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Lover Boy
Pairing: Jake Lockley x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Jake goes on a mission for Khonshu and he’s away for months. You knew the deal when you became his girlfriend, it would never be easy. Now, he's come home.
Warnings/tags: Mentions of Jake's mission like murder etc and a bit of angst at the beginning, but no other scary things! Just fluff, cuteness & little implied smut at the end (but not 18+ so dw)
Word Count: 1.7k
A/N: ok this has been in my drafts for WEEKS bc I just wasn't sure if people had left their moon knight era already but hopefully not. Enjoy babies <3 any requests lmk!!
Jake is in the shower. Your apartment has become a bombsite since he returned only two hours ago. His bloody clothes are strewn across your sofa, his bag - full of god knows what - is on your coffee table and a broken vase lays shattered on the floor.
In truth, the vase was your fault. Jake had been gone months on a mission he could tell you nothing about. You hadn't had contact with him the entire time and, quite frankly, you were beginning to wonder if maybe this time being Khonshu's bitch just hadn't worked out. The big bird had used Jake for all he was worth and that was it - end of the line.
So, when he knocked on your door as casually as a pizza delivery guy, you had flipped your lid. Of course you were happy to see your boyfriend, but you were also fuming. You had screamed at him, and hugged him, and kissed him and then thrown something at him.
He understood. He knew how hard this life was on you. And despite the yelling and the vase, he was happy to be home. Now, he's enjoying the luxuries of being at home, washing all the dirt and blood off his body and using your vanilla and jasmine scented body wash. And you're in shock.
"The vase. Clean up the vase." You whisper to yourself. Luckily there isn't even any flowers in the vase, so the clean up is easy. The only time there were flowers in the vase was when Jake was home.
You sweep up the ceramic pieces and tip them into the bin. You'll just have to get a new vase, whatever. It shouldn't even bother you, seeing those pieces all smashed up, but it does. And when you close the lid of the bin, you cry.
At first just quietly, then, great heaving sobs. It's a mix of relief and pain and all your emotions congeal into one. You think of how many nights you spent alone, worried sick out of your mind. You think of your last date with Jake, and how wonderful it was, before Khonshu appeared and ripped him away from you. You think of the guy that tried to hit on you at work and you had to reject him - "Why though? I never see your boyfriend. He obviously doesn't love you."
That comment had hurt, and there was nothing you could do about it. You carried your hurt around for months - to work, to dinner with friends, when you were alone. And now, you let it out.
You make your way to the bathroom and rap your knuckles against the door. The water shuts off immediately. You hear Jake shuffling about in there, and then the door opens.
In the months that he's been away he's grown a beard, and his hair is grown-out and wild. You hadn't seen him like this before, and it takes some getting used to.
He's got a towel wrapped around the bottom half of his body and his top half is still glistening wet. Drips of water fall from his hair onto his shoulders.
Jake takes one look at you crying and pulls you into a hug, "Come here, I'm here now. I'm home. Estoy en casa, understand?"
You nod into the crook of his neck. He's warm against your skin and you don't care about getting wet because your tears have already dampened your cheeks and they're beginning to pool in Jake's collar bones.
He pulls away and takes your face in his hands, gently wiping your tears from your face. "I couldn't be happier to be home, bebita. Please stop crying. You've got me now, I'm back."
"I know." You sniffle, actively ignoring his longing gaze, "I know."
"Look at me." He turns your face with his hand and you do as he says. You can't help but smile, and he gives you a smile back. It's something you've missed, seeing him look at you like that, and your heart melts. You reach up to touch his beard, all soft and damp from the shower.
"I can't believe how much you've changed. I've missed you."
Without hesitating, Jake scoops you up into his arms. You make a squeak of surprise, but just laugh as he carries you into the bedroom.
"I've missed you too." He winks at you and kisses you on the cheek before setting you down on the bed.
The room has barely changed since the last time he was there; everything was exactly where he had left them the night he had to leave, but one of his hoodies is on the bed - one that you wore to sleep practically every night.
Jake smiles at the sight of it, and puts it on. You start to protest, claiming it's yours now.
"Hey, it smells like you. And it's mine. I'm wearing it." Jake is firm, but there's a smirk on his face, letting you know he enjoys the fact you've been wearing his clothes.
He takes the towel off and puts on clean underwear and comfy bottoms. You watch the entire time, mesmerised.
"I'm so lucky to have you. I don't know what I would've done if-"
You don't finish the sentence, but you don't have to. Jake knows what you're trying to say. He sits beside you on the bed and takes your hand, placing a kiss on your knuckles.
"Don't, princesa. I will always come back to you. Nobody will stop me from getting back to you. Not Khonshu, not nobody. Yeah?"
"Yeah." You nod.
Jake slowly wraps his arms around you and shuffles towards the top of the bed so his head rests against the pillows. You rest against his chest. Your legs intertwine with his and he sneaks a hand under your top to feel your skin against his. You run a hand through his hair and brush your palm against his beard.
You stay that way for a long time, not even saying anything. Usually, when Jake came home after a mission he would pounce on you immediately. And you would love every minute of it. He was intense and sexy and everything you had missed while he was away, he would give to you. Over and over. But this time was different. Jake had never been gone this long and this time he was gentle. Caring. He was more vulnerable.
"What happened? While you were away?" Your voice is barely a whisper. You don't want to make him uncomfortable, but you also want to know.
"Bad things. If I say too much...Khonshu...he'll make my life worse. He made me do things, Y/N. More shit than ever and...it's fine, y'know? Better me than Marc or Steven." He sighs, running one hand over his face, "I have blood on my hands and it was a mistake. Khonshu is in some deep cagada and made me hurt the wrong people...kill the wrong people. Innocent people. And all that time...it was too much. Even for me." Jake whispers back to you, the entire time rubbing his hand against your back in slow circles.
There's a tightness in his voice, and you can tell he doesn't want to say anymore. Perhaps can't say anymore.
"Steven and Marc, they've had it rough." Jake is absentmindedly moving his fingers back and forth against your skin, and you can tell he's feeling agitated. "I'm giving them the time they need but fuck, it's bad, baby. So bad."
"You're home now." You don't know what else to say. "You're home."
One of your hands is in Jake's hair and the other rests on his chest. You can hear his heart beating and he feels warm against you. Without thinking, you roll on top of him and straddle him around his waist. You plant both hands on the side of his face, his beard scratching at the palms of your hands, and you kiss him. Hard.
"No matter what happens," You say, barely pulling away from him. Your lips graze each others as you talk, "I will always be waiting for you. I will always be here for you."
"Ah, mi querida, what would I do without you?" He's looking up at you with that gorgeous smile, perfect teeth and rosy lips surrounded by his new, full beard. You can't ignore how there's a new scar, fully healed, on top of his left eyebrow.
"You'd crash and burn, pretty boy. Crash and burn." You reach a hand up to tentatively run a finger against the scar, Jake catches your hand and hold's it to his own. He brings your intertwined hands to his mouth and kisses the back of yours.
"Pretty boy?" He raises an eyebrow, the one without a scar, and smirks at you. It makes you laugh, harder than you've laughed in months, and you finally realise he's home. No more crying yourself to sleep, no more wishing and waiting to hear from him. No more nights watching reruns of shows alone or cooking meals for one - he's home and you can finally laugh again.
"Yeah, pretty boy." You smile at him, and when you've finally had enough of straddling him, you slide off to one side and cuddle into him. He wraps an arm around you and plants a kiss on your forehead.
"Pretty boy, gorgeous boy, my one and only boy," You continue, poking Jake on the nose with every single example, "My lover boy."
You go to poke Jake again, but this time he grabs your wrist at lightning speed and suddenly you're moving - Jake's settling you down on your back and he’s hovering over you with that sparkle in his eye that lets you know he's glad to be home too. Glad to be with you once again.
"Lover boy, huh?" There's a playful smile on his lips and he dips down to place kisses on your cheeks and on your neck.
"Mhhm." Your voice is already breathy - you'd forgotten what it felt like to be underneath Jake, but it doesn't take you long to remember. "My lover boy."
