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#Michale Owen
anoccultarcanehex · a month ago
u said u made 12 children ocs today. talk about them i dare u. air your sins (affectionate) to the public.
fuck you
today i have pointed my child wand at sam, joan, owen, percy, michal, lee, jackson, mark, beck, oliver, alex, victor, eric, and woodsley
sam/joan/owen - they have been gifted two children. 10 yr old named emery and 8 yr old named elaina (she’s a telekinetic bc i hate sam joan and owen <3)
percy/lee/michal - winners of Children with 88 in total. i have given,,, One Child. lil 5 yr old named gabriel. empath bc again, i hate them
mark! mark gets another child! two this time! mark/beck - 6 yr old electropath (can u hear me cackling evilly) named luke and 12 yr old named abby
joan/jackson - 4 yr old carys i have had her for three hours and i love her immensely
victor/oliver - u fuckin knew it was coming. 3 yr old named julian i have no idea if hes atypical
mark/oliver/alex - THREE!!! juliette (7), cyrus (8), and alex (11). cyrus has super speed and alex is a weather manipulator 
and then eric/woodsley get twins bc i love them <3 (8 yr olds named coley and cameron)
i hope you know i hate you and everything you stand for (affectionate) :)
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aliensandidentity-sp21 · a month ago
Favorite Fan Video
My pick for the best fan video is chris31313′s Icarus. This fan video is about how Michael throughout the show is controlled by his passion and care for other people. it is also about how this passion can sometimes get him into some trouble. How this idea is conveyed is through the song that plays in the background of the video, Icarus by Dan Owens. For example, in the first chorus of the song the video shows scenes from of Michael making love to either Alex or Maria. To these scenes, you can hear in the background, “don't know if I'm flying, don't know if I’m falling” this is meant to emphasis that the love triangle going on between those three characters could end badly but Michael can't help but love them both. The next chorus shows scenes with Michael and his siblings, Max and Isobel. Once again, in the background you can hear the singer saying, “Don't know if I’m flying, don't know if I’m falling. Don't know if I’m burning up, burning up like Icarus.” What the song is meant to get at for this point in the fan video, is how Michales love for his siblings has put him in danger. More specifically the part that Michael played in Rosa’s death in order to keep his sibling’s identity safe. By the end of the fan video, it shows scenes from when Michael met his mother at the prison. Michael is often overcome by his care for other people, and sometimes that leads him to do dangerous things, and his visit to the alien prison was the best example of this. Because Michael trespassed on the prison, even though it was to find his mother, it ended up leading to the death of his mother and all the other aliens within the prison. This was the point where the line in the song, “burning up, burning up like Icarus” was really powerful, as I watched the prison go up in flames, and knew that Michael played a part in it’s incineration.          
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governmentaldeception · 4 months ago
Funniest Valentines Card You'll Ever See
Funniest Valentines Card You’ll Ever See
On this Friday’s Headbangers Hour, Owen, Frank Cavanaugh, and Michale Graves discuss various subjects including viral videos and valentines cards. Source: Funniest Valentines Card You’ll Ever See
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governmentaldeception · 4 months ago
Masked Karen Freaks Out During Grocery Store Interview
Masked Karen Freaks Out During Grocery Store Interview
Owen reacts to a funny debate between a masked Karen and Alfie Oakes, owner of Oakes Farms Seed To Table grocery stores. Later Owen is joined by the Headbangers Hour crew, Frank Cavanaugh and Michale Source: Masked Karen Freaks Out During Grocery Store Interview
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governmentaldeception · 4 months ago
Masked Karen Freaks Out During Grocery Store Interview
Masked Karen Freaks Out During Grocery Store Interview
Owen reacts to a funny debate between a masked Karen and Alfie Oakes, owner of Oakes Farms Seed To Table grocery stores. Later Owen is joined by the Headbangers Hour crew, Frank Cavanaugh and Michale Source: Masked Karen Freaks Out During Grocery Store Interview
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nostlgic-a · 4 months ago
fandom: bill & ted, the lost boys, the outsiders, total drama island lol, nightmare on elm street, stranger things, cartoons from childhood
i haven’t seen the outsiders (yet) and i leave bill & ted to the elite aka people like you and pantu who are better than me.
lost boys- david, star, michal.
total drama island- gwen, duncan, trent, owen.
nightmare on elm street- freddy krueger.
stranger things- i already play joyce, but i think i could do steve, mike, and hopper.
cartoons- this is very broad sir (i’m sticking with tv and not old cartoon movies). but courage, donatello (ninja turtles), buttercup utonium, ashley spinelli (recess), daria, shego (kim possible), wanda (odd parents), jake long (american dragon).
