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ragsy · 10 hours ago
Please tell me who Puppykicker McGee is
The Tale of Puppykicker McGee is a saga involving bad choices, bad rolls, amputation(s), cannibalism, puppy kicking, and what happens when tabletop RPG players learn that their actions have consequences. Content warning for… all of the things I just listed.
THAT SAID. First, some context.
I run a Monster of the Week game for some friends of mine, set in modern day UP Michigan. For those unfamiliar with MOTW, players work together to hunt monsters, solve mysteries, and uncover conspiracies by means of roleplay and dice rolling. The main difference between MOTW (or other games on the Powered by the Apocalypse TTRPG engine) and D&D is that D&D operates on a binary success system. You roll the die and you either hit the monster or you don't. It's a yes or a no.
MOTW, however, has three possible outcomes for every dice roll: Success, mixed success, and failure. When a roll is successful, your action happens as intended. When you roll a failure, your action not only doesn't work out for you, but it more often than not completely backfires in your face. If you roll to wrestle the monster and you fail, it kicks YOUR ass instead.
But the mixed success…? OOoooohoHOHOhhohoh, the mixed success is what makes me rub my little gamer hands together like an excited raccoon!! The player's action still happens as intended, but there's always a tradeoff. They might have to make a hard choice, or the effect isn't as strong as they needed it to be, or maybe someone else gets caught in the crossfire. It turns a hard "no" into a "no, but" or a "yes, and" and it makes me SO excited.
So you can imagine my joy when player character Madame Irena, Local Psychic (from the Spooky playbook) got a mixed success on her magic roll to lift a 40ft wide concrete slab over her head. The spell didn't last as long as she needed it to, and she lost her grip on the slab. I had her roll to dodge out of the way as it fell. Mixed success again. She gets most of her body out of the way, but the slab lands on her foot and just COMPLETELY obliterates it.
One thing leads to another, she gets rushed to the hospital and has her foot amputated. She's incapacitated for days, but after a daring hospital breakout involving a wheelchair, a Siberian husky, and the world's most put-upon medical intern, she decides she wants to use magic to grow herself a new foot. But that kind of magic in MOTW always has a cost, and it always has risks. For this particular spell, she's gonna need to transmute herself a new foot out of something else's flesh. But let's put a pin in that for a second.
Let's go on a side tangent about the Dogman. This is not Puppykicker McGee, but we ARE getting there, I promise.
So anyway. Player character Tatara (from the Wronged playbook) has been on a revenge quest to kill the Dogman, who is a human vessel possessed by an evil spirit that turns the vessel into a murderous, rage-fueled, man-eating dogmonster whenever they get overwhelmed by strong negative emotions. The Dogman can only transform back into their human form after eating freshly killed human flesh. It also turns out that the current vessel was an NPC on her monster hunting team the whole time! His name is Mark. He did not know he was the Dogman until very recently.
So Tatara, Mark, and player character Pip (from the Crooked playbook) just got back from a harrowing trip through the Backrooms and are all extremely high strung. This is very shortly after Irena went to the hospital.
One thing leads to another, the group gets into an argument, and Mark begins to get angry. Tatara, being the Dogman expert, sees the potential danger and decides to take preventative matters into her own hands. By which I mean a baseball bat to the side of Mark's head.
Dice roll. Failure! Uh oh!!!
Mark catches the bat, turns into the Dogman, and the Dogman goes fucking berserk. Player character Art (from the Monstrous playbook) manages to restrain and contain the Dogman in somebody's basement, but now the party has a problem: they need to turn Dogman back into Mark, but that requires feeding somebody to the Dogman. It also happens that Irena wants to use part of that somebody's body to transmute their flesh into a new foot for herself. The party has ruled out stealing a corpse from the morgue, so in a unanimous decision that would make my freshman ethics professor shit himself, they decide to find the worst person in town and kill him.
Enter: Puppykicker McGee.
Now, anyone who's ever run a TTRPG game knows that sometimes players will get murder in their hearts and there's nothing you can do about it. You can play up the morality angle, you can dangle a treat over their head to guide them elsewhere, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes you just have to play along and invent a guy from scratch who nobody will feel bad about feeding to the Dogman.
Puppykicker McGee hangs outside the local dive bar, harassing customers and kicking puppies. His legal name is actually Puppykicker McGee, but he picked up the puppy kicking thing separately. This is where his character complexity ends. The monster hunting party (minus Irena and Mark) jumps him in an alleyway and knocks him out in the first fully successful rolls in AGES.
But here's the thing: They get cold feet. They decide they don't actually want to kill him, they just want his leg.
At this point, I am NOT prepared to have this guy be a part of the continuing canon of this game. Puppykicker McGee was built to be disposable and I WILL dispose of him. I say yes, that's fine, they can have his leg, but they have to leave the rest of him with the one person they know who will remove the leg for them, and that person is shady as fuck.
Somehow, they're suspicious of this. This group of people who were super duper chill with homicide a few minutes ago are now a little worried of leaving Puppykicker behind with a woman who has a collection of human souls. I tell them tough nuggets, you made your decision. They say "yeah sure that's probably fine actually" and leave with a plastic garbage bag full of Human Leg Meat.
They go back home, feed the thigh to Dogman, and use everything else below the knee to transmute Irena a new foot. Irena is still a little nervous about doing magic since the last time she did it was the whole reason she lost her foot. She's worried that if she fails, she's going to have to just graft the foot onto her own leg. This leads to the single greatest sentence I've ever heard out of context in my life:
"Hey, quick question, how big are Puppykicker McGee's feet?"