He nips at the base of your neck then, an action that catches you off guard and leaves your heart racing. You decide then and there that you're not letting another minute go to waste. Jake is home and he is yours and that's all you ever need.
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Excuse me do you have a moment to talk about ✨her✨
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Welcome to the silly zone
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Jake and steve hug to go with the marc and steve hug? Jack deserves a hug and you know it
Im begging you
You’re so right and I DO know it.
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Who do you belong to?
Steven Grant x Fem!Reader
Summary; it has been a week since your obsession with Moon Knight started and Steven have had enough, it's time that he showed you and Marc who you really belong to.
Tags; established relationship, smut, 18+ content, swearing, fingering, cunnilingus, piv, unprotected sex, breeding kink and dry humping if you squint, doggy style, dacryphilia, a mix of mean and soft dom!Steven, jealous Steven is a menace and I love it, slutty y/n, exhibitionist, y/n discovering new kinks, a bit of angst and fluff, it's kinda toxic, I'm making Donna an official warning from now on
Word count; 5,1k
A/n; the smut scene is inspired by a wet dream of mine, what can I say? I'm a whore.
Also a special thank you for my beloved, @friendlyneighbourhood-parker for beta reading this! <3
Hope you guys enjoyed this!
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Tumblr media
"So, I've searched the internet and look at what I found."
Steven sigh softly, forcing a smile to his lip as he watched you pulled out your phone and showed him the screen with a giddy smile, too excited to notice how his face was lanced with annoyance.
"This is him, moon knight!" you exclaimed excitedly, "I've finally found some pictures of him with a good quality."
You flipped your phone, looking at the picture of Moon Knight that was caught on one of the random streets of london.
"I wonder why didn't he joined the Avengers?"
You wondered out loud, that question has always been on your mind, the Avengers were the good guy, always saving people and now the planet left and right, why didn't moon knight joined them if he did the very same thing as them?
"Well," Steven started, picking up yet another item before turning his back to placed them on the shelf, "maybe, just maybe, he wanted to work alone? Free from all of those rules that binds him?" his tried to hard to act casual but there's just something about how excited you were about his alter that annoyed him.
Shrugging your shoulders at his answer, you swiped your screen showing yet another picture of Marc in his suit. "Look at this one though!"
Steven looked back at you, secretly rolling his eyes when you weren't paying attention, what's so special of Marc's suit anyway? His was so much better.
"You think so Steven?" his alter's face suddenly appeared behind you, smirking smugly as he stared at your excited face, humming slightly. "she didn't seem to agree. No?"
Steven threw him a glare, flickering his gaze towards you, slightly frowning when he saw your smiling face that was the evident that you do think that Marc's suit is cool, but that's just because he's a hero, right? You've also never seen his full suit.
He blinked, the realization finally hits him. That's right, you've never seen him in action before! That's why you're so hooked on Marc's suit.
Smirking lightly at his alter when the thought pass his mind, you didn't know that Steven is also a superhero, he's sure that you'll think his suit is cooler than Marc's if you knew.
"Oh?" his alter's voice snapped him out of his trance, "and how would you tell her?" he continued, smirking down at him as he took a step closer. "by telling her you're also moon knight?" he teased and let out a fake gasp while covering his smirking lips. "Oh, I'm sorry. I mean Mr. Knight."
Steven clenched his fist, seeing his reaction only made the smirk on Marc's face grew wider, he knew he didn't have to be such an asshole towards his alter but he's just so pissed off by the fact that he couldn't have you.
He didn't want to admit it but deep down he knew that he's jealous of Steven. His life, his personality and most importantly his lover, you.
What could he do except teased Steven? It all started as a joke when you were telling Steven, who is your boyfriend about the night you've had with him, you were smiling so brightly and the light in your eyes gave him a reason to love his role as Khonshu's fist of vengeance.
It didn't stopped there, no, he really thought this 'phase' of your fan girling would maybe lasted three days max so he didn't really put any mind to it, but you kept on going and it has been a week since that day.
He felt the hope slowly rooted inside his heart, budding like a seed that has slowly taking it's roots and bloomed into something much more stronger than he could ever imagined.
How could it not? Imagine a week full of your constant excitement, when everytime his alias left your lips, he felt the goosebumps on his skin, sometimes he imagined how his name would rolled on your pretty tongue.
Marc was never a selfish man, but now that you've come to the picture, he really thought he had changed.
He had always wondered how would you reacted if you knew who he is, if you knew about his and Steven's condition and he couldn't help but let his mind wondered further.
Would he have a chance with you if you knew? Are you open to the idea of having two boyfriends? You would, wouldn't you? after all, he is your hero.
Steven suddenly stood up, startling not only Marc but also you.
"Steven? What's wrong?" you questioned your boyfriend, your voice was lanced with worry when you saw how deep he had furrowed his eyebrows, not at you but behind you.
You bit your lip. Suddenly the thought of his manager passed your mind. Fuck, Is Donna there?
You looked back, finding that nobody is there, not even a tourist in sight.
Furrowing your eyebrows before looking back at your boyfriend who's already staring down at you. He still didn't answer your question, that's not like him at all.
Steven is someone who always, you mean always put you up first before anything and this isn't like him to just ignore your question. Sure you've seen him out of character way even before you've even dated, is this one of those moments? Or are you overreacting?
"Baby, what's-" Steven didn't even let you finished your sentence. He stood up, turning his back before walking away, leaving you with your mouth still opened.
Now you're sure that you're not overreacting, he's definitely ignoring you. Oh no, what did you do? Did you made some sort of mistake? Did you offended him? The negative thoughts keep piling inside your mind the longer he kept his mouth shut.
You gulped, gluing your eyes to his broad back, you saw that he went to the back and opened a door. Is that a secret door? How come the Egypt section have so much interesting stuff going on, why is your section so boring?
He looked back at you, his frown never leaving his face. He gestured his head to the side as if to tell you to come inside making you shifted your eyes to your surroundings, scanning for anyone that is near, you didn't know but you felt like nobody should see you walked inside there.
"Come here." he said- no, that was an order. You gulped once again, nodding your head before standing up on your feet and hurriedly walked towards him, eyes never leaving his chocolate colored one as you stepped inside the small room.
You looked around, there wasn't really anything there, just some old and out of date items that were either broken or dirty, there's also an old wooden wardrobe inside with a very dirty mirror.
The room was very small and it had a lone table in the middle of it with a bulb that flickered once in a while, it's not that bright either.
Too busy with your observations, you didn't even realized that Steven had already closed the door, looking intensely at your backside before he swiftly locked the wooden door behind him with a loud 'click' sound. That's when you realized your situation.
"Steven, what's going on?" you turned your body to his direction, nervously laughing, you unconsciously took a step back when he strode closer to you.
You didn't know why you're intimidated by him, he's your boyfriend, your sweet sweet Steven he couldn't harm you, right?
Your back hit the side of the table and you gripped them hard in response, gulping down as his larger figure loomed over yours. Has he always been this big? How could you have not realized this before?
He shook his head, gently leaning closer making your breath hitched in your throat, you uncounciously leaned backwards, trying to maintain the distance between you. This is making you more nervous, why is he so quiet?
"Do you really like Moon Knight that much?" he finally asked, you let out a breath that you didn't knew you're holding, all the nervousness washed away with a single sentence from him.
You opened your mouth and let out a weak laugh, "did you really pulled me to the side because you're jealous?" shaking your head to the side at his behavior. You finally took a step closer, the feeling of nervousness that has reside in your chest washing away and was replaced with a warm feeling instead, you brought your hand to the sides of his face, "hm?" tilting your head with a big smile plastered on your face, "That's really cute."
He gripped both of your hand that rested on his cheeks, nodding his head with an even deeper frown.
"Right, I'm jealous." he admitted, chocolate eyes never leaving yours when he said that, "you're mine, aren't you?"
"You already know the answer."
"Then why are you always talking about some guy with a suit?"
