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kuvopal · 4 minutes ago
(green-puppy here) in response to your class action lawsuit post: today i was literally thinking about how every kuvopal fan i know has a thing out for rote and honestly? proud of us
yes.. and when people judge baby opal in that book or say that kuvira is a sister to the beifong children i'm like. why r u so mad rote isn't real. rote isn't real and it can't hurt us :>
(green puppy still) also you should totally ask those twitter kuvopal artists for permission to repost their art with credit. i would like to see em
yess i will
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kaelang12 · 19 minutes ago
i’m on season 2 of The New Legends of Monkey, and this shit is so good. it’s basically journey to the west meets xena- and yes, it does get as insane as that sounds
one episode has the group nearly starting a foursome thanks to a love potion. it’s as terrifying as it sounds, yet monkey takes his vest off to pose like a model and dance. sandy touches his nips. i can’t look away
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seereeinn · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blood 🩸 and tear 💧
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aka-ichigo · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
honestly that's kind of impressive
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aka-ichigo · an hour ago
Tumblr media
yeah basically
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coolfoxy4 · an hour ago
More of the Riddle School gang being possessed by the Monkey Doll, plus the side characters featuring Richy, Greg Sleep, 5, and Ms. Count.
(A little Trigger Warning just in case)
Tumblr media
What's going on here you may ask? Here's a brief summary of what's going on:
1. Greg Sleep got attacked by one of the possessed members of the riddle gang, he was saved by Ms. Count and she took him to get healed up where 5 and Richy got concerned.
2. 5 gets into a fight with Possessed Phil.
3. Ms. Count plans to destroy the Monkey doll once and for all and tells Richy to keep a lookout.
4. Possessed Zack says Ms. Count won't succeed and his head becomes fully on fire.
5. Phil x Smiley (duh)
6. Possessed Phred guarding the room that has the Monkey Doll in it and he's telling you to leave and don't try anything to get into the room.
7. The Monkey Doll saying "Be Afraid".
I drew these in class because I was thinking about them :P
Riddle School belongs to Jonochrome.
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animebw · an hour ago
Reading One Piece: Chapters 386-388
-Fucking LMAO. This entire chapter was just an excuse to rub Spandam’s face into the dirt right when he thought he could gloat in victory. Glorious.
-”Status: The Worst.” I think you mean the best.
-”Why is he not the captain?!” Underestimate a ship’s second mate at your own peril, fools.
-”Zoro, I’ll cook up some medicine for you! Medicine for losers!” You know, it really is remarkable the Straw Hats don’t just collapse in on themselves with all this bickering. Shows what a good captain Luffy is to keep them fighting as one.
-”The face door is closed.” And thank god for that. Fucking giving me nightmares here.
-”I can’t beat you like this.” Woah, sudden introspection. What’s the plan, Luffy?
-Um... what is he doing? Why is his body smoking?
-”Gear... Two!” I. Okay. Something very unusual has just happened, and I’m not sure what.
-Is he... is he using the goddamn Six Powers? How?! How did he figure them out?
-Well. That’s. That fight is over. And Luffy was about to go even higher. I. Well. Sure.
-”When this fight is over, the world will ring with the sound of the straw hat boy’s name.” I’m still trying to wrap my head around what just happened stop being awesome
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tangerinesdream · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
mie here!
since summer is my favorite season, i wanted to kick it off with my favorite cliché: soulmates! as the title suggests, all works will be summer themed, or have some element of summer to it. what’s better than some summer loving? You’re right, nothing is!
there will be 15 slots open for this event. this is also like a trial to see how much i can handle, since it is my first actual event. also, if you don’t follow the rules your request will be bumped.
edit: see here (click!) for accepted requests 🌝
tagged: #summer souls
Tumblr media
send me a letter from the soulmate alphabet below and one character (male or female) from any of the following fandoms:
one piece (up to whole cake island arc), black clover (up to elf reincarnation arc), fire force, and magi
please be polite. a hello, thank you, stay hydrated, etc. can go a long way 💛
feel free to add details about the circumstance, or the reader. be as specific as you please, or just send me the letter and character and i’ll go from there!
