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#Miraculous ladybug
aalissy · 9 minutes ago
A kinda short, pure fluff-filled chapter for today hehe. There is a reason for this though, don’t worry! And I hope you guys like the little surprise I have prepared haha :D. Anywho, lemme know if you like this lil oneshot <3
Marinette stared down at the passionfruit macaron in her hand. Carefully, she clasped her hand around it, sucking in a deep breath. Today was going to be the day. The day she would tell Adrien. Just like every Sunday she had baked his favorite flavor into a perfect macaron. Unlike most Sundays though, he was in the bakery. 
She took a quick peek outside the kitchen door, seeing Adrien stand next to the cash register. He was talking and laughing with Sabine, his emerald eyes twinkling perfectly in the light. Marinette sighed with awe after she pulled back into the kitchen. Once again, she looked down at the macaron in her hand. 
This was it. All she had to do was give him his order and then hand him the extra macaron, mentioning that it was his favorite flavor and she made it just for him. With a determined nod to herself, Marinette marched out of the kitchen. As soon as she saw Adrien’s face brighten and noticed him turn to her with a small wave, she knew all hope was lost. Her heart tripped in her chest as she gave him a large, lovestruck smile. “Order is here you for. I-I mean, here’s your order, Adrien.” She handed him the box, feeling her cheeks heat up into a bright, rosy red.
“Thanks, Marinette.” He took it from her with a sweet smile. Their fingers brushed against each other and her face flushed even darker. 
Her hand tingled as she pulled it back and Marinette bit her lip as she smiled down at it. With another deep breath for courage, she looked back up at Adrien who was still smiling at her. Rocking back on her heels, she stuttered slightly, “O-oh, I almost forgot too, um, g-give you an extra macaron I made. It’s passionfruit, your favorite. I think! I mean, I don’t know for sure. I-I just thought you mentioned it once and, well, here you go!”
Marinette practically shoved the macaron towards him. Gnawing at her lip, she peeked up at him from beneath her lashes. Adrien looked surprised before taking the macaron gratefully. He rubbed the back of his neck shyly as he spoke up, “Yeah, you’re right. Passionfruit is my favorite flavor and I’ve never tried it in a macaron before. I’m sure it’ll be delicious, especially because you made it. Thanks so much, Marinette.”
Giggling happily, she watched as he tore off the package, biting into the delicious dessert. Adrien’s face lit up after he finished it, staring at her in awe. “That was absolutely amazing, Marinette. Did you really make that yourself?”
“Yeah, I did,” she said proudly, feeling butterflies dance happily in her stomach. She did it! She finally gave Adrien the macaron and he loved it! Cheering silently to herself, Marinette gave him a bright grin. She was one step closer to telling him how she felt. Maybe, if her macaron impressed him enough he’d come back for another one! And then another, and then another, and then one day they could get married and have three kids and a hamster.
“Do you think if I come by the bakery tomorrow, you could bake me another one?” Adrien asked, his eyes gleaming at her rather hopefully. 
Marinette felt her heart practically stumble in her chest. She had to practically bite her tongue to stop the words yes, anything for you, my love from falling from her lips. Instead, she nodded eagerly. “Yes, of course! It’s a date! I-I mean, obviously not a date. It’s a hangout... between friends! It’s a very friendly hangout!”
After finishing her speech, she winced slightly. That sounded so awkward. If Adrien didn’t already think she was insane, he was certainly going to now. She itched to slap her palm to her forehead but Marinette instead settled on giving him an awkward smile. 
Praying that he’d forget everything that just happened, Adrien simply threw his head back and laughed. Ducking her head down in embarrassment, she missed the playful wink that he sent her but she did hear his teasing words. “It’s a date then. Perfect, I’ll see you soon, Marinette.”
She whipped her head up, her mouth gaping in bewilderment as she watched him disappear through the door. Her lips opened and closed in shock a few times before she finally snapped back to her senses. Squealing loudly, Marinette jumped up and down a few times. A wide smile settled across her lips as she felt pure elation fill her chest. She was going to see Adrien tomorrow, and he called it a date. With one last lovestruck sigh at the closed door, she pulled out her phone and prepared to text Alya everything that just happened.