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sunflowerstache · 9 months ago
I miss our AW babies! How is tiny coping? How’s Bella getting in at school? Xx
They’re doing well!! Tiny has a really really hard time for the first week of B being at school! not having her little footsteps around the house or hearing B talking to Peach or asking for snacks or peaking in and sitting with her during a nap or just hanging out has been a really big adjustment for her, and Harry, so they’re adjusting! so they’ve taken up old hobbies! Harry plays a lot more football with some mates, Tiny’s painting more but also took up baking so B has a cute lol treat after school! and they spend loads of time together now, lots of afternoon dates and such so they’re doing alright!
Bella however is having a great time! the first few days she had a hard time being away from her parents but once she settled in, she’s great! she already have friends - Owen happens to be in her class which she and H&T are very thankful for! She’s been a social butterfly and learning a lot and she comes home and teaches if all to her parents and Peach and her grandparents or Gemma/Michal or Niall - really anyone who’ll listen😂💛💛
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arguablyrandom · 11 months ago
Every Single Name in The Magnus Archives: Season 1
I just finished listening to season 1 of The Magnus Archives. As someone who is both terrible with names and also (probably) has some auditory issues, I decided to take note of every single name I heard from each episode. Some might be misspelled and possibly listed out of order. I also included some titles or phrases that I thought were important at the time I was taking notes.
Let this be a guide for people like me!
Angler Fish (EP 1) Nathan Watts, Michael Macauley, John Fellowes, Jessica McEvan, Sarah Baldwin, Daniel Rawlings, Ashley Dobson, Meghan Staw
Do Not Open (EP 2) Joshua Gillepie, John, Breekon & Hope Deliveries
Across the Street (EP 3) Amy Patel, Graham Folger & ‘Not-Graham’, Desmond & Samantha
Page Turner (EP 4) Dominic Swain, Katherine Mendes, Ex Altoria, Jurgen Leitner, MacGregor Mathers, Pinhole Books, Mary Keay, Gerard Keay, Michael Crew
Throw Away (EP 5) Kieran Woodward, David Atayah, Matthew Wilkinson, Alan Parfitt, Michal Parfitt 
Squirm (EP 6 ) Timothy Hodge, Harriet Lee, Jane Prentiss
The Piper (EP 7) Clarence “Lucky” Barry, Owen, Willfred, Joseph Rayner
Burned Out (EP 8) Ivo Lensik, Raymond Fielding, Annie Suma, Agnes, Edwin Burroughs
A Father’s Love (EP 9) Julia Montauk, Robert Montauk, Det. Rayner, Christopher Lorne, Maxwell Rayner, People’s Church of the Divine Host
Vampire Killer (EP 10) Trevor Herbert, Nigel Herbert, Sylvia McDonald, Robert Arden, Alard Dupont
Dreamer (EP 11) Antonio Blake, Graham, Anahita, John Uzel, Getrude
First Aid (EP 12) Lesere Suraki, Kayleigh Brice, Gerard Keay
Alone (EP 13) Naomi Herne, David, Evan Lukas, Michael Getty
Piecemeal (EP 14) Lee Rentoul, Paul Noriega, Toby McMullen, Angela, Salesa, Hester
Lost Johns’ Cave (EP 15) Laura Popham, Alena Sanderson, Alistair Popham
