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#Monica Rambeau
the timing of your new carolmaria art couldn't be more accurate lol which made me wonder about how they'd actually handle social distancing. pretty sure carol would take maria back to space immediately (unless she already moved there). monica probably had an hard time convincing her she has to stay since she works at SWORD

(I made a Christmas drawing in March how is the timing accurate?? xD)

I think even during this crisis Carol would want to help out people as much as possible (like providing hospitals with space equipment or maybe even delivering groceries to who needs it lol) and Maria sure as hell is not going to let her do that alone.
I’d imagine Carol would be like “Maria, I’m flying you up to space until this blows over.” and Maria just looks at her like ‘If you think I’m going to let you handle this alone, you’ve got another thing coming’. Maybe they even have a fight over this idk, I’m not about that angst

So I could see Maria helping Carol out getting her to where they need her, help build some space equipment or distribute relief kits. These are some tough ladies I think they’d try to be as safely proactive as possible. But yeah Monica would probably want her mom safe in space but she’d also help out her moms. Idk how SWORD would fit into this I’m not that familiar with it lol

Either that or they’re having adventures in space with the rest of Team Filing Cabinet

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✨ you should really know me by now Kate 😂😂 Congrats again hun!

Thank you for participating and yes… I do know you well enough for this 😂



Monica is bad ass and witty as hell… enough said. 

She started her professional life as a normal chick in New Orleans, joining the police department and quickly rose through the ranks and landing a position in the Harbor division ((now hear me pout here with my crazy ideas BUT we know that Sam Wilson is most likely living in New Orleans… and there was a photo of a house that looked remarkably like Monica’s mother’s house from the Captain Marvel film… AND we know there is at least one scene in a harbor POSSIBLY in New Orleans… get where I’m going with this???))

She then was trying to destroy a machine of some dictator and ended up being blasted by  extra-dimensional energy, giving her her powers!

After that whole thing, she used her powers to fight off villians and be a hero which made the media name her Captain Marvel. And then, like most heroes, her powers became unstable and she tuned to the help of the Avengers. 

After retiring and then coming back to her heroics, she joined the  Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort squad aka. H.A.T.E, where she began battling vampires and demons and monsters of all kinds.

Later, she stayed in New York and fought along side Luke cage and Spider-man (along with others) and helped out her friend Carol Danvers. But now… she is fighting alongside all of our loves Bucky Barnes and my personal love Jessica Drew while they fight shape-shifters and demons off all kinds. 

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