Once the words left his mouth, he mentally cringed at his own behavior. He lowered his head, he decided to look at your shoe instead of your face. He's embarrassed, how could he said that to your face? That was really childish of him. Now, you'll think he's some man-baby that needed attention. No, what if you suddenly left him because of it?!
You saw the look on his face, you knew that look, he always had that look when his mind started to wondered away into the dark little corner inside his brain.
You Don't want that, you lifted his face so that he could meet your eyes, you softly smiled at him. "Steven, you know that you own me, right?"
Slowly he looked up, boring his eyes into yours and you saw it, the doubt that clouded his beautiful chocolate eyes that you adore so much.
"Do I?" he asked after a second of hesitation, his voice was barely above whispers. He gulped, letting out a breath as he repeated the question, louder this time, "Do I truly own you just like you said?"
You hurriedly answer him, "Of course." not even wasting a second. You leaned closer, rubbing the skin on his cheek as you let your eyes wondered down to his lips for a moment before drifting back to his eyes.
"Nothing, I mean nothing, could change that fact." you smiled brightly at him, he couldn't even stop the words that escaped his lips afterwards.
"Then prove it to me," he demanded, leaning closer to you, "right here," he looked down at your lips as he continued his sentence. "right now." you gulped, "can you do that?" unconsciously biting your bottom lip while he bit his own.
You wasted no time and pulled him closer, in a hurry to taste the lips of your sweet lover. There's just something different about Steven today. The way he kissed you was different, it wasn't slow and sensual like he usually does but rough and passionate instead, as if he's trying to proof a point and to be honest, you loved the new pace that he set.
You were moaning through the kiss, a surprised gasp escaped your lips once he suddenly grasped both of your hips, squeezing them softly, humming lowly he gave another lick into the kiss and pulled away.
You whined when he did that, opening your eyes, you stared at his lips as you desperately chases after them.
He lowly chuckled and lifted you up easily as if you weight nothing, placing you on the lone little table in the middle of the small room, he put his hand between your thighs, "open." he whispered beside your ears, his hot breath was fanning your skin, making the hair on your skin stood up.
You obeyed, but when you didn't do it fast enough he gripped both of your thighs and pried them open himself, gesturing his head forward to let you know he wanted you to lay down flat on the table.
You couldn't say or do anything, not that you wanted too, Steven has never been this mesmerizing and demanding before and you felt like you were hypnotized by this change of him, so you obeyed him without any question asked.
"Aren't you a good girl?" he taunted, lifting your skirts up slowly, letting his fingertips teased your skin, you could felt the goosebumps when he did that.
He gently pulled your panties down, eyes never left yours in an intense eye contact, you unconsciously nodded, agreeing to his words earlier.
"I want you to be quiet, can you do that for me?" his voice sounded calm but at the same time very demanding. Before you could answer him, his hand was already spreading your pussy open, chuckling as you let out a surprised gasp when he put one of his thick fingers in.
If he wanted he could ruin you with just one of his finger and he knew that. You were trying your best to stay calm and quiet, but how could you when the only thing that you could felt and heard was the way that his fingers were deliciously pumping in and out of you as your pussy let out the most embarrassingly wet sound that you've ever heard in your life.
"Steven-" you accidentally let out a loud moan, making him shook his head with a disappointed expression painted his gorgeous face.
"Shush now, we don't want the people outside to," he put another finger in, fastening his pace as the smirk on his face widened when you bit the back of your hand to muffled the moan. "hear anything."
You eagerly nodded, gulping the saliva that polled on the back of your throat. He purposely pushed his fingers deeper inside and leaned down, eyes boring deep into your already stained with tears one.
He looked down to your parted and bruised lips, feeling his own dried up by the sight, opening your legs wider, he stood between them, gripping your inner thigh hard as he leaned down to meet your lips in the middle.
He shallowed your moans while tightening the grip on your inner thighs again, you're sure it'll leave a mark but you couldn't careless, not with the way his fingers fucked into you making your head spins and the thought of him is the only thing that is in your muddled brain right now.
His half hooded eyes only stared and focused on your full on desperate expression, eagerly watching every twitch of changes your face made.
he pulled away far enough to speak, "You close, love?" he teasingly murmured, brushing his lips against yours with every word, cocking one of his eyebrows at you. You let out a quiet "yes" that followed with a moan right after.
Suddenly there's a voice behind the locked door, halting his movement all together. He looked back while you bit the back of your hand, mentally cursing whoever that's behind that old wooden door.
Your mind was racing with thousands of scenarios and the rapid heartbeat in your chest didn't help either.
Who's that? Is that Donna? Please, don't let it be that nosy Walmart Adele.
"Stevie?" fuck, it really is Donna. It looked like the fun time is over, you groaned in annoyance, placing both of your elbows on the either sides of your body to support your upper body.
Suddenly Steven began to move his fingers again, slowly teasing your clit this time, you caught yourself hissing at the contact.
You threw a confused look at your boyfriend, he looked back and leaned towards you, brushing his lips with yours. "I need to taste you, love." he murmured, you tried to protest but he put his index finger on your lips in a shushing manner instead, "all you have to do is be a good girl, just as you were earlier." he picked up his pace, rubbing your clit faster.
"Steven, please-" you choked a sob, trying your hardest to maintained the voices from spilling out of your lips but the sound of your wet slick underneath was making you self conscious, it's so loud and sounded so lewd, what if Donna hears them?
"Stevie!" Donna's voice sirened loud in your ears, you gripped Steven's shoulders as he stared deep into yours not even flinching when he heard her voice calling his name.
"Are you my good girl, sweetheart?" your slowly nodded your head, does he not care about his manager outside? "then act like it." your breath hitched when the words left his lips, feeling your stomach stirs with lust, you gripped his shoulders harder, your hair falling down and covered your face.
Steven panicked slightly, how could he said that to you? It just spilled out of his lips without a thought, did that offended you? No, he didn't mean that.
"Love, I'm sorry, I didn't-" he brushed your hair aside, placing them behind your ears, finally catching the blush on your cheeks that you've tried to hide behind your locks.
He gulped, feeling something inside him stirs widely, biting his lower lip he tried his hardest to held himself back from ravaging you.
"Did you like that?" he questioned, tilting his head to see your expression better, "Do you like it when I'm mean to you, darling?" he repeated when you didn't answer him.
You stay silent, only opting to nodded your head without another word, shutting your mouth tightly as you felt the embarrassment seeping through, did you really just discovered a new kink right now?
"Look at me." your heart felt heavy with embarrassment, but you forced yourself to shifted your gaze to meet his.
"Say it."
"Say that you like it."
You gulped, biting your lower lip softly before bracing yourself, "I-" you kept telling yourself that it's not like you to shy away but how could you not when the look Steven's giving you right now made you felt small and God he's just so hot that you felt even more nervous.
"I like it," you started, wetting your lip while his chocolate colored eyes followed your every move, "I like it when you're mean to me, Steven." he let out a low groan when you finally admitted it. He couldn't take it anymore.
"Lay down." you blinked your eyes in confusion, "I said," he lowered his voice but his voice was as demanding as before, "lay. down." it came out as a whisper but it was enough to make the hair on your skin stood up.
You obeyed, nervously letting your eyes wondered on his face while he focused his gaze on your glistening cunt.
His breathing started to get heavy just by the sight of it, "such a pretty little cunt," he breathes, softly trailing his fingers down, barely gracing your clit before leaning his whole body down, using his fingers to spread you open so lewdly. "And it's all mine." he lowly growled, glancing upwards to the small glass on the old wardrobe behind you, meeting his alter's eyes with a slight glare where Marc was throwing his own glare st him.
Steven shifted his gaze when he felt the touch on his cheek, you were looking at him needily while biting your lip as you slowly lift your hips up to met his lips, he couldn't fight the smile on his face from forming.
He cooed at you, lifting one of your thighs and kissing the inner part of it before biting them hard, leaving his own teeth mark, you hissed in response while he continued to kiss his way down to the place that you so desperately needed him to be.