Arachnophobia (EP 16) Carlos Vittery
The Boneturner’s Tale (EP 17) Sebastian Adekoya, Irvine Welsh, Ruth Weaver, Michael Crew, Jared Hopworth, Jurgen Leitner
The Man Upstairs (EP 18) Christof Rudenko, Toby Carlsile, Diane
Confession (EP 19, p1) Edwin Burroughs, Christopher Billham, James Mann, Father Harrogate, Father Singh, Bethany O’Conner, Mentis, Annie Kesuma, Ivo Lensik
Desecrated Host (EP 20, p2) Breekon & Hope Deliveries
Freefall (EP 21) Moire Kelly, Robert Kelly, Simon Fairchild, Harriet Fairchild, Joseph Puce
Colony (EP 22) Martin Blackwood, Carlos Vittery, Yassir Kundis, Jane Prentiss
Schwartzwald (EP 23) Albrecht von Closen, Jonah Magnus, Willhelm, Hendrik, Johann von Württenberg, Hilda/Helga, Tobias Kohler, Hans Winkler, Clara, Rudolf Ziegler, Elsa, Michael Keay, Mary Keay
Strange Music (EP 24) Leanne Denikin, Nikola Denikin, Josh, Irene Harlem, Gregory Petry, Gregor Orsinov
Growing Dark (EP 25) Mark Billham, Katherine Harper, Natalie Ennis, Mr. Pitch, Hither Green Dissenters, People’s Church of the Divine Host, Getrude Robinson(’s death)
A Distortion (EP 26) Sasha James, “Michael”, The Flesh Hive, Jane Prentiss, Timothy Hodge :(
A Sturdy Lock (EP 27) Paul MacKenzie, Marcus MacKenzie, Diane
Skintight (EP 28) Melanie King, Andy Caine, Peter Warhol, Antonia Farron, Georgie Barker, Sarah Baldwin, tall dude not touching the ground (see: ep 1)
Cheating Death (EP 29) Nathaniel Tharp, Fiona Law, Faro, Death (plural?), peeling flesh (see: ep 28)
Killing Floor (EP 30) David Laylow, Tom Hann
First Hunt (EP 31) Lawrence Mortimer, Arden Neeli, some werewolf dude probably
Hive (EP 32) Jane Prentiss, The Flesh Hive, Oliver, Getrude Robinson, Arthur Nolan
Boatswain Call (EP 33) Carlita Sloane, Peter Lukas, Tadeas Dahl, Sean Kelly, Kim Dwoug, Nathaniel Lukas, Lukas Family (see: ep 13)
Anatomy Class (EP 34) Lionel Elliot, Elena Ballard, Erika Mustermann, Juan Novak (haha it sounds like Joan of Arc), Diotr & Pavel Patrov, Jon Doe, Fulan Al-Fulani, Juan Pérez, Laura Gill, Risheeda Sidana
Old Passages (EP 35) Harold Silvana, Rachel Turkey, Alfred Bartlet, Jurgen Leitner, Gerard Keay, Robert Smirke, Breekon & Hope Deliveries
Taken Ill (EP 36) Nicole Baxter, George Baxter, William Gordon, Josh Gordon, Alenka Kozel, Bertrand Miller, Hannah Rumirez, John Amhurst, table from ep. 3
Burnt Offering (EP 37) Jason North, Ethan North, Lucy North, Getrude Robinson
Lost and Found (EP 38) Andre Romao, Mikade Salesa, Charlie Miller, David
Infestation (EP 39)
Human Remains (EP 40) Elias Bouchord, Jane Prentiss, Getrude, Tim Stoker, Not-Sasha, “Michael”, Martin Blackwood
Obviously I went back to some of the episodes where a character was only named later on, like the priest. 
Let me know if I missed any, or if any names are misspelled :) No spoilers, thank you! I only just began listening to S2!
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ashes-and-dust · a year ago
i was tagged by @hereforlou to make a playlist ? idk what the rules are so let’s just go with stuff i’ve been listening to a lot lately. and let’s make it only soundtracks because i’ve been in that mood. 
