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worstloki · 7 months ago
Loki: I have feelings for you
Sylvie: I think I have feelings for you too
Miss Minutes, narrating: the feeling was siblinghood, but neither has had a decent one of those before <3
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yesttoheaven · 7 months ago
pairing – loki x female!reader
wc – 3.915
warnings – language, major spoilers from LOKI episode two
a/n – the inspiration to write this fanfic came from HERE. I'm posting this and running to go watch episode four, bye!
English is not my first language. I am getting help from google translator and he is not always a good ally, so I apologize for any typos or grammar errors.
Y/N – your name
Tumblr media
He's dangerous. She knows. He has a silver tongue. She knows. He was born to cause pain, suffering, and death. She knows too.
The God of Mischief was known for being neither fully good nor evil since his main aim was always to create chaos, but what intrigued her was to see someone as powerful as he trying to hit the lovely Miss Minutes with a magazine.
"Oh, that was rude even for someone like you." Her lips curved into a smile as she stopped beside the chair Loki was sitting on.
Exhaling, he thought he had managed to get rid of the creature, but with Y/N's presence, the stupid clock returned to the desk.
"Hi Y/N! It's good to see you."
"I say the same, Miss Minutes."
Loki didn't understand how she could be so kind to everyone – including him. And even Casey. In one of her conversations in the corridors of TVA, she didn't like to hear that Loki had threatened the poor man, but he was more interested in her knowing what a fish is. Maybe Y/N wasn't as stupid as the rest of the people in this place.
"So Loki... How's it going?" She questioned, splitting her gaze between him and the messy desk. If he's going to help capture this Variant, the first step is to find out how things work at TVA.
The God was choosing his words wisely, but the holographic orange creature took his place:
"I think he didn't read all the files..."
"I saw the videos. Well, as many as I could stand. I'm sure Y/N finds the propaganda boring too." Lazily, Loki stretched his legs across the desk and his shoes moved towards Miss Minutes, but she quickly jumped and went back into the system, repeating the same words:
"That is not nice! Jerk."
He rolled his eyes, not understanding what he did wrong to deserve such punishment. Okay, maybe he knew, but the soft sound of Y/N's laugh seemed more worthy of his attention.
"Well I came here just to check on you..." She touched his shoulder, and feeling his body tense under her fingers, Y/N quickly withdrew her hand, not wanting to be inconvenient. Loki narrowed his eyes in her direction, not in a threatening way, he was just curious. Something about this woman intrigued him. He even tried to make a list of all her faults, because he knew that no one good is ever truly good, but who is he trying to fool? The only flaw Loki found in Y/N was her over-kindness. That would probably be her downfall one day. "I need to go. I have a lot of work waiting for me at my desk."
"I'm done here, maybe I can help you..." The God said with a beautiful smile gracing his face. He would be considered crazy if he agreed to spend a few more hours with that orange clock.
"That won't be necessary. My job is pretty tedious, I write reports."
Loki's eyes sparkled, but he fixed it, trying not to reveal his real intentions. It was easy for him to see that Y/N occupies an important position within TVA and that means her office is the perfect place for him to find all the answers he needs.
"I get it." He dragged his chair back and stood up, running his fingers along his tie, before his eyes met hers. "Looking for this Variant should be exhausting. The reflection of this is Mobius. This man is like a robot, he has no sense of humor and everything he says is... boring! I don't want the same to happen to you, so I declare today your lucky day. The solution to your problems is right here."
"And this solution would be...?"
"Isn't that obvious?" With a smug smile, the God broke the distance between their bodies and tucked a strand of Y/N's hair behind her ear. She felt her heart race as the blood heated her cheeks. "This Variant is an inferior version of the one and only Loki Laufeyson. I am the solution to your problems, Y/N. I can help you with the reports."
She suddenly started laughing, ruining the moment. The man was handsome, that's a fact, but it would take more than that to fool Y/N, and Loki wondered why she couldn't be like that flight attendant? Y/N was supposed to be wrapped around his finger, giving him all the files and information about this damn place, but she's just laughing and that's definitely not funny.
"Sometimes I forget you don't know how to have a normal conversation without these gears turning in your brain to get some advantage." She admitted, studying his face minutely. His kindness is always accompanied by a second and third intention. "You won't use me in your manipulation games. Get it out of your head, Loki." After those words, she left him in the company of the only person he cares about. Himself.
Since the day Loki was brought to TVA, Agent Mobius warned Y/N about the God's behavior, but once again those warnings easily disappeared the instant Loki began to explain his theory using Ragnarok. Mobius missed his salad and the chance to have a leisurely lunch, but the excitement in Loki's eyes was definitely the cherry on top.
When he was yelling, releasing his horned friends and throwing vegetables in the air, Y/N considered the scene comical, but she had work to do. Discreetly, she waved her hand gently, ensuring these poor souls made a smooth passage into the afterlife. Nobody noticed, except Mobius.
Satisfied that he was creating a bit of a fuss, Loki threw up his arms, showing the village in perfect chaos as Mother Nature did her part, but his smile faltered as he saw the sadness on Y/N's face. This doesn't make sense. These people were going to die anyway. Isn't that what the Sacred Timeline wants? Nobody can change these events.
That was the first time Loki realized that maybe Y/N didn't agree with all the TVA terms. And that mistrust intensified in the middle of a conversation with Mobius.
"So everything is written. Past, present, future. There's no such thing as free will." He concluded, looking directly at the man sitting across from him, before shifting his attention to Y/N. She was with her arms crossed on the table and lost in her own thoughts as the words were on the tip of her tongue, ready to come out, but she composed herself and let Mobius speak:
"Well, I mean, you know, it's an oversimplification."
Having enough about that, Y/N stood up abruptly and left the two men alone. Loki wasn't expecting this reaction. This was even better than he had imagined, but a part inside him wanted to hear everything she was keeping under lock and key. He wanted to understand.
"She probably needs to go to the bathroom."
Rolling his eyes at the miserable excuse Mobius was making up, Loki got up to go after her, but the agent grabbed his wrist, questioning:
"Where do you think you're going?"
"Looks like you have a broken piece inside the TVA." He replied, showing one of his characteristic smiles and Mobius definitely didn't like that.
Despite his silver tongue, Loki was right – and it felt great. Without him, it was hard to believe that these idiots would have been able to discover the location of the Variant and here he is outside Judge Ravonna Renslayer's office, waiting impatiently for Mobius when Y/N walked through the door, interrupting her steps to find him sitting on the wooden bench.
"After what you did, Mobius gave you a second chance. You won his heart. I'm impressed."
"He needs me." He shrugged his shoulders, smiling. "But this is my last chance."
Silence fell like a pouring rain between them and Loki looked around, confirming that they were far from everyone's prying eyes. There's no one to put words in Y/N's mouth. There's no one to drag him to the other side, ensuring he stays away from her. This is the moment.
"You didn't write those reports." At that unexpected statement, a bitter laugh cut into her throat, but the nervousness in her body showed that he'd hit the right spot.
"TVA has been around for a long time. I'm not the first person in the job, so assuming I'm responsible for all the files is stupid and..."
"Stop the nonsense! I know you're lying to me." Losing his patience, Loki left the bench and approached her. "I have two explanations. A) Are you just an idiot like everyone around here or B) Your beautiful, bright doe eyes never saw those papers, because if you had, you would have noticed."
"You're betting big on me, huh?" Y/N said, a small smile playing on her lips as she walked away from the God of Mischief and his suspicions. "I should have paid more attention, but I failed. That's all. Therefore, alternative 'A' is correct."
"Don't expect me to believe this when your teammate doesn't know what a fish is! People here live in a bubble, but you... you know this world." He thought her purity was due to the fact that she didn't know the world as it really is, but now Loki can see exactly the opposite. Even knowing all the problems, she believes in goodness, as if one day the world could be a better place for everyone. It's a distant dream, the world would never be a heaven, but it's captivating nonetheless. "Who are you?"
"You know who I am."
"Knowing your name is supposedly not the same as knowing who you are." Overcoming all the signs, Loki broke the distance that separated him from Y/N and when she found herself trapped between the wall and the God's slender body, he started to speak again, this time lower: "I'll just ask one more time... Who are you?"
"Back off. Now."
"What? You don't like it? I'm curious to see what you can do to me if I don't obey your orders..." He smiled as he realized that her fists were clenched and her breath caught in her throat.
"I know what you are doing..."
Loki is pushing all the buttons, putting her in a helpless position for the tiger to come out of the cage and show all its strength. This is the only way to prove his point.
"I have nothing to offer. I'm just like those humans you killed on Earth. I'm not valuable to your plans, Loki!" Those words tore at her skin like sharp knives. This is far from true. Y/N isn't human. Ironically she has a glorious purpose, but now she's trapped in the TVA... just like him.
Lost in the depths of her eyes, Loki saw a prisoner soul; someone who needs help. He didn't understand why he was doing this – he always liked to be right – but he just backed off, giving her some space. Without the God of Mischief blocking her path, Y/N crossed the break room as fast as she could and the moment she reached the empty hallway, her body slammed against the wall with a dull thud. Squeezing the wrist covered by the fabric of her beige coat, she closed her eyes and tried to organize her conflicting thoughts, but her attempts were interrupted by him.
"I may be being inconvenient, I know, but... If you want you can talk to me."
This can only be a joke.
"Talk to you? You are the God of Mischief, that would be stupid!"
"Probably, but during your stay in this place, how many people want to hear what you have to say?" Biting her bottom lip, she looked at him, considering his words. Loki was the last person in the world she had ever imagined sharing this with, but why did he have to be so convincing?
"I don't agree with them, but working with- working for them was the deal I got." Y/N exhaled, her shoulders dropping at the end of the confession, and Loki wondered just how much weight she'd felt holding those words inside her.
"You said 'deal'... So you're a Variant?"
"No. I'm unique."
"That's something a Variant would certainly say." He crossed his arms over his chest, giving her a suspicious look, but at the same time he felt satisfied with the smile that appeared on her face. Before Loki could put into words his doubts about the mysterious woman in front of him, Mobius appeared in the hallway ready to tell them his progress with Judge Ravonna. Apparently they only had a few minutes to do the briefing and then the next stop would be a hurricane.
The state of Alabama was unrecognizable. The sun was replaced by an overwhelming storm and the strong gusts of wind became an issue for Y/N to keep her eyes focused on her surroundings. Tracing hurried steps towards the Roxxcon company market, her body collided with another TVA agent along the way, but when she lifted her head, she didn't find one of her teammates.
"Is everything okay?" The God asked a little louder than usual so she could hear his words through the storm. With her brows furrowed in confusion, she took a few minutes to finally reply:
"Yeah, I'm sorry. I just feel like the wind is going to take my feet off the ground at any moment."
"So let's make sure that doesn't happen." A short laugh escaped his thin lips and he touched Y/N's arm, guiding her into the Roxxcart.
After their conversation outside Judge Ravonna's office, Loki didn't bring it up again. Y/N thought if he knew there was a loose end between her and the TVA, he would quickly use it for his own benefit, but time is ticking and no suspicious movement was detected. Maybe this sudden kindness is the first step, or when she said she was like all the humans he killed, Loki finally understands that she is insignificant and unable to help him in this plan. It would be great. Her problems don't need an extra.