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the-lodgers-enthusiast · 24 minutes ago
The Parcel and The Book
Finally putting a little piece of the Miraculous + TGS AU up there for anyone to see.
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bamberry · 26 minutes ago
does anybody have that link or picture or literally anything that relates to the theory of Adrien being a sentimonster?
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ao3feed-ladynoir · 29 minutes ago
Did You Know?
Did You Know? by Phantom Rose
Hawkmoth won. And it cost him everything.
Words: 1395, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English
Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Gabriel Agreste | Papillon | Hawk Moth, Nino Lahiffe, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Alya Césaire, Emilie Agreste
Additional Tags: Miraculous Wish, Emilie Agreste wakes up, Bad Parent Gabriel Agreste, POV Gabriel Agreste | Papillon | Hawk Moth, death of a main character, Good Bro Nino Lahiffe
Read Here:
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marisblanket · 29 minutes ago
Juleka: Can you hold this for me?
Rose: This is my hand
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imjustasadlesbian23662 · 32 minutes ago
I didn’t wanna have to keep putting “future ____” every time so just pretend this is in the future or something
Nino: Chris, why do you have trust issues? There’s so many honest people in this world!
Chris: I don’t know Nino, why is your music shit? There’s so many ways to have good music in the world.
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bluemoon-writer · 35 minutes ago
Childhood Friends AU: Marikim part 4
In which two dumbasses fall in love
AN: You don't have to read the previous parts to understand this one, but it might add a little context. parts 1-3 are only headcanons about their friendship though, there's nothing romantic included unlike in this part.
Read them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
-Kim catches feelings first
-he doesn’t realize it at first, but ever since Lila accused him of having feelings for Mari he started wondering what dating her would be like
-they would be doing something mundane like homework, or walking to school together, and he would start to wonder how different it would be if they were dating.
-he assumes they would hold hands, maybe give each other quick kisses when no was looking
-and he starts to think that he wouldn’t mind holding hands with Marinette or kissing her
-just as friends tho, because he totally does not have a crush on her
-but then, Ondine confesses to him
-and his first thought is ‘but I like Marinette’
-he says that out loud though
-“oh shit, I’m sorry Ondine. I didn’t mean to say that. I don’t know why I said that, because I totally don’t have a crush on Marinette…”
-Kim is in denial
-Ondine is a little sad, but she’s also a total bro
-meaning if she can’t be with her crush then she’ll make sure her crush is at least happy
-Kim doesn’t make it easy though, because he’s also a bro
-once he accepts that he genuinely likes Marinette, he doesn’t even consider the possibility of them dating
-because Marinette likes Adrien
-Kim’s heart aches a little when he remembers that
-so there’s only one thing for him to do
-get Marinette and Adrien together
-Ondine agrees to help, but secretly has an ulterior motive
-which is: get Marinette to fall for Kim while Kim is trying to get her and Adrien to date
-it’s a mess
-but together they make a rough plan
-the first step is to get Marinette to actually hold a normal conversation with Adrian
-they’ll have her practice on Kim to start
-kim wanted to team up with Alya initially, but Ondine convinces him that it’s best if they work separately
-bc Ondine doesn’t want Marinette and Adrien to actually get together. Alya would take the planning seriously, while Ondine is not
-they rush over to Marinette’s house after swim practice
-Kim has a key to Marinette’s house so he doesn’t even knock
-he just pops into the bakery to hug Sabine, wave at Tom, and grab some snacks
-Ondine marvels at how close they have to be for Kim to be this comfortable with Marinette’s family
-they run up to Mari’s room
-again, Kim doesn’t knock, he just walks in and flops on her couch
-Ondine awkwardly walks in with a wave bc she doesn’t really know Marinette and doesn’t want to seem rude
-Marinette had been expecting Kim but is surprised to see Ondine
-her shipper brain starts wondering if she should help them get together?
- “We’re going to help you get together with Adrien!” Kim announces.
-Marinette collapses back in her chair with a groan
- “Ugh, not you too! Maybe I’m happy just watching him from afar.”
“No offence Mari, but that makes you sound like a creepy stalker,” Kim argues.
“I can’t even talk to Adrien properly! Much less get the courage to ask him out!”
