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#Michelle Jones

It just dawned on me that for the past few years, Marvel hasn’t had MJ be an actress outside of the comics since the 2000′s with them having her profession or personality tie more into her brains rather then her looks. Now I have no problem with making MJ a more a more brainy character or having different interpretations for MJ in general. But it is weird that outside of the comics MJ being an actress hasn’t been touched upon in Spiderman games, shows, or movies since the 2000’s It feels like that the people who work on things involving MJ think her being an actress limits her usefulness or not add much depth to her when that’s honestly ridiculous when you consider the comics (though I know she has gone through a lot of jobs in the Earth 616 comics). Like come on, you can have MJ be both an actress and brainy. You don’t have to choose one over the other. 

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acceptance speech

At the end of his senior year at USC, Peter lies awake in his bed and runs over his failures in 35mm. It feels epically suffocating. 

He grunts, slamming his hand on the twisted duvet, and rolls out of his bed. Peter can’t help but pace, running tracks in his shitty carpet, as his brain spirals out of control. So, he starts to write. 

At first, he writes about how angry he is, and how frustrating being thrust into the adult world with no compass feels, but it starts to transform the more his thoughts unwind on the page. It becomes less of a diary and more of a monologue. It is true and tired.

Hours start to slip out of his fingertips, eating at time, and when he blinks to realization as the sun starts to rise, Peter has something of a script on his hands. Or the outlines of one. He doesn’t know what it is or why it makes his eyes wet, but he has the feeling he shouldn’t stop now. He should keep pushing

or Peter Parker wants to be a director. Michelle Jones is an actress.

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Rating: PG-13

Warnings: language, brief mention of suicide

Characters: Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, Tony Stark

Mentioned: Evan Hansen (DEH), Jared Kleinman (DEH), Connor Murphy (DEH)


Day Twelve: Broken Bones

Peter smiled softly as he sat at the base of oak tree. Michelle was sitting beside him, reading aloud from her book so he, too, could hear the story. It was a newer book, Dear Evan Hansen, based on a musical that was currently on Broadway. He knew the basic plot since he had listened to the soundtrack, but it was different hearing the whole story. Especially when MJ was reading it to him.

“This is really making me want to climb this tree,” Peter said, glancing up at the branches above them. “Just a normal kid, not as Spider-Man.”

“Hm?” MJ marked the page and followed his gaze. “Why not use your powers? It would make it easier.“

Peter shrugged slightly. “I just want to see if I can do it, I guess,” he murmured, looking over at her. “I never could as a kid.”

“Are you sure that’s a great idea?” Michelle asked as Peter stood and started feeling of the bark for possible footholds. “I know you’re not going to jump or anything, but you could actually fall and get hurt.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Peter pressed. He reached for a knot in the bark and pulled himself up, resting the opposite foot on a gnarled spot near the bottom of the tree.

“Of course you think it’ll be fun. You jump off buildings on a daily basis,” MJ huffed. “Heights aren’t really my thing.”

“Is that why you wouldn’t go in the Washington Monumet?” Peter asked as he climbed up to a fork in the branches and sat down to face her as she answered. “Because you’re afraid of heights?”

“Maybe.” MJ crossed her arms across her chest definsively. “Now get down, you’re going to get hurt.”

“I’ll be fine,” Peter told her. He maneuvered himself until he was in a climbing position again and continued to scale the trunk. “I’ve climbed things much higher than this before and you know it.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better,” MJ sighed, watching tentatively as her boyfriend climbed higher into the tree. She wanted to believe that he was right; he would be fine, but she had a feeling that something was going to go wrong. She might not have a Spider-Sense like Peter, but she managed to pick up on things well and could tell that something wasn’t right. “Please, Peter.”

“I’m fine, MJ,” Peter pressed, looking over his shoulder at her. “Honestly, would it even hurt me if I did fall? I literally fell into a lake from like thirty feet and was fine.”

“You fell into a lake?” MJ asked, glancing up nervously.

“Well, I was dropped in, technically,” Peter shrugged, reaching to grab a branch above his head. At this point, MJ could barely see him through the leaves. “And my parachute decided to get tangled up so I almost drowned, but Mr. Stark sent a suit after me so it’s fine.”