After crossing the automatic supermarket doors, Y/N shook her head and ran her hands through her hair to remove the excess water that had accumulated. They were out of the storm, but they're all wet to the bone. A green light flashed on her side, but Y/N was too busy in her wet clothes to pay attention, it must have just been some team equipment, but when the same light shone around her body, the first person she encountered was Loki, again. He was perfectly dry and at the same moment Y/N realized she wasn't cold anymore. Touching her own clothes, now completely dry, she migrated her attention back to the God of Mischief.
"Oh... Thanks." She said in a whisper, sending him a shy but sincere smile. When Loki opened his mouth to respond, Hunter B-15, who had witnessed the entire scene, asked first:
"What the hell was that?"
Rolling his eyes, he turned to her and explained:
"That was me, using magic to dry my clothes and Y/N's. So we don't announce ourselves with every squeaky footstep like the rest of you."
Y/N found it more appropriate to keep the laugh in the back of her throat and after a little discussion about "trust", she remained at Mobius' side, while Loki would be escorted by Hunter B-15. She's one of the best agents on TVA, so Y/N didn't worry about that.
With the teams separated, they started the search for the Variant, but what they found on the other side of the market appeared to be just a common sight for trained TVA agents. Y/N felt her heart ache to see people completely desperate trying to protect themselves from the hurricane, but anger bubbled in her blood when Hunter B-90 acted quite hostile towards a frightened man. Mobius had to intervene, but that wasn't enough. All these people want is a chance to survive and Y/N can give them that. No helicopter would be able to fly in the middle of this storm, but with a bit of magic, the hurricane couldn't damage the structure of the Roxxcart. Everything could be so different.
As soon as Mobius' eyes landed on Y/N, he realized what she was trying to do, even though she wasn't aware of her own actions. He knows enough about her to be sure that, without the bracelet hidden under her coat sleeve, Y/N has the power to stop the hurricane from destroying the city.
"Come with me. You need some fresh air." Holding her arm, Mobius led her away from this mess and when they were alone in one of the market sessions, Y/N reached her limit.
"No! The only thing I need to do now is save these people from death!" She yelled at him, not loud enough for her voice to echo, but loud enough for Mobius to take a step back.
The man sighed deeply, his lips forming an expressionless line, but he understood her. Mobius didn't like to waste his time thinking about it, he just accepted what it is, but since the day he'd met Y/N and discovered the extraordinary things she was capable of, it had been hard for him to just ignore the questions that suddenly popped into his head.
"Go check on Hunter B-15 and Loki for me." He said, locking his thoughts in a drawer and in the same instant, the hope disappeared from Y/N's eyes.
She wanted to scream and take the man out of her way with her bare hands if it meant she could save those people, but she wouldn't do it in the name of the respect she felt for him. Mobius is just a pawn within the TVA. He's playing by the rules while she's tired of the kind of game imposed by these space lizards.
Not wanting to start an argument, Y/N just walked to the other side of the Roxxcart. The empty, dimly lit sessions weren't one of the most welcoming places in the world and she confirmed it as soon as she found Hunter B-15 lying on the floor.
"Are you okay?" Worried, she asked, running towards the woman. She just shook her head, looking confused, but accepted the help to get up. "Where is Loki? Did he do this to you?"
"Not even in his dreams, but the Variant is here and Loki is with him." Hunter B-15 said, a tinge of frustration enters her voice. She knew this topic was at the top of the list of things that should never happen.
"I will find them. Mobius and the others are in the storage area." After those words, Y/N didn't wait for an answer and went in search of Loki and his Variant before they caused more trouble.
They could be anywhere, not exactly inside the Roxxcart. Maybe they were miles away, too far from the TVA's eyes. A needle in a haystack would be much easier to find, that's what she thought after long minutes with no sign of them. Y/N considered going back to where the others were – Mobius was probably having a breakdown after finding out he's been tricked yet again by his favorite Loki – when voices caught her attention. Slowly, she followed the sound and was surprised by what she found.
Loki was the first to notice Y/N's presence. Subtly, he shook his head, hoping she would be smart enough to walk away before being seen by Sylvie, but it was too late.
"Oh look what we have here..." The blonde approached Y/N with curiosity, a mischievous smile forming on her lips. "I am Sylvie." She introduced herself. One more step and she would be too close for Loki to ensure Y/N's safety, so he hurried on, interceding:
"No, not her."
Brows furrowed in confusion, Sylvie glared at him and then turned her attention to the helpless maiden.
"Don't worry, she doesn't need your protection. She is stronger than you think."
"What are you saying?" Loki questioned, his eyes snapping towards her as she just laughed at his naivete.
Annoyed that she was becoming the focus of the conversation, Y/N abandoned the shadow of the God of Mischief to face the Variant.
"Why are you killing the Minutemen?"
"What is your name?" Sylvie asked back, completely ignoring what she had said.
"It doesn't matter, you still haven't answered my question!"
"It matters to me, Y/N. But that's not your only name. Definitely not." In the blink of an eye, the woman grabbed Y/N's arm, showing the bracelet hidden under her coat sleeve and Loki felt his body freeze at the revelation. How could they do this to her? "Lady of the Moon, Mother of the Sun. Giver of Life and Protector of the Dead, or just... Y/N." When Sylvie was done, she broke the bracelet and backed away, walking nonchalantly towards one of the market shelves. She still has a plan to execute.
Looking at the mark the bracelet left on her wrist after so many failed attempts to break free, Y/N let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. She is... free. As soon as her eyes found Loki, she couldn't make out what he was feeling, but a part inside her didn't want him to be angry. She couldn't reveal her past. Loki had come up with several scenarios about the secret Y/N was keeping, but he never imagined she was a Goddess. As a child, Loki heard stories about her and her kindness, but he believed it was all a figment of his mother's.
As a mourner, Y/N was the principal deity in rites connected with the dead; as magical healer, she cured the sick and brought the deceased to life.
With that thought, the image of Frigga flashed through his mind. He was capable of anything to get her back. Loki wanted to show his mother that he knew the Goddess of her stories and she was really good.
When he snapped back to reality, the market lights were off and the emergency lights glowed like blood on all sides. With her plan completed, Sylvie opened the door of time and crossed to the other side without looking back. Y/N was fighting a battle with herself for letting the Variant escape and mostly for letting her get what she wanted, when Loki's voice echoed, drawing her attention:
"Come with me."
He chose to believe he was doing this to get his mother back. There was no other option for him to want someone like her by his side.
"Can you hear what you're saying? Loki, we are on opposite sides of this war. We..." Her words were interrupted by Mobius and the other TVA agents.
"Do you have the necessary power to change things, but prefer to obey the orders of these lizards? You are a Goddess, being subordinate doesn't suit you." Loki insisted, holding Y/N's hands and looking deep into her eyes, he found the answer he needed.
Tumblr media
a/n – likes and reblogs are appreciated but honestly I’d love to know what you all think of this one.
• the reader is based on the Egyptian Goddess Isis
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evilphrog · 6 months ago
Mobius and the theme of redemption
People love the Loki series because it is a story of redemption.  But what I think a lot of folks miss is that it is just as much a redemption for Mobius as it is for Loki.  It is very easy to look at his character and see a deeply compassionate individual who desperately wants to do good.  Because he is.  But in just the first couple episodes, we watch him commit murder, stand by unflinchingly as other murders occur, threaten, torture, and dehumanize without a single thought about the harm he is causing.  
People love to talk about the scene when he was gentle and patient with the little kid in the Cathedral.  And he was.  He was very sweet and it was a touching experience.  But what a lot of people forget is that immediately after he finishes comforting the child, he sends them straight to the jaws of Alioth.  That child was brutally murdered by Mobius, and he walked casually away without even processing that or feeling a modicum of guilt.  
That is the power of propaganda, and being raised in an environment where an ultimate truth is presented as a justification for any amount of evil deeds.  The TVA agents aren't committing mass murder by the trillions.  No, they are simply RESETTING people to where they should be.  The variants aren't their own, fully formed individuals.  They are shadows of a world that shouldn't exist.  
Putting the rest under a break because this is a whole essay
The more he gets to know Loki, the more he starts to come face to face with the absolute sham the entire organization operates under. Loki isn't just a shadow of a predetermined life.  He is very clearly a whole, sentient being with thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams.  He could have achieved ANYTHING had the TVA not stepped in and kidnapped him.  Loki is the only person any of the agents have ever gotten a chance to spend time with that could cause them to question whether they are actually really the good guys.  
And it freaks Mobius out.  He evades and changes the subject and abruptly ends the conversation the moment he starts to see the cracks in his belief.  He redirects back to the mission at hand.  Which, again, is to murder someone that escaped being kidnapped.  
Loki and Sylvie falling in love was the MOST threatening experience he could have been faced with.  Not just because he is jealous, but because acknowledging that the two of them could care for each other would require acknowledging that they are different people with their own experiences and perspectives, and that resetting them won’t just restore them to their proper selves, but actually kill these two, very real, very sentient people he cares about.  His fit in the interrogation room might have been a bit of jealous rage, but it was also a desperate last-ditch attempt to cling to the lie that has kept him shielded from the deep shame and guilt he is realizing he will soon have to confront.  He is terrified of having to do that kind of self-reflection.
The one thing Loki is able to tell him to convince him that the Variants are real people? Even after spending so much time side by side with one?  He told him he is one too.  That is the secret that can bring down the TVA.  The only way you can gather a bunch of noble heros together and have them commit massive scale atrocities is by convincing them they aren't causing harm, that the people they kill aren't people.  Mobius doesn't develop full compassion for the variants until he finally realizes he is the exact same as them.  That his best friend is one of them. That the friend he lost in combat and mourns suffered the same exact fate as millions of people who HE MURDERED.  
That's when he can't handle it anymore.  He can't go back to the TVA anymore.  C-20 couldn't go back.  Hunter B-15 couldn't go back.  There is no way the TVA and the sacred timeline can be allowed to continue, because its mission is evil.  I firmly believe that if Mobius had been in the room with Kang at the end, he would have killed him.  Any unknown world would have to be better than going back to being complicit in such atrocities. 
And then we have the moment with Sylvie and Mobius in the car.  She could (and probably wanted to) murder him.  He has personally hunted her for her entire life, and kept her in terror and pain. She sees him as a mass murderer.  The true villain in her story.  But when confronted with the reality of his humanity, she forgives him almost immediately.  She likes him.  She recognizes the pain and turmoil in his own mind and offers him a path to redemption.  And so do the other Lokis.  He may have been the one to prune some of them.  But they accept him because they understand that their goal, their new glorious purpose, will never succeed without help.  That means so much to him.  To know that, no matter how many atrocities he has committed, he is still worthy of love and friendship. 
Loki offers Mobius the exact same thing Mobius offers Loki.  The ability to see, from the start, all the evil and pain and suffering he caused, and say, "I accept you and believe in your ability to do better."
Like Loki says, no one bad is truly bad, and no one good is truly good.   
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fanfic-corner · 26 days ago
Happy New Year!
