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i finished bnha days ago, but ive needed time to process that after credit scene of season 4. i need more. how- midoriya- 😡😡 n e ways if you watch bnha pls send me an ask so we can talk about it im sad

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@trenchcoatkitten asked me to draw some pieces for her fic Temperature of the Heart, so here they are!!! I had a ton of fun working on these!! Please check out Sami’s writing, it’s absolutely amazing!!!!! o((*^▽^*))o

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Your heart pounded as you looked at the towering figure in front of you.

Your 3DMG gear had run out of gas long ago, resulting you to have to make your way through the Titan-infested city on foot all alone.  You’d lost your friends soon after the invasion began.  You had tried to take shelter in a destroyed building when you heard the footsteps approaching you.  You hid under rubble and ash and tried your best to conceal yourself, but it was no use.  The roof you had hidden under was shortly lifted from above you.

Above you stood a Titan, to no surprise.  It was so much larger than the rest, though.  It stared down at you as you crawled backward in fear, not making any move to take you but also not moving to let you go.

You fearfully looked up at the Titan, into its eyes.  Its green eyes.  You couldn’t help but pause for just a second as you stared into its eyes and it stared back into yours.  You also took notice of the matching green hair that framed its face, and a strange calm ran through you for a second.  It looked so much like Izuku…  If you were going to be eaten, at least his likeness would be the last thing you saw.

Then the panic set back in.

You didn’t want to be eaten at all.  You pushed yourself up off the ground and turned to search for an escape route.  It was no use, though.  It had you cornered and you were on the third floor of this building.  If you jumped, the fall would kill you if the Titan didn’t.

You had to take that risk, though.  You’d rather die as a splatter on the ground than by being bitten in half by a monster.  Your focus returned to the Titan before you; it was still studying you.

You had to make a run for it.  You had to escape before it finished sizing you up.

Without wasting another second, you ran.  You bolted to the nearest broken window and jumped over the shards of glass that remained on the windowsill.  You watched the ground as it got closer and closer, until it was all black.

You closed your eyes.  It had happened.  You hit the ground, and it launched you into the void of nothingness that you supposed came after death.  You felt warm, and it seemed like the world around you was shaking.

Wait, this doesn’t make any sense.  You were dead…but you could still feel.  You could still move.  

Light suddenly flooded your vision, and you rubbed your eyes as you noticed the fleshy hand you sat on.  Your heart raced as you turned and traced your arms up the arm, to see the Titan was holding you in the palm of its hand.  It had cupped you between its hands when you tried to jump.

Tears streamed down your face as you stood up in its hand.  It didn’t make any move to hurt you or throw you into its mouth.  It just continued staring at you.

You choked back a sob as you opened your mouth to scream, “What do you want?!”  You tried the buttons on your 3DMG gear one last time, though you knew it was useless.  This monster literally had you in the palm of its hand.

You reached for your last blade.  If it wasn’t going to let you jump, you only had one other option to not become Titan-chow.  You raised the blade above your chest as you locked eyes with the Titan once again.

You couldn’t help but think of Izuku.  Your fearless, determined, beloved Izuku.  The only person you had trusted since your parents died in the attack on Shiganshina.  The only person you had truly connected with.  The one you loved with all your heart.  You just wished you got to say goodbye to him.

You threw your arms down to shove the blade into your chest, but they were abruptly stopped.  Two large fingers held the end of your blade, keeping you from stabbing yourself.  Its strength overpowered you as it ripped the blade from your hands and dropped it beside you.

Its hand began moving towards its face, and you knew it was time.  It was going to devour you.  Why, why wouldn’t it just let you go out on your own terms?  

You couldn’t hold it in anymore.  Bile rose up in your throat as you approached its face; you threw up all over its hand.  It didn’t bring you to its mouth, though.  Its open hand rested beside its enormous shoulder, and it looked at you from the corner of its gigantic green eyes.  

That was when you realized its eyes were different.  They didn’t look empty like all the other Titans.  No, this one had feelings.  This one had emotions.  It understood you.

Was it possible it wanted to save you?

You slowly walked forward on its open hand, down its fingers and onto its shoulder.  Once you were on its shoulder it shook your vomit off its hand then grabbed a strand of its hair and held it out to you.

You grabbed the strand of hair.  As crazy as it seemed, this Abnormal was probably your only chance of survival.  You felt the hair between your fingers, and the all-too-familiar texture sent memories running through your mind.

Long days after training, Izuku’s head on your lap as you ran your fingers through his soft hair.  Sleepless nights after nightmares, his face pressed into the crook of your neck and the scent of his hair right below your nose.  

That’s Izuku’s hair.

Your eyes widened, and you held onto the strand tighter as he began moving.  You wrapped your arms and legs around it tightly to make sure you didn’t slip off.

How was this even possible?  Could Izuku possibly be a Titan?  How?  Why?  Why did he keep this from you?  Had he been lying to you the entire time?

More memories filled your brain.  Stolen kisses between training sessions, racing to see who could cross the barracks first simply because there was nothing else to do.  The passion in his voice when he spoke of his dream - your shared dream - to eradicate the Titans.  