“Peter, I swear to God…”

“I thought you were agnostic,” Peter quipped back, smiling back at her. “I’m fine, MJ. Promise. I’m going to climb up to the tallest branch and sing For Forever to you and you’re going to love it.”

“You realize that For Forever is a song about a suicide attempt, right?”

“Only if you think too much about it,” Peter countered, looking back up and continuing to climb. “I’m with Jared. I think it makes them sound like they have a secret gay relationship.”

Michelle shook her head, moving to the side to try to see him better. She caught sight of him just in time to see him freeze. She knew the look on his face meant that his Spider-Sense was going off, but didn’t have time to shout up at him to ask what was wrong before she heard a creak, then a snap. “Peter!”

Her heart pounded in her chest as she watched Peter try to grab the trunk of the tree only to miss and start falling. She knew that he didn’t have his web shooters on, so he couldn’t use them to stop the free fall. Instead, he tried desperately to grab branches as he fell, not managing to do so in his panic.

He landed a few feet to her left, one arm under his stomach and the other stretched out beside him. She heard the sound of a snap and winced, knowing that something had definitly broke. Her main concern at the moment, however, was the fact that he wasn’t moving. At first she wasn’t even sure he was breathing, but he stirred as she raced over and touched his shoulder. “‘M okay,” he huffed, struggling to roll onto his back and look up at her. “Just winded. I’m fine.”

The boy tried to move the arm that had been under him and winced, pain glazing his eyes. “Sh*t.”

“Give me your phone,” MJ demanded, holding out a hand.


“No buts, I’m calling Tony. Give me your phone.”

Peter sighed and used his good arm to find the phone in his pocket, handing it to Michelle. She took it immediately, putting in his code and going to his contacts. “He’s not going to be happy,” Peter told her.

“I’m not happy either,” she told him. “It’s one thing when you get hurt on patrol, it’s different when you break your arm because you’re being an idiot and I told you not to do it.”

“I have a feeling I’m not going to enjoy this conversation,” a new voice spoke, coming from Peter’s phone, which Michelle has put on speaker.

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Harry sending a text to the group chat wth MJ and Peter: why don't you guys come over?
MJ and Peter: We're working on our essay
Harry: My parents aren't home
MJ and Peter: ........
Harry: My dad's never home actually I haven't seen him in a month- do you think it's possible for someone to move out with out you knowing?
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Prompt #25: “sometimes you can even see”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker
Words: 477
Summary: College Freshman Michelle Jones is smitten.  
Author’s Note: It’s another rare divergence from canon, yay! I wanted to put our kids in college and didn’t feel like messing around with FFH identity reveal complications, so AU it is. (And an AU is also an excuse to play with a more confident Peter and MJ). 

Michelle doesn’t know how she got here.

Five weeks in to her first semester of undergrad at ESU, and after swearing she’ll focus solely on her studies, she’s already fallen for a guy.

It’s bad enough that she was immediately taken with Peter Parker, the Physics genius who’s known for his flakiness and general irresponsibility.

It’s worse she learns by chance that the amiable guy’s shortcomings are explained by the fact that he’s NYC’s favorite superhero.

And it’s the worst that he’s somehow convinced her to go on a date, and he’s now in the process of talking her into some Spider-Man shit.

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bleed me dry

relationship: peter parker/michelle jones

rating: mature

thanks so much @seek-rest for being such an awesome enabler (and for helping me with vampire lore) and @thorkyriebabes for being a fantastic beta!!

“Okay, okay,” Peter concedes, “We’ll go to this so-called ‘haunted house’ on Halloween night at 10 o’clock to make it as spooky as possible. Meet at Flash’s house before? I’m assuming we can’t just take a subway there.”
“Yep,” Flash says, “It’s on a hill in the middle of a field.” he lowers his voice, “Where no one can hear you scream.”
The entire group laughs because what is this, some kind of cheap horror movie?
Betty snorts. “The only screaming will be from you when you see a rat and flip your shit, Flash.”

or, peter parker learns the meaning of fear

read it on ao3

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(Flushing pot brownies down the toilet)

Betty: Are you sure this’ll work?