"Steven, baby, please." you begged him, all the shyness and nervousness was thrown out of the window and he finally gave you what you want, placing his tongue flat on your already dripping cunt, sucking your clit softly before he picked up his pace, sucking them like a thirsty man who had just been given water.
You uncounciously rutted your hips forward to meet his tongue, as if he isn't close enough to satisfy you.
You wanted more, you needed more of him. More, more, more.
Nothing else mattered, not where you are right now, not even Donna who you didn't even knew if she's still out there or not. None of that.
The only thing that mattered right now is the way that his tongue danced between your wet lower lips as he gripped and mounted both of your thighs that rested between his head.
"Baby, fuck." you breathe, gripping his hair hard and tugging them closer to you making him let out a low groan that send vibrations to your sensitive pussy.
You felt him lick lower, entering your hole with his tongue and moved them inside making you clenched around them immediately.
"G-god, keep doing that." you looked down, staring at his blissed out expression as he ravaged your pussy, he made it looked like your taste was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted in his whole life.
You furrowed your eyebrows, how can he be from a sweet boyfriend to a sex god in mere seconds? How could he eat pussy this good? It was hard to believe that he was a virgin until recently.
He gripped your thighs tighter, snapping you out of your trace, he shook his head to the side, letting his nose rubbed your sensitive bundle of nerves all while he worked his tongue in and out of you, you rolled your eyes back, gripping his hair tighter in response.
He finally opened his eyes, chocolate colored one looking straight at your own while he worked his tongue wonders inside you, you let out a broken sob when he particularly pushed his nose hard to your clit.
"'m close, 'm close, baby!" you bit your bottom lip hard, trying your hardest to keep your voice down. Gripping his hair tighter making him let out yet another low groan that vibrates through his mouth to you and that does it.
You placed you palm in front of your mouth, rolling your eyes and hips towards his tongue as you creamed all over his mouth, riding your high as he let you set your own pace, sighing dreamily as he leapt all the juices that you've just let out, not even leaving a single drop.
You hissed, your pussy were becoming oversensitive and Steven was not helping with the way he's still hungrily devouring your pussy.
"Baby, baby, need you, need you so bad-" you groaned, repeating the words over and over again as you tried to pull him away from your cunt, he looked at you for a moment before licking your clit for the last time and stood up.
"You're so good, baby." you panted, opening your arms wide for him to indulge himself in your embrace, "So good for me," you whispered beside his ears, softly licking the soft spot on his ears as he groaned and rutted his hard clothed cock into you.
He's rutting into you heavily until you can almost feel every inch of his cock through the heavy fabric separating you both.
"Are you satisfied with just this, Steven?" you tempted, "we don't have much time left." once again licking his earlobe making him let out a soft moan, he abruptly held your hips, pulling away before he hurriedly unzipped his jeans and whipped his cock out.
It was already so hard, it even looked angry. The tip was swollen and leaking with pre-cum, you followed the pre-cum down his length, down to his popping veins and you clenched your thighs at the sight of it.
You opened your legs wide, his gaze fell down as your fingers spread open your pussy lips and watched his cock twitched by the sight of it, he couldn't look away.
You smirked, it would be fun to tease him a little, right? Slowly you let your fingers dipped down, circling your clit as you breathlessly moaned his name, dipping your already wet fingers inside.
"This isn't enough, Steven." you whined, pumping your fingers in and out as your half lidded eyes stared at his lustful expression. "I need you, I need your cock in me."
Suddenly you felt him gripped your waist and turned you around, you didn't even had enough time to reacted except gasping in surprised when he plunged right into you without warning, you let out a strained groan and he did the same.
"Oh, oh, love." he gasped, feeling your walls tightened around him perfectly, as if it was molded to the shape of his cock. "You feel so good."
You only responded with a moan, but it was louder than expected so he quickly leaned down, laying his chest on your back and place his palm in front of your mouth.
"Shhh, don't be so loud." he whispered beside your ears, snapping into you with a hard pace, you gripped the table, fuck, why is he so hot?
He lowly chuckled, feeling your walls clenched around him. "We're discovering quiet a lot today, yeah?" he kissed your ear as he spoke, once he's sure you gets it, he let your mouth go and gripped the both of your waist and started to thrusted his hips forward.
"Steven, baby, baby, please!"
You groaned lowly, placing a hand in front of your mouth again, while one of your hand gripped the table harder as he mercilessly pound into you.
He gritted his teeth and threw his head back, gulping as he looked down and stared at the place where you were both connected, with his cock filling you up and how wet it was smeared with your juices.
It was such a lewd sight and he couldn't take his eyes off of it. "I know, love." he plunged into you particularly hard when he saw the way your body shook, he found the spot. "I know."
He looked up and caught the glimpse of his frowning alter. Oh? Steven raised an eyebrow at him, but Marc's gaze were solely focused on your blissed, drunken expression.
So, he wanted to watch? Fine, Steven would put up a special show just for his alter to see.
He lowered himself and put a hand on your clit, "that's it, love." he whispered, eyes still glued to the glass where his alter stood. "does this feel good?" he continued, circling your clit and pressing them with his fingertips.
You gasped, letting out a small breathless, "yes!" to him. "Nobody fucks this cunt like I do, yeah?" you nodded and closed your eyes, feeling the tears seeping right through your eyelids by how good he's fucking you right now. "Who's pussy is this?" he questioned, you tried so hard to hold the feeling on your stomach from snapping, you want to cum with him. "y-yours." you let out a chocked sobbed.
Marc furrowed his eyebrows at his alter's behavior, finally looking at his face before glaring daggers at him, Steven is doing this on purpose, Steven is showing him this because he wanted him to watch how Steven is owning you right in front of him.
"Who do you belong to?"
"You! Only you, Steven!"
That line was like a bullet that plunged right into his chest, leaving a bloody wound that couldn't be seen by the naked eye. Marc finally looked away, disappearing from the reflection of the glass and Steven couldn't feel his presence in the headspace either.
Steven smirked, he had won.
He looked away and kissed your ears, "let go, love." he said softly and just like that you snapped, he placed a hand on your nape, tilting your head to face him and kissed you hard, shallowing the scream that you're about to let out.
You let yourself go by the guide of his voice, he could felt himself getting closer too, he had been holding himself back and now that Marc's gone he don't think he could last long, not when your pussy was cleching around him so delicious, as if you're greedily milking everything that he had to offer.
With a few more sloppy thrust he came, pushing his hips deep into yours as he spilled all of his hot cum inside of you, "oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" moaning into your mouth.
Both of your breathing is heavy, you closed your eyes, feeling his hot and sweaty skin on yours as you tried to calm yourself from the high.
He looked at you, smiling lovingly before whispering a small, "I love you." You couldn't even fight the smile from forming, "I love you more, Steven." you whispered back, leaning in to kiss your lover again.
It started light and soft but Steven slowly started to move his hips again, pumping into you slowly while you moaned to the kiss.
Suddenly Donna's voice rang behind the old wooden door, snapping you both out of your blissed state.
"Stevie! Where in the bloody hell are you?!"
You and Steven stared at each other, placing your index finger in a shushing manner before giggling to each other not even caring on how sweaty and tired you guys are.
"This was fun," you said, "but we have to stop now." he nodded, forcing himself to pull out of you and helped you on your feet, placing you on top of the table while you get yourself comfortable.
"We should do it again sometimes,"
He laughed, shaking his head as he fixed his pants and shirt. "Should we?"
You raised your eyebrows teasingly at his response, pulling him by his waistband and tried to brushed the wrinkles away from his shirt. "Yeah, yeah. Now, where's my panties?"
You looked down but Steven had already picked the piece of underwear, tracing your skin softly he pried your thighs open again, looking deep into your eyes as he put on your panties for you, but not before using his fingers to pushed his cum inside.
"Don't let it dripped out," you gasped at his action, gripping his shoulders yet again. "people would get suspicious." He whispered before tidying your skirts for you.
"You cheeky bastard."
You playfully glared at him, while he smiled giddily in response, kissing your forehead lovingly.