“That’s what we’re going to help you with!” Ondine interjects. “With our help, you’ll be able to talk to Adrien without a problem!”
-Marinette’s curiosity is piqued
- “How?”
-Marinette reluctantly agrees with practice on Kim, not convinced that it’ll actually work
-they sit on the floor facing each other, with Ondine in the middle like a referee
-they tape a picture of Adrien to Kim’s face
-Kim does bad impressions of Adrien’s voice and Marinette can’t collect herself well enough to hold a conversation
-not because she’s nervous but bc she keeps laughing at Kim’s impressions
-Ondine is in serious coach mode tho
-she pretends to blow a whistle every time they mess up
“Come on team! I know you can get this right!”
-eye holes are cut in the picture of Adrien so that Kim can see
-but that just makes Marinette laugh harder
-a mouth hole is added so Kim can eat some snacks
-Kim tries to impersonate Adrien while eating
-does a dramatic hair flip and chokes on a cookie
-Marinette is sobbing from laughter and Ondine has given up on whistling
-eventually (after they run out of snacks) they calm down
-Ondine throws away the picture of Adrien
-Things are serious now
-Kim takes Marinette’s hands and gives her a gentle smile while leaning forward slightly
“Hey Marinette,” he says in a low voice
-and Marinette’s heart skips a beat. Just once.
-but there were no thoughts of Adrien in her head
-once she does think of Adrien doing this, then she turns beat red
“uh, h-hey A-A-Adrien! How’s you do? I-I mean, h-how do you? How are you!”
-Kim is starting to blush now because Marinette is just so cute
-He wants to bop her on the nose
-so he does
-Marinette blushes even harder, but it ruins the roleplay
“KIM! Adrien isn’t going to randomly bop me on the nose!
“He might! I’m trying to prepare you for all possible events!” Kim argues to save his ass
-Ondine lowkey feels like she’s third wheeling
-but on the upsides, the longer she watches Marinette and Kim interact, the more she ships them and the smaller her crush grows
-soon she’ll be a full-time Marikim shipper
-after that first instance, Marinette can’t imagine Kim as Adrien
-Kim insists that she just needs to “focus on the blonde part of his hair”
-but it doesn’t work
-their conversations turn into inside jokes about each other
-eventually hunger drives them downstairs for dinner
-Ondine is invited to stay and the conversation turns to swim practice
-eventually Ondine stops feeling like a third wheel
-the next step is to have Marinette interact with Adrien in a group setting
-so another study group is scheduled
-in the days leading up to the study group, Kim starts lowkey hyping Marinette up to Adrien
-when Marinette gets an A on a test Kim is holding it up to show Adrien how smart Marinette is
-when Marinette stumbles through a few lines in another language Kim shouts to Adrien, “Dude, did you hear that? Marinette is BILINGUAL”
-when Marinette makes it to class just before the bell rings, Kim nudges Adrien and goes, “Isn’t Marinette cute when she’s running late?”
-whenever someone compliments Kim on something he goes, “Psh, Marinette is twice as good as me. DID YOU KNOW THAT ADRIEN?”
-Adrien assumes this is Kim’s weird way on trying to become friends, by talking up one of their mutual friends
-so, he starts talking up Marinette to Kim
- “did you know Marinette is so talented that Jagged Stone asked her to design his album cover?!”
-this leads to full-blown conversations about Marinette in the hallway
-which actually leads to them becoming friends?
-through talking about Marinette, they realize they have a lot in common
-both like sports, video games, jagged stone, and Marinette
-Ondine overhears Kim hyping Marinette up to Adrien in the hallway and decides to copy him
-She starts coming over every day after practice under the guise of ‘helping Marinette learn to talk to Adrien’
-really it just devolves into the three of them joking around after an hour
-but during these ‘sessions’ she starts hyping Kim up
- “Kim nearly broke a world record at practice today! I swear he’s going to the Olympics!”
-Kim always returns the compliment tho
- “If I’m going to the Olympics then so are you! You’re just as good!”