Ned: This is how you get rid of drugs, Betty. I’ve seen Goodfellas like 20 times.

MJ: It’s not the only way. I watched this film once about a girl who was trying to hide drugs and what she did was she shoved them RIGHT up her-

Flash: I’m not sticking a brownie up my hole, MJ, I’ll tell you that for nothing.

Betty: OK, I’m gonna flush.

Peter: Go for it.

*Toilet doesn’t flush*

Peter: Is it working?

Ned, optimistically: Of course it’s working.

Betty: Is the water rising?!

Peter: Jesus Christ! Why is the water rising, Ned?

Ned: I don’t know! The water didn’t rise in Goodfellas!

Flash: Fuck! We’ve clogged it.

MJ: Who has a plunger?


Flash, sarcastically: I’m afraid I left my plunger at home tonight, MJ.

MJ: Aye, me too. Nightmare, so it is.

*Water begins to over flow the toilet*

All of them: Eeughhhh, ahhhhh!

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Prompt #24: “are you kidding me?”
Fandom: Spider-Man (MCU)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker
Words: 569
Summary: MJ is there for Peter just after Mysterio reveals his identity.   


Spider-Man’s name is Peter Parker.”

The words scream endlessly in Peter’s head. The crowd below him has gone haywire, but he blocks out the sound, trying to make sense of a nightmare that he desperately hopes is not real.

He feels nauseous, panicked, trapped in his own mind, when, out of the cacophony of voices around him, he hears her.

“Spider-Man!! Hey, Spider-Man, go!! Run!!”

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MJ: I wish I could be the doe-eyed lovesick girl who hops around with hearts in my eyes and chases you around to kiss you nonstop like a cartoon

Peter: But why? That’s not you MJ and I don’t want it to be if that’s not you, you know?

MJ: Because… *shyly grabs her arm* because you always are so open and loving like a little puppy and it’s so cute and stupid and I.. and I wanna match that energy you.. give me because I know *gets quieter* don’t deserve.. you…


Peter: *wraps his arms around MJ and pulls her in firmly and kisses her. He pulls back so they’re so close their noses nearly touch, looking her dead in the eyes*

Peter: You. Are. More. Than I will ever deserve, MJ.

Peter: I told you already. I love you. And whether you act like a chibi character or a Bond girl in public around me, I love you. And I’ll take whatever you have to offer and never *kiss* get *kiss* enough *kisssssss*

MJ: *cheeks are red hot* you’re a dork. And I love you too. Really.

MJ: … so you’d be okay if I started acting super energetic and hype and lovesick?

Peter: I love you more with every single thing you do, so yes I would.

MJ: I’ll hold you to that. I might surprise you then. *kisses him… and then lets out an involuntary giggle that earns an incredulous little smirk from Peter*

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  • Peter Parker is 28.
  • When he’s not fighting crime as Spider-Man, he’s holed up in any one of the labs at the tower that were once Tony’s.
  • He is constantly tweaking or making new Avenger’s gear as well as inventing new products for Stark Industries such as a ultra fast healing ointment and a super strong, durable rope made of the same substance that his Web Fluid is made of.
  • He’s on the short list for a Nobel Prize
  • He has already made enough money to move Aunt May out of that crappy apartment that they had lived in since he was little and into a much nicer, bigger apartment in the city.
  • He and MJ are still going strong. She works as the Chief Design Officer of Stark Industries.
  • Morgan, 15, visits him at the Tower regularly, however she doesn’t really have an interest in the science of Stark Industries. Instead she prefers the business aspects of running Stark Industries and would like to take over for her mother as CEO One day.
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Amazing Home


Rating: PG

Warnings: none

Characters: Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, Gwen Stacy, Liz Toomes, Curtis Connors, Michelle Jones, Flash Thompson, Rajit Ratha

Mentioned: Richard Parker, Mary Parker

Peter stood near the back of the group beside Ned. When he first heard that they would be taking a trip to Oscorp, the idea made him nervous. This was the company that his parents had worked for before their death years ago. There were several conspiracies that the company had been responsible for their deaths on the plane crash, and part of him believed that. Still, he had agreed to come.