"Your cheeky bastard, love."
You laughed, wrapping your hands around his neck and pecked his lips.
"That's right, mine."
You and him giggled into the kiss when you heard Donna's voice once again complaining from your spot.
"We really should get going."
He said that but he's still pecking your lips repeatedly, "Steven," you whined at him, he sniffled a laugh, "Alright, alright."
You threw a playfull glare at him and tried to stand but you almost fell because you can't feel your legs. Steven of course caught you before you fell down, looking down at you worriedly, did he tire you out?
"Yes love?"
"I don't think I could walk."
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moondoposting · a day ago
Tumblr media
peter explaining how he found moon knight to the rest of the avengers
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loki-hargreeves · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just some more Moon Knight comic moments that make me happy
[Moon Knight 2017 #191] 
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syrma-sensei · 2 days ago
Are requests open?? If so can I ask the moon boys x reader, when the reader is eating but their hair is not tied-up and it keep getting in their food. And the moon boys help them tie it up.
I was think of Steven do braid on the reader hair
Yes, requests are open currently, darling.
Oooooow, this is super cute, silly, and FLUFFY 😭 Yes, of course, I'mma do it for sure!
pairing: Moon Boys x fem!reader.
rating: fluff, fluff, flufffffffffff.
warning: none.
I'd like to thank my bestie, @wysteria-clad, for always being here for me ❤️😭
You two are having lunch together. Steven has returned from work to find you already preparing the meal for both of you. You're an excellent cook, and he loves your cooking so much. And since you got together, your cooking became more creative as Steven is vegan and you want to make him happy by your small efforts.
“And Donna was rinsed when I—” Steven frowns his brows a little when he catches you struggling a bit. “You alright, love?”
You sucked your teeth, “It's nothing, baby, it's just my stupid hair won't quit sticking to my mouth,”
“Hey, don't call it stupid, I love your hair,” Steven's voice is so soft, the smile on his face is so gentle, and the look in his eyes is so childish, pure. You swoon.
“Okay, then it's not stupid.” You chuckle.
Steven's smile goes wider before he gets up and washes his hands, “Wait, Steven, you didn't finish your—”
“Be right back, dove,” He kisses the crown of your head and loiters down to the bedside table, he grabs something from the drawers and heads back to you.
You gaze at him with furrowed eyes as he stands behind your chair. “Steven?”
“Since your lovely hair is giving you a trouble, gonna braid it for you, yeah?”
You blink, “Oh,”
Steven grins and split your hair into three locks, his deft hands never pulling on your scalp. You know he's doing a good job.
“Never knew you could do that, babe.” You say when he's finished, “Where did you learn that?”
“Heh,” He blushes a bit as he sits at the dinning table again, scratching the back of his head nervously, “School girls.”
You raise an eyebrow.
“Shit, that sounds creepy,” His eyes flit away from you down to the table, “Y'know we have a lot of students visiting the museum, like a lot, yeah?”
You nod, taking sick pleasure of his cute and desperate attempt to correct himself.
“Some of them are young, little ladies, their braids would go loose during their trips, and they'd cry, and you know I can't stand watching a little child crying without me doing anything. So, I'd offer them doing their hair. Some of them are frequent visitors and now call me Uncle Stevie.”
You snore at the last bit a tad.
“What?” Steven gawks dumbly at you.
“Nothing,” You smile, pushing your chair backwards while holding your dish up to put it in the sink.
Steven eyes you gingerly as you stroll down to him, “But expect to do my hair every morning before work,” You kiss his cheek softly before whispering in his ear, making him shiver, “Uncle Stevie,”
Marc and you are having a Netflix and chill night. Popcorn, coke, ice cream, and unhealthy snacks are on the coffee table despite Marc's protest against your choice of junk food. You chuckle at his cute sulking. You're wearing one of his hoodies that reaches to your mid-thighs, no bra, with just a pair of thin panties underneath, and your hair sets loose on your shoulders and back. On the other hand, Marc is only wearing a pair of dark boxers, his silver Magen David —that he never takes off— is resting around his neck.
It's all about being comfy, nuzzly, and touchy with Marc. Fuzziness may be out of place with him, but you know better.
Once settled on the couch, with the bowl of popcorn on his lap, and you cuddled up into his chest with a fluffy blanket around the both of you, Marc chooses for tonight. It's his turn... finally. After you took over his turn for five times in a raw, you had mercy on him and let him choose something other than rom-com for tonight. Not that he complains tho, but he's now memorised You've Got Mail, Notting Hill, and many more, scene by scene, because of you. Somehow that freaks him out.
Marc sets on John Wick series, and you're okay with that. You love both Keanu, and this franchise although you're not ready to watch the dog's death scene again.
First half hour passes by, and you almost finish the popcorn bowl. Your untied hair begins to annoy you every time you want to eat something, your hands are dirty, and can't slide your bangs behind your ears properly with the back of your hands. Marc notices your shuffling and pauses the movie.
“What's wrong babe?” He asks you while holding you near his chest.
“Oh, it's nothing, babyboy, just my hair can't stop getting in my mouth,”
Marc looks at you for a moment before slipping off the blanket and off the couch.
“Just a sec,”
You watch your boyfriend going to the bathroom to wash his hands. He comes back with tiny hair clips in his hands.
You smile sweetly at him as he sits back next to you, “Hold still, (Y/N),”
He squints his eyes a bit, his rough hands are ever so tender as he tries to glide the clips on your temples. You grin mischievously and moan in fake pain. “Ouch,”
Marc stills on the spot, his hands freeze, “God, did I hurt you, babe?” You can trace the worry within his voice.
You bite your lower lip in an attempt to refrain from giggling, but it escapes nonetheless.
“You little...” Marc groans at first, then he chuckles at your childish attitude. He grabs your face and smooches your cheeks with kisses.
“Ow, Markie who thought you'd be such a softie,” Jake says in his head.
“Aren't they cute, tho,” Steven remarks, sighing in delight.
“Think she made him watch too many movies.” Jake answers, shaking his head while grinning, “The idiot's completely smitten.”
After sulking about the matter, Jake decided to accompany you to the festival that you nagged him about non-stop. It's more like a street bazaar held by people for cultural exchange. You were enthralled by the event when it was first announced, and you insisted on your boyfriend to go with you.
“You can consider it a date or something,” You said, trying to convince him to escort you, and luckily he said yes.
You've always been interested in different cultures and customs, and this is a perfect opportunity to experience something new.
With your hand linked to your boyfriend's elbow, you two wander around the food booths and clothings stalls. Jake listens to your excited ramblings about the information you pleasurably searched for before coming here.
Jake's smile doesn't leave his face as he watches you gasp and gape in delight as you move from booth to booth, shrieking and exclaiming in astonishment, as you practically drag him behind you.
His smile turns into a mischievous one tho, when you bump into a lingerie booth, that sells strange-looking night gowns. He wriggles his eyes at you when you two pass by, making you burst out laughing.
A bag after bag dangles from Jake's gloved hands, as you buy more stuff and presents. Jake's wallet was screaming empty, but he doesn't care as long as it makes you happy and satisfied. You do buy a piece of lingerie for him too, the one his eyes lingered on, you knew he was imagining you in that piece of clothes and you intend to quench his fantasy.
Your stomachs growls, and you drag him to the food stalls at last. You two settle on Syrian shawarma.
You two sit on a wooden bench, surrounded by your shopping bags, savouring your Middle Eastern meal. Jake picks up on your struggle with your hair as you eat.
“Be right back, hermosa,”
Jake leaves you for few minutes and returns with an adorable headband in his hand he just bought from one of the many many stalls.
You smile adoringly at him as he puts the end on your temples right in front of your ears. He slides the headbands slowly and sets the bow on the crown of your head.
Jake gives you a look then snores.
“What?!” You say.
Jake continues to laugh, “You look funny, señorita,”
Rolling your eyes, you slide your phone from your pocket and look at yourself in the front camera. You giggle at your hair as it looks like you've been electrified by a city current.
