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Tumblr media
BASICS. FULL    NAME  :  Augustus Alexander Wang  NICKNAME  :  August and Gus ( in general ), Auggie, Ice Prince, and Guggie ( by Aurora ). Aug and Lestat  ( by Jack ),  NAME    MEANINGS  : Augustus is  Latin for  the great / the magnificent.  Alexander is also Latin and means defender of mankind. From what I know, Wang in Chinese means king.  HISTORICAL    CONNECTION ?  : Though, his dad did think of the Roman Emperor Augustus when they named him, they liked the meaning. It seemed to fit him. They weren’t wrong, he was an emperor and he still has that energy.   AGE  :  22. Like Aurora, he can’t age past 22. He wouldn’t have minded either way.    BIRTHDAY  :  5th  April ETHNIC    GROUP  :   Augustus is half Korean and half Brazilian.  NATIONALITY  :   British LANGUAGES  :   fluent  in  English and French. Conversational Latin. Broken Korean. Learning Urdu. SEXUAL    ORIENTATION  :  demi-heterosexual ROMANTIC    ORIENTATION  :  demi-heterosexual RELATIONSHIP    STATUS  :   Single and doesn’t want to mingle. He had only one serious relationship in the past with Aurora Shams from 2017-2019.  CLASS  :  Upper  class,  Wealthy but not private-jet kind of wealthy.  HOME    TOWN  /  AREA  :  London till he was 10 and Vancouver till he was 17 CURRENT    HOME  :  Los  Angeles PROFESSION  :   Drummer, songwriter, model, and student.    PHYSICAL. HAIR  :  long  and  wavy.  Chestnut brown. Here is an example. It goes down his earlobes in length.    EYES  :  piercing, almond-shaped eyes. Naturally brown, but he wears blue or green contact lenses.  NOSE  :   a Greek nose, straight without bumps. FACE  :  Oblong shaped, sharp and chiseled cheekbones, strong jaw. Masculine features. Example.  LIPS  :  not  full  nor  thin, heart shaped.     COMPLEXION  :  pretty pale. Example is same as the face section.  SCARS  :  one on his chest. TATTOOS  :  a very small ‘10/17′ on his left rib.   PIERCINGS:  earlobes HEIGHT  :  6′5″  or  195cm.   BUILD  :  Inverted triangle. Broad, tapered shoulders. Muscular. Defined, sculpted abs. Long limbs. Broad chest. He was naturally towards the muscular side with broad shoulders and chest. He’s never been on the skinny side. Example one and two   USUAL  HAIR  STYLE  :  he lets his hair do their thing, he styles them a little, but he prefers a messier vibe.  USUAL  FACE  LOOK  :  He looks generally bored. His eyes have a piercing look that seem to be drilling into the person before him. Like he can see right through you. There is an insolent smirk tugging at his lips like he thinks you’re amusing. Almost proud, like he thinks he is above you. There is depth and intensity in his eyes that stare skywards in thought. There is also mischievous, radiant glimmer in his eyes.   USUAL    CLOTHING  :  prince charming meets rockstar. Lots of jackets, darker colors, boots, necklaces and rings. Here is his wardrobe.      PSYCHOLOGY. FEARS  :  claustrophobia and the fear of ending up alone. He always had this creeping feeling that he’d be alone in the end and that he was always meant to be alone.  ASPIRATIONS  :   he doesn’t have any set aspirations. They change every now and then. However, his goals are just to keep his found family happy.  POSITIVE    TRAITS  :  extremely charismatic, intelligent,  academic and studious, alluring and attractive, quick-witted, charming and captivating, articulate and eloquent, adventurous, desirable, analytical, brilliant, friendly, enthusiastic, adaptable, observant, kind, mellow, competent, extremely caring and protective over those closest to him, clever, loyal, clear-headed, confident, humorous, courageous, imaginative and creative, a visionary, refined tastes and manners, daring, dignified, ebullient, deep, remarkable, surprisingly he’s very forgiving, forthright, gallant, logical, gentlemanly and sophisticated, perfectionist, popular, self-reliant, shrewd, witty, suave, curious, and resourceful.    NEGATIVE    TRAITS  :  egocentric, self-obsessed, idle, indifferent, selfish, defiant, arrogant, argumentative, rebellious, kinda lazy, stubborn, distracted, doesn’t really care for morals, blunt, can appear insensitive a lot, is insensitive at times, no filters, can be cold for those he doesn’t care for, emotionally immature, deflects emotions, suppresses his feelings, sorta detached, kinda pessimistic, and unknowingly self-sacrificing because he thinks it’s fair and he deserves it.   MBTI  :  ENTP  (  Ne  dominant,  Ti  auxiliary,  Fe  tertiary,  and  Si  inferior  —  this  means  she  can’t  use  Ni,  Se,  Te,  and  especially  can’t  use  Fi). He  perceives  the  world  by  connecting  dots,  thinking  of  never-ending  possibilities,  looking  for  pieces  of  a  puzzle,  and  finding  meaning  in  abstract.  He  makes  judgments  on  if  what  he  perceives  fits  his  internal  logic.          ZODIAC  :  Aries sun, Gemini rising, Sagittarius moon.  TEMPERAMENT  :  sanguine choleric  ANIMALS  :  parrots and cats because they’re both intelligent but little pieces of shit who enjoy making your life hell.  VICE  :   it’s either his ego or how he ends up detaching himself FAITH  :  currently, he’s Mu.slim. He was born protestant, became an atheist when he was 13, agnostic at 14. Bud.dhist at 15. Taoist at 16. Confucianist at 17. Mu.slim at 19. Doesn't practice it though.     GHOSTS  ?  :  yep.. AFTERLIFE  ?  :   yep REINCARNATION  ?  :  he guesses so. Went  through  it, but doesn’t remember. ALIENS  ?  :  hell yeah. POLITICAL    ALIGNMENT  :  liberal. ECONOMIC    PREFERENCE  :   upper class or upper middle class is good with him.  EDUCATION    LEVEL  :   MSci in Physics from the University of Cambridge. Is opting to specialize in astrophysics soon. FAMILY. FATHER  :  Edward Wang, owner of a chain of fine dining restaurants  MOTHER  :  Elisa Violeta Wang, psychiatrist, deceased  STEP MOTHER :  Chaeyoung Wang, lawyer.  SIBLINGS  :  Cassandra Wang, athlete EXTENDED    FAMILY  :  he is not close with his external family and doesn’t know his birth mother’s family at all. They never wanted him.  FAVOURITES. BOOK  :   Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Galactic Dynamics by James Binney, Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Mukarami, Slaughter house Five by Kurt Vonnegut, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding. MOVIE  :  Scott Pilgrim vs The World 5    SONGS :  All You Want - Dashboard Prophets, Tokyo Smoke - Cage the Elephant, Where is My Mind? - The Pixies, Sparks - Coldplay, Lithium - Nirvana, and Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra     DEITY  :  none.  Let him argue with one and ask for proof of their deity-ness. HOLIDAY  :  Halloween. It’s dramatic and fun. MONTH  :   October, because he met Aurora and Jack this month in 2017. SEASON  :  spring  and  summer. PLACE  :  he doesn’t have a specific place, but he prefers European architecture.  WEATHER  :  cloudy and windy. Sunny if it isn’t too hot. SOUND  :  drums and percussions, the sound of aurora and jack’s laugh, guitars, violins, the sound of wind roaring, music boxes, and the clinking of bangles and jewelry.  SCENTS  :  sage, rosemary, and damascus roses. TASTES  :  chocolate, strawberries, chilies, and fried food.       FEELS  :   the feeling of hitting the drums, wind in his hair, the cold night air, warm morning sun, grass against his fingertips, silk, and touching long hair.   ANIMALS  :  cats and dogs. NUMBER  :   8 COLORS  :  white, cherry red, pink, maroon, wine red, black, and silver. EXTRA. TALENTS  :  he is an extremely talented drummer, good at guitar and the piano, he is talented at songwriting, composing music, he’s exceptionally good at mathematics and physics, analytical skills, storytelling, knows a lot of facts, near photographic memory because he remembers all important historical events with dates and details, academic writing, and brainstorming ideas.  BAD  AT  :   cooking, not very good at driving because he gets distracted, doing one task at a time, playing videogames, actually listening to what people say, being humble, and actually being a good leader.  TURN    ONS  :  this is a complicated question. He needs a very strong emotional connection to feel sexual attraction towards someone. And he only felt it for one person in his whole life. But, what sparked that attraction was a brilliant mind and the ability to connect with his mind on a very different level. It’s not going to repeat with anyone else.  TURN    OFFS  :  literally everyone else. He’s not sorry, but I am. HOBBIES  :  playing the drums, writing and composing songs, reading, solving problems, listening to music, watching shows, getting people to do weird shit, and annoying people.      AESTHETIC  :  crowns, drums, broken drumming sticks, abstract art, the vast space, chess boards, album cases, thrones, the echoing sound of pianos, Greek sculptures, galaxies and nebulas, early morning sunrise through curtains, libraries, equations scribbled on napkins, empty museums, unmade white sheets, polaroid cameras, conspiracy theories, VHS tapes, antique books, cobblestone alleyways, night skies, cluttered books, calloused fingers, crumpled composition pages, guitar picks, vinyl, telescopes, and planets.      Basically: abstract, chaotic academia, cryptid academia, dark academia, indie, kingcore, light academia, musical academia, science academia, spacecore,   QUOTES  :   it’s weird but i can’t decide which one fits him.  FC  INFO. MAIN    FC  :  victor han  ALT    FC  :  n/a. OLDER    FC  :  he can’t age past 22, so he doesn’t need one. YOUNGER    FC  :  none  yet. VOICE    CLAIM  :  both speaking and singing (his accent is posh British with a slight hint of Canadian) MUN  QUESTIONS. Q1  :    If you could write your character your way in their own movie , what    would  it  be  called ,  what  style would it be filmed in, and what would it be about ?    A1 :  The same answer as Aurora, The Tale of Solis et Lunae that stars him alongside Aurora, Lunae, Jack, and Tate, plus more. A cosmic adventure / fantasy / coming of age / superhero / the reluctant hero / the chosen one.  His role is of Aurora’s best friend and her greatest support in emotional and supernatural dangers. He is the time traveler who ascends time and space, so he often also gives her insight and information like the sage. It’ll  expand across dimensions, worlds, and different states of existence. The scenes would be cinematic with a strong soundtrack. I imagine him to have some scenes like Quick Silver in the X-Men movies.       Q2  :   What would their soundtrack / score sound like  ?     A2  :   He would have a 90s grunge or spacey dream rock sound. It ties in with the end of the last answer because i see him in one of those scenes with 90s grunge or maybe classical music ?    