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mettatoniic · a day ago
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I was kind of holding out bc I wasn't sure if people would stay because it's felt like half alive (we were alive but we're dead). but since I'm seeing more traffic, it's convinced me to go ahead and offer a starter call since MTT is just aching to talk to anyone.
so - consider this a starter call. it'll be slow since I'm holding down the household but -- I'm determined.
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the reason the LGBTQ community won’t acknowledge detransitioners is because they present a conundrum that’s damaging to the movement’s revolutionary goals:
if they never actually had gender dysphoria then we need to be intensely scrutinizing the standard for diagnosing gender dysphoria
if they did have gender dysphoria, but then it went away, we need to question the ethics of prescribing permanent bodily changes for what could be a temporary condition
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girlsplayxboxtoo · 12 months ago
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Every game of among us 
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yodaprod · 7 months ago
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Nokia (1999)
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viejospellejos · 5 months ago
Para darle un poco de salsa a las fotos de tus viaje...oh wait..
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angelhive · 6 months ago
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Julia Condon, Mobile of the Light among the Shadows. 
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r4cs0 · 26 days ago
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dailyskyfox · 4 months ago
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Shoutout to our sponsor RAI- ☠️
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nibelreactor · 6 months ago
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dreamy pastel series - animal crossing: pocket camp (2017)
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starlessea · 5 months ago
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The Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon
Hello, my amazing readers! 
First, I want to thank you so much for all of your support. Your comments and feedback really mean the world to me. I’ve made so many friends on this platform, and I utterly adore getting to talk with you all.
If you have enjoyed my writings, then maybe you'd like to buy me a coffee or commission me? I'll always love writing fanfiction, but it'll go a long way for a caffeine-addicted uni student lol x
(you can also find my work on Wattpad and Ao3 under @pandorahurts)
♡ = favourites
Each section is ordered by oldest to newest
Art Masterlist
General TWD Masterlist
Tumblr media
[COMPLETE] Here Comes the Sun (S2-S4)  
Daryl Dixon scares the hell out of you climbing out of that damn creek. It takes hauling his ass halfway across Georgia and taking a bullet for him to realise that you're not half bad. He slowly starts to come around, despite grumbling about how much he doesn't like your singing, or that you can't use a gun for shit - and don't get him started on that ugly yellow tent of yours. It takes him a while before he starts to see for himself that he's found a best friend for life, and that he doesn't actually mind the colour yellow that much, after all.
Step on the Gas (Pre-S1 onwards) ♡
A dishonourable discharge from the military results in you being hauled off to live with your grandparents in the boonies, otherwise known as the middle of nowhere Georgia. After running over a nail on the road, and pushing your grandpa's vintage Camaro to the nearest auto-shop, you meet Daryl Dixon - the local mechanic. At some point, the world ends, but that stubborn man never gives you a chance to slow down. His smile gives you whiplash, but he still insists that you to step on the gas.
Tumblr media
Hush Hush (S4, 3 Parts)
You’d always been told that eavesdropping was a bad thing. But in this case, it led to you finding one of the only few good things left in the world.
Tumblr media
Foxtails and Rabbit Trails (with @whitexwingedxdoves​​) ♡
Daryl Dixon was a good hunter, but there were still some things that he struggled to find. Such as the patience to deal with you.
You wore a rabbit’s foot keyring, but Daryl thought you were the furthest thing from lucky. After all, you ended up stuck with him, too.
Tumblr media
Snow Angels (Between S2 - S3)
Daryl Dixon doesn’t like snow, but you somehow convince him to make snow angels with you.
Puppy Love (Loosely S10)
Bathtime leaves you to deal with a wet Dog and wet Daryl.
Sea Witch (S4) 
You sing just like a siren, and it makes Daryl realise why some sailors chose to drown.
Poker Face (S5) 
You let Spencer teach you to shoot despite already knowing how; and it drives Daryl positively mad as a result.
Sketchbook Confessions (S4)  ♡
You flick through Daryl’s sketchbook, only to discover he’d filled the pages up with you.
Eye For Detail [Sequel to Sketchbook Confessions]  
You try to sketch Daryl in return. Except, you draw his smile a little crooked, and the eyes are wonky... And Daryl completely loves it.
Prom Night (Pre-Apocalypse)  
It was the night of your highschool prom. Except, Daryl had been kicked out a few months back and you didn’t have a date, either.