“I look cute tho,” You say, grinning childishly at your boyfriend.
Jake kisses your forehead and whispers, “You certainly do, sweetheart,”
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softlybarnes · a day ago
11 with Marc or Jake - thank you
Blood at the corner of your mouth + Jake Lockley
warnings; blood, mentions of injuries
Tumblr media
Jake notices the smell of copper almost immediately.
He doesn't usually, because he’s used to it, attuned to the smell of death and blood.
But he notices it here, at the threshold of your apartment because it does not belong.
Your place usually smells like sage and cinnamon and orange.
To Jake - its akin to peace.
Your place smells like peace, rest.
He shoves at the door, lets it thump back against the wall with no small amount of force.
The apartment is quiet, too quiet. Like you either aren’t there, or -
Like you're there.
And you're hurt.
Jake whips the door closed behind him, a swell of rage bubbling at the back of his throat, chased by a worry he didn't know he could feel.
You're supposed to be safe. You are supposed to be protected.
By him.
He's your protector.
Your knight in a shining cab, you liked to joke.
And it was just that, a joke, since you get into more trouble than any other person he's ever known.
You have a habit of not knowing when to leave well enough alone.
Still, it does not encourage his protectiveness to wane.
Jake stalks down the short hall, eyes scanning the dark shadows of your apartment, the spaces between the coat rack and the chest of drawers, over the curve of the arm of your sofa and the length of the television.
He turns toward the kitchen when he catches the dim light peeking out from the bottom of your bathroom door.
Jake calls your name again, trying to keep a lid on the panic buzzing through him that he doesn't really recognize. The door opens easily, the hinges squeaking a little.
He's greeted by the sight of you hunched on the floor, blood blotted tissue paper held between shaking fingers.
"Jake-," you start, sounding exhausted.
"What the fuck happened?" He snarls.
You wince and cringe away, sniffling. You drop the tissues and draw your knees to your chest, leaning against the old clawfoot tub. "Don't," you say quietly. "Please, Jake, I can't -," You clench your eyes closed, the line of your jaw tense.
Jake doesn't respond for a moment, letting the anger burn out of his veins as he stares down at you.
You're hurt. You need him.
Your knees are skinned, the palms of your hands bloody. There's a thin stream of blood leaking from your nose and over the seam of your lips. Your tights are ripped, your favorite shirt stained crimson in splotches.
"Hey, cariño," Jake says carefully, crouching down next to you. The smell of blood is overwhelming to him now, even though there isn't that much, not compared to what Jake's used to.
Maybe its because it's your blood, red and hot and real and fucking outside of you.
"Cariño," he repeats. "I'm not -,"
Not mad at you.
It's what he should say.
Instead he yanks his gloves off and reaches out to tip up your chin with a gentle touch. "What happened?" He asks again, calmer this time, because it's you, because he should not be mad at you. "Tell me what happened."
You let Jake guide your head back, and he softly presses the tissue to your nose, trying to staunch the flow of blood. "Nothing," you say, voice croaky and hitching around the tissue over your nose. "Nothing, Jake. It's nothing-,"
Jake mutters a few curses in Spanish, about how stubborn you are, about how you never listen to him.
"Why don't you want to tell me?" He asks, trying not to feel hurt that you don't want him to know, that you might not trust him enough. His gaze flits over your scraped hands and knees, assessing the damage while he deals with the blood on your face, carefully wiping away the drying blood.
You push his hand away, and meet his eyes. "I don't want you to be mad at me."
"No," he reassures you, swiping the blood away from the corner of your mouth with his thumb, tracing the outline of your lips. Your injuries, thankfully, look worse than they are. The pounding rhythm of his heart has slowed. "No, I'm not. I won't be."
You roll your eyes at him, but let him continue dabbing the blood away, worry still pulling at your brow. "Maybe you won't be mad at me but...promise-," you start, weaving your fingers with his, "-promise that you won't blame yourself."
He stiffens, pulling away from you to stand. "That's a bad fuckin' start."
You reach a hand up to let Jake haul you up and settle you on the closed toilet seat. "Talk," he demands as he turns to the medicine cabinet above the sink, beginning his dig through your poorly stocked collection of bandages and ointments and disinfectants.
Tell me what I gotta blame myself for now, he thinks bitterly.
"Fuck, I just, I saw someone getting mugged, okay? And I couldn't leave it. No one else was around." You clench your fists closed as he kneels in front of you, tube of ointment and roll of bandages in his hands. "I don't want to be lectured, Jake Lockley," you storm at him suddenly, ripping your hands back out of his and crossing your arms.
He lifts a brow at you, watches you tilt your chin up in defiance.
Jake just rolls his eyes, "Stop moving," he takes your wrist in his hand. "Of course you couldn’t let it go. Did you get 'em at least, hermosa?"
You go still, reaching out to press a hand through his curls. "You aren't mad?"
No. He's fucking worried. Worried that one day, it might be more than cuts and scratches and a bloody nose.
"Mad?" he sniffs. "At you? Nah. Never. Protector of the travelers in the the night by association, I guess."
But you are the traveler in the night Jake is supposed to protect.
So why wasn't he there?
"Well," you relax a little. "Maybe I used your moves."
He laughs, shaking his head as he cleans your knees and palms, expertly applying ointment and bandages.
Jake pats your hands gently when he's finished, staring up into your eyes. "Okay," he says. "Good you used my moves." He looks away from your gaze for a moment, away from those depths he could fall into, "Listen, mi vida, all I ask is - is that you tell me. Don't really like comin' in here with the place smellin' like blood and you not answerin' me."
"No," he meets your gaze. "No. Just a text. And I'll come find you, take care of you. Or Steven or Marc will. We will. If you're gonna fuck off to disrupt muggings alone-,"
Jake knows he can’t really ask for more from you. You were too chaotic for that, too wild. It’s what drew him to you in the first place. He like you the way you are, even if it worries him.
"Aw, Jake, careful, or someone might think you care about me," you grin, thumb drawing over the back of his hand in a soothing arc.
You lean into him when he cups a hand behind your neck to drag you down into a kiss. "I promise to text you."
And Jake silently vows to always be there. Because he didn't make that promise earlier, and he'll always blame himself when he can't be there to protect you.
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scarabgrant · 2 days ago
Moving in with the mk system
Summary: just thoughts on what it would be like moving into the boys flat and decorating a little with them.
A/N: this was the very bare bones unfinished pt7 to heatwaves but I've turned it into headcanons so it can be read outside of the series. there are some connections and references to round out the end of the story so sorry if that's annoying. lowkey self indulgent because I'm moving soon and I'm stressed
stevens the once who would come over and help you pack your possessions away.
he'd wrap any breakables in bubble wrap and would label all the boxes and making sure everything is in the right place. and he won't stop until it's perfect.
steven also unpack for you and sets your stuff up on the shelves he's cleared out for you. also clesrs off one of his tables so you have somewhere to work.
you notice he's even boxed up some of his books to make more room for you. you ask him if jake is trying to throw his books away again but he just says he wanted to make sure there was enough room for you.
buys you a goldfish for the tank along with marc and jake to commemorate the occasion.
he is happy about you moving in because he gets to see more of you.
marc would be the most stressed one, constantly checking boxes and making sure you'd got everything.
would be worried he's not giving you enough space for you at the flat. bullies steven into getting rid of some books. even so, steven still has to stop him from getting rid of half of their possessions.
he would also clean the entire flat, upsetting steven, but making it look tidier than it had in years. cleaning helps him expel some of his nervous energy.
would also be worried about you the move in general, is worried that when you live together you'll get sick of him.
in the process of clearing stuff out steven and marc clear out a shelf for jake which they've been meaning to do to make him feel more at home.
they buy some new furniture for you too, like a second bedside table. marc would assemble it solo after refusing your help (even though the instructions say two ppl are needed) until he eventually gets stuck and jake has to help him.
steven watches as marc and jake fight as they assemble the furniture. he spots that they didn't connect one of the sides correctly but doesn't say anything, chaos ensues as they pick the table up and it falls apart. jake blames marc and marc blames jake. steven just laughs in the background.
will act impartial to you moving in but is secretly thrilled.
when packing up your apartment he would make small repairs to make sure you'd get your deposit back.
colour matches the paint on the walls to paint over any marks and manages to fix your tap even tho it's been leaking for months. (somehow the landlord still finds a reason to not give you your money back tho)
he doesn't trust moving trucks (and refuses to pay their crazy prices) so he takes your stuff over himself, which takes way too many trips from your apartment to theirs. jake doesn't seem bothered tho.
doesn't help with the packing bevause steven and marc have got that down. helps you relax after long days of moving stuff though. you watch nature documentaries together, which you're surprised he likes, and the sequel to mamma mia (by jakes request)
jake will do the diy stuff but he enjoys painting more
after moving in you pointed out there wasn't a lot of colour on the flat's walls and this is what you came back to:
You walk in seeing jake stood on a stool splattered in bright purple paint, the wall in front of him half covered in the same colour.