“Welcome to Oscorp.” Peter looked up at the familiar voice. He knew the girl who was speaking. They weren’t friends, exactly, but they did have some classes together. Honestly, he had a crush on her at one point, but now he had a thing for Liz Toomes, a junior from his academic decathlon team. She was their too, standing with her friends at the other side of the group. He glanced over at her before the blonde started speaking again.

“My name is Gwen Stacy. As most of you know, I’m a freshman at Midtown Science,” she said. “I’m also head intern to Dr. Connors, so I’ll be with you for the duration of your visit. Where I go, you go. That’s the basic rule. If you forget that, then…” Gwen trailed off as they hear a man screaming as he is dragged out of the building by security. “Well, I guess I don’t need to tell you what happens if you forget that. Shall we.”

Gwen led the group of students through the building until they reach a lab and join one of the doctors inside. “Welcome,” he started. “My name is Dr. Curtis Connors. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m a southpaw.”

Peter chuckled along as the man held up his stub of an arm. He had heard of the man before; he was one of the head scientists for Oscorp, but he knew little about him. He silently wondered if he had known his parents when they were alive.

“I’m not a cripple,” Dr. Connors continued. “I’m a former scientist and I’m the world’s foremost authority on herpetology. That’s reptiles, for those of you who don’t know. But like the Parkinson’s patient who watches on in horror as her body slowly betrays her, or the man with macular degeneration who’s eyes grow dimer each day, I long to fix myself. I want to create a world without weakness. Anyone care to venture a guess just how?”

Peter watched as Michelle, one of his classmates, raised her hand. “Stem cells?” she asked. It was a great idea, he thought, but he knew it wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

“Promising,” the doctor replied. “But the solution I’m thinking of us more radical. No one?”

“Cross-species genetics,” Peter spoke up. He could feel his skin grow hot as those in front of him moved aside so Dr. Connors could see him. “A person gets Parkinson’s when the brain cells that produce dopamine start to disappear. But the zebrafish has the ability to regenerate cells on command. If you can somehow give this ability to the woman you’re talking about, that’s that. She’s… She’s curing herself.”

“Yeah, you just have to look past the gills on her neck,” Flash snorted, causing the others to laugh. Dr. Connors ignored him, looking at Peter as if he should know him.

“And you are?”

“He’s one of Midtown Science’s best and brightest,” Gwen told him, glancing over at Peter with a small smile.

“Really?” Dr. Connors asked, seeming intrigued.

“He’s second in his class,” Gwen continued.

Before either could reply, Dr. Connor’s phone started to ring. The man excused himself to reply and Gwen gathered the students around a display, talking about the details of the holographic image that appeared. Peter took that as a chance to turn to Ned. “I’m going to go look for a bathroom,” he whispered. “Cover for me?”

Ned nodded. “Yeah, don’t worry,” his friend replied, holding out his hand so the two could do their handshake. “Don’t get yourself in trouble.”

Peter rolled his eyes before turning and leaving the group. Distracted, he found himself bumping into a man and causing him to drop his files. “Oh, I’m sorry, Sir!” he replied, reaching down to pick the file up only to notice a familiar pattern on the paper; the same pattern that he had seen on a file his father had in his office years ago. He stared at the man as the file was taken from him.

As the man walked off, Peter found his curiosity getting the best of him. He slipped after the man, careful to make sure he wasn’t seen. He stopped when he saw the man putting a pattern into a scanner. He waited for the man to enter the room and return before he slipped over and put the pattern in himself, entering the room.

Once inside, he snuck around, gazing at the displays around him. He stopped only when he felt something fall onto him. He looked up and his eyes widened as he saw dozens of spiders falling from a container overhead. Panicking, he started brushing the creatures off and ran out, heading back out the door from which he came.

“What are you doing?”

Peter froze, coming face to face with Gwen Stacy. The girl had an unamused look on her face. “I was looking for the bathroom,” he told her. “Sorry.”

“Get back to the group,” Gwen told him sternly. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

“Sorry,” Peter repeated, shuffling back to the group. He stopped when he felt a stinging pain in the back of his neck. His heart started pounding as he reached up and touched the spot, finding a raised bump on his skin; a spider bite.

