)
  • boku no hero academia
  • achievement hunter/funhaus/rooster teeth :)
  • im not into this anymore but i feel like i need to add it too so.. . homestuck
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Originally posted by waifubuki

Wanna be tagged in future ‘Confine’ chapters? Leave a comment, ask, or re-blog asking to be added. 

Warning: Abuse, borderline stockholm syndrome. 

Edited: 4-4-20


You dropped your hands from the silk ties of your dress and lowered your head towards the ground as you saw Kai come up behind you in the mirror. Your body tensed up as you felt his hands graze your waist before he grabbed the silk ties himself.

“I told you I would tie your dress for you, yet you still tried to do it yourself.”

“I forgot. I’m sorry.”

Kai grabbed the thick silk strings that hung off your dress and started to tie them together behind your back for you. He looped them in an x and pulled tightly, making your head snap up and gasp in pain as the silky linen was strongly pulled against your abdomen.

Tying your dress? This was a cute thing that a lover would do. This was a domestic thing a man would do for a woman, a way of helping her so she wouldn’t have to reach. This was no nice loving gesture. This wasn’t him cutely helping you, the look Kai gave you through the mirror’s reflection said it all.

“Too tight?”

You bit your lip as you nodded your head up and down in response to Kai’s question. Truthfully it hurt to breathe, but you were too scared to tell him that. Scared out of fear that he would laugh and pull tighter. You tried to relieve the pain by sucking your gut in. 

Kai finished of the tie by double knotting it. There would be no getting that tie off without tearing the silk tie off the dress entirely. He ran his hands over your waist and hips, smoothing out any wrinkles you might have had. Completely ignoring your obvious pain and discomfort, he grabbed your hand and roughly tugged you towards the door 

“Let’s go, I have an important meeting. You’re lucky I’m even letting you leave the bedroom.”

You balled your palms into fists and dug the balls of your heel into the ground, stopping you from moving far. Irritated with the pain you thought over whether you should ask Kai to retie your dress. This would be your first time leaving the bedroom since he had separated you and Eri from each other. You had been stuck there for so long you lost count of the days. What if he got upset and made you stay there longer?

“We don’t have time to waste, we have guests coming.” 

You took a few steps closer towards Kai but the pain as you walked was too heavy and made you grimace.

“W-Will you retie my dress? It hurts.”

“If you want it retied, you’ll have to undo that knot and retie it yourself. Let it serve as a lesson. Remember that the next time you forget something I say.”

It wasn’t a sweet gesture, it was a reminder. A reminder that if you defied him in even the smallest way he would have to teach you a lesson. Everything with Kai was a lesson, but that was your fault. It was always your fault.

Kai was trying to do something nice for you, but you didn’t listen. It was your fault that you would be stuck all day in a tight dress. Kai had said he would tie your dress for you, yet you tried to do it yourself anyway, you defied him. It was your fault that Kai’s heart had teeth, maybe if you listened more than he could love you better.

You force a small smile on your face as you look up at Kai. If you made loving you easier than maybe he wouldn’t have to hurt you as much. This was your fault, not his. Your pain was your fault, not his.

“I’m sorry, let’s go." 

"Let’s go…?”

“Let’s go, love.”


With a yank on your arm, Kai pulled you down next to him as he took his seat on the black leather couch. You scooted over closer to him knowing he would get mad if you distanced yourself from him. Warily, you watched the man he was meeting with as he took his seat across from you. 

The man had light blue hair and red eyes, they instantly reminded you of Eri. The more you observed him you saw how the man’s hair and eyes were the only similarities that tied him to your sweet little Eri. His lips looked incredibly cracked and he had lots of hands placed on his body. He looked dirty or rather unkempt.  

The man with light blue hair had an accomplice with him, however, instead of sitting with his friend, the blue-haired man’s friend stood off to the side of the room. Your eyes drifted over to the second man and you observed him just as warily as you were of the first man.   

The second man had black hair and scars all over his body. All over. Under his eyes, on his arms, his legs, and they even peeked out from his chest. The black-haired man also had staples attached to his scars, like Frankenstein. For a minute you wondered if it had something to do with his quirk. 

The black-haired man looked different than the blue-haired man. Whereas the first man looked dirty, his friend looked clean. The black-haired man didn’t necessarily look like he moisturized, but he wasn’t chapped like his friend. Their eyes were very different too, the first man had red eyes like Eri, the black-haired one had icy blue eyes. 

His eyes were the most mesmerizing shade of blue. You would have called them pretty if he weren’t a villain, and you weren’t taken. The man notices you staring at his eyes and he raises his eyebrows at you. You stared into each others’ eyes for a split second before you diverted your eyes to the ground. You were both embarrassed that you got caught looking and scared Kai would notice you did it in the first place.

“I was made to walk in circles underground for thirty minutes. I feel like I’ve become an ant. What’s up with Yakuza’s house anyway?”