It couldn’t all be fake.  He couldn’t just fake that.  He couldn’t do that to you.  He wouldn’t.  You had to believe that until you got your answers.

Your eyes squeezed shut as Izuku punched another Titan.  You had spent this entire battle slaughtering these monsters, but watching it while you rode hidden in the hair of one of them filled you with a new sense of fear you never thought possible.  You squeezed his hair tighter and stuck your face between the strands to block your vision.

The sweet scent of his silky hair calmed you ever-so-slightly.  You began to feel ridiculous for thinking Izuku would lie to you - he was fighting Titans.  Even as one himself.  This was your Izuku.

Your eyes opened when you felt wind in his hair, and you realized you guys were flying.  Your heart raced.  You were going to get crushed by his Titan body.

His hand reached up quickly and grabbed you in a gentle fist, holding you up so that you didn’t hit the ground immediately.  When his head smashed on the ground and his grip loosened, you slammed down on his gigantic chest.

You picked yourself up and ran up Izuku’s body so you were standing right beneath his chin.  "Izuku!“  You reached your hands up and pushed at his chin, trying to get him to respond.  He couldn’t die.  Not like this.  "Izuku!”

When no response came, you climbed off of his body and stood beside his head.  You grabbed his hair and climbed it like a rope so you were right beside his ear.

“Don’t leave me!” you cried into his ear.  You grabbed the pointed cartilage and held it tight so you wouldn’t swing away on his hair.  "Izuku, I need you!“  Tears began streaming down your face, but for a new reason.  You weren’t fearing for your life, but his.  He couldn’t leave you like this.

You heard a scream in the distance.  People were getting hurt, people were dying.  Izuku had made it his mission to make it all stop.  He couldn’t quit just yet.

"Get up, Midoriya!” you yelled into his ear as you furiously wiped your eyes.  You wouldn’t let him quit.  You weren’t done with him yet.  No, he couldn’t go until you’d killed all the Titans together.  

“Do it for me!  I believe in you!

Your tears dripped down your face, and you furiously blinked them away.  You began pulling at his ear with both of your hands, legs wrapped around the hair to keep you in place.  You pulled it, you punched it, you even bit down on it - anything to get him to wake up.

You took a deep breath.  “GET UP!” you cried with everything you had.

You heard a loud stomping sound and turned to see another Titan approaching you.  It was already so close, hand outstretched and only about ten feet from you.  You tried to hide behind Izuku’s hair but it was no use, its fingers wrapped around you and gripped you tightly as it raised you to its mouth.

A loud cry escaped your lips, and you couldn’t help yourself.  You wet yourself.  It just happened.

It held you over its open jaw, and you closed your eyes.  This was it.  This was the end for both you and Izuku.  You’d failed.  You were overrun with shame, you felt you deserved this.  You’d been useless.

Its grip on you released, and you felt yourself falling.  Your heart raced as you mentally said goodbye to the world, and when you landed on something solid you were so sure it was the Titan’s tongue - but then you realized it wasn’t slimy.  Or dark.

You opened your eyes to see Izuku holding you in the palm of his hand again as his other hand gripped the head of the smaller Titan.  He squeezed it and squeezed it, you saw the muscles in his wrist clenching as a crack was finally heard and Titan brain flew between the cracks in his fingers.  A little bit landed right beside you, and you almost threw up again.

Izuku’s head turned to look at you.  You gave him a nod to tell him you were alright, and he gave one in return before placing you on the ground.  You wondered what he was doing as he began to step away from you.  He couldn’t be leaving you there, right?

Your eyes widened when he punched a hole into the ground.  A crater formed where his fist met the earth, and he turned back to you.  He motioned for you to approach as he ripped the roof off of a nearby house.

You slowly walked over, eyeing him cautiously.  When he placed his hand beside you you didn’t hesitate to climb onto it, and he placed you into the crater.  He placed the fully-intact barn-style roof over you so you were covered, then began to surround it with rubble.

He was making you a hiding place.

Once the roof had been completely hidden and you were submerged in darkness, you sat down with your knees pulled to your chest.  You took a series of deep breaths as you took in everything that just happened.  Izuku…was a Titan.  Your love…was a beast.

You didn’t know how long you were stuck beneath the rubble for.  It felt like it could have been days, but it was probably only a matter of hours.  Your heart raced again when you saw a beam of light poking in from the rubble moving, and you jumped to stand up.  You had nowhere to go this time.  You hoped it was Izuku coming to rescue you again and take you to safety, but you knew that was probably too good to be true.

Once more of the rubble had been cleared out, you saw Captain Hizashi Yamada looking in at you.  "y/n y/l/n?“ he asked, eyes peering into the darkness.

You stepped forward into the light and nodded.  "Y-Yes.  Where’s Izuku?”

He held his hand out to you.  "Don’t worry about that right now.  Come with me, we’re gonna get you somewhere safe.“  

You didn’t have the strength to fight against you as he held you in his arms.  "Is Izuku okay?” you asked as you stared up at him.

He didn’t look down at you as he replied, “He’s fine.”

