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i don’t think takao realizes cancer’s perfect compatibility with scorpio. imagine him scrolling through such an article of this one day, calls midorima at work just to screech out “would you have rejected my confession if i wasnt a scorpio !??!” to which midorima replies “that depends. would you instead be a fire, earth, or air sign?”

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midotaka in wintry settings just hits different, you know. bundled up in a big, fluffy orange scarf, midorima stiffening like an upset cat whenever takao not so subtly tries to snuggle up to his boyfriend’s warmth. and midorima, well, if he does lean slightly more to the pointguard’s face unconsciously, then no one, other than takao of course, needs to know, a patient smile lingering on the shorter’s lips.

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WAIT first thank you anon for feeding me such joy Im so uncultured when it comes to the drama cds. I learned a lot from the people who put tags in my post about shinchan bringing takaos lucky items, and buying him one worth 50 000 yen is taking me OUT. Didnt he like ask for help from kuroko and riko even?? hes adorable Im heartbroken. anyway, the main point is that our baby carrot has yet again another talent, I love his rich person hobbies like playing piano and painting and buying random sht a horoscope tells him to DAILY. He said hes not as well off as akashi but I think he wouldve been if he just didnt buy weird stuff every day of the year. Wow Ive never said so much. Oh yeah thank you for reading my comic and giving it enough thought to tell me this!!

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“midorima knows that takao is in love with him but is waiting for him to confess” this, “takao knows that midorima is in love with him but is waiting for him to confess” that, “they’re both oblivious idiots” whatever.

i present to you “they both kinda know the other is in love with them but are both too stubborn and subconscious to actually do anything about it so they’re in this weird stand-off/we-are-literally-dating-just-not-officially and whenever the other does something slightly romantic they implode but they’re still waiting for the other to make the first move so the people around them literally have to beg them to get it out of the way because they’re practically together already please for the love of god for the sake of the team and our sanity plEA

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