Q3  :      Why did you start writing this character  ? A3  :    I made Augustus just a bit before Aurora. They were a two part deal. I don’t know when it began, I just had this image of a tall, long haired boy with piercing, intelligent eyes who’s a smart-ass and likes being a know-it-all nuisance. This character has been the same since he began in 2019 and refused to change. He was always a drummer, he always had the same fashion sense, the look, Gus was always half-Korean, he always had long fingers he wore rings on, and he was always Aurora’s best friend/partner in crime. He remains unchanged and that's why I wanted to write him. This very vivid image of this boy was something I had to pen down. And just my luck, I found a fc who looks exactly how Gus looked in my head.   Q4  :    What  first  attracted  you  to  this  character  ? A4  :   Augustus is just extraordinary. It’s something I always felt about him and Aurora and I don’t see any of my other characters coming anywhere close to them regardless of how much I spent time on them. But with Augustus, his entire image and looks and personality — down to his wardrobe and jewelry was always so vivid in my head. Like I knew this very chaotically handsome boy who was going to turn the world upside down.  His story is interesting, but what interests me more is his perspective on his story. The way he looks at his life and how he is quiet and doesn’t show his pain. How confused he always is. How much he aches but never seems so. The way he loves but doesn’t say even a quarter of the intensity he feels. And how sometimes he believes he deserves suffering because it makes sense to him. I also love the connections he makes and the way he loves so deeply and profoundly but underneath the surface. His connection, love, fears, and hopes with Aurora and Jack for their respective reasons are extremely beautiful.   Q5  :      Describe the biggest thing you dislike about your muse.  ? A5  :  Augustus is unknowingly self-sabotaging. He let go the only relationship / love in his life that made him feel like real love just because he thought he didn’t deserve it. And because when he was provoked, it made “sense” to him. He bottles his emotions and pain so much despite their intensity. He never shows how much he really cares and really hurts. And how sure he is that he’ll end up alone without friends and that it makes sense to him. Q6  :      What    do    you    have    in    common    with    your    muse  ?   A6  :    Here’s a fun answer, because I bottle my emotions like him. I also interact with the carefree way he does even if I don’t feel peachy. He’s smart and witty and really hot and I don’t even have that going on for me. So, yikes. Only of Gus’ bad things I share.  Q7  :      How  does your muse feel about you  ?   A7  :  Gus loves interacting with people so he’ll definitely show up to annoy me. Maybe, he might think I’m fun to annoy? Or maybe, we’ll have a similar sense of humor. I think he won’t dislike me. Not sure if he’ll like me. I think he’d think I’m funny in a strange sort of way.  Q8  :      What    characters    does    your    muse    have    interesting    interactions  with  ? A8  :    Aurora, first of all. They have this same brain wave-length thing going on where they’re partners in crime and bffs forever more. He knows how she is feeling and what she’s thinking even before she utters it. If she is about to sneeze, he’d get a tissue ready. He can tell if she is hungry or sleepy with one glance. She can do the same, so they sorta have this weird understanding of each other.  Jack is this older brother figure Augustus loves. He won’t admit it, but he kinda wants to make Jack proud of him. He also wants to provide love and care to Jack that he thinks he deserves but never got. They’re his family now and he’ll never be alone or sad again. He annoys Jack a lot but behind it all, he just wants Jack to think he is needed and he belongs. That if he thinks Augustus is reliant on him, then he has this family he has to protect and care for. He can’t stand the thought of Jack feeling unloved, forgotten, alone.  Tida is another one. There’s this great respect and adoration Gus has for him. Almost like he looks up to him in some ways  He also has a lot of hopes and expectations attached. He feels Tida is everything that Gus himself lacks. He is the ideal boyfriend, kindest person, shows his emotions vividly, and is like a warm and cozy blanket personified. He is probably Tida and Aurora’s biggest supporter and first one to know. He can’t be happier than he is that Aurora found someone as good and perfect as Tida.   Taewon is one really fun character. Their two-way frenemy jealousy spans over years and started in Cambridge when they were both in love with the same girl they claimed to be best friends with. Though, trying to be calm, Augustus was constantly provoked and hurt, made to feel inferior and constantly in fear of his relationship being broken by Taewon’s schemes that he couldn’t say out loud. This dark period ended with a fist fight and baggage of guilt they both carry to this day for hurting each other and the one they claimed to love. Today, they’re way past that and frenemies who have funny quips and arguments for each other. They say they dislike each other. But if the lighting is good, one would be the photographer of the other. Q9  :      What    gives    you    inspiration    to    write    your    muse  ? A9  :  Music  helps  me  imagine  scenes  with  perfect  visual  details.  Any  scenes  from  shows  that  remind  me  of  my  storylines. Q10  :      How    long    did    this    take    you    to    complete  ?   A10  :  I don’t remember. It was many days and I didn’t count because it was in bits and pieces.