You nodded, relaxing ever-so-slightly into Yamada as he carried you.  You hadn’t realized how mentally and physically exhausted you were until you laid in his arms.  Your eyes slowly fluttered shut as you whispered, “He saved me.”

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BNHA HEADCANONS: the bois as your boyfriend!

bakugo katsuki

  • protective af
  • he’s definitely not trying to be toxic, but he’s definitely going to make sure that dude hitting on you gets lost.
  • a lot of playful banter
  • “hey fuckface.”
  • “hey piece of shit!”
  • when the two of you are alone, he’s gonna get real touchy.
  • not sexually touchy, but he wants to kiss you all over and cuddle you.
  • and he will do that no matter what.
  • when you cry or feel sad, he’s gonna start seeing red fast.
  • someone spilled soda on you? he’s getting his gun ready.
  • you have to stop him before he gets into a fight, cuz if he sees an opportunity, he’s gonna take it
  • forehead kisses bc he loves reminding you that you’re short 🥰
  • pure chaotic energy. that’s all i have to say.

kirishima eijiro

  • what are you going to do with this precious boi 😭
  • he’s definitely that one boyfriend that your mom brags about to impress the aunts.
  • listen, i’m sorry but i won’t stop saying this when i make headcanons about him. HE’S A FREAKING PUPPY
  • clingy, but you love it so much.
  • “kiri i need to pee.”
  • “can we just cuddle for 5 more minutes?”
  • “you said that 5 minutes ago.”
  • you two definitely braid each other’s hair.
  • picnic dates ✨
  • study dates cuz he’s a dumb baby boi
  • you two end up cuddling tho
  • and for some reason he passes his tests?
  • always has his around you.

midoriya izuku

  • another puppy 😭👊🏾✨
  • his mom loves you
  • a lot of blushing
  • his all might obsession is the most adorable thing about him.
  • you play with his hair 24/7, i don’t make the rules.
  • cheek kisses bc he’s too shy to kiss you 🥺👉🏾👈🏾
  • laser tag is probably what you did for your first date.
  • he trusts you fully, so he’ll open up real fast.
  • he thinks his babbling is annoying but you’re pretty cool with it.
  • honestly he thinks everything about him is weird but you love the dork.
  • will👏🏾support👏🏾you👏🏾forever👏🏾
  • did i mention a lot of blushing?

todoroki shoto

  • hand kisses. you cannot agrue with me on that.
  • he’ll be shy at first but will show his playful side at one point.
  • this whole relationship is built on trust, so you have to trust him and he needs to fully understand himself if he trusts you.
  • definitely asks his sister for advice.
  • he buys you a lot of big and expensive presents.
  • even tho you appreciate it, you always tell todoroki that he doesn’t have to spoil you.
  • he doesn’t listen tho.
  • definitely asks you if he can kiss you.
  • he’s shy okay? give him a break 🥺
  • when his father finds out about your relationship, todoroki just tells him off (you go sis!)
  • he tells him off because he knows that his father has an opinion about everything and that opinion will most likely be negative.
  • gives great massages.
  • while you have a hot hand massaging you, you also have a cold one.
  • coffee dates, bike rides, netflix dates.
  • believe it or not, but you probably are a bad influence to him.
  • it’s your fault that he has “say so” by doja cat on repeat.
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Fav bnha hero? Also, if you had to choose another quirk for Deku, what would it be?

I like…. The bastards….. Bakugou and endeavor are walking disasters and I really enjoy their growth and yet…. Sometimes…. I think about all might… And I start crying;;;;;

I also think about nighteye;;;; and start crying;;;;;;;;;;;;

I like a lot of things people have picked but I think id have to go with something like nighteyes premonition quirk

…and yet I cannot deny the rock lee urge within me to say he should ve gone in hero course quirkless and ripped as hæll

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I need someone to play with lol

Midoriya Izuku


Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

- He kinds thinks it’s cute that you have something you enjoy so much

- He also thinks it’s cute that you literally made his hero costume

- He’s kinda proud because it’s what your little character is wearing

- Anyway

- He watches you play sometimes and he asks if he can play sometime

- So you made him a little account on your switch and now you both live happily on the island together!

- Both of you constantly give Blathers bugs because you know he don’t like them

Bakugo Katsuki


Originally posted by animemangapic

- He didn’t care much about you playing the game so long as you gave him attention

- Which you didn’t

- Which made him mad

- One time, he actually took the switch away from you, hid it, then angrily cuddled you on your bed while you complained

- It was low-key cute cause like

- He just wanted attention

- So you both agree to cuddle while you play

- He watches you play while you cuddle and he’s constantly nagging you for spending too many bells when you still gotta pay off your house but you can’t help it

Todoroki Shoto


Originally posted by sesukes

- Because he sees you play it a lot, he’ll ask about it

- And is a little shocked when you let him play

- He doesn’t really get it at first, but you help guide him through it

- He asks why the Tanuki wants his money

- Because he’s paying to live in a tent? What?

- He ends up getting the hang of it and enjoys making gardens outside his house when he gets one

- Overall, I think he enjoys it and will often ask if you guys can play together when you have time off

- It becomes a couple night routine

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