"Do you like it? it's called a feature wall apparently. and purple is your favourite colour, right?" jake asks, smiling down at you from his stool. He turns back to the wall and continues rolling the paint on whilst humming to himself.
"Jake, doesn't it say in the lease to not redecorate?" you question slightly concerned, but he just shrugs.
"Lo que sea. Anything to make you happy"
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stormkobra-5 · a day ago
Hi! No pressure if you aren’t doing these still! But if you are, could I request prompt #2 With Marc Spector? Have a lovely day! :3
Omg anon! ^^ You’re so lovely! I hope you have a wonderful day too!
Prompt: 2) our muses with unspoken feelings forced to share a bed and end up cuddling + Marc Spector
Rating/Warnings: M, innuendos, mentions of sex/dry humping, crude language, strong language, reader and Marc’s love language is sass with a side of snark, they’re helplessly in love and they both know it but are scared to act on it so therefore disguise it with cheap attempts at dodging flirting but they’re actually flirting??? idk it’s weird ok
Tumblr media
“What the fuck kind of cheap romance novel did we just step into?” Your mumbling would’ve made Marc laugh, if he wasn’t trying to be so serious.
“This isn’t a romance novel, Y/N. There’s no romance here. Just a cheap-ass hotel with only one bed.” He glanced over at you as you made a face like duh.
“Have you ever heard of the ‘only-one-bed’ trope?”
Marc shook his head, a hand coming to run down his face. “I’ll take the floor.”
“Like hell you will. There’s hardly enough room to walk there. Your broad-ass shoulders aren’t gonna fit between the bed and any wall in this room sideways. That’s the last thing we need. Moon Knight trying to punch somebody and his shoulder kinks up like an old man.”
Marc dropped his bag carelessly by the door, following suit in your actions. “You think the bed’s any better? It’s probably full of bed bugs and STDs. You think they clean these after somebody comes in here just for a quick fuck? Hell no. I’d rather wake up with a crick in my neck than with a disease.”
You started pulling the sheets away from the nearest corner of the bed, clicking on a flashlight, to check for said bed bugs. Marc took the other side. “You’re just scared I’m gonna dry hump you in my sleep.”
Marc scoffed. “You say that like I haven’t caught you moaning my name before. You think the walls of a bathroom are fucking soundproof, honey?”
You pursed your lips, going quiet for a second. Marc smirked. He’d finally made you speechless. “Fuck you, Marc.”
“Sounds like you want to,” He retorted, receiving a pillow tossed at his head. He caught it, barely even looking.
“No, fuck you,” You specified, “As in, go trip off the pyramids. Roll all the fucking way down.”
You and Marc had… a complicated relationship. You had feelings for one another, and you both knew this, but you refused to admit it, too afraid of what might happen if you did. Too afraid of getting hurt. And so you compromised by something between mocking and flirting each other, seemingly insistent on being petty and bickering all the time.
You both wished it would end.
You wished you could just curl up together and watch a movie, kiss, cuddle, hold hands, go to dinner— you wanted to do what couples do. But you were both so terrified of being hurt at even the mere concept of a relationship, that you were in a state of denial. Maybe it wouldn’t last forever… maybe you’d go separate ways. It was a thought that had you up late in tears, while in his own flat Marc paced— and somehow you sought comfort in each other with late night phone calls and going to bars.
It was no secret, what sat between you. But would you act on it?
Maybe never.
So the whole concept of sharing a bed, where things might happen, was a scary prospect.
Marc passed you to grab the bags, tossing them into the center of the bed. He mumbled something about not rolling onto each other or you punching him in the face while you’re sleeping, to which you didn’t respond. You bit your lip, avoiding his gaze as you headed to the bathroom to change. When you came out, you laid down nervously, chewing your lips as you waited on Marc; he hardly even looked at you as he flipped off the light and flopped down into bed.
Neither of you slept.
Hearts pounding, minds racing, you were both coming to the conclusion that this was it. Everything was going to come out, whether you liked it or not.
Eventually, Marc turned his head to look at you over one of the bags that laid between you. You met his gaze worriedly. For a long while, he said nothing, before he finally took a breath. Even his whispered voice sounded over-loud in the silence of the room, his courage quickly dwindling. “...If we take this jump… There’s no going back.” He braced himself for rejection. You readied yourself to have switch rooms. “...Are you okay with that?”
Almost immediately, you sat up and started pulling off your blankets, before climbing over the bags and coming tentatively straddle his waist. Marc helped you, breath hitching as you laid on him in a way he’d never thought he’d actually get to experience. Your own breaths came rapidly as you nestled against him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Marc shifted so that he could pull the blanket up over your shoulders, breathing in the scent of your shampoo.
“Fucking finally,” you whispered against his neck, mirth in your voice; it earned a rare and beautiful grin from Marc, who pressed a kiss to your forehead as he tried to quiet his laughter.
Tumblr media
Give me a prompt and a character!
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novanitee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Moon knight : Behind the scenes
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spctrsgf · 2 days ago
You get hurt
(established romantic relationship)
a/n: back at it with my moon boys! jake’s has like one sorta descriptive mention of blood so take that as you will (: if you guys have requests please lmk <3
- it honestly doesn’t happen too often, it’s usually him coming home with a broken heart from someone he was negotiating with as Mr. Knight
- but there was one time where you came home with a black eye
- you’d seen a man get a little handsy with one of your coworkers
- you’d asked him to leave and he wouldn’t budge
- one thing led to another and you had a black eye while he was running stumbling out the door
- anyway, you weren’t expecting Steven to be home, and as soon as he caught sight of your face, his smile dropped
- you ran into his arms and nearly sobbed
- you weren’t used to hurting people or getting into fights, and it felt really bad to be on the receiving end of someone’s punch
- he rubbed your back soothingly while Marc and Jake were asking what happened
- you told him everything and he was proud of you, but was worried about your eye
- he got you an ice pack and ordered some pizza and you two watched cheesy movies the rest of the night
- you spent that night on his couch in his arms, and you would say you slept like a bear
- but when it comes to a more emotional pain, Steven isn’t as good as he would like
- he opts to just listening and letting you get it out of your system
- he’ll place you in his lap and run his fingers through your hair
- after you finish, you usually want a distraction
- so he tells you about Egyptian mythology (with a few added facts from Khonsu)
- like with Steven, he’s usually the one coming home hurt
- but anyway, when you’re hurt, you tend to come home with your confidence in the dust
- you like to think you’re good at hiding it from him, but as soon as he sees your deflated demeanor and you ask why he and the others are dating you, Marc knows something is up
- he’ll gather your face in his hands and make you look at him
- he then will tell you how much he loves you and how he doesn’t think he deserves you
- he’ll crack a joke about how many times you’ve saved him just to get you to laugh
- when you do, his face lights up and you swear you’d never felt more proud of yourself
- he pulls you into a crushing hug, kissing the top of your head and telling you you don’t have to tell him what’s wrong
- but he makes sure to let you know he’s there if you need to talk
- sometimes he will tell you he knows how it feels to crush it all in and that you should never have to do that
- you’ll kiss him and then tell him to do the same
- “god, I love you”
- you and him aren’t really used to the whole ‘other person getting hurt thing’
- he usually patches himself up away from you (he doesn’t like you seeing him covered in blood)
- and you tend to stay out of trouble (or just go to Steven or Marc, they’re better with that type of thing)
- but, there was once where you managed to run into a sharp piece of metal a few doors down from your apartment and sliced your arm
- you yelped in pain, and Jake was out of the door in seconds
- he assessed the situation with a keen sort of speed, and then grabbed the bag of groceries out of your hands and ushered you inside
- he put away the groceries as you grabbed the first aid kit
- he absolutely hates to see you in any type of pain, so the sight of your blood dripping out from between your fingers was like oil to a fire
- Marc was freaking out, but Steven was calling Jakes attention from the mirror and telling him to breathe
- With encouragement from Steven, Jake bandaged up your arm perfectly while whispering “No te preocupes, mi amor, no te preocupes”
- he makes you your favorite meal while you sit and keep him company
- just you and him, and neither of you could ask for anything better than that
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It Hurts! Steven Grant X Reader.