once all slots are filled requests will be closed. hurry in!
works will mainly be fluffy/romantic, but you may request angst
will be written in 2nd person and gender neutral unless specified female. i won’t write for male reader because i don’t know if i could properly depict that (sorry, i love u tho 💛)
nsfw content (one day but not today mateys)
incest, stepcest, or polyamory. sorry fam
suicidal, self-harm, gore, or any potentially triggering topics (we try to keep it light hearted by we i mean me)
merfolk, fishmen, minks, or other humanoid animal folks
this mostly applies to one piece, but i will not write for some minor characters. most I will, but if I feel that I can’t grasp their personality (like the wb pirates besides marco, ace, and wb, the worst generation besides kid, killer, law, luffy, blackbeard pirates, and other minor characters i can’t think of off the top of my head) i will most likely bump the request
need any clarifications? drop an ask or dm!
Tumblr media
a - aging stops at 18 until you find your soulmate so the two of you can grow old together.
b - body art (doodles that a person draws on themselves appear on their soulmate’s skin)
c - colors (aka the standard soulmate au where the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate and see colors)
d - damage done to a person also translates into their soulmate’s body (cuts, bruises and all)
e - esp (soulmates can sense one another’s presence and feel each other’s exact emotions even when miles away)
f - first words/thoughts your soulmate says/thinks when seeing you are written on your skin.
g - guardian (it is said that the person who saves you from a near-death experience is your soulmate—drowning, car crash, etc.)
h - heartbeats (the soulmates share the same heartbeat—when one feels panicked, shocked, etc, the other can feel it too)
i - identifier (a word or symbol which is imputed to your soulmate is somewhere on your body)
j - juxtaposition (your soulmate is the exact opposite of you, yet you find yourselves complementing one another)
k - keys and locks are randomly dispersed to soulmates on chains when they are born. when in proximity, the lock and key will act as magnets and bring the two soulmates closer together until the key is placed in the lock and a gratifying click is heard, unlocking the chain.
l - last words your soulmate says are written on your skin, so you do not know it is them until they are gone.
m - marks or stains of the color black are somewhere on your body (palm of your hand, knuckles, knee) until you and your soulmate finally make physical contact. once the mark is touched, it fades to be consistent with the person’s skin color.
n - nurse (the touch of a soulmate can heal you from affliction and vice versa)
o - opportune outfit (soulmates will eternally color coordinate, even if they have not met one another yet, and often times have similar patterns in their clothing)
p - passionflower (a type of flower soulmates have planted somewhere beneath their skin. Upon meeting their soulmate it will sprout through the skinand fully blossom as they reach the furthest point of their relationship. when a soulmate passes, the flower blooming from the other person does also)
q - quizzes revolving around one’s personal aspects, skills and ambitions are given to every person once they turn 18, and the results read who your soulmate is based off of your collective answers.
r - red string bonds two soulmates together for a lifetime and all come in varying lengths—imagine the trouble of only being able to walk certain distances or having to sleep on the edge of your bed.
s - songbird (any songs a person sings will get stuck in their soulmate’s head for the duration they decide to sing it)
t - timers are set on the wrist of every person once they are a certain age, slowly counting down until the day they meet their soulmate.
u - undying (you and your soulmate must meet in order to end life—die—together. as long as you have not met them, you will continue aging yet remain immortal)
v - veiled (you and your soulmate must walk through life blind until running into one another by fate and finally gaining sight—those with no soulmate act as guides and help those in search of theirs)
w - writer’s choice (author can pick any au from the list to write)
x - FREE SPACE, the person who sent the prompt has the choice to make up an au or choose one from the list!
y - yellow fellow (colors of your vision changes depending on your soulmates mood. yellow is optimistic, green is envious, blue is upset, etc. and natural colors become present once the soulmates meet)
z - zzz (in which soulmates first meet each other and share memories in their dreams before meeting each other in person—sometimes difficult to accomplish as dreams are hard to remember)
Tumblr media
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