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the case of potato wedges
Tumblr media
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I dislike that in the dub, Sherlock is like, “How would you respond if you were the Lord of Crime?” or whatever, because that makes what Liam does a vaguely normal and almost appropriate sort of ‘haha well since you asked, just buddies goofing off about theoreticals’ response. Whereas in the manga and sub, Sherlock says it would have been fun if Liam was the Lord of Crime -- it’s a comment, not a question or a request for a response -- and Liam just takes that opportunity to go right ahead and lose his mind. 
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Tumblr media
Is this not how their first meeting went or did we watch a completely different show?
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The Universe: Stop calling YuuMori Sherlock a villain fucker
Me: Maybe when he stops being one
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Yandere William James Moriarty and the older brother Albert lock reader up because they almost got kidnapped?
Yandere Albert James Moriarty
Tumblr media
Oh boys.
It would be a wonder if Albert didn't know about this "threat".
After the background check done by M16, he would know everything about you and your loved ones.
Some might call it an abuse of power.
But don't do it near Albert.
Albert would have underestimated this threat.
Fortunately, he has someone watching over you often.
Abuse of power is a nice hobby~.
That's why he would find out about this quickly.
Albert simply did not have time to arrange a marriage with you.
What a pity.
Your capture is surprisingly easy.
He might ask William for help with this.
And soon the person who thought of your kidnapping will be framed for the crime.
Probably for murdering some noble.
And they certainly aren't rich enough to get rid of their problems with money.
Albert will make sure you are safe.
He understands that you need time to "adapt".
But his patience is not endless.
Yandere William James Moriarty
Tumblr media
William's original plan was to get you married to him.
He thought he knew everything about your life.
But apparently he was wrong.
William discovered that second kidnapping attempt almost too late.
But "fortunately" he had time to develop a plan.
Remember that if someone tries to kidnap the your crush, you need kidnap your crush first.
After that, you can frame that other person as the culprit.
That's definitely what William would do.
And he would make it look really believable.
Too bad you'll never be found.
William can't let you go.
The risks are too great.
He really doesn't want you hurt.
But the world is an evil and cruel place.
William just wants to make sure you stay pure.
And he's sure you understand this.
William is a good manipulator.
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Hello! Your writing is amazing, it always makes me smile when I read ^-^
Can I request William and Moran with a sweet female s/o? Like, William is seen as a smart, logical guy and Moran is like the big, tough guy but the gang sees them trailing behind their s/o like a lost puppy asking for affection.
Thank you!!
Hi!!! omgs, you'll gonna make me cry!!i made this blog JUST to make ppl happy and smile 😭😭😭😭
Awww such a cute idea!!! it'll be my pleasure to write it for you!!!
Ps : extra romantic!!
Love, Luna
•William can always control his cool even in the worst situations,we all know that
•the world can come crashing down,and the man wont bat an eye
•but with you
•William feels so lost
•its not often,that you see a man like William fall in love, specially this hard
•to feel so attached to someone
•the feeling of wanting someone
•William isnt used to it at all
•but he doesnt try to shake off this feeling,nor get rid of it no
•he grab at it with both hands,and lets himself feel the love he always feels when he sees you around
•to the outsiders,it may be dumb,to see a brilliant man like William,falling victim to love
•his family and friends watch in awe,how his eyes always search for you in the crowd
•or how it fallows you wherever you go with something close to yearning deep within them
•its funny
•its unusual
•but to William,it doesnt matter what the whole world will say about it
•he will continue to love you to his heart content
Sebastian Moran
•Sebastian,a player,never one to set for someone
•finally falls in love,hard,when he lays eyes on you
•since he's been with so many women,he knows what he's feeling for you isnt just a simple and passing feeling
•since he'd never felt like this toward anyone before
•so he decides to play along;not knowing that he'll fall ever harder for you when he starts knowing you better
•so after that,he starts getting attached to you by hip
•always following the sound of your voice or your laughter
•always trying things that makes you happy,just to see you smile so brightly
•its a hilarious sight,really,to watch a man like Sebastian
•strong, merciless
•someone that can snap a man's neck with only one hand
•follow after you like a lost puppy
•always seeking your attention,always needing to be near you
•but for him,its the first time that he's ever felt so happy being with someone
•so he decides to follow you,even if you're planning to walk till the end of the world
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Happy Birthday
Tumblr media
John H. Watson (7th August)
Moriarty the Patriot
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today i offer you: a scientific comparison
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That one Sherliam scene except it’s Dazai and Fyodor
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Guess who rediscovered yuumori~
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— Sebastian Moran, William J. Moriarty, Albert J. Moriarty & Sherlock Holmes
cw. fluff | M.list
Tumblr media
Sebastian holds his little girl's hand tightly in his as they walk through the park to get home, "Daddy, ice cream" she murmurs pulling on his hand and pointing to the ice cream cart.
"After dinner, princess" he smiles when she puts on her little pout and puffs up her rosy cheeks, "mommy would have bought me that" she starts to whine making her father stop.