Tumblr media
Here, have a terrible drawing of a really good lawyer as a present. I'm trying to teach myself to be a little more proud of what I've done, so I thought I would make a post with all the things I have achieved! I hope you enjoy them, and that the next year is filled with good things for you.
All of my fic recs.
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Season 16, Time For A Wedding! (12k) - Roadhouse wedding fic
Gay or European? (14k) - Team Free Will go to Eurovision
several empty lives (in progress) - fix it, where the Empty toys with Dean and Cas for a while
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to suffer the sea collection (~5k) - Inej's boat sinks, and Kaz comforts her
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i would know him in death (17k) - Kaz fakes his death, Wylan and Jesper adopt a child
Other Fandoms
numb fingers but warmer hearts (2.1k with a 2nd chapter on the way!) - Hawkeye fic, where Kate falls in a frozen lake and gets rescued by Clint. Again.
sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand (5.5k) - Lokius fic, where Loki and Mobius retire to a beach. Yes, there are jetskis involved.
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an unmarked grave of memories (1.2k) - Doctor Who fic, about Yaz's years stuck in the past.
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Suez, My Beloved <3 (507) - Yes, it's a fic about the Suez canal. Leave me alone.
I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has inspired me or given me any kind of support even if it is something as simple as kudos - it means a lot to me, and it's helped a shitty year feel a bit better. I wish everyone a happy new year, and may the next one be more hopeful than the last!
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alexjcrowley · 7 months ago
Yo, another headcanon with Loki, Mobius and the Avengers.
I know this won't happen, but one of the things I like to imagine is TVA!Loki and Mobius dealing with the Avengers in different occasions, before and after Avengers (2012).
On one hand I like the concept of the Avengers meeting Loki after the Avengers (2012) events and going "Oh, no! He is a bad guy, we have to fight him!" and Loki annoyingly going "As much as I despise it, I am on your side, this time", on the other hand I am in love with the idea that Avengers could meet Loki before the New York attack (exactly, before they even became the Avengers, so probably separately) and see him as a sarcastic smartass, but overall "one of the good guys".
Imagine Steve being helped out by Loki in an apparently stupid circumstance ("But it's not stupid at all, because it could change the flow of the Sacred Timeline" "I know, Moby, you have just told me 500 times today") and Steve going "Hey, thanks for the helping hand, buddy, see you around" and Loki mocking him just as Steve leaves imitating his voice " 'See you around', ugh, pathetic".
Or Loki helping to calm down the Hulk (and Loki is shaking in fear, at this point, but luckily Mobius is beside him to protect him and reassure him). Then Bruce turns back to himself and thanks endlessly Loki, also praying him not to tell anyone about what he saw and apologizing because he sees Loki is a bit shaken, to say the least.
Loki messing around with characters who don't know that he is/used to be "a bad guy", a villain, and for the first time he is treated by people in a genuine way, without any prejudice.
And you can't tell me Loki wouldn't be at least a bit emotional about it, at the end of these missions.
And Mobius is beside him, hugging him even if Loki insists that he doesn't need a hug, "I am a God, for my own sake, not a child", while Mobius goes "There, there, see? Not a villain, just someone who helps others achieving the best version of themselves. You don't have to cause pain and suffering and death to do that."
"Oh, isn't this what your stupid Time Keepers say I should do?" says Loki in between hiccups.
Mobius looks around for a moment: "Okay, this will have to stay between us...but sometimes the Time Keepers are real cunts."
And yeah, if you ship them, I think at this point Loki would chuckle in between tears and kiss Mobius, even better if while they're kissing the Avenger they just helped walk on them, with a reaction that could go to Bruce Banner's "Oh, ehm, sorry, I didn't mean to- I- I'll just go back to the kitchen if you need me" to Tony Stark's idle whistle and snarky remark like "I have a lot of rooms in this house, if you need one, let me know".
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delyth88 · 7 months ago
Loki series first reaction
So, yeah, spoilers.
*sits at her desk to type*
First things first, there was enough of the Loki I recognised to keep me engaged. I’m very relieved. Sure there were bits where I suddenly found myself fascinated with the set design for a moment, but overall there was enough Loki in there for me. 
Things I liked:
They way they showed the dawning realisation that the TVA was beyond Loki’s ability to beat. It needed to be convincing, and I think they did a good job of it. They showed him attempting to escape, they showed him running out of options. They showed him going from cocky and sure of himself to lost and afraid.  They never did this in Infinity War and that was one of the reason I had trouble accepting that scene. So I’m glad they bothered here. One of the benefits of TV over film I guess.
How disheartened he was to find those infinity stones stashed in the draw like used paperclips. I thought that was really well done. I think that was the moment that sold it to me as someone who knows Loki’s strengths that this might actually be beyond him.  
The scene where he’s alone and watches his future play out.  That they showed him caring for his mother, not just once with his initial reaction, but again, and deeply, when he comes back and plays through his alternate life.
His reaction to seeing his alternate life. I am sooooo glad they didn’t gloss over that or make it light-hearted. Or a joke. I think we as an audience (or at least the fans) needed to see that. I’m glad he didn’t turn away, or turn it off in anger, or otherwise reject it. I can’t fathom what it must be like to see your future, and see it play out LIKE THAT. And realise you’re at risk of death in your current situation and if you can work out how to return to your old timeline that you will die there too, and that this will be enforced.  There is no chance to escape. No chance to change your future. I am haunted by his face.
And then the way in which he says “glorious purpose” afterwards. Ugh! My heart!
I think I enjoyed this scene on a personal level too – it reflects how I felt after seeing Infinity War and Endgame. So sad that all his actions seemed so futile, that after all his suffering and trying so, so hard, that he wasn’t even allowed some time to enjoy life before Thanos caught up with them.
I think they did a really good job of showing us a scenario in which Loki would appear willing to give up his connection with the world of TDW/Ragnarok/Infinity War.  I was worried they’d just give some flimsy reason and for plot purposes Loki would agree, but this was satisfying enough for me.  And I like his growing realisation and grief about having no place to go back to.
Despite my perceptions of Mobius based on the trailer material, I really appreciated how he was sympathetic at that moment.
I’m glad they addressed “but the Avengers were the time criminals” thing head on.  Bit arbitrary, but I guess bringing back half of the population of the universe is probably a good enough reason. Lol
I also kinda liked how they described Loki’s purpose as bringing out the better parts of other people. Assigning him some purpose for the greater good, not just telling him he’s a useless waste of space. It might not be what he wants but he has worth all the same.
How young and hurt and vulnerable he looked sitting on the edge of the room with the tesseract in his hand.
Things I wasn’t so keen on:
So, yeah, there’s a lot of moments that are just a bit too different from the Loki I’m used to for me to be comfortable just yet, but I think as the series goes on I will adapt to it and notice them less and less. For example the cringey trying to do magic moment in the court.  Not a fan. But it did remind me of the similar moment in Ragnarok when Thor mistimes with Mjolnir. So it was kinda helpful to me to be able to recall an instance where they did that joke with an outright hero.
I was disappointed that they seem to not want to mention Thanos or his influence.  There was a perfect moment for him to bring it up, and for a while I thought that might have been what Mobius was angling at. But no. Though if I had to choose between Loki responding to his mother’s death or his time with Thanos then I’m glad they went with Frigga. I guess we can assume that if an Infinity Stone is powerless in the TVA then Loki is now out of Thanos’ reach, so perhaps he felt he could keep that one buried.
I wa a little disappointed that the DB Cooper thing was just a flashback – it was fun, and I enjoyed it, I just would have like to have seen more.  And it means that the line mentioning Heimdall and his brother mean nothing, nor does the bifrost.  I’m wondering now if the little flashes of Asgard are just flashbacks too.  Though the Thor 1 outfit is against a different design of throne than the one actually in Thor 1, and I would assume if they were going for a flashback they would build it to look like the original, but maybe they just wanted to make something “new and fresh”. Ugh.  
That damn graphic death scene! Again!  Will we ever escape this!? Or will every future Loki-related show/article/advertisement include it? Is there some bizarre legal requirement to include it! :p  So yeah, tw, they go there. Again.
And the little speech near the end where he was explaining that he doesn’t like hurting people and it’s all just a cover – that seemed a little too direct and open to me.  But after everything he’s just seen, and realising he’s just lost his entire life, even if he’s still alive, I can accept he might feel he has nothing to lose, that it’s not worth hiding anything anymore.
Other thoughts:
I was interested in the Jetsons-style Multiverse 101 spiel – that there were multiple universes before and that they had been brought down to one. That’s not what I was expecting. That multiple universes were a bad thing. That’s puts a new light on Dr Strange and Multiverse of Madness.
They didn’t show the Your saviour is here! Scene?  Will that come later? Or was that just for the trailers?  They seem to have had quite a few moments that were different than in the trailers.  Nothing big, but they chose different takes to go into the actual episode a few times.
Some of the reviewers had talked about a surprise twist at the end of the first episode.  Ha!  Was anyone actually surprised?
That scene where Loki has the tesseract in his hand in the office and nobody seems at all bothered by the person wandering around in a prisoner’s uniform without a collar in their workspace.  That still seemed odd, and I can see why we thought there must have been something significant about it.  But I guess that’s just showing us the downbeat disinterest of office work!
Interesting that most of the trailer material seems to have been taken from this episode.  I hope that means we get to see a lot more outside the TVA.
 I’m going to be watching this again on Saturday with a friend overseas so I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts after that.  Well actually I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts while I brush my teeth and get ready for bed! Who am I kidding!  :D
So overall, I’m relieved that this will be something I can find enough in to enjoy. I’m liking the scope that we’re seeing so far, and how they seem to be okay with the emotional stuff.  This is definitely not Ragnarok again.
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lokisboyfriendowenwilson · 5 months ago
I'd sacrifice (with heavy heart) Nobius just to see Loki suffer and run into his Mobius's arms and kiss him senseless the first chance he gets. Because seeing any version of Mobius die in front of him or because of him would devastate Loki and I'm here for it.
assuming season 2 starts where season 1 left off, there's two ways the alt-TVA + nobius (mobius he meets in the finale) storyline can go, that being:
1. it's only used as a device to show that sylvie's choice runs so deep it even effects the TVA, which is supposed to be a place outside of time. now that it's been established, loki gets back to his original TVA and his mobius within the first episode, maybe two.
2. loki is very far from home, and will end up getting acquainted with nobius in the time it takes him to get back to his mobius, probably getting mixed up in solving things in the alt-timeline along the way. here he might be with nobius until mid, end season.
if nobius and loki do end up getting the breathing room they'd need to get acquainted, there is a lot of potential there for both some sweet moments and a lot of very good angst.
nobius doesn't just not know what mobius and loki have been through, he doesn't know loki by face at all. with this we can assume he knows NOTHING of his past.
mobius gave him a baseline to work with, he could open up to him because mobius already knew everything he'd ever done, and still understood him. still cared about him.
what will it be like for loki now, being faced with this stranger who looks like the man who trusts him through all his faults, but isn't him. how can he be sure that anything he says to nobius about what he's done will now not taint the way he sees him, treats him ? especially if nobius reluctantly trusts loki as a stranger, will he now fear actually opening up to him, lest it ruin the flimsy acquaintance they have ?
i don't think loki has had the proper time or energy to really, genuinely think about what mobius means to him. but now ? in nobius, he's got the perfect slate for analyzing why his mobius makes him feel the way he does. why it hurts to see nobius without the recognition in his eyes. why he's scared of nobius disliking him even though he's technically a stranger. why he wants to get back to mobius as badly as he does.
and why, if nobius dies, it hurts so badly to think of his mobius dying again.