-which further convinces Marinette that they like each other
-Finally, that Saturday is the study group
-its Max, Nino, Chloe, Adrien, Kim, and the newest addition of Ondine
-(if you want to know how the study group started read part 3)
-Marinette spends the morning nervously cooking snacks
-Kim and Ondine come over early to ‘help’
-Kim knows how to cook, but he spends most of the time stealing bits of batter
-Ondine doesn’t know how to cook, so Marinette shows her the ropes
-This helps Marinette calm down too
-Marinette is more nervous than the last time their study group met because this time she has the ulterior motive of trying to get closer to Adrien while last time she was focused on studying
-the study group gathers in the living room of Marinette’s house
-Kim and Adrien are next to each other and Marinette is strategically placed across from them
-this way if Marinette gets too nervous to look at Adrien, she can look at Kim instead and pretend she’s talking to him
-the first couple minutes of the study group are filled with laughter and snacks as everyone piles into the living room
-but eventually they quiet down to do some independent studying
-Adrien is great at science so Marinette figures she’ll ask him to explain one of the concepts listed on their science study guide
“Hey Adrien,” Marinette starts confidently, however, almost as soon as the words are out of her mouth she starts to get cold feet. She glances at Kim who gives her a subtle thumbs up and a wink. Marinette swears the blush that starts to cover her face is just from being nervous about talking to Adrien.
Adrien glances up from his book, “What’s up, Marinette?”
Marinette glances back and forth between Kim and Adrien before settling her gaze on Adrien.
“C-could you explain how the potato is used as an example of osmosis? I don’t understand it.”
-Adrien is happy to help, and launches into an explanation
-Marinette so is high of the rush of dopamine from successfully asking Adrien a question that she’s able to ask two follow up questions after Adrien is done speaking
-Nino pinches Max to keep him from intervening
-Kim is proud of Marinette, but he can’t help but also be a little sad because she’s never been that excited to simply talk to him
-however, what he doesn’t know is that after Marinette successfully talks to Adrien, she finds her thoughts not centered around Adrien, but around Kim
-She knows science isn’t Kim’s best subject and her thoughts keep drifting from questions to ask Adrien to how Kim is doing.
-she doesn’t realize it yet, but her feelings for Adrien have shrunken a little which is partly why she found it easier to talk to him
-the other reason is that she’s just become more confident in herself due to the ‘practice sessions’
-when the study group ends Kim and Ondine stay behind to help clean up
-Kim is hiding the fact that he’s bummed about Marinette and Adrien and Ondine realizes this so she tries to distract him
-she sticks two pretzel sticks in her mouth
“Guess what I am?”
“Uh, a walrus, duh.”
“No! I’m the giant spider from Harry Potter.”
Kim chokes on a laugh from surprise, “What the hell? How was I supposed to guess that?”
-Marinette watches them mess around and becomes certain that they like each other
-but now she feels…off about it.
-together the three clean up quickly
-the weekly Dupain cheng/Le family dinner is tonight, so Kim isn’t leaving after study group, but Ondine gets ready to leave
-Marinette invites her to stay for dinner though
-even though she feels weird about Ondine and Kim getting together she’s still gonna do what she can to help their relationship
-bc she’s also a bro
-also, Ondine has been around so much the past month that she’s practically a permanent fixture in Marinette’s life
-she also doesn’t knock anymore when entering Mari’s room and is on a first name basis with her parents
-Ondine is honestly glad to have become such good friends with Marinette
-After the success of the first study group, more are planned
-it becomes a biweekly event
-Ondine is worried at first that this might backfire and Marinette and Adrien will actually get together
-but she notices that while Marinette talks to Adrien more she also blushes less
-in their practice sessions Marinette has also stopped gushing over Adrien
-what convinced Ondine for sure that Marinette’s crush on Adrien was gone though was when a new exclusive photoshoot of Adrien came out and the first thing Marinette commented was the design of his outfit
-how did things get to this point?
