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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#Minecraft Lets Play

🎉 Set a reminder now to join us LIVE this Sunday, May 31st at noon, for a fun and worthwhile Minecraft stream event benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

We’ll be playing a bastardized version of hardcore Minecraft blended with the Hunger Games where your donations can either help, or hinder, my quest to beat the dragon in the “Infinite” snapshot.

Here are the rules:
  🔸 I start with 3 lives, no items, and no knowledge of the seed.
  🔸 Difficulty is “Normal” and “keep inventory” is turned on.
  🔸 Your donations can either help me or challenge me.
  🔸 The stream ends when I beat the dragon, run out of lives, or at midnight.

It’s going to be an awesome time and YOU get be part of my success(or failure!), so bring your snacks, your friends, and your generosity! See you then!

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Hey guys I know u havent posted much about my channel here in a while, so i figured that I may as well, and this video fists with the whole Minecraft builds and what not

Im just going through and fixing up some of the things in me and my Bf’s base, its quite a nice base to, i do a little tour first thing so if u want to see what it looks like u dont even need to stick around for the full video <3

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🚀 The crew continues to explore the ‘Ender Isles’ in the hopes that this small group of abandoned islands on an otherwise watery planet might serve as an ideal remote office. Many questions still need to be answered and the staff’s safety needs to be insured before they can move in!

Join the crew LIVE tonight at 9PM EDT as they discover what secrets the islands hold!

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I am become,,,, minecrafff youtuber.….

(hey if you ever wondered what i sound like, or idk wanted to see two dumb nb nerds play some minecraft together, because there sure isn’t enough of that out there already check out our new series! we’ll be trying to do weekly uploads so make sure to subscribe if you enjoy it! <3 <3 <3)

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