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Join us in this episode we take a drive through Europe’s deepest canyon! ⁣

After 6 incredible weeks, we ready ourselves to leave Albania. We set off early after 48 hours of torrential rain, and contend with landslides and snow on the treacherous road to the Vermosh border crossing. ⁣

Here we cross into Montenegro through a very small and rarely used border station. Our journey across Montenegro takes an interesting turn as we end up driving through the depths of Europe’s deepest canyon.⁣

From here we attempt to reach the famous Durmitor National Park. Will the snow and cold weather conditions be enough to stop us entering again like the last time we were here?⁣

Join us on this incredibly scenic drive through Europe’s black mountains, on YouTube NOW!

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From Rust To Roadtrip on YouTube

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Samodestruktivno je volela život. Spoj kontradiktornosti i protivtečnosti u njenom životu se vidi i iz činjenice da je upravo njen nemirni duh bila njena spas i propast, a muzika izbavljenje i beg. 

O Margiti Stefanovic

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„Išla je ispred vetra. Nije išla tuđim tragovima, a njene nisu uspevali da prate. Govorila je svojim jezikom koji sam pokušavao da naučim, mislila samo svojim mislima čiji se sistem kretao moždanim vijugama brzinom koja se samo budućnošću mogla ispratiti. Pisala je znacima, ne slovima, pa i kad bi bila slova, to su bili samo njeni znaci…”

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В эти дни море не желает расставаться с облаками, спряталось под ними, как будто его и нет.
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Young Princess Elena of Montenegro (1873-1852), future Queen of Italy. Late 1880s.

She was born in Cetinje as daughter of Montenegrin Prince and future King Nicholas I and his wife Milena. At the age of 10, she went to the Institute for young ladies in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She was talented at painting and architecture, and she designed the monument for Prince Danilo I.

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