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#Minecraft Gamers

Today, we begin our episode of Minecraft Mondays with heavy hearts, for Lakota has perished and lost his inventory, including his treasure map. But Jeremy will take on the quest as Elaine continues to expand our homestead with the addition of a greenhouse. Can Jeremy find that treasure? And how far will Elaine get? Let’s find out!

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We know it’s not Monday… but it’s March Minecraft Madness. We have to have Minecraft every day of our lives! 

While we do lots of random things, we will talk about our least favorite movies, movies that surprised us, the many things Elaine dislikes, and more. 

Let’s find out how everyone feels about films and play some Minecraft.

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May highest degree Minecraft gamers want to improve Minecraft presentment. Here are four simple methods for you into improve Minecraft performance easily. They are very useful insomuch as Minecraft gameres….

May all Minecraft gamers grinding poverty to improve Minecraft doing. Here are four simple methods for you so that raise Minecraft performance unquestionably. They are strikingly seemly for Minecraft gameres.

System 1 - Modify Minecraft Popular concert

I intent symbolize you how to speed up Minecraft. Goodwill the doing, alter ego need to use Task Manager. You shoul pleasing your Minecraft. And the method is for Windows

Print 1:
First your keyboard and press CRTL + SHIFT + ESC or CRTL + ATL + ABRUPT.
Something likes this should pop jerk up;

Step 2:
Then Liberty click on “Minecraft Launcher” and press Peg out Upon Prepare.
Presently, it should look riot in this;

Step 3:
Modish “javaw.exe” need to be highlighted. Postpositional, right click on “javaw.exe” and move your mouse over Set Priority and finally click high.
It should figure like this;


Method 2 - Improve Minecraft Passage

Performance Increase for Intel GMA Users

This index applies to the following chipsets:
Intel® 945 GM\GME\GMS\GSE (GMA 950)
Intel® 915 GM\GME\910GML\GMS (GMA 900)
Intel® 3100 and x3100 - 965 (Support Only For Vista\7)

To find out what graphics chipset you have do the provenience:

1. Go up the Start Menu
2. Open “Run”
3. Type “dxdiag”
4. Go headed for the “Display Bubble”


All the files listed disbar be met with found even now I re-uploaded files that were hosted on Megaupload against MediaFire considerably no one has so wait.

1. Download the file appropriate being as how your chipset and OS:

2. How To Place in office:

Always uninstall the then display driver for before continuing with any of the installs, when Windows Update reinstalls a generic one, that is fine.

XP x86-Intel 900, 910, 915:

1. Extract contents of “DriVeR_915.rar” to the desktop.
2. Go versus IEGD_8_0_2_WindowsUtilitiesSetup.exe
3. Segregate Install driver and application files and condense Next.
4. You may get warnings about the hacky not being defend, allow it against effectuate.
5. Reboot when asked another detail

Schedule 3 - Put to advantage Minecraft Performance

Increase Overall Mummery In Minecraft

Please know that NUMBER ONE sideband running next to Windows 7 x64 SP1 (Bootcamp among MBP) on a 3.06Ghz Unsteady Core 2 Duo with 4.0GB of Ram and an NVIDIA 512MB GeForce 9600m GT with the latest drivers

FRIGHTENING OFF: These are Beta and Development builds, if you have other Java applications that corner functioning after applying any of these updates, please revert back.

NOTE FOR X64: Download and ground both the x86 and x64 versions.

Download Links & Locations:


Java 1.7.0b108 x86

Java 1.7.0b108 x64

Linux & Solaris (Including SPARC)

Linux & Solaris x86\x64


NOTE: These releases are not 1.7, they are just the master modern versions in regard to Java that Apple has posted to this become extinct, sorry if this mislead anybody. more

I pleasure the method can help you on route to improve Minecraft performance.

You may need:

How to Play Minecraft Offline for Free

How to Fix Minecraft Gung ho Easily

How on Change Spawn Point in Minecraft Easily

How in consideration of Reduce Minecraft Glitches In low gear

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Every Minecraft gamer and fan has heard of you acquiring Mojang. In short, Minecraft is in your hands, right now. However, I am just going to stay still and play the older versions of Minecraft (when I’m able to, since right now, I don’t have a laptop that’ll run it properly), while I see how you work the future versions out. Most of us strongly believe that you’ll either be forcing people to install some of your products that no one likes, or you’re going to make the game pay-to-win, despite the fact that most of us already bought the game, or you’re going to spam it with ads. Either will completely ruin your reputation and will be sure to make everyone believe that the best thing to do is to just boycott you and move over to Macintosh or Linux OS’s, never using your software, ever again. You’ll lose sales, you’ll lose people, and finally, bankruptcy. Please be smart. Keep evolving Minecraft, like Mojang always did… however, isn’t Mojang itself still going to work on it, despite being owned by Microsoft? We, Minecraft gamers and fans have our eyes on you.

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In response to my previous submission, I did my own tests with each pickaxe, and assuming the tool type does not dictate the total usage of each tool material, I have a list below of the total durability counts on each tool material type as of Beta 2.1. As the durability count of 4 of the 5 tool material types has risen, I feel it is important that as many people learn of this as soon as possible.

Gold - 33**

Wood - 60

Stone - 132

Iron - ~251*

Diamond - ~1,561*

*These two figures may be disputed as a couple factors may have dictated the final result. Further tests need to be held, but overall, they are within 2 or 3 uses.

**Gold’s durability count did not change, but the speed at which it collects stone is comparable to that of a diamond shovel through dirt. It is, however, still limited to what a wooden tool is capable of mining, so no mining obsidian with a gold pickaxe.

Hope this helps you as you explore the changes to the game that Mojang has bestowed upon us all. And in the words of Axebane, enjoy your freakin’ Minecrafts.


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