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Another challenging question! I’m having a hard time picking just for anything, so here’s my top 3. They’re my favorite because of what they meant to me personally to write them:

American Football Which Kuroko Plays - the first fanfic I ever wrote

Don’t Blink You’ll Miss It - The first Designation: Miracle story! It was the first time in a long time I was really excited to write the next portion each day.

This Is Love (I Never Loved So Much) - The longest thing I have ever written, ever. I also just had so much backstory for the OCs for literal years before I ever wrote the story, and I’m just really happy I got to write and finish that story.

Thanks for asking, friend!!

Ask what my favorite is.

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Thanks for asking, friend!!

Favorite time of day– the hours before sleep! Where I am just reading and relaxing. (This used to be at 2 am, when I stayed up late, but now is 10:30, since I go to bed much earlier these days).

Favorite plant–succulents of any kind, although I have yet to successfully keep any alive =(

Favorite font–I was raised on MLA style, so Times New Roman will always be the preferred font.

Thanks again!! =D

Ask what my favorite is.

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Do you mean just randomly, in a regular KNB fic? That’s fine with me =D I mean, if it’s just a mention meant to allude to D:M, I’d be honored =) I’m not sure how else it would be used? Or do you mean with the broader context of Akashi’s mom being the mangaka and what not? Feel free to message me if I’m missing something. At any rate, I think as long as you credit me in the notes, that seems like a perfectly lovely thing to do. Good luck with writing, friend! (and I’m glad you enjoy my stories!! Thank you for reading them!!)

And just because I don’t think I ever mentioned this before, here’s some random things about  Guns and Flowers just for fun:

Shiori wrote under a penname, although I think the fans knew there were two people behind the pen name.

She definitely also had a lot of doujinshi for sale, that the hardcore fans have tracked down copies.

Masaomi definitely owns uncensored copies of all the art. He’s probably framed them. Who knows where he keeps it.

Thanks for asking, friend!

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That was intentional, anon-friend =D I mean, I wasn’t going for the oxymoron effect, but I chose “umi” and “sabaku” because the ocean and the desert are two geological locations that are incredibly important to me. My dream house would be in the desert by an ocean, and I delight in the fact that I know that’s not really possible.

I do appreciate the oppositeness of it all though. A long time ago I saw this thing on my dash going around asking, “what’s the opposite of your tumblr name?” and I was thinking “I’m pretty sure the opposite of umisabaku would still just be umisabaku…” Or sabakuumi I guess, which I honestly almost went with, but I didn’t like how the two u’s in the middle looked =P

Thanks for asking, anon-friend!

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I need you all to know this was in the Acknowledgements section of Chris Colfer’s YA novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction. Which means, not only has Chris Colfer read your Glee fanfic, he has almost certainly read your RPF.

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The vast majority of my many adorable notebooks came from Daisos =) I used to buy them compulsively every time I went to a Daiso, and as a result now I have a canvas bag of adorable notebooks that will surely last a lifetime of fanfic writing.

A couple of them were gifts, and a few came from Barnes and Noble’s collection of 3-packets of notebooks (most of the ones in this pic did), but for the most part, the Daiso feeds my notebook buying habit. 

Thanks for asking, anon-friend!

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I’ve said this before, but just to contextualize, I started writing a very long Kuroko no Basuke fic in 2016 that was a fantasy kidfic AU, and I was really happy with it. In November of that year I started the notebook on the top. I got one page into that notebook and then the election results happened and I stopped writing that story. And for four years it has been my White Whale, hanging over me as this large unfinished thing.

I still haven’t finished it, but that top notebook is now completely full, and I’m onto a new notebook now =) It feels really good to be making progress on this story again, I so wanted to share this small accomplishment =D

(These four notebooks represent how long the story is now =D)

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Can you imagine…. starting an anime in 2016 and enjoying it, but for one reason or another not having the capacity to finish watching it… and to spend literally years thinking “I really want to finish watching that anime”…years…. and to finally reach a point 4 years later where you can watch new things and being determined to finish the anime… to go through this whole thought process while watching the anime of oh hey, this got really interesting and good after I stopped watching… oh man I am so invested in this right now… I love all of these characters so much and damn I am invested in this plot…to reach the second season and think…god damn I need to binge watch the rest of this TODAY because I really want to know how it ends… can you imagine this…

…only to discover that it ends on a cliffhanger and there is no season 3…

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I wasn’t sure if this was a prompt or a question, anon-friend, but since I’m not writing D:M prompts I decided to take it as a question. =)

And apologies ahead of time! This is going to be kind of long, and it’s not really going to answer your question, and that’s only because it touches on a theme of questions/comments that I’ve gotten over the years (on tumblr and on ao3) and I always kinda dodge talking about it, but I figured it would be better to finally write out my thoughts on a post that I could point people to, the next time it comes up. So my long response is only because this is giving me the opportunity to talk about it!!