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5 Times MJ Made a Friend (+1 Time She Wanted More) (ao3) - juurensha
Pairing: MJ/Peter
Rating: General

Summary: It’s hard moving to a new school, but maybe hanging out with a bunch of nerds is exactly what MJ needs. Also, she tells Spiderman to call her MJ because really, who does Peter think he’s kidding?

5 Times Ned Gave Peter His Sweatshirt (ao3) - red_to_black
Pairing: Ned/Peter
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Five times Ned Leeds gave Peter his sweatshirt, and one time Peter returned the favour.

(AKA Ned is a dork in love and Peter’s a mess but someone has to take care of him. That someone is Ned.)

5 Times Spider-Man Needed Help (ao3) - CivilBores, starsinyourveins
Pairing: None
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: …and the one time Peter Parker did.

All’s Fair in Larb and War (ao3) - phonecallfromgod
Pairing: Ned/Peter
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Ned Leeds just wants to transition painlessly into college life, but that’s easier said than done when Tony Stark has a personal beef with you, Liz Allan’s back in town, and your roommate and your superhero boyfriend hate each other (but just don’t know it yet).

always slipping from my hands (ao3) - starsinyourveins
Pairing: MJ/Peter
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: This has never happened before. The worst she’s seen of Peter’s injuries have been black-and-blue bruises, split lips, bloody noses. But something like this – Peter shaking on her floor, burns wrapped around his side – this is serious. On anyone else, this would be a trip to the ER.

“I’m sorry,” Peter says. “I’m sorry, MJ, your apartment was closest.”

(In which Peter looks out for the little guy, and learns how to look out for himself.)

Elevator Mishaps and Identity Reveals (ao3) - HolyKingWasteLand
Pairing: None
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Peter takes a moment to take a good look at those around him. They’re all terrified; even MJ looks a bit nervous, although she’s hiding it well. Guy doesn’t look calm anymore, his eyes are wide and frightened, and he flinches at every creak and shift. They’re all breathing heavily as they try to stay calm, and it works somewhat, but not a lot.

The box makes an ear-piercing screech, followed by a loud scary grinding noise and then.. they were falling.

Peter gets the Decathlon Team a tour at Stark Industries and something goes wrong, leading to the reveal that Peter is their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

find warmth in the middle of the night (ao3) - aloneintherain
Pairing: None
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: 5 times Peter was called out for wearing someone else’s clothes, + 1 time he wasn’t.

Five Times MJ Doesn’t Need Rescuing (ao3) - nire
Pairing: MJ/Peter, Betty/Ned
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: and one time she still doesn’t, but someone else does.

It’s not SELF pity (ao3) - ChocolateAndRedbull
Pairing: None
Rating: General

Summary: When Peter and Ned come down with the stomach flu, it’s up to MJ to look after her boys

Kissin’ Dynamite (ao3) - crime_fighting_spiderling
Pairing: MJ/Peter
Rating: General

Summary: “Maybe I shouldn’t go.” Peter spoke. MJ shoved a permission slip into his hand at his comment.

“You’re going.” She simply stated.

Where Peter and his class go on a field trip to Stark Tower.

Ned Leed’s field trip to Stark Industries (ao3) - Drake_DiAngelo
Pairing: None
Rating: General

Summary: Your generic Field Trip trope, but slightly different because it’s Ned centric and hopefully everyone stays in character.

Also, Peter is absolutely everywhere they go but they never quite manage to actually see him. (Or realize its him) They did see Spiderman though, so that’s nice.

otters & ants (ao3) - doofusface
Pairing: MJ/Peter
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: “We don’t talk about the Blaze of Sophomore Year,” Peter replies stoically, lowering his voice in pitch.

“Yeah we do!” Ned calls from the front door. He makes his way over, shoes discarded by the door. “Cindy still thinks we should’ve died.”

“Cindy would be correct, if my loser here didn’t have weird, heightened senses,” MJ replies, crossing her arms.

“‘My loser’? Aw, babe,” Peter coos.