the portrait // james horner (titanic)
hymn to the sea // james horner (titanic)
southampton // james horner (titanic)
unable to stay, unwilling to leave // james horner (titanic)
come back to us // thomas newman (1917)
sixteen hundred men // thomas newman (1917)
the night window // thomas newman (1917)
to lose himself in vengeance // steven price (ophelia)
anakin’s dark deeds // john williams (star wars)
anakin’s betrayal // john williams (star wars)
imperial march // samuel kim (star wars) 
star wars (epic main theme) // samuel kim (star wars)
enae volare // guy protheroe (les visiteurs)
growing up londonium // daniel pemberton (king arthur: legend of the sword)
the devil & the huntsman // sam lee & daniel pemberton (king arthur: legend of the sword)
on the nature of daylight // max richter (shutter island)
merlin buries lancelot // michal pavlíček (merlin s4)
gwen & arthur // rob lane (merlin s2)
briseis and achilles // james horner (troy)
owen’s theme // ben foster & murray gold (torchwood s2) 
the ballad of ianto jones // ben foster (torchwood coe) 
truman sleeps // philipp glass (the truman show)
opening // craig armstrong (far from the maddening crowd)
on the lake // aaron zigman (the notebook)
road to chicago // thomas newman (road to perdition)
taking a stand // henry Jackman (captain america: the winter soldier)
gone // ionna gika (snow white and the huntsman)
jo writes // alexandre desplat (little women)
i think a few of you have been tagged already but i’m tagging @helloamhere @statementsue @wherewillyoublaze @painting--words @nattygb89 @eeveelou @pattern-pals @whatevertearsyou
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the-record-newspaper · a year ago
Snow White opens this week
Tumblr media
Written in 2002 by local playwright, Heather Dean, this satirical fantasy is a mash-up of the Grimm Brothers' most famous, and sometimes devious, characters, and closely follows the original storyline of Snow White written over 400 years ago.  The show is directed by Wilkes County High School Drama student, Destiny Smith. The cast includes:  King: William Brooks; Mirror: Logan Waddell; Kings Advisor: Hannah O'Dell; Gothel: Jeannie Green; Fairies: Chloe Jane Taylor, Skylar Brown, Ainsley Young; Fairy Queen, Olivia Palmer; Snow White: Zoe Palmer; Veitli: Georgia Gilliam Jackli: Eliza Joines; Master Schultz: Stormy Epley[ Hans: Chloe Sheets; Jergli: Kyra Hood; Marli: Ella Ashley; Michal: Grey Lachapelle; Rumpelstiltskin: Owen Piotrowski; Lady of the Court:; Hailey Dills; Crone: Karen Williams; Prince: Dustin Crowley; Girlscout: Tayley Rash; Queen/Huntsman/Gypsy: Heather Dean. Assistant Director is Olivia Palmer. Stage Manager is Even Zelensky. Show dates are Feb 7, Feb. 8, Feb. 14, Feb. 15 at 7:30 p.m., and Feb. 9 and Feb. 16 at 2 p.m. Ticket prices are adults $12, students/seniors $10, children 12 and under $8. Military/Veteran discount with ID. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Child Abuse Prevention Team/Our House. Pictured are: King, William Brooks, and Evil Queen, Jeanne Green
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sunflowerstache · a year ago
Owen and his family joining harry for one of the British dates whilst on tour because bella was so excited to bring her friend along and the family got backstage passes and everything x
yes!! Owen and his family join the Styles’ for tons of things, like barbecues, birthday parties, new years parties (when the Styles’ arent somewhere fancy) so it only makes sense that they come to a few shows! Bella and Owen are the absolute best of friends and do everything together at school! And they have play dates whenever possible! Think of Harry and Mitch’s friendship and put that in two toddlers😂
but she’s SO excited to introduce Owen to all her crew friends, show him catering and where they can nap before the show, what they can play with, even run around on stage before soundcheck! They get passes and Tiny/Harry hangout with owen’s parents when they can but the other times they’re with Gem/Michal and Anne and Scott/Laila and it’s just a really fun time and Owen is so excited to be there!💛💛
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sunflowerstache · a year ago
What other times did bella deliver sass?
she has a lot of little rings (cause she wants to be just like her dad) so one day at Gemma’s house, she walked up to Michal who was sitting on the sofa, and just plopped one of her rings in his hands and was like “go on.” nodding towards Gemma and everyone fucking lost it!
she never does anything like that to Anne or Scott/Laila because she’s obsessed with them but sometimes she’ll be like “cookies were better last time Pop🤷🏻‍♀️” or “how come you only play with cats, Nana?” so like little jabs here and there that she thinks are super innocent!
she mostly does them to her parents! like asking Tiny “so you’re gonna shower first right?” “how come you don’t work like Owen’s mumma?” “not that shirt daddy, it’s really bad.”
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