But yeah, I get variations on questions/comments that moderately boil down to, why don’t you write about Hinata’s past in the same way you write about the other Miracles. And as for your specific question, I will say that I am definitely not qualified to write about abuse/trauma with any kind of authority, so I can only talk about (for lack of a better phrase) authorial intention.

As a fanfic writer who primarily writes AUs, I make it a personal goal to always try to work with canon, so that canon dictates the rules of my world building and my characterizations. Kuroko no Basuke and Oofuri, canonically, are stories that lend themselves better to exploring trauma recovery than Haikyuu is. I would say KNB and Oofuri both explore themes of overcoming your past, whereas Haikyuu’s main theme is always looking to the future.

One of the things I love most about Hinata as a character is that he’s fundamentally optimistic and doesn’t dwell on the negative. I finally got caught up on the 4th season (juuust in time for new episodes to come out) and that arc really makes it clear that Hinata doesn’t suffer in the same way others would– a lot of the other characters assume that sneaking into a training camp to only be a ball boy must be the most humiliating/degrading experience, but Hinata genuinely takes the opportunity as a positive experience for growth. Both in that arc, and throughout Haikyuu, Hinata is seen as the character who saves others with his positive outlook.

So, in the world of D:M, I had to reconcile how someone could experience Teiko and still come out with Hinata’s positive outlook in canon, and my way of doing that was the disassociation of Hinata deciding the past is behind him. It was probably not the most elegant of solutions, but it was really important to me that Hinata has a very different post-Teiko experience than the other Miracles did.

The main theme of “Have a Seat” is that despite what Hinata experienced, he fundamentally believes the world is kind, and so he is met with kindness. It’s a philosophy Kuroko doesn’t fully believe but he wants to, and so he tries to live that way despite it not coming naturally to him. The climatic end of “Don’t Blink” was the characters learning that people can be kind; “Have a Seat” was a confirmation of what Hinata already knew.

So, because of all that, I have always been extremely opposed to writing Hinata as a badass assassin, or as someone who is still trapped by Teiko, or exploring his trauma. I wrote one short where he does have nightmares, as I think that would only make sense, but I have always tried to stay true to my view of Hinata as a character, which is someone who remains positive in the face of adversity and looks to the future.

Sorry again for this long explanation! I just really wanted to take this opportunity to explain a few things that have haunted me over the years. Thank you for asking, anon-friend! =)

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I am always honored when other people want to interact with Designation: Miracle, thanks, anon-friend! My standard requests for fic writers is to credit me in the fic (preferably by hitting the “inspired by” thing on ao3, so it automatically generates a link I can approve so that it appears at the end of “Have a Seat”) and to please let me know who you are (either by messaging me your Ao3 name, or sending an another ask with your ao3 name– if you want to remain anonymous, just let me know in the ask, and I won’t post it). Mostly because I just knowing, and because I’d love to read what you write =)

Good luck writing, anon-friend! (And thanks for reading!!!)

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I finished reading Gideon the Ninth, and it was of course as amazing as everyone said it was. While there are so many things I could say about the characters, plot, and world building, I’ll leave only one Random Thought about the writing, and that is, I absolutely love how unapologetic it was about using contemporary language/slang/jokes. It’s something I wish more authors would do when writing speculative fiction.

I tend not to worry too much about etymology, but for whatever reason, with Shine the Brightest I got really self-conscious about using the word “gosh” because it’s a bastardization of “God” and it wouldn’t make sense for a world drawing on East Asian mythologies to have “God/Gosh” as a phrase, so one line that was “Gosh, I would love to” I had to change, despite the fact that the cadence of that line was exactly what I wanted it to be, and “Darn, I would love to” didn’t have the same effect I wanted.

But Gideon uses the “That’s what she said” joke, which either implies Gideon has watched the Office, the world is set far in the future of our world and “that’s what she said” has survived the ages, or the world is a world in which “that’s what she said” is a joke that rose organically in a parallel way it did in ours, and EITHER WAY I think it’s fantastic.