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melsephant · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Local freshman unsure of his vampire-hunting family’s stance on other creatures
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kotilae · a month ago
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Tokens done for @oops-i-accidentally 's Monster Of The Week game! Absolutely adore these nerds <3
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yourplayersaidwhat · 6 months ago
DM, in the midst of describing a scene: “….And Nathan smells the distinct smell of blood. Lots and lots of blood.”
The Angel, distracted, looking at a restaurant menu OOC: “Mmmmm, that sounds good!”
DM & Players: “WHAT!?”
Everyone: *Devolves into Laughter*
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mxalexwhat · 5 months ago
Do you play Monster of the Week?
Do you have a hard time looking at your playbook with all the moves you didn't or won't take because your brain is weird?
Do you wish you could add a picrew on your playbook?
Do you have a homebrew playbook you'd like to make?
Well, I've made a Google Doc template!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I made this template for all my characters, as well as for a my homebrew The Extraterrestrial. It also helps me keep track of facts I've created in canon.
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j0yfulpotato · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
french onion soup
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probablybadrpgideas · 8 months ago
Haunted house with one ghost yelling to getout and one trying to trap the party.
Escape by playing the ghosts against each other;
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flatw00ds · 10 months ago
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our current MOTW tabletop party is in not-Disneyland to murder Walt Disney Jr. Jr. at the behest of his dead grandfather in cocktail purgatory (this wasn’t our exact mission but i feel like that’s where it’s going) and we had to blend in expertly with the crowd
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immortanjill · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Monster of the Week crew is goals. I love these zany kids. 
 Characters from left to right: 
Frenchie (@/djinntonic__) | Griffin (me) | Gideon (@/rose_gaarden) | Sasha (@/FreshAtNight) | Eldritch Horrors/ Keeper (@/itmejules)
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caffeinegoblin-dming · a month ago
I think one of the most important skills both new and experienced DMs need is improvising!
It's ok to go off script, especially with a group of players that consistently goes wild when you turn them loose in a town, or on the other side of the spectrum, are too smart and logical to take your narrative bait, which can cause your session to stall.
Having the ability to rework your hours of planning to still fit the new direction on the fly is going to be a lifesaver more times than most people realize when they first put on the DM hat.
Taking a page from the MoTW rulebook, I often make a timeline, or countdown, of events that happen off screen (or on if the players are in the right place) that would take place if the players had never shown up to help at all. These should be very very simple, like for example,
1. Goblins have made a town under the city
2. Food and resources have been disappearing from the city stores
3. A nightly watch is put into action
4. The Night Watch is ambushed from inside the city
5. Goblins have grown desperate and have begun tunneling under houses
6. The goblins have begun a war effort against the city
7. The city is overrun and the goblin population has moved in
These events happen even if the players are present, but not necessarily as part of the direct plot with the characters.
If your sessions are stalling or enough time has passed that it feels appropriate, move a level down the timeline and let the new information prompt your players to continue investigating.
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melsephant · 8 months ago
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Vampire comics for vampire Halloween
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forystr · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello! I'm currently offering Pixel comms for 15 GBP ! These are currently the only commissions I'm offering, just to help support me during my very busy next few months 🥴 Reblogs are so appreciated!! Please DM me for details :D , payment through Paypal!
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randomtable · 2 months ago
1d8 Small Towns Where Something Just Ain’t Right
1. Beachside retirement community where the majority of the residents are kraken-worshipping cultists.
2. Little village surrounded by woods where folks hunt but they don’t eat. The thrill of the chase is all it takes to satisfy them—call it a power, or call it a curse.
3. Far northern outpost on the icy tundra. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.
4. Ghost town built in the shadow of the Red Cathedral. It’s just a big rock formation, except when the desert sun hits it just right. The gothic arches and flying buttresses shimmer into existence, and the few remaining residents shuffle inside for a midday mass.
5. Old country hamlet where they’ve come to rely a little to heavily on the wishing well. It works, of course, but at a cost.
6. Former coal mining town where more houses than not are occupied by the ghosts of those who met their untimely end down in the mines.
7. The last little settlement on your way up to the peak of the tallest mountain in the region. Maybe it’s just that you’d have to be crazy to live all the way up here, but the locals have all kinds of stories about the unnatural creatures that lurk in the shadows. Bigfoot, werewolves, you name it.
8. Farming town where folks don’t find crop circles in their fields anymore, not since them aliens bought up their own little plot of land and settled down on it.
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fateology · 5 months ago
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NPCs from a monster of the week campaign i’m running……(whispers) VAMPIRES
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neonbo · 7 months ago
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j0yfulpotato · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
You just hear the wind. And you just see the stars above you. They are beautiful. And then they’re gone.
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werelocke · 2 months ago
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you know how i convinced you guys that Taylor was like a cool sexy shapeshifter... that was a lie. They were actually a big shrimp thing this whole time
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flatw00ds · 7 months ago
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last MOTW sesh was Eventful (esp for a fellow player’s PC, Tsuna the time-displaced samurai) so I spent a break day scribbling out events...1. Tsuna kinda-sorta pledging allegiance to a vampire lord, 2. Peanut the Not-Horse whipping ass on mental and physical heal rolls, and 3. Trick immediately post-gruesome-murder (and subsequent assimilation) of Tsuna’s misprinted doppelganger
we love a chaotic session don’t we folks
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jonesylium · 4 months ago
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dm: this oneshot of MOTW will have your characters face their fears, i'll losely base this on the Magnus Archives lore to plan this out. me: ok, we will face our Fears, but what about if we where also Avatars of some other of them?
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melsephant · 2 years ago
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(This is part of a series btw!)
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