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idrilearfalas · 6 months ago
First of all, this is not a Sylvie-hate post. I love Sylvie and I don’t think she’s the villain. But since that "betrayal" tweet - which I know wasn’t what we thought - I've started thinking about it...
And the fact is that Sylvie's betrayal, no matter how inconceivable it seems looking at previous episodes, makes a lot of sense, narratively speaking. 
No facts, here, just some hunces.
Point 1:
Loki: “Love is a dagger. It’s a weapon to be wielded far away or up close. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach for it….”  Sylvie: "It isn't real"
We consider the dagger speech in relation to Mobius (and I’m kinda convinced that one day Loki will be able to define what love is moving from his for Mobius) but it fits so well Loki and Sylvie's relationship. Not in an optymistic way, though. 
Loki is possibly convinced that what he feels for her and her for him is love. The writers themselves called it a romantic relationship. Also, “You can see yourself in it”, and Sylvie IS Loki, a reflection of who he is.
But then the quote goes: “It’s beautiful until it makes you bleed”... “It isn’t real”. And no matter it’s a bad metaphor, I don’t think this is a casual sentence added to make us laugh. If she betrays him in the last episode, it will turn out that indeed love wasn’t real and it was used to make him bleed.
Point 2: 
I keep thinking about the conversation Loki and Sylvie had in the last episode. 
“I know what I did. And I know why I did it. And that’s not who I am anymore” (by the way, this change was inspired by Mobius, thank you your Honor). But did Sylvie have this “change”? I know, their stories are different but Sylvie’s goal has not changed since the story started, despite her getting fond of Loki, while Loki did make a personal evolution of some kind, he even admits it. 
I don’t know, there was something off, to me, about this whole conversation and them possibly planning a future together... which will obviously not happen because angst is a fundamental part of TV shows so when they give people sudden “hopes” is mostly to break their hearts along the way. And, you know, Sylvie seemed kinda... sad, somehow. Which leads me to...
Point 3: 
Someone pointed out that when Loki offers to stay with Sylvie to fight Alioth, Mobius is shocked and almost gives himself a whiplash turning to look at him. 
Sylvie’s reaction? She closes her eyes, sighs, her eyes are a bit tearful. My first reaction was: she doesn’t want him to go because she wants to protect him. But thinking about it, it feels more and more like a “oh no, don’t do this, Loki, don’t make me do this” kind of thing - which I’ve seen it in other movies developed in this way. 
I don't think Sylvie is bad per se. But she has gone through unimaginable suffering and has been even more lonely than Loki all her life. 
She hasn't thought beyond this goal because it's the only thing she wants to achieve, her "sanity" depends on her success. This kind of goal is not like a "I must rule Midgard" goal. It is something that is rooted in her pain in a much more explicit way. It's revenge. And in TV shows, people who feel this way usually do everything in their power to succeed even if it costs them everything else they have. Friends included. It might pain her to do it, but she will do it anyway, if necessary. In this way, she’s less unpredictable than Loki but much more dangerous. 
Point 4: 
Another thing that comes directly from how stories are usually developed: give someone a love interest too soon and it’s doomed. Take Harry Dresden and Susan, for example. 
The writers also called it “first love” which is often used in association with the idea that there will be other relationships after that first one. 
So, no matter if you see a romantic relationship there or if you think Loki and Sylvie are just confusing it for a romantic relationship... it’s still going to go bad, at least in season one, because that’s how Media work. Sylvie and Loki are not going to live happily ever after because fabulas need a plot twist to work. And this specific plot twist can only go in three directions: 
- Sylvie dies - Sylvie gets separated from Loki  - Sylvie betrays Loki
And of the three I find the last one the most believable. Making her betray him despite her NOT being a villain could open up a way more interesting storyline in which he learns to forgive and she needs to find herself and who she really is. 
As said, these are just hunches, but I wanted to leave them here in case my bingo card is correct and boyfriend needs proof that I was right all along. Sorry for the endless post!
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mobiusxyearslater · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Rekindling (A Sonally Story)
A/N: This whole thing takes place about two years before the whole AU/Your Dork starts off for context. ~Mun @t-vict101
On a cool night in New Mobotropolis, Princess Sally Acorn is walking back to her cottage from the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital. She witnessed her friend, Bunnie Rabbot give birth to her firstborn daughter Annabelle. The whirlwind excitement and joy practically drained Sally’s energy, it was time for much-needed rest. She quietly walked along the dirt path still thinking about her new niece, how cute she looked, and how happy Bunnie and Antoine looked. That’s the kind of love that could last lifetimes. Sally starts to wonder if she could feel that way someday. Well, she did at one point, the only person she felt happy with was-- 
“Hey there Princess! You’re out late!” Sally heard a voice pipe up.
She looked forward to see the source of the cheery voice, well who else could it be? The one and only hero of Mobius, Sonic the Hedgehog, sat there on her porch giving her a soft wave. Sally stared at him for a few moments unsure of what to do. The last time she saw him he was off fighting Doctor Eggman and saving the world once again. That was almost half a year ago. But that was how Sonic was. There was no tying him down after the job was done which led to their romantic relationship being more on and off if anything. 
The ironic part was that their last break-up wasn’t because Sonic wasn’t around. It was because Sally was too busy juggling her life between her duties on the council and her duties as leader. Sonic did confront her about it which led to a big fight then eventually they agreed to go their separate ways. There was a twinge of guilt in Sally’s heart because of that and seeing Sonic there acting as if nothing happened. All Sally could do is muster up a small chuckle as she looks at the blue blur.
“Well, you know me. I’m always busy with one thing or another.” she joked as she took a seat next to Sonic, who gave her a chuckle. 
“Oh, boy don’t I know it! So what was it this time?” He playfully props his chin in his palm, “Council meetings? Ribbon cutting? Oh! A big speech in front of the entire kingdom?”
Sally gives him a small nudge and shakes her head, “Oh shut up. If you have to know, Bunnie and Antoine just had their baby tonight..”
“What??” Sonic perks up, “Those two have a kid now? Man. I feel like I miss out on a lot.”
Sally chuckles and shakes head, “Well that’s what happens when you’re gone for months on end.”
Sonic chuckles and scratches his head, “Heh. Well, I do come back once in a while though so it’s not all bad.
Sally let out a small chuckle and nod looking out to the moon, “Yeah.. I guess so.”
The two sit in silence just watching the moon. There was a feeling that someone should say something but neither of them did instead soaking in the atmosphere. Somehow, someway, the silence was relaxing for them both. No one brought up the past or having to suffer the awkwardness of reliving the whole thing over again. But there was one burning question that rattled in Sally’s head. Of all places to go in the middle of the night, why hers? Sonic still had his parents, his Uncle Chuck, heck he could just crash at Tails’ place if he really wanted to. 
Sally cleared her throat, making Sonic’s ear twitch. “So, you just randomly decided to pop up here?”
Sonic sweats a bit and gives off a nervous chuckle, “I guess I made it too obvious huh?” He looked at her shrugs, “...I guess I just missed you.”
Sally quirks a brow tilting her head, “Is that right?”
Sonic huffs at her tone and tilts his head, “What’s with that tone? I really did miss you.”
Sally chuckles and pats his head, sighing out tiredly, “And I missed you too.”
Still unable to get a read of what she’s thinking, Sonic wags at her at a finger, “...Why do I feel there’s a huge BUT coming up.”
Sally frowns and sighs out, “But… This feels like a pattern..” 
Sonic gives her a confused look, “What do you mean..?”
Through her tiredness she starts to pet through the blue hedgehog’s quills, “...This. Us. You leave for a long time then come back saying you missed me. Old feelings come up and we try again. Then…”
Sonic watched Sally as her words tiredly trailed and looked down to the ground. He always loved Sally, that fact is the solid truth, but being committed was a whole different ball game. Thinking about her words more, he started to see the pattern too. Sure his feelings were genuine at the moment but he’s always changing his mind about them. He started to think that maybe Sally wanted more than just part of him. Maybe she needed all of him, just like he wanted all of her. Maybe just maybe, him leaving for months after each attack isn’t fair to her at all. 
Sonic huffs out a chuckle and slides his hands behind his head, “...You wanna hear something funny?”
Sally rubs the tired out of her eyes and looks at him, “What’s that..?”
Sonic rubs his nose a bit, “While I was gone I actually dated someone for a small while.”
All Sally could do is huff in response, “So you can here in the middle of the night to tell me about your exes to your ex?”
Sonic nudges her a bit, “Just listen for sec. While I was away, I actually dated Amy for a small bit.”
Sally’s brows perk up hearing the news, “Wow. You actually let up and let her catch you huh?”
Sonic shrugs letting a small chuckle, “I did. I was always running and she was always there. I figured that was something I wanted or something. At least I thought I did.”
His words slowly trailed off as he thought about his time with Amy. The pink hedgehog sure was a spitfire. Wherever Sonic went she gladly went along with him for support. He figured giving her one date wouldn’t hurt. Then it turned into two. Then it turned to something exclusive. Their honeymoon phase was sweet but soon after Amy found herself in a bit of a rut. Hopping from city to city, fighting badniks left and right, she was all in on that no doubt but she wanted something more. At first, she thought Sonic was that solution, but when she had him that feeling never really went away.
Sonic sighs out softly circling his thumb in his palm. “So she dumped me. She said something about traveling around to find her purpose or something.”
Sally stared at the dejected hedgehog and softly petted his head, “You’re number one fan dumped you. That must’ve been a blow to the ol’ ego of yours.”
Sonic stifles a small chuckle letting himself relax under Sally’s touch, “Yeah it was but I get it.  It was fine for a while but I guess somewhere down the line. She realized I couldn’t give HER what SHE needed.” He lets out a sigh and looks up at the sky, “...I am proud of her though. Whatever she decides on doing for herself, she’ll be great at it.”
Sally nods in agreement and lets out a small yawn, “Yeah. She’s too determined to let herself fail at anything that’s for sure. She’ll probably be the best.”
Sonic shakes his head and looks at Sally, “Alright, enough about my dating life. What about you? Anyone in your life?”
Sally huffs out a chuckle and shakes her head, “Not really. There have been dates here and there but my busy schedule made it way too difficult to really settle into anything.” 
Sonic snickers a bit, “Woo boy don’t I know it--” he stops himself when he watches Sally’s face slowly fall into a frown, “Come on Sal. I don’t blame you for your hectic schedule.”
Sally gives him a look and crosses her arms, “Isn’t that the reason you dumped me the last time?” 
And there it was. That sting of awkwardness they worked so hard to avoid has finally come to the forefront. The silence draped over them as they sat there with their thoughts. No one knew what exactly to say at that moment. Sally realized she still had her hand on Sonic’s head and quickly pulled away looking away.