-well, interacting as friends and focusing on becoming friends made Marinette see Adrien in a platonic light
-Marinette just doesn’t realize her crush is gone bc it was so ingrained in her that it became a facet of her identity
-she has black hair, blue eyes, and a crush on Adrien
-it’s when Marinette has zoned out while staring at Kim that Ondine decides they’re ready to move to the next step
-it’s time for Marinette and Kim to go on a fake date
-the official reason is so that Marinette gets practice before asking Adrien out
-the unofficial reason is that Ondine is 90% sure that Marinette is also crushing on Kim now, and she thinks that if they’re in a romantic setting then she’ll realize the reality of her feelings
-and so, after school, instead of going home like usual, Marinette and Kim go to the movies instead to see the newest romantic comedy
-Ondine secretly trails after them with binoculars, just to make sure everything goes well
-Kim pays and refuses to split the price, much to Marinette’s dismay
-as the trailers play, they get into a mini popcorn fight and waste half their popcorn
-a bunch of it ends up stuck in Marinette’s hair
-Kim, heart pounding, holds Marinette’s chin to keep her head still as he gently pulls popcorn out of her hair
-The darkness of the theater is the only thing hiding Marinette’s blush.
-Kim leans closer, focusing on getting all the little pieces of popcorn
-Marinette’s gaze is locked on Kim though. Their faces are only inches apart.
-Suddenly, Kim looks down and realizes the position they’re in
-He’s frozen, unsure of what to do.
-He wants to lean in and kiss her, but he thinks she still likes Adrien
-Adrien, however, is the last thing on Marinette’s mind. The only thing she can focus on at the moment is the warmth of Kim’s breath on her face.
-The moment is ruined however, by a group of people jostling past them to get to their seats
-The movie begins shortly after, but both teens are distracted by other thoughts
-They head for the park afterwards
-They’re hearts stopping each time their hands bump into each other.
-Ondine finally gets fed up and texts Kim to hold hands with Marinette
-Kim looks around in confusion, unsure where Ondine was watching them from
-But he does what she says
-Marinette looks up in surprise
-“We’re on a date, so we should hold hands, yeah?” Kim says with a blush.
“O-oh! Right, yes!”
-Both of them look away and blush
-Their conversation on the way to the park is a little awkward as neither of them are sure what to say until Kim blurts out, “By the way, I think Ondine is stalking us.”
-This launches them into a game of “spot Ondine without her noticing.”
-They fail miserably, completely unable to find her
-But they have an amazing time guessing where or who she might be
-Each time their guesses get more and more ridiculous
-Which has them laughing uproariously in the middle of the park
-This garners the attention of several people, in particular a blonde model who is in the middle of a photoshoot.
-Kim walks Marinette home, and, unable to stop himself, kisses her on the cheek before leaving
-Marinette can only stare at Kim’s back as he leaves
-Half an hour later, her mom opens the door to take out the trash, and scares Marinette out of her reverie
-Marinette is supposed to confess to Adrien the next day, but when she goes to bed the only person she can think of it Kim
-(she dreams about him too)
-The next day, Marinette asks Adrien to stay behind after class so she can ask him something
-Kim and Ondine wait anxiously outside the classroom
-Kim is torn between excitement for Marinette and heartbreak for himself
-in the classroom, Adrien gazes at Marinette expectantly
-He’s not sure what she needs from him, but he’s ready to help
-Marinette breathes in deeply, mentally preparing herself utter the three simple words.
-But they don’t come out.
-They can’t come out, and Marinette realizes with shock that it’s not because she’s nervous.
-In fact, she doesn’t feel anything at all except a sense of wrongness
-For some reason, the only person she can imagine confessing to is Kim
-her eyes widen as the realization sets in
-She doesn’t like Adrien anymore
-She likes Kim
AN: There we go! The long awaited Part 4 is finally up a year later. Don't worry, part 5 won't take as long. Though, it probably won't be up until after I finish finals and move home.
I didn't intend for Ondine to have such a big role, someone mentioned that I forgot about Ondine in the last part, and I slapped myself for forgetting her, so I made sure to start with her and then it just snowballed until she was part of the crew lol.
Also, I discontinued the taglist because it got too big and I got overwhelmed.
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momo-all-the-way · 36 minutes ago
WHat If they DonT enD Up TogEther ?
My heart will be broken into a thousand tiny pieces
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jessikara · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a friend.
Chat Noir is the lovey @/ hey_jaeger on Instagram ✨
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thewritewolf · 37 minutes ago
Adventure to the Heart Chapter 20: Passionfruit
Its a not great day, but Adrien knows just what might make it better. Of course, what he finds is much better than even he expected...