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Eden’s Gate: The Mother Chapter 9 - Get Me Out of This!
Warnings: Light Language
Word count: 1.6k
Where it all began. 
Summary: Voodoo Priestess Dawana aids Mandy on how to get out of her position with The Cult, but are met with a big bowl of hopelessness. 
Guest OCs: Dawana Floyde (FC: Anna Diop)
Guest Characters: Archangel Gabriel, and Raphael [Supernatural], Chuck/God [Supernatural; mentioned].
UPDATE: I'm gonna be posting 1 chapter a week because work and school interfere with my writings. 
Tumblr media
“Why do you wanna help me?!” Mandy asks, suspiciously.
Dawana sighs, “Because. The Cult has taken everything from me. My home, my business, my family. Everything”.
They look at each other for a few seconds. “I want to make them pay”. 
Mandy nods, “Okay, okay but how will you help?”.
She takes a few steps towards her, “I will guide you. I will help you through it. Have you heard of astral projection?”.
“I’ve heard of it. Angels use it when they show their wings” she tells her. 
Dawana nods her head, “Yes angels use it to show their wings. Us witches, or cunning women use it as well. Out of body experience. When the soul leaves the body, it has a different purpose when humans and celestials”.
She further explains to Mandy about her wanting to get revenge on The Seeds, and also Raphael sending her to help out Mother Winchester. Knowing that God, Chuck may not like what is going on, and that Mandy somehow in a way found a loophole. 
A few days have passed, Dawana told her to go by the same route as she has been doing for the past few months. 
Unsure how she’ll exact revenge on the Cult, cursing them, bringing them years of bad luck, sending diseases to wipe them all out. An “act” of God. 
Mandy does her usual thing with the Project. Her role as being The Mother is that she must guide them. The Project to New Eden, her purpose in the project has a huge meaning, guiding them to the new world, and protect them.
Dawana and Mandy work on a plan that’ll somehow get her out of her position. Since that is what Mandy wants. Whatever it was that Raphael heard in Joseph’s head, makes her question everything.
Sitting in her truck outside King’s Hot Springs hotel. Starting off into space, she takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and prays to Raphael. 
“Hey Raph, it’s me Mandy. I uh- I haven’t heard from you in a few days. Since you told me what was going on in Joseph’s head. So I-uh. So if you can show yourself, and tell me what happened in Joseph’s head. What you head that’ll be great”.
She sits there, and waits for the Archangel to show himself. Wings fluttering, a slight breeze and an Angelic presence next to her in the passenger seat. She looks to her right and sees an Archangel that isn’t Raphael. 
“Hey Gabriel” she greets him.
“Hi Mandy” he responds with a smile. 
“What happened to Raphael?!” she asks.
“He sent me on his behalf” he tells her, “He’s been very busy up in Heaven”.
Mandy sighs, “Well I haven't heard from him in a few days, and he just left me out of the blue. After I told him to find out what Joseph was thinking”. 
Gabriel nods, “Yeah he told me about that. He heard something he shouldn't have heard”.
She looks over at the youngest Archangel, “What did he hear?!?”. 
He looks at her, eyebrows raised “Are you sure?!”. 
Nodding her head, “I’m sure”.
Just what she suspected from the youngest Archangel, he disappears. 
She rolls her eyes in annoyance, “Typical Gabriel” she mutters. 
A few hours later, she’s sitting in Joseph’s church, reading one of his books. 