Sonic took a deep breath, “I know I gave you grief about it before. I just thought we could be how we used to be when we were 17.” Sally opened her mouth to say something but Sonic held up his hand. “Which I realized now… It can never be like that. I guess… I was…. I dunno.. Anxious about everything changing. You and Rotor on the council, Bunnie and Ant having a kid, Tails being the next inventor of the century, even Amy…” He takes a deep breath and kicks the dirt a bit, “...Seems like everyone is running this race and I'm dead last.”
Sally hums a bit pondering about his words, “...I guess… You’re feeling everyone is outgrowing you…?”
Sonic’s ear twitches and lets out a small pout leaning his chin in his palm, “....Maybe yeah…”
Sally lets out a small laugh and Sonic gives her a pouty look. She nudges him playfully, “Oh stop. I’m laughing because you’re the hero of Mobius. Everyone loves talking about you and practically wants to BE you.”
Sonic huffs out and crosses his arms, “I KNOW! I know I just… feel like I can do… more… Like I could do more for the world, my family, our friends, even you--” 
Sally’s brows perk up at the last part Sonic started to say but cut himself off. It was kinda strange seeing him so vulnerable. Usually, he had a real cocky attitude with everyone and was the brightest in the room. Honestly, this was a side of him that she tried to bring out a lot of the time but he would always brush it off like it was nothing. He seemed almost embarrassed that he was saying all of this out in the open, especially saying it to her.
She softly puts a hand on his shoulder, “...Hey. It’s normal to feel that way. Almost everyone feels that way sometime or another, right?”
Sonic sighs out and looks at her, “Yeah but it’s ME we’re talking about.”
Sally huffs and stands up, “Yeah and I know you better than you think. You’re a guy who takes action. You’re always putting others first before yourself. You’re a hero that inspires everyone to be the best versions of themselves.” She holds out a hand to him, “...Now are you going to stop moping and do something about it?”
Sonic stares at her hand remembering those were the words he said to her years before. He huffs out a chuckle before grasping onto her hand and standing up, “You got me there. And you’re right, like always.”
Sally chuckles and shakes her head, “Of course I am. I’ve known you way too long to be wrong.” 
Sonic chuckles a bit and watches her make her way up to her front door. He leans on the porch rail and tilts his head, “So I’m guessing I shouldn’t keep you from your beauty sleep any longer huh princess?”
Sally chuckles and shakes her head turning back to him, “Well that all depends if you’re going to keep me up all night.” She opens the door and gestures inside.
Sonic gives off a snarky chuckle as he walks up the steps stopping in front of her, “Oh ho ho! And what exactly do you mean by that princess?”
Sally rolls her eyes and pushes him inside of the cottage, “I mean you’re sleeping on the couch!”
Sonic pouts and leans back in her hands, “Aw but I could really use a nice big warm bed after months without one!”
Sally shakes her head, “You should’ve gone to your parents then.” She lets out a soft chuckle before shutting the door behind her, “You big dork.”
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kneelbeforeclefairy · 6 months ago
Okay my problem with sylki isn't it's selfcest or they're the same person. It's literally fiction, loosen up Tumblr puritans if anyones gonna get down with themselves it's Loki. If it's not your thing, no shame, but there's nothing WRONG with it as, as I've mentioned , it's FICTION, has no bearing on who you ar as person what fictional ships you like, and has no real world consequences because it isn't even possible.
My problem isn't even the "he's bi why can't he be in a gay relationship" cause, yes, why CAN'T he, but he can also be in a "straight" relationship too. That's the point of being bi. Also at least Tom's Loki is gender fluid , Sylvie probably is too, so any realtionship between them is automatically queer cause they're both enby, and neither are a woman or a man .
(but YES it does feel disingenuous of marvel to take a charecter who has had no love interest for SIX MOVIES , and shown no romantic or sexual interest in anyone, reveal he's bisexual and THEN get him together with a woman in the next episode. Like, Loki's bi, and nothing marvel will do can ever take that away from me, but ....it does feel like having your cake and eating it too. We'd be very happy with no love interest too)
It isn't even that I don't like Sylvie herself. I DO. I LOVE her Loki, her version of Loki's life, the ways they're similar, the ways they're different. The way I think she kind of reminds Loki of Thor sometimes (angry blondes gonna hit something she shouldn't hit. Must stop before it gets worse!) (Cause that moment when she was about to kill he who remains , Loki's tactic to calm her down and reasons behind it were eerily similar to him stopping Thor from attacking the frost Giants in movie 1) I think that Sylvie is a rare occurance--a female charecter that is fully developed, has goals and wants of her own, and isn't just a love interest. I would very much like to see more of her.
My problem is. Loki. LOKI Loki. Tom's Loki, is our mail charecter. Main characters must go through charecter development. They must have a WANT and to contrast with it a NEED. they must pursue said WANT and at the end of the day , get not necessarily what they WANT but what they NEED.
So what does Loki WANT? Well in episode one we get a very clear want. Loki wants to destroy the TVA. He wants to figure out who's behind this and get rid of them. Right. Good. That's the plot.
Now we're looking at his internal arc. Mobius lays it out, again, in episode one. Loki is, BAD. He causes pain and suffering wherever he goes and hurts everyone he loves. He does bad things. And his role in this game of destiny is to be Bad, so other can be good. Loki realizes that about himself, and he hates it. He doesn't really want to be Bad. And he certainly doesn't want to be a pawn in others stories. So meld the internal arc, the NEED to the WANT and Loki wants to destroy the TVA so that he can get away from his destiny to hurt people and see what else he's capable of.
(this entire arc was also done a lot better in Ragnarok. )
Okay so. We jump around. Loki tricks people, Loki gains information. He meets Sylvie. Their goals align. Sylvie wants to destroy the TVA. Very well and good.
Now thematically, this is where the want and the need should start switching at the midpoint. The midpoint of the series s of course episode 3, when Loki realizes the TVA isn't all it seems to be and everyone is a varient.
And here's where it falls apart. There's that fun scene with Sif where she criticizes Loki for being a worm or whatever. I thought that was going to go somewhere but it didn't. But after that Loki's plotline fizzles out. He no longer really wants to destroy the TVA, Sylvie does. The show now becomes about HER goal to do that. And Loki's need sort of...disappears. instead of growing or learning something about himself, his need seems to be Love Sylvie. And that doesn't add up.
So either this is EXTREMELY lazy writing.
(yes. Yes it is)
Or someone thought that the way to fulfuil all of Loki's emotional needs--whicj we've seen develop over, let me state this again SIX MOVIES-- were to give him a love interest. Not to mention they thought that was the culmination of his plot NEED. Loki WANTS To destroy the TVA but NEEDS to...fall in love?
There's an argument to be made for a very literal reading of he needs to accept himself, but not only is that not what's being set up here, it's fucking stupid because loving Sylvie who--while they're the same person technically--has had a completely different life, personality, choices, has nothing to do with accepting THIS Loki.
So then we do this main charecter switch. Loki now just follows along Sylvie's goal. He has no more need, and no more real want. Sylvie has a want, but no need either. And the one moment when Loki tries to talk her down, and says he can't risk the universe in exchange for power really falls flat because Loki is not seen to WANT To rule the universe through the tva. He's way past that.
So in an attempt to just tie up loose ends what he got, instead of self actualization, instead of charecter development, instead or ANYTHING, was a kiss.
Because in Hollywoodland, kisses solve everything. And that's where my aro ass jumps off the film school horse and onto the UGKGBVSJJBE keysmash horse. Because they really do believe that it is Good Writing to do that because Love Solves Everything .
And I'm pissy.
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worstloki · 9 months ago
i love the loki fandom because there are so many sides and each one feels like a whole new brick to the face
#it's so much fun #you've got people who absolutely do not want loki to have a love interest ever which is cool #then you've got people who want loki to not only be pan but also do the deed with any and everyone he makes eye contact with #then you've got the sect which makes it their duty to thirst over every frame of glorious hair bouncing #people being torn between wanting loki to be s*xy but also not wanting him sexualized #people who want loki to be a permanent he and others who would kill for genderfluidity to come into the picture #a huge bunch of people everywhere don't acknowledge that loki was tortured during avengers 1 #people who have spent the past 10 years arguing and successfully digging for proof that he was #tik tokkers thought lady loki was loki's wife a while back #people who knew asgard was colonialist all along vs people thinking ragnarok introduced that idea #uhhhh frigga has a lot of people absolutely whipped and some people think odin apologized to loki #people who ship mobius and loki havdgsfudbsjkkkkhgfv #those who take it as a personal attack if you disagree and then blow it up and vaguepost about the green boi XD #don't get me started on grandmaster/loki or how thorki has the most fics out of all the loki ships on ao3 #people who literally just want the funky knife boy to get some development and have some fun without love fixing everything #people who are literally only running because the funky knife boy has suffered and they want him to get to be happy and loved #people who hate whatever tf marvel is doing with loki's characterization and caricaturing him #people who love the new direction and don't see any change #saw someone thirsting over loki's wrists the other day #people who see new points and go Woah!! Thank you!! #some people who get so mad when you have receipts from canon to support a point XD #people who never want to hear about canon again ever #people who don't share their opinions because they'd be under fire if they did #people who have gigantonormous themes fly over their heads and also those who are just here to chill and those who ship what they ship #oh! those who aren't afraid to share their unpopular views! #there's a lot of variety #it's very fun #it's like a giant salad bowl where some missed the memo that this is a fruit salad and then someone sprinkles chilli and whipped cream in #mmmm i like how 'discourse' can cover the range of what type of clothes he would wear to how damaging badly handling identity themes was #and you can find people equally passionate about any niche topic around here and there's such a diverse mix of experiences it's wonderful
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mimisempai · 5 months ago
Whispers in the night
There are whispers in the night, some are funny and light and others are serious and deep, but whatever their kind, they are filled with love.
Could I ever get tired of these two? Maybe... but not today.
Words 995 - Rating G
Tumblr media
Feeling Loki moving at his side, Mobius woke up. Loki was pressed against his back, his arm wrapped around his waist. Mobius grasped Loki's hand that was resting on his stomach to let him know that he was awake
"Loki, sweetheart, are you okay?" Mobius asked with a sleepy voice, turning his head back slightly before adding, "Did you have a nightmare?"
"No it's not that this time." Loki snuggled even more against Mobius' back, "I'm just having a little trouble sleeping because my feet are cold." He took on a pleading tone and Mobius could almost see his puppy dog eyes as Loki asked, "Can you warm them up for me, love?"
Mobius felt something icy against his ankles. He turned around and slid backwards to get away from his lover's embrace a bit, protesting, "Oh no, keep your frozen feet to yourself, no way am I going to be your heater. Besides, I don't even understand how it's possible for you to have frozen feet when you're not in your Jotun form."
Seeing Loki's falsely guilty look, Mobius knew he had just been fooled.
His lover was wrapped in all the blankets and was now looking at him with a satisfied look from inside the pile of blankets.
"You little minx, you dared to change your shape just to get the blankets back." Mobius pounced on him and began to tickle him on the sides as Loki hid under the covers.
"You know that won't keep you safe from me."
