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This idea had crossed my mind before, but I was previously hesitant to try and bring it to fruition since I had never digitally drawn the likeness of a preexisting character before and wasn’t confident in my ability to make them look right, even by the very loose standards of this meme, and it took a prolonged period of extreme boredom, in which I haven’t been able to work on any videos due to long-term technical issues, to get me to go ahead and take a shot at it. Needless to say, it turned out looking considerably better than I’d anticipated and was very fun and cathartic to make; now that I know the ease of the drawing aspect involved, I may very well make more meme images of a similar technical nature to this going forward…

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Just a pair of filler images that I took the opportunity to make the other day when I saw “Oh, the humanity”/“Oh, the huge manatee” trending on KYM.

Also, I’m aware that the pun “Oh, the Hugh Manatee” has been made and visualized multiple times before (based on a Google search which indeed has more than a few results), but as far as I’m aware, mine is the first plural version, and was definitely the first iteration to be posted on KYM. “Humana tee”, meanwhile, is one that no one else has previously thought of, or posted at any rate, to my knowledge

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…And in the event that he somehow does, I will - as I’ve promised elsewhere before, and I quote - eat my shoe.

In all seriousness, as a Smash fan with ridiculously high personal standards for what I want to see in the future, this is really the one common suggestion of a new third-party franchise (which is basically all I want to see going forward) that gets me irrationally annoyed for a few reasons; rant incoming:

1. It’s just not legally feasible; Nintendo would have to reach out to make an unprecedented cross-licensing agreement with Disney, who are of course notoriously protective of their properties, such that it’s honestly an anomalous miracle that Kingdom Hearts itself exists as is.

2. In the event of Square Enix contributing again, what they need to add is, without question, more Final Fantasy content, as it’s the most underutilized franchise currently playable in SSB by a glaringly massive margin, and the original elements of Kingdom Hearts comprise what is, for all intents and purposes, a Final Fantasy storyline, which raises the question of why someone would choose to vouch for an iteration of the franchise that’s tied up with all kinds of licensing issues from Disney over the dozen-plus other iconic Final Fantasies that have no such legal complications and frankly have far better stories and characters much more often than not.

3. I find it hypocritical that the fandom which is generally so vehement against the inclusion of any content not specifically from video games, such as exemplified by the image from which most of the composite text shown here is taken (I’ll trust you probably know the one, provided you’re an invested fan who pays attention to memes such as this), would present such high demand for a property that comes inextricably bundled with such content.

4. Regarding anyone and everyone who is suggesting that Kingdom Hearts be used without any Disney elements whatsoever, my oft-repeated analogy is that doing so would be like adding a character from Guitar Hero and including no music whatsoever.

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I also know that as of this post the new Ariel hasn’t actually been confirmed not to be redheaded, and if she actually is I will be very pleased, and the whole ridiculous controversy about her, which feels like it’s been around for a very long time considering that the film doesn’t even have a trailer as of yet, will look even stupider in hindsight.

Also TMW Starfire, the one redheaded character whom they gave a black actress but got her hair color right, still looks the worst out of all four just on account of an ugly general design.

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Inspired by my own current experiences with the right-most game, which I honestly never thought was all that bad to begin with, and has admittedly improved the least of these three as a simple matter of the least time having passed with it, but by all appearances, it has the long-term support behind it to ensure that it will only continue to get better.

Honorable mention: Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Special thanks again to Fruzmig; without her artwork, realizing this video would have been very much infeasible. Likewise to Skeep Tieel, and I would say the same for Timothy Brandolino as well, but he sadly seems for whatever reason to have dropped off the face of the internet sometime shortly after he recorded this, which is a shame as he certainly did a serviceable job of “talking to himself” on this track.

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Here’s again stressing thanks to ThatTacoDude for instigating the correspondence that lead to this battle’s creation. As of the audio’s completion, the verdict is still out on whether he’ll help with any visual aspects of the video, but if he does, then it might likely end up coming to fruition potentially even soon enough to be the next upload on my YouTube channel.

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Another super-big battle, initially conceived as a vicious skewering of my most hated book that I ever had to read in school but ultimately ending up as more of a straight parody, which may be for the better anyway.

Plus, it’s far from all just about Orwell or even Orwell and one other source, as I also got to incorporate:

• A familiar (half-obscured) face making his triumphant comeback.

• A great literary antihero for whom 1984 would have been much better if it had included someone similar.

• A character from one of the few books taught in school that I actually kind of LIKE, a perfect sympathetic counterpart to the pure evil of Big Brother and, the more I think about it, possibly one of my favorite antagonists ever.

Lastly: Gotta love that thumbnail.

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