When the front door opens, followed by footsteps. Heavy footsteps. They stop next to her, she looks down at the floor and sees the shoes. 
Combat boots, she looks up and sees Jacob. She feels herself go pale, and stands up. 
Looking up at the eldest Seed brother. “Yes Jacob?” she asks, looking up at the 6’4 Army Veteran. 
“Joseph wanted me to check on you” he says, looking down at the 5’3 woman. 
“Okay. I’ve been here this whole time” she tells him. 
“I know I’ve been watching you” he tells her. Arms crossed. Seemingly not interested in having a conversation with her. 
After a very tense conversation with Jacob Seed, he leaves the church. Leaving Mandy alone. That night, she gets ready for bed along with Joseph. She can feel the tension between the both of them. 
The extra weight on the opposite side of the bed. Mandy lays down next to Joseph. The painful silence of the night. He would usually talk to her until she fell asleep, but that night, the whole day actually. Felt like there was just some separation, weird tension between her and Joseph.
The next morning, they both wake up, and the awkward tension between them dies down. They get ready for the sermon. Everyone jam packs into the church for Joseph’s sermon.
Everyone, the heralds and Mandy stand at the sides as The Father does his sermon.
Mandy notices Faith is looking extra down, she has some sadness in her eyes. She stands close to Mandy, like a child near their mother. 
Noticing whenever she moved a few inches, Faith moved closer to her. After the sermon, she questioned her.
“Faith?” she asks, “Are you okay?”. Putting on her concerned mother's look. 
She nods her head, “I’m fine. I didn’t get much sleep”. 
That whole day at the church, Faith stayed close to The Mother. She kept looking over at Joseph, and whenever he was near Mandy, she would stay away. Thinking Joseph might have done, or said something to the poor girl. Mandy asks him about it later that night. 
“Joseph?” she asks, approaching him after everyone leaves the church.
“Yes?” he asks, turning to face her.
“I noticed Faith looked bothered this afternoon. Is everything alright with her?” she asks in her usual soft tone voice. 
Almost like his internal mood had changed, and she can feel it. Like he didn’t want her to question the young female Herald and her duties for her region. 
He turns his back to her, and says “She needs to learn her duties as a Herald, and know what her purpose in the Project is. She cannot be doing foolish obscenities. She must do what she’s suspected to do, her work with the Bliss manufacturing, and the hard labor”. 
She takes a few steps closer to him, “Is that why she looked terrified? Pretty much avoided you all day?”.
He stops what he’s doing, lifts his head up and takes a deep breath. Standing still like a statue.
“I know my duties as The Mother. I must guide, protect and love my children, but that doesn’t mean I’ll abandon my actual children. If Faith must do her duties as a herald, as well as the others, then I suspect you do your duties as The Father, and as my husband”. 
With that said, she leaves the church. With that sweet burn, and her head up high.
Later that same day, Dawana guides Mandy with her aid to get out of the Project. Meeting the voodoo priestess by the same river from before.
“You asked for me?” she asks. 
“Yeah, so how are you gonna help me get out of the Project? Without Chuck suspecting a thing” Mandy asks. 
“Ah, that will be complicated, mon cheri” the priestess says to her. 
“How?” she asks, “What’s the plan?”.
“The plan would be that I’ll use a glamour spell that’ll make another version of you, and you. The real you can leave” she explains to her. 
“Oh like a clone?” she asks. 
“Oui, but the problem is that we need a very sacred location. Quietness, and no crazy Cultists trying to kill us”. 
“Okay, I might know a few locations, but I want to be sure with the whole thing. Just to see if the Cult actually uses them”.
Dawana nods in approval, “Of course mon cheri”. 
“Just one thing.” she says, “What’s wrong with Raphael? I haven’t heard from him”.
She sighs, “I saw him the day I called for you” she walks towards the edge of the Dead Man’s River. “He told me that he heard God say something to Joseph that he shouldn't have heard”. 
“What was it?!?” she asks, really wanting to know what was said. 
She turns her head, “Something bad. Not the Collapse, but something worse”. 
The anticipation!!. What is up with this damn anticlimactic bullshit?!. 
Wings flutter next to them, “We must stop this”. They turn their heads, and see Raphael. 
“Raph? What happened?!” Mandy asks.
“Nothing good that’s what happened” he tells her, “Mandy cannot leave the Project. No matter what we do”.
They look at the Archangel in concern. “What do you mean?” Dawana asks him.
“Father. Chuck he knows we’re trying to put a stop to this. When I was in Joseph’s head listening to his thoughts. I heard my father say that if I try to stop him, or get Mandy out of this in any way. Then I’ll be cast out of Heaven. My grace and wings will be gone. I’ll end up like Lucifer”. 
They both look at the Archangel with zero chance of hope. There’s no going back now, she must stay in the project until they gain more followers and become very powerful in followers and supporters. That Joseph Seed will be a Prophet, or some sort of God. 