Loki sank further into the safety of cover shelter and bravely retorted, "I am strong!  I will resist!"
Mobius leaned forward and blew into his ear then whispered, "Really?" before blowing into Loki's ear again.
Loki squirmed and yelled, "I surrender, I surrender!" laughing to tears.
Mobius then lifted the pile of blankets and asked Loki, "Will you let me in?"
Loki pushed himself up and made room for him.
Mobius slipped under the blankets and wrapped his hands around Loki's head, and brushing his thumb across Loki's cheek he asked, a naughty smile on his face, "So, how do you plan to make it up to me?"
"I wonder how I could do that." Loki asked with a cheeky glance, "A kiss, perhaps?" He brought his lips to Mobius and whispered against his lover's lips, "Do you think that would be enough to make up for it?
"Maybe." Mobius replied, " Try it and I'll tell you..."
Loki didn't hesitate and kissed Mobius with all his heart and art.
It took only one kiss for Mobius to forgive him, but he didn't tell Loki until after the fifth.
After all he was not the god of mischief, but he also had a few tricks up his sleeve.
When Mobius had a question that was on his mind, he always waited for the moment when they were about to fall asleep. Probably because the position they were falling asleep in didn't allow Loki to look at him and he felt more comfortable saying what was on his mind.
They were against each other, Loki's back against his chest and Mobius wrapping his arms around him. They always fell asleep like this, they had tried to reverse it but they always ended up in this position, because Mobius, after almost losing Loki, needed to feel him in his arms, and Loki loved to feel protected in Mobius' arms.
Loki simply replied, "Yes, love?"
Mobius tightened his arms around him, gave him a kiss below the ear before whispering, "Are you happy with the path you've taken?"
Loki took his time to answer, because he felt that the question was important for Mobius. The answer to that question was actually easy though.
"I am, because at the end of the day, we're here like this."
It was the bare truth.
Sure, they had suffered, they had made each other suffer, they had faced a lot of hardship but in the end, they were here, alive and happy and most importantly, together.
"So you wouldn't change anything in your life?"
Loki shook his head. Mobius's arms tightened around him again and he felt a kiss on the top of his head this time.
Mobius and Loki were different, but their insecurities were the same, fear of not doing or being enough, fear of disappointing. Loki knew that neither of them would have enough of a lifetime to convince the other that he was enough as he was.
That's why he didn't hesitate to ask gently after a few moments.
"And you, Mobius, do you regret some of the choices you've made?"
Mobius didn't seem surprised that Loki asked him the same kind of question in return, it was always like that between them. The perfect balance.
"If I regret some of my choices? Yes, of course I do. But I don't regret the choices that brought me, that brought us to this moment in time."
This time, Mobius had taken his hand and kissed each of his knuckles, before placing it on his heart and covering it with his own.
Loki, safe in his arms, asked the question that often came back to haunt him.
"Don't you sometimes think that you would have liked to be with someone easier than me?"
Loki had always been clear about himself, first his father and then the universe in general made it clear that he was hard to love, if not impossible.
He had been convinced of that. Until Mobius came along and changed everything.
Mobius who didn't hesitate to tell him that he was worthy of being loved again and again and even now.
"Someone easier? But there's nothing easier than loving you sweetheart."
Loki turned in Mobius's arms and this time it was he who kissed him before snuggling up to him.Yes, they would always need reassurance, but one thing was certain, their only truth to each other.
Each was the safe place of the other.
Series to which this one shot belongs : X
As always, bear with me as it is not beta'd and english is not my native language I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless🥰
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gaygh0stt · 7 months ago
Sorry for the long post but I have thoughts
I'm feeling really down with all the negativity rn so I'm gonna talk about some stuff i actually liked about the episode, because i really don't think it was entirely bad. Like honestly if we took out all the Loki/Sylvie selfcest then it's a perfectly fine episode and had a lot a great interactions with Lokius, as well as good character development for B-15 and Ravonna (well for her, good character development as in, we actually got some info on her as a character, not that it was good info lmao).
With Mobius, i loved his development and how he went against the TVA, and while i do hate that they pruned him right afterwards, I'm not really angry that they did. I live for angst and tried not to get my hopes up for anything happening between lokius, so i could accept them pruning him if it was the only bad thing of the episode.
Mobius is just such a good character to me and i fucking lived for him pulling a Loki on Ravonna. Bitch tried to woo someone powerful he intended to betray!! I love sneaky Mobius questioning everything about his life!! I honesty wish they kept that arc going longer instead of pruning him, but i guess I can live with that😔
For Hunter B-15, god i fucking loved her. I've been rooting for her to switch sides since the beginning because the actress is amazing and i liked her despite the antagonism. I was so excited at the possibility of her character doing a 180 and going against the TVA because she's not who you'd expect, and I'm really glad that they followed through with that. I do wish we saw more of what happened to her after she came in tho, like is she just knocked out for the rest of episode?? But apart from that i really loved her development and thenewsylb15ship
I also enjoyed the time keepers' reveal and Ravonna being explicitly set up as an antagonist. And the post credits scene brings many new questions, though I'm also terrified cause there's only two eps left so like👀👀how we gonna wrap this up
I think the episode suffered a bit from pacing issues and i wish they had gone more into depth with Hunter B-15 and Mobius but alas we can't have everything. Really the only thing that absolutely killed the episode for me was the weird selfcest, but I'm stupidly holding out that they might be playing us and that it's not really going where we think it's going, by i guess we'll wait and see.
Another thing that made it disappointing was obviously the anticipation we had built around it. All the fan theories and hopes that we got to brew with for a week set up out expectations so of course it was disappointing when the ep didn't really live up to our hype.
So basically, if it wasn't for the selfcest i would have enjoyed the episode. It wouldn't be perfect and I'd still be upset at the angst but i don't think it would have been that much worse from the rest of the show.
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scyllaya · 6 months ago
The Loki season finale... I have so many thoughts and so many feelings. I will put it under a cut, but this is not a lengthy analysis or well-thought out assessment of the whole season. I literally just watched the episode, so my brain is still in chaos.
! LOKI SPOILERS ! under the cut
It made me cry. For Loki and for Mobius, tears were shed. I wish Sylvie wasn't too broken to put her trust in someone, but I see why she was unable to.
I still do not think the romance was necessary, the same could have been achieved with a strong platonic bond, a soul-bond of a singular being, without putting attraction/romance into it. That was I think a weaker part, but I don't hate the show for it.
Mobius, my heart broke, shattered to pieces. Yes, Loki was betrayed at the very end, by someone he desperately wanted to be on the same side as him, but Mobius wanted to be free! He wanted to be free and he just got reset and he lost it all. Lost his memories, lost what he experienced with Loki. I have no doubt that they can be friends again, and they will be, but it's hurting my heart that he got shackled down again. Same for B-15! She was getting free and now they are back where they started.
They will be friends though. Loki is at the TVA. Loki will not let go of his friend that easily. Season 2 is coming! It is coming, of course no full happy ending if there are multiple seasons!
So much of what happened in this show will lead directly into the upcoming movies, it's insane! They were not joking about that.
I enjoyed seeing He Who Remains. Important to note, he is not Kang. He is a variant of Kang. I bet Ravonna will be with Kang next time, cause she wants to be higher on the food chain. Poor Mobius did not really stand a chance against an ex-hunter, being only an analyst. I loved that he tried and he was smart about exposing the sacred timeline teacher original version of Ravonna.
I know people will hate on Sylvie for what she has done, call is bad writing, but it wasn't. She was not ready to trust anyone, she suffered too much, she was not capable of it. We might wish she did, but well, again, season 2. I'm sure she will be back, but I do wish they gave the romance a rest. I don't feel its impact, its depth. His "I want you to be ok" was great! So great, it could have stayed there, without the kiss, make it a platonic bond. But alas, I know GA loves a romance, a lot of people dig love stories. That is again, just my personal preference. I love stories about platonic bonds just a bit more.
Mobius is definitely the breakout character. Not that the others were not strong supporting cast, but he is easily the fan favourite. Marvel notices these things, so I have no doubt we will have more of him.
I might post some theories and thoughts later, but yeah. I do love the series. It was amazing and I cannot wait to continue on a journey into mystery with this Loki (and Mobius). I also hope to see Kid Loki back soon in some other MCU project.
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palletprincess · 5 months ago
I just don't understand how people can call Loki a narcissist??? He hasn't shown any narcissistic tendencies prior to Ragnarok. He wanted the throne to be Thor's equal, not because he thought he was better than everyone. Loki actually had inferiority complex a lot in Thor 1. Poor thing struggled with self-esteem issues. He literally tried to kill himself when Odin rejected him. What sort of a narcissist would do that?
The person I had been arguing earlier with is just another example of how people are affected by the retconning and are lapping it up eagerly because that's what they had wanted for ages. A weak, useless, heavily villain-coded Loki, with no sympathetic or redeeming factors, who has to grovel and beg before everyone for forgiveness.
They would accept him being called a narcissist based only on the Loki show and Ragnarok. Never caring that he suffered from self-hate due to being a Jotun (if he is narcissistic why did Waldron made the half-assed self-love attempt with Sylki?? Aren't narcissists supposed to love themselves already??)
Also like, I would have had no problem if they were trying to use Loki as a genuine representation for people with npd. I wouldn't have had any problem if other characters had treated him with love and care, which people with npd deserve in real life.
Instead we had Loki admitting to being a narcissist after being thoroughly beaten by Sif. Mobius using narcissist as an insult when he found out about the Sylki stuff. And basically, all the characters treating Loki like shit.
It really seems like they were going for the villain-coded version of narcissism (using it as a casual insult for villain characters the way many people on Tumblr do). And if they were trying to create representation for people with npd at all, they failed spectacularly, just like with their attempts at creating a bi and genderfluid Loki.
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taviewritesstuff · 20 days ago
The Attero Dominatus Files: Entry 1 - Amy Rose
Hey folks! As promised, I am here to post the first of the Attero Dominatus Files series, starring our intrepid heroine, Amy Rose! I'm super excited to finally present her to y'all, because I did a piece on New Years showcasing her badass design. Hope you like!
Tumblr media
General Bio:
Age: 18
Birthday: September 23rd
Affiliation/Faction: Spes Aeterna (leader)
Codename: Bloody Thorns
Weapon of Choice: P-346 Hammer (mechanized version of the Piko Piko Hammer)
Amy Rose was, at one point in her life, a bright, wide-eyed romantic idealist, so much so that she traveled to Little Planet in search of an destined encounter, or so the cards told her. When she met Sonic for the first time, it was love at first sight. Sonic didn't feel the same way, but this didn't deter Amy, who had full confidence that he would win against Robotnik and Metal Sonic-after all, he'd braved all manner of dangerous territory to save her. How could he possibly lose?
Like glass, her confidence and her dreams were shattered.
A month would pass, and many of Robotnik's machinations were overrunning the peaceful planet, wreaking havoc and killing many civilians. The sight of such injustice burned her to her core, and she decided that she was no longer going to remain on the sidelines, wasting her time. Taking up her trusted Piko Piko Hammer, she headed into the battlefield, refusing to go down until she reached Robotnik's headquarters at Metallic Madness.