Hayloft (Pre-Apocalypse) ♡
You see a red-brick barn which reminds you of the days you'd spending smoking Inna hayloft with Daryl Dixon.
Last Man Standing  (repost) 
Daryl is haunted by memories of you. But they’re the good kind - so he lets them stick around.
Look Straight Ahead ♡
You are the only person Daryl Dixon will ever let cut his hair.
Peek-A-Boo ♡
The story of Aunt and Uncle Dixon told through the eyes of Judith Grimes.
You spend the night trapped in a tattoo shop with Daryl, and he emerges the next morning with some new ink.
Big Brother ♡
The story of how Daryl Dixon won your heart, from the begrudging perspective of his brother, Merle.
Wildest Dreams
Daryl can’t help but toss and turn under the stars one night, remembering someone from his past who he should have long since forgotten.
Sunflower Fields
In an otherwise dying world, you and Daryl stumble across something living and beautiful.
Tumblr media
Two Sugars 
You pester Daryl about what he did before the apocolypse, but are soon reminded that it doesn’t matter.
You like to trace patterns, and Daryl Dixon is your canvas.
After Hours 
Daryl stuffs you into a broom closet and you start to wonder if you’re reliving your highschool days.
I’m Daryl 
Captured alongside Daryl by The Saviors, you are used to try and coax the man into submission.
I Ain’t Nobody’s Bitch [Sequel to I’m Daryl] 
You and Daryl escape The Santuary; but mentally, you’re still there.
Sunbeam  ♡
Daryl proposes to you. At least, you think he did.
Daryl Dixon had a crush on you. You could tell.
Love Blindness [Spin-off to Magnets] 
You had a crush on Daryl Dixon. Everyone else could tell.
You aren’t sure whether you’re the same person you were before Woodberry; Daryl tells you that you’re not.
After The Storm 
Sunshine always follows the rain, just like how you’ll always follow Daryl.
I See Red
You’ll threaten anyone who dares mess with your little brother; and Daryl is left to pick up the pieces when you feel guilty for doing so.
Sleepless Nights  ♡
They say that your firstborn opens your eyes to the world; but Daryl looked at her like she was the world. 
Wear My Heart On Your Sleeve
Daryl doesn’t quite fit in at Alexandria yet - but he still tries.
Caught Red Handed
Even during the apocolypse, you and Daryl experience little moments of domesticity.
Heartbreak Hotel
Daryl had already rejected you once - back when he’d been a little more baby-faced, and a lot less patient.
No Vacancy [Sequel to Heartbreak Hotel]
Rejected once, shame on you. Rejected twice, shame on him - and Daryl Dixon was no fool.
Doctor’s Orders 
Daryl isn’t too impressed when he finds you with a sling on your arm and a smile on your face.
Hey, Good Lookin’
You could count the number of showers Daryl had taken in the last few weeks on one hand. But somehow, he still looked just as good.
Crayon Family  ♡
Daryl loses your daughter, but you end up finding more than you’d bargained for.
Check My Jacket
Even as he’s held prisoner at The Sanctuary, Daryl can’t help but let his thoughts drift back to you.
Welcome Home [Sequel to Check My Jacket]
You and Daryl reunite after he escapes from The Sanctuary, and he finally reveals what he’s been hiding in his jacket pocket.
Daryl Dixon makes sure that nobody gets left behind - especially not you.
Two Left Feet
You give Daryl Dixon dancing lessons.
Cross My Heart
Daryl begrudgingly allows you to tie his hair up to help him cope with the Georgia heat.
“Don’t Cry”  ♡
Daryl hates seeing your tears. He’d much rather see you smiling, instead.
Can I Hold Your Hand?
Rather than seeking comfort from God, you turn to one of his angels instead - a man named Daryl Dixon.
Tumblr media
Touching Foreheads
Pinky Swear
Asleep on his Shoulder
Spooning at Night
Showering Together
Keeping Quiet
Touch Starved
Shotgun Wedding
I’ll Wait
Take Mine
Happy Birthday
Can I Kiss You?
Four Doors Down
You’re Important
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mensministry · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Good Spot,” Poland,
The first mobile hotel chain made of converted refrigerated trailers!
Architectural office: We know each other
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dermapyre · 21 days ago
hi good morning you know what's the only thing that matters today? yeah.
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its touya.
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@ask-spiderpool​ 3 hours 18 minutes. On my phone. I counted. 
I truly do have too much time on my hands.
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