“So I’m stuck?!” a distressed Mandy asks. 
“I’m sorry Mandeline. I tried to convince Chuck to let you out of this deal but he won’t heed to it”.
“It's not your fault Raph. I mean you told me from the very beginning that if I tried to stop the Project from expanding then boom the end of the world”. 
The human, the Archangel and the voodoo Priestess stand there completely hopeless. Raphael is Mandy’s guardian angel, it’s his job to make sure she’s safe. To watch over her. Michael is her eldest daughter Paige’s guardian angel, and Gabriel is Kate’s guardian angel. 
They need to figure out a new plan or at least have something happen that is out of Mandy's control.
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Tumblr media
Name: UTP
Age: 22 - 27
Pronouns: They/Them
FC Suggestions: Tati Gabrielle, Madeleine Madden, Amandla Stenberg (please note this character must be portrayed by a person of colour)
tw - parental loss
They were born with an uncertain breath in their lungs and their parents were led to believe they would not last until morning. But, morning came, and another, and another, and after a week their breath grew steady, their will to cling to life a miracle their mother prayed for in the watchful hours of the night, proving that sometimes Providence did listen - or whichever god watched over them. Starting their life in such an uncertain manner did not make them meek, much to everyone’s chagrin ; instead, it made them wild, vivacious, in constant pursuit of happiness and pleasure, all those things that, ultimately, made life worth living. They were friendly and lively, running around with children both younger and older than them, making friends wherever they went, their natural charisma drawing others like moths were drawn to an open flame.
Their father was a sailor, and every time he would set sail, they couldn’t be sure they would ever see him again, and a dreadful feeling would rise in them whenever they would see their father board the ship. They were intuitive, perhaps all creatures that had once tasted the proximity of death, lingering between the two worlds, no matter how briefly, had a heightened sense of intuition - but, when their father said his usual goodbyes before going on board, they knew they would never see him again. They didn’t have the time to mourn; they had to find a job - and fast - to support both themselves and their mother. However, jobs were lacking and they weren’t educated in a specific field. It was a stroke of luck that one night, on their way home, they stumbled upon a  circus show - and a fortune teller, smiling softly while she flipped the cards in front of her. Immediately, their curiosity was piqued and they lingered until the end of the performance, watching how eagerly people gave away coin to know just a little more about what future holds for them or their loved ones. That night sealed their fate. Naturally perceptive and charismatic, this was something they could do, and they didn’t need a tarot deck to read fortunes - they could easily guess and weave their so-called prophecies by merely looking at the person in front of them.
Ever since that fateful night they’ve made a name out of themselves, mimicking that soft, inviting smile while they spun lies and deceit, giving their customers exactly what they wanted, springing out Pythian prophecies that could be interpreted however one wanted to view them. It was a fool proof plan - no one could yell at them or expose them as a fraud, if they failed to understand the reading for themselves. But, there is something dark in the world, something sinister falling over London like a deadly veil. They can feel it, but it is something they can’t decipher on their own and for the first time since they’ve started their fortune telling, they’re starting to feel like they might’ve gotten in over their head.
It’s certainly amused. The little fortune teller is a charlatan, dabbing in things they don’t understand and it watches them with a razor sharp grin on its pale, pale face. They cannot feel it yet, they cannot feel the presence standing in the corner of the room, watchful eyes trained upon their back at all times - but, they’ve started to feel something and it’s infinitely delighted by the careful, alarmed gaze in their eyes when they suddenly feel the brush of it’s fingers against their shoulder. It’s presence remains unknown, but it’s slowly starting to reveal itself - a touch here, a whisper there, and a finishing flourish, with a few things disappearing only to reappear somewhere else, is certainly starting to put them in a mood ; and if it had a voice, it would probably laugh at the apprehension on the fraud’s face.
THE MEDIUM: She’s the real deal - they know it in their heart and their soul. There’s a part of them that scoffs and mocks the occult, but it’s their own fear of it that makes them approach her. They started their friendship with her by annoying the living daylight out of the medium - but, what started as annoyance and mockery, turned into mentorship. They are too proud to accept her help, but they know that every time she dares them to do something, they end up listening to her advice. Perhaps, in time, their stubbornness would relent long enough for them to truly seek help from the woman, help in deciphering just what in God’s name the cards are trying to tell them.
THE DETECTIVE: Their reputation preceded them far enough to warrant a detective’s attention and it leaves them a little mortified. She’s smart and perceptive and they fear she will learn the truth of their readings, learn that they’re nothing but a charlatan, dabbling in things they don’t truly understand. But, the detective found them and offered them a steady income if they work with her on solving the latest gruesome case. They are horrified by the case, but they’ve already agreed to her terms and they’re too proud to back down now.