She didn't even get to confront the professor directly, for a sudden blast of blue fire would throw her off kilter, setting her fresh wounds alight with pain. She was stunned and shocked to find that it was her hero who stood before her, looking like a shadow of his former self with one glowing red eye and a half-metallicized body. She entered battle with him, trying to bring out the hero she knew was still there. A flash of regret crossed his face, giving her some hope...only for it to be quickly wiped away by a horrible scream, as though he was under control of some invisible force. He quickly overpowered her, destroying her weapon, and lighting her on fire...but before he unleashed the deadly attack that would leave burns all over her body, she heard him say "I'm sorry".
She awoke days later in the hangar of a young twin-tailed fox named Miles Prower, who was a close friend of Sonic's. Miles, who had also gone searching for Sonic, relayed the horrible news: Robotnik had defeated Sonic, and had made him his personal agent of destruction alongside his fearsome metal doppleganger. Though refusing to believe this at first, Amy would later encounter Sonic again at Palmtree Panic, where they first met. This time, there was no trace of the Sonic she'd fallen for, and what followed was a fight that not only resulted in losing her right arm, but also much of her fighting spirit. It took a pep talk from Miles, however, to make her realize that it wasn't time to give up. So many people had died because of Robotnik, and Sonic and countless others were suffering under his rule. This motivation would lead her to form a resistance team known as "Spes Aeterna", Latin for "Eternal Hope", as Robotnik spread his rule to include Mobius as well.
Ten years of hell on earth followed, with many losses and wins along the way. Amy would go through a lot of changes, growing into a fearless, no-BS-tolerating leader that could strike fear into the coldest of mechs with a glare. Her fierce temper, though sometimes a setback, serves her well on the battlefield, allowing her to make quick work of her enemies. She hasn't lost her caring nature though, looking out for the younger members of her organization (namely Cream, who she cares for as a younger sister), and often going on side missions to help the people of both Little Planet and Mobius as they struggle under Robotnik's tyrannical rule.
Though the flames of war devour the earth, this wild rose, with its bloody thorns and stubborn resolve, stands tall and proud on the battlefield, refusing to give in to tyranny.
-I Googled "amy rose badass" and "female post-apocalyptic costume" to get a general reference. A lot of apocalyptic works seem to always have loads of fanservice when women are involved, and while I'm not bothered by that normally, that's not the kind of outfit I want for Amy, because I don't see her wearing those kinds of clothes anyway. As I told @blazing-shadows, she'd only want to show off to Sonic...and certainly NOT on the battlefield, lol.
-Her darker fur color is inspired by the fact that she's been in a lot of battles, namely the first battle with Sonic in this AU, and later a few times with Metal Sonic. She does kinda look like Sakura, but trust me, she won't be useless or toxic ^^
-Amy also sustained a lot of burns from her first fights. Much of her fur grew back, but there's still some burn scars and reddish patches on her skin. She also has a permanent squint because of the first attack by Sonic.
-She'd still have her Piko Piko Hammer, but I also had an idea for a heavier hammer, similar to Graf Eisen in Nanoha. Actually, come to think of it, giving THIS Amy a Graf Eisen-clone is probably a bad idea ^^;
Next profile in the Attero Dominatus Files will be Tails - who goes by Miles in this story.
Hope you all enjoyed this! :)
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juliabohemian · 7 months ago
LOKI: Episode 1
Spoilers under the cut...
Here's what I liked:
LOKI being super protective of his clothing.
LOKI checking to make sure he wasn't still naked.
LOKI's very brief face off with the cat.
LOKI's sassy expression when signing the stack of paperwork. Still not sure how he knows what a click pen is, though.
Casey saying that the Tesseract sounds dumb.
LOKI genuinely worrying that he might be a robot and just not know it.
The Goldman-Sachs guy’s privileged rant.
The kitschy decor and color scheme.
LOKI making a big show out of putting his ticket into his pocket.
LOKI passive aggressively pushing through the turnstile while mad-dogging the guard.
LOKI searching frantically for his ticket after Goldman-Sachs guy got deleted for not having one.
LOKI calling out the Avengers for fucking up the timeline, even if the TVA completely shot it down.
"For the record, this really does feel like a killing-me kind of room..."
Mobius calling LOKI a pussycat.
Mobius forcing LOKI to think about what it is he actually wants. Does LOKI really want to be king? Probably not. Most of us knew that already.
LOKI's reference of shame and regret clearly being about himself.
Mobius calling LOKI a liberator of eyeballs.
LOKI being DB Cooper. Because of course he was. Extra points for using actual details from the case file. SPRING BREAK! #Shaniac
LOKI clearly projecting when he calls Mobius pathetic.
LOKI's entire exchange with Casey. (I believe that actor was in Kong: Skull Island?)
Casey calling out the guard for almost hitting him.
LOKI's expression when he saw the drawer full of Infinity Stones.
We finally get to see Loki reacting honestly to his mother's death, his father's death.
LOKI smiling wistfully at him reuniting with THOR at the end of Ragnarok.
LOKI's horrified reaction to his own murder at the hands of Thanos. (I’d like to think this is more a commentary on how TOM feels, but we can address that at a later time...)
LOKI realizing the ridiculousness of a lot of the things he's believed throughout his life.
More of Casey going on about not knowing what a fish is.
LOKI admitting that he doesn't enjoy hurting people and that it's all a ruse designed to distract others from his weaknesses. 
Mobius saying he does not see LOKI as a villain.
Here's what I didn't like:
The opening credits were too generic. Then, there was an additional LOKI credits at the 12 minute mark.
The Miss Minutes cartoon went on way too long. And it gave me serious Jurassic Park vibes. I get that it was exposition, but it should have been about half as long.
LOKI being referred to as Laufeyson, even if it is technically true. He would definitely not introduce himself that way. I'm surprised he had no reaction to hearing it, even in the form of a disgusted facial expression.
The ending credits were way too long also. I would rather have more content. It felt like filler.
First of all, I'd like to say that I totally called the premise of the show being the TVA using LOKI to track down another, more harmful LOKI.
I don’t trust the TVA, or really any bureaucratic organization.
LOKI telling the flight attendant that he will see her again someday is definitely foreshadowing. Otherwise why mention it?
I get the feeling that Mobius is more of a cog in the machine than he would like to believe. Or maybe he realizes it and is hoping he can still make a difference of some kind.
Mobius was obviously trying to manipulate LOKI because he needs him. I don't trust Mobius completely, but I do think he cares more about LOKI than other people who have "used" him for their purposes. He sees value in LOKI.
Mobius told LOKI that he was born to cause pain, suffering, and death because he wanted him to admit that was not the case, not because he actually believes it.
Mobius was also baiting LOKI by telling him that he only exists to help other people achieve greatness. He wants LOKI to be motivated to rise above whatever path he’s been on up until now.
Mobius needed to know if LOKI enjoys hurting people because he wants to know whether he is anything like the dangerous variant that he is pursuing.
I don't know that LOKI would be willing to spill his guts so quickly. However, the show is only 6 episodes. So, the pacing makes sense. It is a plot device, after all.
The "he" Mobius is pursuing is actually a she. Hence the gender fluid designation on that variant's ID card.
I fully expect LOKI to turn Mobius against the TVA at some point. Or at least force him to question whether he agrees with everything they stand for.
And it goes without saying that this is not an invitation for debate. Do not reblog this simply to disagree with it or “correct” my opinions. Thank you.
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runnyeggsnham · 6 months ago
“Can we dissect the blanket scene? I feel like there's a lot going on there. The conversation starts with Sylvie talking about Mobius and pointing out, without mockery, that Mobius cares about Loki. And for some reason Loki changes the subject and tries to flirt with her instead.
I wonder if part of him felt Sylvie was safer because he knows himself and potential future rejection is more familiar and less unnerving than someone actively rooting for him to succeed. I mean, aside from Sylvie holding hands with Loki on Lamentis, I don't think there was any point where she sincerely complimented him without either mocking or teasing him. This can be cute, but Loki /hungers/ for validation.”
Okay slight delay but yessss, Anon, let’s dissect it! this got really long btw haha oops.
funny enough, this scene didn’t (and still doesn’t tbh) sell me romance, so at the time I was also like ‘yeah this could go either way; are you flirting or just being awkward, Loki?' lol.
"I feel like there's a lot going on there. The conversation starts with Sylvie talking about Mobius and pointing out, without mockery, that Mobius cares about Loki."
there really is a lot going on, and like...considering everything that comes after, it really does feel like the writers undercut themselves here in the romance. badly. of course, notable is how Sylvie opens up very little in comparison to Loki, expressing her fear of Loki betraying her and then listening to all his reassurances but acting no less comforted and giving no assurances of her own.
but to your points, first off, why does Sylvie mentioned Mobius like this...and at all? she actually brings him up twice this convo, which I'd forgotten: the first is in regards to his character, in a positive way, yet she disputes the nexus event theory of his as a "TVA lie" later. bizarre choice, if the two mentions of Mobius are connected...not necessarily so bizarre, if they aren't. and I don't think they are.
I think Sylvie was considering Mobius in two different contexts: his connection to Loki, and then his theory because she was thinking of her connection with Loki. when she brought up the theory, it fits more neatly that she was thinking about it as part of a greater worry about whether she could let herself really trust Loki enough to be partners and that any trust and care could be mutual in such a powerful, genuine way like what Mobius thought. such an idea is so wholly new to her and it would make her vulnerable to believe it.
(and can we just for a second dwell on how Mobius is responsible for Loki thinking about his feelings for Sylvie AND Sylvie thinking about her feelings for Loki?? I cannot unmake that connection Anon but we can discuss another time, I don't want to get too far distracted from your points, just...yeah that's Something, isn't it?)
Tumblr media
another thing, this scene starts off quiet and calm akin to Loki and Mobius' footsie one. but instead of Loki piping up to ask Mobius about his magazine, it's Sylvie piping up to give her perspective about Mobius. so when I said before that she was thinking of Mobius first in context of his connection to Loki, I say that because this sounds like her giving...approval, for lack of a better word, of the friendship?
plus the way it is delivered is purely observation - one she makes while not even looking at Loki, but off into the horizon. It feels wistful, to me, and you're right, there's no mocking. from the first to the last, Sylvie insists her story is not about Loki and she is not like him. so her observing Mobius in the car and then fishing with the "he's not so bad" and, after listening and looking at Loki's reaction, ending, "he cares about you" with such finality, it feels to me like, 'ah yes, you aren't truly alone, not even after suffering from the TVA.' it feels like she's confirmed a suspicion.
which...if that is the case...has several implications in hindsight. I'll try to run through the two that came to mind real quick, Anon! I just think they're neat...
first, I think it further made Loki's finale pleading - specifically the lines of TVA hurting them both but this choice being beyond their experiences and about the universe - fall flat in Sylvie's eyes. because Sylvie may not have been able to believe Loki had been hurt enough to really understand her and therefore she couldn't see him as right enough to sway her from her lifelong plan, yeah? he's misguided because she's experienced worse, so she knows better.
second, on Sylvie maybe confirming her suspicion regarding Mobius and Loki's friendship...this sequence is where Sylvie would then get the idea to send Loki back to the TVA, to Mobius, right?
because it's Sylvie that involves Mobius at all in this convo, and where did Sylvie determine this opinion of Mobius? their car scene, which just further adds layers to this foreshadowing of betrayal, of being unable to trust Loki. Sylvie was surprised that Mobius still believed, with no doubt, that Loki was here in the Void somewhere, surviving, and Sylvie just could not get her hopes up for that. she did not allow herself that. it was all just about them getting out of the Void now. focus on Alioth, focus on the mission.