She looks at him pouting when he kneels down to stand at her height and wipe away her tears, "you know I'd give you the world, but if I give you ice cream now mommy will end up yelling at us", but the little girl looks away with a snort making her father — who knows very well where she gets this attitude from — sigh, "fine, but we won't tell mommy," he whispers to her before turning to go to the ice cream man
— your girl will tell you anyway as soon as they get home
Tumblr media
After a night spent revising his students' assignments, William comes out of his office to make himself a cup of tea only to find his son sitting on the kitchen counter.
The furniture drawers all open, used as stairs by the boy who smiles when his father reaches him, "you're going to end up hurting yourself" he scolds him in a rough tone closing all the cupboards and putting his boy down.
He stiffens when his son clings to him, beginning to gasp as he wipes away his tears "s-sorry" he tries to mimic with his lips but the flow of tears prevents him from speaking.
William immediately softens, picking him up and bouncing him in his arms, "I know honey" he reassures him laying kisses on his forehead as his palm rests on his cheek, "daddy doesn't want you to get hurt, you can't climb up here like this" he murmurs cradling him in his arms until your little one calms down.
Tumblr media
Albert smiles at his daughter as he sits her down on the couch after her afternoon nap, she still a bit sleepy as she makes herself comfortable between the pillows.
All it takes is for him to get distracted for a moment and then he finds his angel holding her glass of wine, "uhu this is daddy's" he warns her in a direct way snatching the glass from her hand.
The little girl, slightly frightened by the tone she had never heard her father use before, starts sobbing and sits down on the carpet.
Albert bites his lip before squatting down on the floor, "don't cry, angel" he murmurs ruffling her hair, "it's just too soon, when you are older you can have a taste" he chuckles calming down the little girl who, relieved that her daddy is not angry with her, starts sniffling and reaches out to him for a big hug.
Tumblr media
After just returning home from solving yet another case, Sherlock didn't think he'd find his little girl still awake trying to climb onto his desk.
He manages to grab her in time before she puts her tiny hands on the bottles with his concoctions, "noooo" he scolds her in a loud voice putting her back down, "you know you're not supposed to touch daddy's things" he sternly admonishes her but when the tears gather in his daughter's eyes Sherlock's heart breaks.
"Sowwy daddy" she whimpers wiping her chubby cheeks looking up at him, and Sherlock pulls her to him and kisses the tears away, "it's okay" he reassures her stroking her hair, "daddy didn't mean to raise his voice I just didn't want you to get hurt" he whispers studding her little face with kisses until she starts giggling.
Tumblr media
🏷. @shoto-daddy @gojoussunglasses @joherfoo17 @duskamethystgirl @tojibreedingme @toshibaby @bunnywasfound @littlemochi @thac0c0nut0203 @[email protected] @sakhimeansfriend @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @hannas16 @itsmesephy-blog @iloveji-min
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It all started with a ball~ || Moriarty brothers,mostly William ||
Minors and Female aligned DNI i will not hesitate to block and i do check.
Tumblr media
Tw: Exhibition, Vibrator, sadist William , gang bang at the end, overstimulating, fucked dumb.
(Let's pretend vibrators were advanced back then for the sake of this fic)
This originally was a thirst i had sent to @/secretivemessenger ,please do check out his content,they're all amazing<3
This is the longer version!
Male reader(pronouns used and titles such as sir) AMAB reader!
Not proofread
You glare at william as he just smiles at you innocently from the other side of the room,though he is far from innocent.
Earlier that day you had agreed to go to a ball with him, originally Albert had been the one invited but he was too busy so William offered to take his place and asked you to be his partner for the evening, excited to go to a ball, you immediately agreed, though you did not anticipate having a vibrator up your ass, hitting your prostate just right. If you moaned just once, all the nobles will never forget it, your reputation would be ruined.
"How are you this fine evening, Sir (name)?" Asked a woman as she snaps you out of your daze, she had been eyeing you the whole night, you did have a pretty face afterall, "ah uhm, I'm doing splendid, thank you for asking,what about you, what is a fine lady like you doing here without a date?", you asked in return, flattering her, "why don't you be my date then?", she suggests, before you could answer, you feel the vibrator being turned on the highest level as a hand pulls you towards their shoulder as you look at the ground, "No thank you, he already has a date as you can tell", William' voice could be heard as you struggle to hide your moans of pleasure, the woman gives a disgusted look, mumbling about how same sex relationship was gross before stomping away, clearly furious at missing her chance. With your head still buried in his shoulder, William chuckles "You're not letting go?is my body really that comfortable, my dear?", "s-shut up and t-turn it ah...down!", you say,hitting your hands against his chest.
"Your expression was pretty cute might i say",William smiles at you, your out of breath face still embedded into his mind.
"Shut your trap", "now now,don't make a scene,people are looking, you wouldn't want them to see your fucked out expression, now would you~?" He teases, letting a smirk form on his face.