THE ILLUSIONIST: She is breath taking and awe inspiring, and they are completely captivated by her performance. They’ve met in another circus, where she was a guest act, and ever since they can’t seem to get her out of their head. The skill she displays in creating illusions and seemingly dangerous occasions leaves them wanting to know more, to learn more - and often they wonder if, perhaps, the two of them could start their own circus ; with her as the performer and them as the fortune teller.
THE ACTRESS: She’s a delight and quite possibly their only true friend. She came for a reading once, or twice, and she’s the only person whose fortunes they told in quite a precise manner - and consecutively so. The actress brought them a thank you present after the second reading and ever since they’ve struck an easy, lively friendship which reminds them of their childhood friends and a leisurely time long gone now.
THE INVENTOR: They aren’t sure if he'll be able to achieve his goals, but their occasional visits have become far more regular - and his disposition far more agitated. They know there's something on his mind. It's evident in the way he moves, and the way he hands on their every move. They're interested - if they can find a way to truly communicate with the dead, it will certainly make their job a lot easier. However, they're also slightly worried. If he succeeds, will they even had a job at all? 
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sussex-nature-lover · a year ago
Tuesday 16th February 2021
Normal Service and some Out of the Ordinary News
I’ve got to say that I don’t quite know where my head is at lately, let’s blame disturbed sleep shall we - might as well. I’ve been doing my customary waking around 2-3am and then napping, waking again around 5-6ish for the day and watching the cricket, which has taken up the best part of the morning. Although that makes the days seem long, they’ve been full and my blog has ended up being written piecemeal here and there and then being rather last minute. Inevitably errors occur when you write that way and I haven’t made the time to read through properly before pressing post. Usually I’m fairly meticulous, but I’ve ended up rushing, so I’ve resolved to do better. Side-note to both my football and the England crickets teams, you should do the same. Liverpool FC play tonight in Hungary, 8pm our time should you need to know (Champions’ League)
Yesterday was a very dull and grey day, cold, but not nearly as cold as of late. We had to go out to the Pharmacy and so took the car on a run just for the sake of keeping it in action.
Tumblr media
We came back via the village where the younger Ms NW went to school and it was a very neat little journey. The hedges have had a really good cut.
Tumblr media
It was just around this point in the lane where Crow and I did our second synchronised Woaaaaaa Woaaaaaaa of the week so far - that always makes us laugh. The first had been at a low level swoop behind our top shrubbery bed - couldn’t see what it was, but we thought it was the Buzzard. Yesterday it was an absolutely gorgeous Kestrel that flew from one side of the lane across the front of the car and off into the distance. We saw enough to register the lovely markings and beautiful chestnut colouring. I took a few other pictures of some nice looking cows and a field absolutely covered by Seagulls but to be honest they’re not all that exciting, so I’ll just leave the thoughts there.
What was exciting yesterday and I’ll go so far as to say, terribly exciting, was a brand new bird in the garden. Seriously, I can hardly believe it, so settle down and enjoy with me one of the most delightful and tiniest birds we’ve had here.
Let me set the scene, I was standing at the sink under the window, just pootling about and tidying things and a bright flash of red took my eye. I presumed Goldfinch, which would’ve been unusual as it’s been a while. But no, it wasn’t that pillar box type of red, it was more a deep and bright ruby pink. Chores abandoned and camera at the ready I took as many photos as I could considering that A) it was quite poor light and it was drizzling and B) this little bird hardly stayed still. Suffice to say I have A LOT of very blurry pics.
Enough introductory waffle, this is what I saw
Tumblr media
Ladies and Gentlemen, a Redpoll. I have to say that its Latin name is absolutely charming.  Carduelis cabaret. Isn’t that wonderful? It certainly lives up to that descriptor in my opinion, as every angle is a feast for the eyes.
Wikipedia says
The genus name Acanthis is from the Ancient Greek akanthis, a name for a small now-unidentifiable bird, and cabaret is the French name for a type of finch
That turns out to be somewhat disappointing really. I prefer to stick to my imaginary idea of them being an actual theatre show-stopper. 
Anyway after establishing the Redpoll bit, as so often in the birding world (and the rest of the natural world to be fair) it all gets rather complicated.
Tumblr media
For size perspective: House Sparrow and Redpoll. I said they’re tiny didn’t I
The full name for this species is actually the Lesser Redpoll, as relatively recently (year 2000) it was classified as a separate species from the very similar Common Redpoll (also called the Mealy Redpoll) which, despite the name, is not common in the UK at all. 
Lesser Redpolls breed in the UK, whereas Common Redpolls are winter visitors only and generally just to the eastern side of the UK. There are subtle differences only between the two species, but it is the Lesser Redpoll that’s much more likely to be seen in gardens across the UK.
I’ve put a really excellent video towards the end of this blog which should make things clearer.
