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#Minecraft Seeds

Cool seed for speedrunning/survival in minecraft

I’m not sure if the seed is the same on Java edition bc I found the seed in pocket edition (same as bedrock edition) but the seed is 1355337519

Right near spawn is two desert temples and a desert village and a plains village. In the middle of the plains village is a big and deep ravine with lava at the bottom. If you make a nether portal down there the portal in the nether literally appears in the nether fortress, which is super useful in a speedrun. There is also a tall birch forest next to the plains village.

Honestly it’s still not that essential for a speedrun as there is no savillage, just the birch forest and there’s also no priest/cleric in the village. I think it can still give you a pretty good time for a speedrun if you want to try and its cool for a survival world.

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Last time on Minecraft Mondays, Jeremy introduced colonialism to the Drowned, Elaine worked on her greenhouse, and Lakota continued building in the name of Plagueis. 

Today, on Minecraft Mondays, we discuss the East India Company and its single member, ovens, beds, holy hand grenades, the heavy lung, and more! 

Elaine continues to expand the farmstead, Lakota makes his base even more epic, and Jeremy continues to explore and expand their empire. How far will they get in this episode? Let’s find out!

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The above ground location of the Stronghold in the new Minecraft game I am playing. This game is seed 437652834384823839 and the Stronghold is located a ways to the Northeast from the spawn point. You need to travel to coordinates 1365, -430.

When you get there, start digging. The Stronghold is a little bit below the surface.

There are two libraries inside the Stronghold. Here is one:


And here is the second one. There’s no floor! The floor is lava!


This is the End Portal room in the main part of the Stronghold.


This portal has two blocks activated, so there’s a lot of work to be done before I can travel to the End. But I have my Stronghold, and some cool villages nearby!

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Starting a new game with the seed 437652834384823839 in Minecraft 1.14.4

This seed is pretty cool. You start in a forested area that’s not too far from a great starting village. It has two Blacksmith shops. Even better, if you head Northeast for a while, you’ll find a second village nearby and eventually a Stronghold.

Here are all the details.

Aerial view of the spawn point.

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Today, on Minecraft Mondays, we review what happened in the previous episode, discuss our work on the farm, Cosmic Kings, Minecraft witches, Paula Deen, and more. 

Jeremy continues to search for buried treasure, Elaine continues to work on her greenhouse, and Lakota proceeds to build in the name of Plagueis. How far will everyone get in this episode? Let’s find out!

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Since we’re all off from work and school right now, we thought we’d post another episode of Minecraft Mondays for your entertainment! 

Today, we discuss how Elaine’s house looks like Q*bert, our favorite Minecraft homes, whether or not we should kill the cows, where all the villagers have gone, how Lakota survives, who REALLY fought all the pillagers, and more. We fight zombies and other mobs, continue to work on our homes, expand our farmland and homestead, go logging, and more! 

How far will we get in this episode? Let’s find out!

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i have noone to talk to about minecraft so i’ll just share this unbelievable seed i just randomly found here

i just started a new world with random seed and spawned on a tiny island right next to an ocean monument. like right next to it.

there are also:
- few trees on the island
- soo many shipwrecks around the island
- huge huge mineshaft under the island and the monument as well (looks like a few mineshafts fused together)
- some diamonds underneath the island
- turtles!
- a few crossing ravines with magma blocks
- warm ocean + drowned village really close just south of the island

seed: -6106791118977190833
on mc 1.14.4

it wasn’t what i was looking for, but it could make for an excellent lonely/abadoned island type of challenge, i think!

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so i deadass made a Minecraft world with the seed Jenna Marbles (-1407729156) and it’s actually really cool! it spawned me really close to a village that’s sort of on a hill between the plains and some snowy mountains, and there’s a whole bunch of caves beneath the village! i was inspired by her 20k subscriber video where she just takes a nap because she’s an icon

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I’m playing Minecraft (on my Xbox One) AND I’M TRYNA GO AS FAR AS POSSIBLE RIGHT


The coordinates r a bit sus ik but it’s cool tbh

Seed: -407212970

Coordinates: 5003422, 71, 93

EDIT: to move forward on the X coord u gotta b flyin 😔

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Jack gave us his minecraft seed and I decided to go exploring on his world. I found the mansion he was looking for, plus some extra cool little things.

The temple town and the sand covered boat are actually very close to one another! Which is very cool and worthy of exploring

I also added the snow village and sea temple because Jack’s never been to them and I’d think it’d be awesome for him to see them both!

Coordinates for each location:

Mansion: -15197, 71, 14641

Temple town: 2201, 84, 1895

Sandy boat: 1328, 77, 2125

Sea temple: 2715, 58, 3167

Snow village: 3338, 86, 3258

(P.S: good luck to Jack with getting to the mansion from his castle. It took me an hour to fly their in creative mode)

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i don’t know the etiquette of seeds or anything but:


u spawn near a village n pretty much right next to a ravine And an abandoned mineshaft! (also a 🍄witch hut🍄if ur into them!)

go over the hills into the desert and there’s ✨more villages✨!!! one with a frickin mineshaft ravine goin thru it w/ a 🦴Fossil🦴 at the bottom??? they’re rare aren’t they?? genuinely a whole entire rib cage down there wtf

also! 💎diamonds💎 literally Right There in one of the rail tunnel thingys

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I found an excellent survival seed in the 19w36a snapshot!!

- You start out in a plains biomes that contains all the available animals (sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and bees)!

- You’re surrounded by savannah, desert, and deep ocean biomes (great for finding early game loot)!

- There’s a cave very close to spawn with easily obtained surface iron to get you started ASAP

- Right further down in the cave, there’s an exposed dungeon containing a skeleton spawner!!!

- There’s a pillager outpost not far from spawn, if you want an early game challenge!

And I’m sure there’s more wonderful things to be found in this seed, I just don’t want to spoil it for myself! Have fun!

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