Summary: Y/n gets stabbed while going out for her nightly run with her boyfriend - Steven Grant - on the phone.
T.W: Blood, gore, stab wound description. If this makes you uncomfortable please don't read!
Tumblr media
Something you did for yourself every night was run. Running at night was much different than during the day. You felt the nice cool breeze, as you ran freely, free from most of the people on the streets.
You loved running, it was really the only thing consistent in your life. Besides you now three year relationship with Steven Grant.
You loved Steven with all of you heart, really. He was the only boyfriend you had that ever truly loved you.
However, he hates your nightly runs. It wasn't because he didn't trust you but because he didn't trust the London streets were late a night.
When you felt your phone buzzing in your pocket you knew exactly who it was, this had been your agreement. You pressed the green button to answer.
"Hello, love".
"Hi, sweetheart".
"How's that run going?".
You could hear Steven's concern for you, he always wore his heart on his sleeve. Thats something you loved about him.
"Good". You panted, coming to a stop in the park to take a sip of your water.
"That's good, when do you think you'll be home, darling?".
"Hm..hard to say". You took in your surroundings, realizing your about a half hour from home. "I ran in a straight line for about half an hour".
"Are you sure you don't want me to call you a cab or something?" Steven spoke quietly when he said this. You knew that he had no malice behind his words, he just wanted to make sure the one stable thing in his life was safe.
"I'm sure, honey". You spoke, sweetly. "There's barely anybody on the streets tonight aways".
"Alright, then. I guess I'll leave you to it then. Should I have some hot chocolates ready for when you get home?"
"That would be-".
You never got to finish you sentence as you felt a searing pain go through you side. A small gasp escaping you lips as you looked down. Blood pooled from where a knife was lodged fully into you right side. You ears began to ring as you fell to the ground, the muffled sound of Steven's voice in your ear.
"Y/n?! Love? Y/n!".
It wasn't until your attacker pulled the knife out that an actual scream of pain rang through you. All you could see what your blood pooling and splattering all across the cement of the side walk, and your attacker running away.
Your phone had dropped a bit away from you. But that didn't stop Steven screams for you through the line.
The pain was unbearable, when you touched where the wound gasps and yelps escape your lips without you even knowing.
Then you did something really stupid, you crawled for phone, screaming in pain, feeling the wound rip. Steven's screams for you were heard.
Steven just wanted to hear your voice, he was terrified. He didn't know if you were dead or alive, his mind was racing with thoughts. His heart shattered when he heard your screams.
"Y/n! Please answer me, love! What's happening?".
He couldn't even call the medic's or police, he didn't know where you were.
"Steven?". Your voice was barely above a whisper. The pained tone in your voice, let Steven know something bad happened.
"Ballocks, love! What happened?". Steven felt a wave of relief wash over him. You were alive.
"Steven...". You repeated his name, it too much pain to be able to put a thought together.
"I'm right here. What happened?". Steven urged. He needed to know so he could get you help.
"I've...". You took a shaky breath, placing a hand on your open wound. "I've been stabbed".
Steven went into a spiral. "What?! Love, where are you? I'll call for help. Stay on the line, okay?".
"It hurts!". You cried. Tears beginning to stream down your face, the wound felt like it was getting bigger and when you looked around, you were covered in your own blood.
"I know, love. I'm so sorry". Steven said, tears of his own beginning to pool in his eyes. "But I need you to tell me where you are. That way I can get you help".
"I don't know, I don't know!" You cried, panic rising in your chest. You were going to die, this was it. All because you didn't listen to your boyfriend.
"Okay, love. Take a breath. I'll find you". Steven had to relax as well. You were his main priority, he was going to make sure you were alive. "You said you went straight for about a half hour and ended up in some kind of park".
Steven thought hard. And for a few moments he was quiet, listening to you cries of pain which fuelled him to think faster.
When he figured it out, he grabbed the house line calling the medic's. "Love? I know where you are, help is going to be coming, alright? I'll be there when you get to the hospital!".
"Okay". You breathed out, a small sense of relief that went away quickly. The pain taking over. "I-I think I'm going to sleep".
"No!". Steven shouted too loudly outside on the streets of London. People turned towards him, but he didn't care, not in that moment at least. He was waiting for his cab, to take him to you. "Stay awake, love. It's really important that you do".
You hummed in response. Not fully there, the amount of blood you lost finally getting to you.
"Talk to me, love. Anything". Steven told you.
"It hurts". You whisper. "It hurts".
"I know. I can't imagine what your feeling, darling. I promise, I'll be by your side as soon as possible, okay?".
That what you last remember before blacking out completely.
As you gained consciousness, a few things stuck out to you. One, there was a repeating beeping noise. Two, something in your hand. Lastly, an excruciating pain in your side. As you slowly opened your eyes, trying to adjust to the white light, you realized you were in the hospital. You couldn't remember what had happened.
That's when a thought strikes you. Was Steven okay?
You sat up, quickly. Only realizing how much of a mistake that was, as a gasp of pain escaped your lips and tears formed in your eyes. Steven shot up, he was in a chair beside your bed. When his sleepy state saw you were sitting up, he gently laid you back down on the bed.
“Oh, love”. He spoke so softly, that your heart swelled with love for him. His hand still in yours as he ran his hand gently through your hair which was still sticky from your own blood.
You looked into his deep brown eyes and only saw worry and concern for you. “What happened?”.
Steve a eyes widened a bit before he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “You were stabbed, darling”.
He hummed in reply and you nodded you head, it made sense why your side hurt so much now. Slowly you started recalling last nights events.
“They had to give you a blood transfusion with stitches. You lost so much blood”. Steven spoke to you like you were made of glass.
“Oh…how long was I out for?”. Your voice was raspy.
“About twelve hours. How are you feeling? Should I call the doctor?”. Steven ran his thumb over your hand in soft circular motions.
You shook your head no. “It hurts".
Steven's heart broke all over again. Memories of you screaming on the phone running through his head. "I can't imagine. Let me get the doctor, alright?".
As Steven went to get up, you pulled on him, the tears that we're weld in your eyes, falling. "Please, please don't leave".
"Okay, love, okay". Steven sat back down. "Are you okay? Why are you crying?". Steven wiped the tears away from your face.
"I'm sorry". You shook your head. "I don't know what's happening. My brain feels fuzzy, and I'm scared".
Steven started understanding, you were scared to be alone. "Alright, darling. We're going to do this together". You gave his hand a squeeze as a way to say thank you.
A/N: I hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for reading! This is my first piece based on Steven Grant :). There will be a part two and maybe even three (just depends). I also wanted to know if you would want this in the perspective of Marc and Jake? Let me know!
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Tumblr media
Every friend group has...
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Tumblr media
Yes, now this is what I was going for. Dual guandao? Peak stupid. SO STUPID. Keeping up with Khonshu’s canon cultural appropriation...
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Tumblr media
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