What really makes this beautiful is it’s clearly not laziness– reading through her naming reasons/pronunciations in the back makes it really obvious Tamsyn Muir put A LOT of thought into the words she used for the world she was creating. So the use of contemporary language and jokes isn’t because she didn’t want to think it through, but a deliberate defiance of convention that I really appreciate.

I do have genuine admiration for writers who come up with entire fantasy languages and grammar for their fantasy worlds, but I absolutely adore writers who decide, you know what? This is my house and I’m going to use whatever language I want.

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Thanks, anon-friend! I’m glad you enjoyed the book =D Thank you so much for reading it!

So the only other fairy tale AU I ABSOLUTELY am going to write is the KagaKuro one. I was even thinking the other day that I should just sit down, decide on a fairy tale for that one, and start working on it! Because I really want to write that one and sort of “close” that arc.

I hadn’t really considered other KNB ships in that universe though!! A 12 Dancing Princesses Mitobe/Koganei one would be so much fun!! Actually, it’s too bad I already used “Allerleiraugh” for KiKasa, because one where Mitobe has to be silent would be really appropriate. But I do also really enjoy the 12 Dancing Princesses, so hmmmm the possibilities…

Maybe fairly short stories? I’d love to write give some attention to some other KNB ships I have besides the main six. Like Hayama/Izuki or Nijimura/Mayuzumi in fairy tale settings would also be fun.

You have given me much to think about, thanks anon-friend!

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I reread Emily of New Moon, and I still stand by my assessment that anyone who criticizes the Anne of Green Gables books because Anne gets married/raises a family and gives up on writing should apologize to L. M. Montgomery because she did write an incredibly accurate portrayal of someone who dreams of becoming a writer from a young age and makes that her central focus in life. I think both narratives are valid and should exist, but not enough people read the Emily trilogy.

Random thoughts on this re-read:

  • Dang, Dean Priest, you are a creepy motherfucker. He (36 M) takes one look at Emily (12 F) and decides, “yes, I’m going to marry you when you’re older” and proceeds to be as creepy as fuck about it. (I mean, at least he plans on waiting 10 years so he has that much going for him, but “I was boyhood friends with your father” and “I own your life now” are really not the lines he should have gone with). Teddy might be boring (imho) but I’m glad she marries him instead.
  • Speaking of Teddy, wow his mother was abusive. I think I somehow missed the first time around that she kills his cats because she’s jealous of how much he loves them??
  • I think I need to re-read the Anne books to see how many randomly abusive parents pop up in those ones, ‘cuz between Teddy’s Norman Bates mother and Isle’s “I’m going to neglect my daughter because I’m mad at the wife who left me” father, the parents in the Emily books are not winning any parental awards here.
  • My favorite part of these books is always going to be the fact that Emily is just randomly psychic. No reason. Has no bearing on her dreams to be a writer whatsoever. She just is. Because of her mother’s stepmother’s Scottish grandmother? You know how it is with Scottish grandmothers. 
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And, uhhh, an explanation. So sorry!!! I set up this giveaway and it was supposed to close on November 17th, but theeeen I never said anything, and I sincerely apologize for this.

November and December turned out to be insanely busy, with lots of Life Changes that took up a lot of time and all of my energy. So I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything else. And I couldn’t think of anything else, like choosing winners and preparing winner packages. So I unofficially extended this giveaway and then, uhh, never told anyone.

SO! It is extended until January 11. I *swear* I will start contacting people that they won on January 12. (I mean it this time!!)

I am very sorry for this unprofessionalism, it really was a huge lifetime event change through those months and I am just now beginning to recover from how busy those months were. 

It means a lot to me that people have been buying this book and that there were people who entered this giveaway, and I promise that this blog will be more active in the future. 

2019 is going to be the Year of Writing and one of my main goals will be finishing Like an Echo =D =D

Happy New year, everyone!! I hope 2019 is absolutely amazing for all of us. 

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Ahaha, well, I always have *intentions* to finish things…

To be honest, anon-friend, I actually didn’t realize anyone was interested in reading the continuation of that AU! It’s probably terrible of me, but my interest in finishing/continuing things is directly proportional to how often people ask for more/how many people indicate interest. That’s why Company of Wolves has so many parts to it, and how the majority of the fairy tale AUs got written. No one ever really said anything about YOI fallen angel AU, so I just moved onto other projects.

But if that is something people are interested in, I’d probably be willing to do more with it! Thanks for asking, anon-friend =)

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