First | Previous | Next | Last
Read on Ao3
Adrien loved sunny days. The bright light seemed to make everything clearer, the warmth felt like a loving embrace, and the pale blue skies reminded him of his lady. There was plenty to love about those kinds of days.
But it wasn’t sunny. He wasn’t sure if the sun had managed to break through the dark grey clouds even once today. The rain had been erratic and cold, with the wind making a mockery of any attempts to hide under an umbrella. He knew patrol would be cancelled, especially since Hawkmoth had been unusually quiet as of late. This only made his heart long to see the blue sky today, if only to be reminded of her eyes.
Poor weather had only been the icing on his terrible day. With the spring fashion line growing ever closer, his father had been working him ragged just to get all the advertisements shot in time. Adrien would be honestly surprised if his father had time for anything else right now, and he was passing that burden onto Adrien as well. Being so tired had earned him a poor grade on Ms Mendeleev’s pop quiz. Between that and the exhaustion looming over everything, was it any wonder why he got absolutely beat up in fencing today?
Standing on the front step of the school, bruised, exhausted, and slowly getting drenched despite his umbrella, Adrien wondered if he should even bother going to dungeons and dragons today. No one would blame him if he didn’t - his awful day had hardly been a secret. They would all understand that he just wanted to go home and collapse on his bed. And besides, he didn’t want to bring down the mood with his own poor attitude.
Adrien breathed a long sigh before crossing the street to go to Marinette’s house. Maybe this was a bad idea, maybe it wasn’t. But he’d at least rather be bummed with friends than alone in his room. And besides, he couldn’t bring himself to break his perfect attendance streak. It might be silly and he wouldn’t say it out loud to avoid being teased, but it had almost become something sacred to him. A tradition that always ended up being the highlight of the week.
Opening the door to the bakery, Adrien closed his eyes and sighed contently as he felt the warm air wash over him. It was enough to push away at least some of the sorrows of the day. And that was before he caught the delicious smells on the air. Bread, of course, and cookies and macaroons and…
He opened his eyes to see Marinette coming out of the kitchen in the back, apron dirtied with some last minute cooking and a platter of the most delicious croissants he had ever seen in his life. His jaw dropped as he realized that they were where the passionfruit smell was coming from. Marinette came to a stop in front of him, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.
“I heard you were having a rough day, so… um…” Her eyes briefly met his and she jerkily thrusted the platter toward him. “Here you go?”
Adrien hesitantly took the platter, still in awe. He could feel his eyes watering ever so slightly and he quickly blinked them away.
It wasn’t just the treats that were getting to him. Everything about it reminded him just how well Marinette knew him, and that she always had his back. Who else would have remembered his favorite flavor? And who else would have rushed home to quickly make him a batch of croissants? Fencing took a while, but not that long.
He looked back up from the croissants, into her bright blue eyes and was surprised when his heart skipped a beat.
Oh no.
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one-third-water · 43 minutes ago
weredad au where chat noir hears marinette on the balcony as he arrives
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punk-63 · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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jukeandthewillex · 51 minutes ago
*ML spoilers Below*
It's funny to see that the ML fandom recently trended.
They trended because Alya, the main character Marinette's best friend, discovered Marinette's secret identity.
Meanwhile JATP last trended because Charlie showed his butt on camera.
Oh, the variety.
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buggirl360 · 53 minutes ago
just watched the miraculous new york special
1. lesbian moms !! ?? :D :D :D
2. so in france everyone is like "how old are our masked heroes?? centuries old maybe??" but in new york they're instantly like "these are highschoolers. why do they have this much power"
3. i love all of the american heroes, i think they were very on brand for america :) the two main teenage heroes were EPIC i LOVE THEM but also hot dog man ?? if we had non-secret superheroes here i guarantee there would be a hot dog man. and also a hamburger unburgular. maybe even a cardiac arrest arrester.
4. that bit where marinette fell off the bike and then just LAID THERE IN THE ROAD ????? IN NEW YORK ????
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imarawrr · 55 minutes ago
So I’m watching MLB.
And it’s the episode Timetagger, where Chris comes from the future.
Tumblr media
(realistically I know it’s because he’s a “tagger” and the masks help with the spray-paint.)
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