“We don’t know who’s watching or from where, nor do we know what our guests are thinking. A number of underground routes lead here. We’ve been able to survive until now because of small details like this.”

You weren’t sure why Kai was even sitting in a meeting today. Kai had always talked with dislike towards the League of Villains. Kai said the league was unorganized and had poor leadership. The leagues lack of attention to the small details like this was exactly what Kai didn’t like about them. 

“Anyway, what you said the other day on the phone, you meant it right? That you’d join us along as certain conditions were met.”

Mimic answers the unasked question that you had been wondering. So that was what he wanted the meeting for. He wanted the league’s name for their newfound fame from kidnapping a student. 

“We want a joint partnership. If that’s what this is, then we’ll help.”

“So those are the conditions?”

“Don’t interpret it in your favor. You guys want the name of the league of villains, we want to increase our strength. Our needs coincide.”

The blue-haired man placed his foot on the glass table in front of you. You saw Kai’s fist flex and you were sure he would have beat the man for simply having done it in the first place, but Kai wouldn’t do that. 

“Put your foot down, it’ll get dirty." 

"‘Will you put your foot down, please?’ That’s what you should be saying, young head. You should really be bowing to me.”

If he hadn’t wanted to earlier than he must have really wanted to bash the man’s head in now. But Kai was in the middle of making a business deal, he knew better than to lose his cool like that in the middle of a meeting. 

Your lips quipped up into a smile at the prospect of Kai getting irritated over such a minor thing and having no choice but to let it go, but the fear of him seeing you’re joy over his stress brought your lips back down. 

“First we won’t put ourselves under you, we’ll move however we want. In other words, a joint partnership. One more thing, that plan you said you had? Tell me what it is, that’s a reasonable condition. I want to consider whether or not there’s merit in lending you our name–”

“Who do you think you are punk.”

Kurono places his Glock against the blue-haired man’s head while Mimic had an outburst. They were so quick to resort to violence. 

Again, you find your eyes wandering over to the black-haired man’s icy eyes. You were shocked that he hadn’t activated his quirk in defense as his friend had a Glock to his head. Of course, you didn’t know what his quirk was, so how were you to know if he activated his. Then again, he is a villain. Who are you to say they were friends and not just accomplices.

“Who do you think you are? One of your disposable small fry versus our Hikiishi. Those lives are not worth the same. Plus the worth of one of compress arms. If we don’t get some concessions from you, it won’t be worth it for us.”

“Stay back, Kurono, Mimic. He came all this way with his offer. Let’s hear him out to the end. You weren't finished.”

“Tell me the details of your plan. Well, I have some idea of what it is anyway. It has something to do with this, right?”

The blue-haired man pulled out a tiny red pellet and Kai looked over to you. He dipped his head down to your ear and whispered, his voice full of authority. 

“Stay here.” 

Mimic and the blue-haired man got up and followed Kurono and Kai into a separate room to talk. Whatever the red pellet was, Kai obviously didn’t want you to know about it. You suspected it had something to do with Eri.  

The black-haired man walked over to you and sat on the glass table in front of you. You wanted to smile. Kai would just hate the fact that someone sat on his table, and Kai wasn’t there to see or do anything about it. You wanted to smile but the presence of the tall villain towering over you prevented your lips from moving up. 

Kai wasn’t in the room, so you did something bold. Something that might be normal for somebody else, but would strike fear in your whole body. You looked the man in the eyes. 

“Do I have something on my face?” 

You would have replied to the man verbally, but the pain from your dress was still there. You were sure if you spoke out loud he would hear the pain in your voice so you did what you were becoming accustomed to, you hid your pain. With a simple shake of your head, you answer the man with no. 

“Cause’ you kept staring at me.” 

Ignoring the man’s smirk, you looked down as your cheeks heated up. He had caught you observing him and his friend. He had caught you staring at his eyes. You hoped he didn’t mention any of this to Kai, but something in the way he looked at you told you that he wasn’t no’ snitch. 


You looked back up at the man only for him to put his hand on your shoulder and his other hand on the side of your waist. He was close to you, so close you could smell the mint on his breath, and the smell of ash on his clothes. As he tugged on your dress slightly you worried that maybe he got the wrong idea with your staring. 

The feared that Kai would walk in and catch you both in such a compromising position crept up in your mind. You were about to push the man away when he slid his arm that was on your waist towards your back. As quick as he was there he was gone. 

“I don’t wear dresses, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to tie them so tight you can’t breathe.” 

Of all people, this villain noticed you were in pain. He noticed you were in pain and fixed it. He fixed it when your own boyfriend was the one who caused it. 

For the first time in a long time you didn’t care if Kai could walk in and see. You didn’t care about the repercussions or punishments you might receive. You smiled up at the man without the fear that anyone would see. You smiled freely.

“I– I accidentally tied it too tight. Thank you…?”


“Thank you, Dabi.”

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