masterofpretending · 2 days ago
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“I told you, I like your stupid face.”
Jesper x Wylan 
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julia1x5 · 16 hours ago
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"Snapdragon" My latest mech! (Yeah I know I have like 2 others that need proper pictures 😭) she's a rogue agent who seems to be protecting something. Perhaps the rumored lost lands of the dragons? A rough past? Or maybe just self interest? Who's to say, she certainly won't.
The cape on her back symbolizes the knights of yore. Its burnt tattered appearance suggests experience in combat, or naivety.
Outfitted with Dragonbone Glaive.
CR-U 74mm Auto Cannon MAR
Dragonfly Hyper-Jets Neotitianium plate armor
Please let me know how you all feel about her!!
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tilde44 · a year ago
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Eraserhead Baby
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intersexfairy · 11 months ago
Men deserve body positivity & neutrality. And I mean all men. Not a single man left out. Not a single fucking one. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body, regardless of gender, regardless of marginalization.
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introwertyzm-egzaltacyjny · 2 months ago
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socketballmocs · 2 months ago
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There are many lessons in life we have to learn the hard way, like 'our antarctic base is not well-defended.'
Build inspired by the amphibious mobile suits from Gundam. I used a blacklit flashlight to make the eye glow. All stickers except for the numbers are lego, and those come from a 30MM model kit. The moc features a gear that easily swings the eye across the visor area.
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legosaurus · 2 months ago
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Lego Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole MOC
Build by barneius || IG
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pimpmybricks · 28 days ago
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Vorpal by !ggs https://flic.kr/p/2mQmcNL
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dailyhistoryposts · 4 months ago
Mansa Musa
Called the wealthiest individual in history, Mansa Musa was a Muslim African king who famously gave so much to charity that he inadvertently caused an economic depression.
Tumblr media
[Mansa Musa I]
Musa I (c. 1280-c. 1337) of the Keita Dynasty was the Mansa (ruler) of the Mali Empire. Based in West Africa, the Mali Empire was a large country that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean, along the Niger River nearly to Algeria.
Mali was a very rich country due to its natural reserves of gold, copper, and salt and its status as a trade kingdom. Accurate quantification in a way that is comparable with modern economies is impossible, but as far as such a claim can be made about a historical figure, Mansa Mesa was the wealthiest individual in history because Mali was the largest producer of gold.
Between 1324 and 1325, Mansa Musa performed the hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca. Making a trip of 2,700 miles with a procession of 60,000 men and 80 camels. His entourage carried bags filled with gold dust which is gave freely to the poor, used to build mosques, and bought souvenirs. As a result, gold was devalued and the economy saw a ten-year recession as prices became seriously inflated. Musa attempted to correct this error by borrowing all his gold back at a high interest rate to remove gold from the market.
Beyond being rich, Mansa Musa was a popular king. He expanded his empire, conquering 24 cities, encouraging education and construction throughout the Niger Delta, and traded with people from all over the known world--Egypt, Hausaland, Venice, Granada, Spain. Many European countries put Mali on their maps for the first time in Musa's time as Mansa, despite the Mali Empire existing for over 100 years previously.
Tumblr media
[University of Sankoré]
Of particular note is the University of Sankoré in Timbuktu. Established by Mansa Musa as a mosque and library, it became the seat of learning in the Muslim world and the largest collection of books in Africa since the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.
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moss-mogai-hell · 5 days ago
Love to give a shout-out to all the men on Tumblr! Ever man is special:
-Cis men
-Trans men
-Neurodivergent men
-Men of Color
-Jewish men
-Muslim men
-Questioning gender/sexuality men
-Gay men
-Straight men
-Arospec/Acespec men
-Ex-convinct men
-Traumatized men
-Bachelor men
-Married men
-Sex-worker men
-Men with skin conditions
-Mentally/Chronically-ill men
-Men who use neo/xeno pronouns
-Gender-nonconfirming men
-Muscular men
-Chubby men
-dads, uncles, grandfathers, sons, brothers, male cousins, grandsons
-Disabled men
-Rich men
-Poor men
-European men
-Men who do not want a relationship/Men who want a relationship
-Men with tattoos
-Men who wear glasses
-Men who wear dresses
-Men who are stay-at-home
-Men who are adopted
-Men who have braces
-Men with low/high empathy
-Men who are malewives
-Men with a higher/lower-than-average IQ
-Men who are feminine and/or androgynous
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kris-lulu · 3 months ago
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Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, The 100 (CW)
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agils-01 · a month ago
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Elru the Dream Deity "Welcome... to the Dreamscape..." The first picture is the original moc that the drawing below was based on
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mugbearerscorner · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Continuing the "Metruans at Work" series, here's Nuhrii at his forge. I am very proud of this piece.
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intersexfairy · 10 months ago
I just wanna shout it from the rooftops how much I love men, because there isn't enough positivity for that.
It feels like some people think loving women is superior to loving men and it just... hurts my soul. A lot.
We aren't monsters... We can love & be loved. Beautifully. Gently. Softly. Carefully. Genuinely. The honest intimacy between a man and their lover(s) is absolutely gorgeous.
This goes double for marginalized men, who are often demonized or ridiculed or invalidating in regards to both their marginalization and their manhood.
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marcomarozzi · 2 months ago
T9 ACE MECH da Marco Marozzi
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socketballmocs · 2 months ago
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Blademaiden - Heroine of an ancient era. Fun little retooling of an old build.
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calm-thrill · a month ago
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New MOC pictures!
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iheardyourprayer · 3 months ago
Wouldnt it have been cool if cain was like weirdly infatuated with sam? Like. Thee little brother. And if he sorta wanted to protect him from Dean as the mark got worse. He knew itd be futile and dean would eventually kill him. But
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pimpmybricks · a month ago
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Marendar the Toa Eater by Djokson https://flic.kr/p/2mMz48p
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legoobsessionist · 7 months ago
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I got @incendavery's sticker for this month and it inspired me to use some of my limited lilac bricks
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