"Ladies and gentlemen alike,we will now proceed to the main event of the ball, dancing!", the MC says as they announce the dance, you turn to see William with his hand out for you "Shall we?", you take his hand as he kisses the back of it while reaching for something in his pocket, you suddenly feel the vibrator turned back on, the highest setting no less, letting an irk mark form, you whisper "you twat..." before dancing with William, your legs almost giving out on you as you try your best to continue dancing, "You don't look so good,my dear" William says in a fake worried tone while you struggle to not let any sounds out. Eventually your legs gave out as you fall on the ground, panting and trying to not moan, the host saw and stopped the music but before the host could reach you, William intervened "My partner is quite alright, this evening has just been tiring for him, we shall go back right away, i hope you dont mind..", William says with an apologetic face, the host eventually lets you both walk out to a carriage.
Once in the carriage, William begins to unbutton your pants, "William!stop...haven't you had your fun torturing me back there!?" You whisper yell,it was a long way home but the coachman was just infront you both.
"Shh,if you don't want him to hear you,you better be quiet" he whispers as he begins to unbutton his own pants,just enough to let his cock out, and then pulling you onto his lap, plunging you down his cock immediately. "A-agh-", you moaned out, William extends his finger to his mouth,hushing you before grabbing your hips and thrusting you down and up on his cock,everytime he would leave just the tip in and then thrust all the way in you, tears in your eyes as you bite down on your outer, muffling moans and screams, William just looks at you with a look of satisfaction.
"W-william~! st-stop...", you managed to whisper between muffled moans, it had been 45 minutes of being fucked dumb, he somehow showed no signs of being tired while you on the other hand, were being overstimulated, over and over again, you feel your hole burning with agony as he plunges into you again and again, "My dear, are you alright~?", he says smirking
looking up at you as you sat on his cock, "y-you bast- Ah!", your words were cut off by William hitting your prostate just right, going in balls deep, " are you okay ,Sir (Name)?", the coachman asks,stopping the carriage ,instantly making you panic as William just has an amused look plastered on his face, you hear the coachman walking to open the door and....
"Ah..is Sir (Name) asleep?", he asks
Your head was buried in William' chest, a coat placed over your body, "yes he is, he was pretty tired from all the dancing we did", William says,smiling at the coachman, "hurry up, we need to go home as soon as possible" "Yes ,Sir William", as soon as the door and curtains were closed, he wasted no time thrusting into you again, hitting your prostate everytime, making you cum in the matter of seconds.
By now, you have gotten home to the Moriarty Mansion, by now it was 2.54AM, it was quite late, you wanted to go back to your room but how could you with your hole fucked so much, your legs were basically useless at this point, only able to walk a couple steps before falling down.
William grabbed you before you plummeted onto the ground, "ah-ah, we aren't done yet, it would be a shame if my brothers didn't try your hole wouldn't it?", just as he says this, the other two moriarty brothers emerge from the dark corridor ,chuckling a bit before looking at you with hunger in their eyes, it was clear they wanted to devour you.
"Ah! Please sto- Ah~~!", your cries could be heard from miles away, getting fucked dumb by three brothers after being overstimulated just mere moments before.
You sat on Louis' cock facing the others, Albert sucking on your nipples, they have gotten quite sensitive by now.
William was sucking on your cock, bobbing his head on it, sucking it good.
"Are you feeling good..?", Louis asks not wanting to hurt you, he had always been the softest when it comes to sex, unless he had a bad day, is giving you a punishment or both. "Mmngh", was all you could say, it was too much for you.
The brothers had been devouring you for 2 hours now and they may continue to if you keep letting out those delicious moans just for them.
Here is your food
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Louis is just straight up dissociating in this panel at the end of The Scene. Look at his glazed-over, pupil-less eye! 
Tumblr media
It was all too much. He’s gone to his happy place. 
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sherliam in every nyc mission with billy:
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Semi regular reminder that
James Bond is trans.
The main characters are all patriots. Not nationalists. Not loyalists. Patriots. They put the people before the nation or the government.
Sherlock has explicitly said he is not into women.
Mary is insanely perceptive and great at deduction and reasoning to the point she impressed Sherlock.
John Watson is a ladies man but simps like a mfer for Mary.
All three Moriarty brothers are deeply disturbed individuals with Louis being the most stable yet second most ruthless.
Albert shows signs of deep depression and OCPD.
Moran and Moneypenny are incredible and dynamic characters.
Sherlock and William are massive simps for each other.
While there aren't many women in the series owing to the lack of women in the original medium, the women that ARE in the story are all badasses.
The treatment of material in the story, particularly given the era it is set is, is very progressive. From the way mental health is handled (without demonizing the person but by getting them to work on themselves) to Sherlock growing to actually respect women through Irene and getting Moran to accept Bond into the team as well as see him as a man. Yes, people would not have been this progressive at the time but team Moriarty are literally a group of social misfits and outcasts fighting against an oppressive, discriminatory system and are all about found family. That's very lgbtq+ of them.
Edit- discreetly adding an edit here to let you know this is about yuumori, I'm so sorry for all the confusion.
My bad! (。ノω\。)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
life sucks but at least rivals to lovers exist.
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