Tumblr media
when Sylvie sets her mind to something, she becomes absolutely fixated, unswayable. the finale pleading from Loki was the closest, but arguably still missed by a mile. and while Mobius was willing to support her here in the Void and go along with that plan, the sadness is all over his face at such a prospect. by the dialogue, I think it makes more sense for him to have just shared the nexus event theory before we see them, so despite believing their connection was timeline shattering, he still has the most hope of the two in Loki...
anyway, off topic. back to Sylvie to wrap up that other implication.
this car ride gives Sylvie that inkling of Mobius' care, and that first dialogue with Loki then confirms it, right? so Sylvie knew that, push come to shove, from betrayal or not, if Loki stops going along on the mission with her then she needs a b-plan to continue on. mission first, always. no hesitation. the hesitation in the finale, to me, read as a shift between her feeling that she had to fight Loki to her willing to acknowledge he isn't "evil Loki", perhaps he isn't after that throne after all as he insists, perhaps it really is all about care for her and the universe...but that's not enough to stop the mission. so she distracts him and sends him back to the TVA. she sends him to where she knows there's someone else who cares about him.
she could have sent him anywhere. but the TVA was best, because he has Mobius. because of what she witnessed and heard between and regarding them in the Void...there's no other scene that would've set up this destination decision, no? and what would be the odds she'd choose a place at random and it was the TVA...? i think it was intentional.
"And for some reason Loki changes the subject and tries to flirt with her instead. I wonder if part of him felt Sylvie was safer because he knows himself and potential future rejection is more familiar and less unnerving than someone actively rooting for him to succeed."
gosh, yeah, that's interesting, right? weird turn to flirting. I feel like...he was initially just trying to get Sylvie to open up so they could explore that nexus event theory. going with Loki's feelings being romantic, I think he's already entertaining or partially convinced himself here about these feelings....which, narratively, just highlights Sylvie's repeated distance until Loki presses the matter by putting the blanket on her shoulders.
you posit a really fascinating idea about Loki's mindset....really interesting. I do think there's something there, because Loki does try to bridge the distance, twice, and Sylvie kind of rejects it, but in ways that Loki is really familiar with and don't really challenge him. it made me think again, about how Loki takes Mobius' tolerance and understanding and tries to apply it to Sylvie, because he does recognize parts of himself in her and her behaviors.
so yeah, I can totally see how that would make Loki feel Sylvie's safe, in this odd way, because he knows her patterns when he looks for them. (it's when he convinces himself that they've made more progress than there is in reality that he gets blindsided by the betrayal....)
here, these are the two bridge the distance moments I mean:
Tumblr media
he mentions the cold, but Sylvie just hums and keeps looking away, not really engaging. then, he conjures his blanket and offers to conjure one for her.
Tumblr media
and she deflects, commenting about him conjuring her a new outfit because it's so uncomfortable and he wouldn't know that, and Loki just...juts out his jaw, huffs a laugh, and presses his lips together. because...actually, Loki does know how tight leather ensembles feel...but Sylvie doesn't know that about him (writers really shouldn't keep highlighting how little these two know about each other). anyway, it's a Loki style deflection, so he waits. and after a few beats, Sylvie brings up the nexus event, Mobius' theory, and they do their verbal dance of Sylvie's hesitantly expressed fears, Loki's assurances, and Sylvie's responding "maybe" to figuring it all out together.
your thought is just, I'm gonna say it again, so fascinating...because the more I think about it, the more I see how well it applies? like, it may not even necessarily be Loki consciously thinking about himself. I don't know that he was, in these moments? it feels like he threw himself so fully into Sylvie's plan, Sylvie's purpose, Sylvie's recovery...and he took everything he learned from Mobius' treatment of him to do so.
narratively, there is no one else, no other source considering that yeah, this was 2012 Loki before Mobius helped him strip away the illusions and put himself back together. and just...the writers really didn't see what they were doing? amazing.
so your thought, I think it actually kind of compliments what is being said about these two's storyline being indicative of self-love, because in that case, it's Loki looking at a mirror of some parts of himself and learning to love them from an outside perspective...and it's him having to come to terms with the ones that betray/self-sabotage and hurt him, too. like back at Roxxcart, that line, "I would never treat me this way." as he sees in the Void, though...a lot of variants of himself actually would treat him that badly.
so by getting so close to Sylvie, Loki gets a fresh perspective on how different he is now, how he himself, this variant that he alone is, is not destined to repeat those patterns. but that doesn't mean he can save every other variant that he wants to either. they can be close to him, they can be full of a lot of good, but he can't force that same change on them that he went through. they're all different and have to do it, have to choose to do the work, themselves.
but yeah, I agree. with the rejection in these little moments with Sylvie, it's so easy for Loki to dismiss them because it's "less unnerving than someone actively rooting for him to succeed" and add on to that that Loki's approaching her from a very Mobius-influenced perspective, constantly trying to put himself in her perspective and empathize with her, instead...Loki replaces his purpose with well-meaning intentions, at least. but he's giving too much and Sylvie is returning too little. it's not balanced, right from the start, and it never becomes so.
which that, at least, is quite fitting for Loki's growth, right? it's a pendulum swing, and that swing too far to the opposite side toward Sylvie just to get knocked right back...that propels him to come to terms with it all and race to find Mobius. it's another step on him accepting all the good and the bad of himself and Lokis and what it means to try and fail and try again. all so he can find his pendulum's center, his balance.
"I mean, aside from Sylvie holding hands with Loki on Lamentis, I don't think there was any point where she sincerely complimented him without either mocking or teasing him. This can be cute, but Loki /hungers/ for validation."
I haven't rewatched 1-6 straight through yet but...I think you're right. I cannot remember another one without a mock or tease involved. and yeah, Loki has been so deprived of validation, it's like sunlight for him. again why I think maybe he threw himself into the connection with Sylvie so hard: he thought she was innately better, and he wanted to take on that role of supportive partner as a way to shift and find a new, a good, purpose. he was quite selfless...but he shouldn't have to be so much that Sylvie can't eventually meet him in the middle and return the same sentiment.
the closest they really get is that "maybe we can figure it out together" "maybe", I think, and that's just not close enough imo. contrast that with Loki's repeated validations from Mobius, and more importantly, what it says about those validations and that connection that he races to find Mobius, full of relief at the sight and immediately willing to confess, his trust in their relationship not rocked or made insecure by everything that's happened...whew.
I'm so glad you mentioned the blanket scene because I don't think I would have rewatched it anytime soon but your points are so good, really interesting to think about, and there is just soo much going on in this scene that ties beyond. utterly insane that the writers seem to have no idea the full scope of what they were presenting and how often they put these two dynamics in direct contrast when they were doing it lol.
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i-rebelled-for-this · 6 months ago
I have some thoughts of Loki and the hot topic of Sylki. What I think it means and how it doesn’t really matter if they go with romantic or familial love. Sylki isn’t incest, Sylki is self love and about loving and accepting all part of who you are and could/will be. And however it’ll be portrayed it’s a positive thing. Loki (and Sylvie) needs to love and trust themselves and they need to feel connection. I think we can all agree that both of them suffered a lot of trauma. With trauma comes doubt, self loathe, self hate and also often desperation for everything you didn’t get. Sylvie hates Loki because he got everything she didn’t get and she believes he had everything. He just fucked it up. He is a constant reminder of what she once had and what she was expected to be. She also believes Loki is the part of her that is wrong and got TVA involved in the first place. For Loki Sylvie is the one who gets to do things her way and isn’t limited by others views and expectations of her. She have choices, that he never had, she shows him that he can do other things then those people expected of him and he can be allowed to take his own space and while doing so he can also feel loved and supported. Love has been used as a weapon to control Loki, it supposed to hurt, that’s his prior experience with love and he needs with Sylvie and Mobius’ help realise that that’s not necessarily what love is.
Tumblr media
Sylvie and Loki have both rejected part of themselves because they believed they couldn’t be a allowed to exist. In one way Loki and Sylvie is are very different from each other, you might even call them separate beings but in the end they are traumatised children, filled with self hate, desperate to be loved and craves connection. They are one and the same and it is by seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, you can realize how wrong your view of yourself and your self worth is. It’s by doing so, they’ll take themselves seriously and need to face their trauma and their roll in it. Which they had no part in but haven’t been able to tell themselves though trauma will do that to you. It’s all about self love, self respect and accepting and work through past traumatic experiences, who made you you.
Tumblr media
So about if it becomes romantic? I don’t think it will but if, that’s not a bad thing. How could it be? They are as I said the same but they are also parts of each other that hasn’t been accepted or ok by themselves. They need to learn to love that. They have sex? That’s masturbating and discovering their sexuality on their own, which is also healthy to do. Loki (and Sylvie) are not narcissists, that’s nothing there to support that. I’m not really feeling the romantic reading either but Romantic or not. This will allow them to create other relationships as they heal their relationship with themselves. It’ll be down to trauma, destiny vs.free will and it will be painful but it’ll be worth it. (And I expect a lot of mother issues…)
Tumblr media
Fun fact: In Norse myths there are stories and theories that Loki got himself pregnant with Hel, Jörmungandr and Fenrisulven. So loving yourself isn’t new in Norse myths neither is splitting yourself into different persons depending on how you see or embrace yourself at the time. And genderfluid was not frown upon, more like expected by the main most powerful deities.
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crazyaboutloki · 7 months ago
Episode 2 is coming up and I’ve been thinking what I would love to see in it (or not to see). Here is my (rather unrealistic?) wishlist. 
1. As little interaction of Loki and Mobius as possible. Also as little Mobius as possible (I know, I know, this is not going to happen as Loki is working for him and it’s Mobius’s show after all but a girl can dream).
2. No more unfunny jokes at Loki’s expense.
3. No more mental breakdowns and no more phychological torture, give me emotionally stable Loki for once. I can’t watch him suffer and cry any more, especially considering the fact that there will probably be enough drama and angst towards the end of the series. No matter how brilliant Tom is at scenes like that, I’ve seen enough for now.
4. No one kicking Loki’s ass, humiliating or outsmarting him (while he, Loki “silvertounge”, has nothing to say!), for a change. All those things that the 1st episode is overloaded with.
5. Loki getting his shit together and finally showing that he is by no means “a pussycat”.
5. Loki escaping the TVA at the first opportunity, preferably stabbing Mobius in the back (or in the front, who cares) beforehand. And teaming up with the antagonist of the series.
6. Last but not least Loki acting more like his normal self and less like a caricature of Loki (which was already happening a lot in the second part of the first episode but there is still room for improvement imo).
Honestly, I don’t even care that much what happens plotwise as long as at least some of the items above can be checked off.
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