MJ squints at him, trying not to laugh. “Married, Peter. Five years. Almost six.”

party games (ao3) - haleyjqmes
Pairing: MJ/Peter, Liz/MJ, Betty/Ned
Rating: General

Summary: mj and peter kiss during spin the bottle, and mj forgets the next day. they love each other, they’re dumb. high school party games turn into something so much more

quiet my storm and let me rest (ao3) - abrightgrayworld
Pairing: implied MJ/Peter
Rating: General

Summary: It’s the anniversary of Uncle Ben’s death, and Peter is hurting.

Luckily, he has Ned and MJ for best friends.

spilt truth and smudged lies (at least until the inkwell runs dry) (ao3) - SmilinStar
Pairing: MJ/Peter
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: “I have no idea,” he says, before lowering his voice because he’s still not convinced she’s not listening in on their conversations. The fear is well founded, alright? He swears she looks at him sometimes – with that quirked eyebrow, and penetrating gaze – as if she knows his every secret. And he has secrets. One big, red and blue, spandex covered, web-slinging, secret that no one can find out about. “Who knows anything about Jones?”

And it’s a legitimate question.

He knows next to nothing about their colleague.

Apart from the fact she’s damn good at her job, is incapable of uttering a sentence that isn’t dripping in sarcasm, is a little (a whole lot) intimidating, he knows nothing about Michelle Jones.

Not for lack of trying though.

The Guy in the Chair (ao3) - whumphoarder
Pairing: None
Rating: Teen And Up

Summary: Between having a reckless superhero for a best friend and dealing with his own family’s vast array of issues, Ned gets used to being everyone’s support system.

The New Kid (ao3) - petermanspideyparker
Pairing: MJ/Peter, Betty/Ned, Ben/May
Rating: General

Summary: Michelle Jones never liked being around people. One day, she’s asked to show a new student from Canada around the school. He’s short, skinny, and just has the cutest smile. Peter’s her first friend, her first crush, and is definitely the love of her life.

triumvirate (ao3) - CivilBores
Pairing: MJ/Ned/Peter
Rating: General

Summary: tri•um•vi•rate
a group of three powerful or notable people or things existing in relation to each other.


MJ, Ned, and Peter all care about a lot about each other in their own little ways.

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Get In, Get Out, Get Even // a spideychelle!The Italian Job AU

His eyes flick down to check the contents of the envelope.

“This is a ticket,” he says.

“That so?” MJ sips her seltzer.

“To LA,” Peter deadpans, reading. “For tomorrow morning.”

“Isn’t that convenient,” MJ says. “I’m heading to LA tomorrow too.”

Peter closes the envelope, tapping the narrow end of it on the table. When he looks back at MJ, his expression is the closest to open it’s been all night. “Why won’t you leave me out of this?”

She doesn’t have time to unpack the years of guilt leading up to this.

Or explain the flutter in her chest when he laughed, easy, like summer.

So she traces a droplet down the side of her glass, figuring candor deserves candor. “May wasn’t just a mentor, she’s the closest thing I had to family. I wish… more than anything, anything, that I could bring her back…but I can’t. The best I can do is–”


Ah, his date.

They both look at her, the wet splotch on her dress, suspicion on her face, and Peter’s expression shutters again.

“Susan, hi,” Peter says, and MJ isn’t sure what it means that his voice sounds a little different, talking to her. “This is Michelle, she’s a, uh, family friend. We just bumped into each other.”

MJ stands, the date’s eyes widen as MJ keeps standing, her heels putting her near six feet. “That’s me,” she smiles, “ Michelle. On my way out.”

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Walking into to the small apartment, Michelle Jones-Parker felt her feet becoming weaker. She had just come out of a gruelling 13 hour shift.

“Hey babe. Welcome back.” Peter Jones-Parker yelled from the kitchen. “Long day?”

Michelle only groaned in response. Seeing the lemonade in his hands, she made grabby hands to get them. Peter placed them in her hands.

“How was ‘babysitting’.” MJ spoke, finally raising her head from the throw pillows.

Peter picked up little Mira from her baby tote. She was taking her mid-day nap, while Peter worked on his chores around the house.

“Hey baby.” MJ cooed at the now awake infant. “How was your day?”

She had not thought she would be in this position. Michelle had a plan for her life. Peter came in, and interrupted it. He had helped her grow in ways that she had not known that she had needed. Looking at the mirror image reflecting off the television, she smiled. She was happy.

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