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#Mirror Domains
pintoras · 2 years ago
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Jane Nerée-Gautier (French, 1877 - 1948): Still life with flowers (via Etsy)
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nemfrog · a year ago
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“Electron mirror micrograph of magnetic domain pattern of barium ferrite.” Encyclopedia of microscopy. 1961. 
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queen0fm0nsterz · a month ago
WAIT WAIT. can you explain how you feel the hunter and mirror man are related???? it sounds super interesting!!
Of course I can!
This thought has actually being running around in my mind ever since I realized the (surprisingly) many similarities between the Lady and the Hunter.
The fact they both own broken mirrors is one of them; this is where a difference arises. As much as she hates what the mirrors show her, the Lady simply can't keep away from them. The Hunter on the other hand keeps them locked in an unaccessible part of the attic.
Tumblr media
But back to us. We know mirrors are, of course, domain of the Mirror Man. He's the one who controls the reflections, using them to lure his victims to then snatch them away. The comics also show us a possible way of making him lose control over a mirror, which is shattering it - but doing so has a price.
Humpback Girl was left completely disfigured after fighting back; who's to say the same thing didn't happen to the Hunter? Maybe he managed to avoid falling into the Mirror Man's trap and saved himself just in time, or perhaps he was shown a truth he didn't want to see but couldn't look away from. Either way, he didn't come out of it unscarred. I suspect he started wearing the sack on his head at all times after this hypotetical confrontation, adding yet another parallel between him and the Lady. Mirror Man might've gone not only for his arm, but face as well.
(Wow. M.M. really has a passion for destroying people's faces, doesn't he?)
Anyway - this might also explain why the Hunter seems to be so on edge all the time. I mean, the man "escaped" the Transmission only to end up in the clutches of the Mirror Man who scarred him both physically and mentally. To add to that, he's the only one out of the inhabitants of the Pale City and surroundings that has no power or special ability like crawling on the cieling. Without his shootgun, he would literally be just some guy who lives in the woods.
To end this: the fact he, a creature who acts soley based on instinct, decides that it's best to keep mirrors locked away should be telling of how dangerous Mirror Man truly is.
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