As you can tell from the shape of the bill, Redpoll is a Finch, a small Finch. This is particularly interesting as I keep bemoaning how we lack Finches here and yet last year we saw more Goldfinch in the garden than we ever have before; not big numbers, but more frequent visits. We had the return of a Greenfinch and evidence they’d had young and of course, lately a male Chaffinch has been here a lot. Apparently Redpoll will often flock with Siskin - another relatively common bird, but again, one we’ve not spotted in our garden. There’re probably loads in the woods who only come to the garden when we turn our backs!
1.5–12.5 centimetres (4.5–4.9 in) long with a wingspan of 20–22.5 centimetres (7.9–8.9 in) and a weight of 9–12 grams (0.32–0.42 oz). The bill is short, conical and sharply pointed and is pale yellow with a dark tip.
Tumblr media
Little Lesser Red Poll making the distant Robin look huge
Obviously all the information I have is collated from various searches I made on the internet: I read that the UK population of this lovely bird went into rapid decline since the 1970s and now stands at about 10% of the known figures at that time. There is no sound evidence currently available as to why, but studies have focused on the reduction in young forestry plantations, especially non-native Conifers (a favoured nesting location) and possibly a lessening of Birch trees. To counter that though, I have also read that since around 2010 there has been a marked increase in sightings in gardens. In the Spring the Redpoll will feed on insects and source caterpillars for its young, but in the Autumn and Winter it’s a seed eater, particularly enjoying the fine Niger seed which is suited to its small beak. It seems more people are feeding the birds in their gardens and Niger seed in particular is being employed more frequently as it attracts the colourful little birds.
Tumblr media
Lesser Redpoll GB breeding population was estimated at around 220,000 breeding pairs (2016) but they are doing particularly well these days in N Ireland which boasted an additional 40,000 pairs.
 The species is now listed as red status in the UK (see below)
Tumblr media
Absolutely beautiful from every angle
Tumblr media
You can just make out a small black bib in the photo above and from what I’ve read this is a male bird already displaying breeding colours, as seen by the extremely red-pink breast. It could be said it’s fairly ahead of the game with its timing.
More information from an outside source Here (pdf) which is a British Birding Association article from 2010 with some excellent photographs.
The Red Listed birds are not necessarily terribly low in number -  for example the Common House Sparrow. Starling and Song Thrush are in this category because of population decline.
Red List Criteria
Globally Threatened
A Serious Population Decline In The UK Between 1800 And 1995
A Decline Of At Least 50% In The UK Breeding Population Over The Last 25 Years Or Over A Longer-Term Period
A Contraction Of At Least 50% In The UK Breeding Range Over The Last 25 Years Or Since 1969
The RSPB say
"We use the red list to prioritise our action. We use it to identify which species need help immediately and take action. So, if there is research to do to find out what the problem is, and how to tackle it, then we’ll do that, then once we know what needs to be done to help them we’ll get on with it, whether it’s land management, species recovery projects or lobbying government.
"Prioritising is vital as we don’t have money and resources to work on everything, even within the red list we can’t prioritise action for all 67 species. In some cases we have to just keep a watching brief on a species until we have more resource to take action."
"The first step is considering what to do in your own outdoor spaces to create better habitats for wildlife. Those who have a garden could consider wildlife friendly gardening - create a pond, plant pollen rich flowers, or plant shrubs with berries for birds.
"Most of the data we use is collected by volunteers –if you know a little bit about birds you could get involved in data gathering with monitoring schemes, such as those run by the BTO in partnership with the RSPB."
I’m going to have a think about what projects we can embark on this Spring to help our garden birds even more and then, well, who knows what species might turn up. Even after 20 years here, there’s something to marvel at every single day.
Tumblr media
Mount Etna has erupted. If you look at this Twitter thread you can see photos and video
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mountphoenixrp · a year ago
Tumblr media
We have a returning citizen in Mount Phoenix:
                       Gemini Ryu, who is known by no other name;                                        a 26 year old son of Dagda.                        He is a trauma surgeon at Asclepius General.
FC NAME/GROUP: im jaebum / got7 CHARACTER NAME: gemini ryu AGE/DATE OF BIRTH: 26 ; 6/3/93 PLACE OF BIRTH: milltown malbay, ireland OCCUPATION: trauma surgeon at asclepius HEIGHT: 6’0” DEFINING FEATURES: complete heterochromia (glassy blue left eye, earthy brown right eye). he’s incredibly pale, almost to a fault, although often holds a lively expression on his face which causes many to wonder if he’s sick or something otherwise. has a scale tattoo on his right inner forearm as a self-reminder to himself to keep the ‘balance’. two moles on his right eyelid. multitudes of piercings in his ears + snake bites, nose. when under the influence of negative emotions, others may notice that the immediate vicinity around gemini is rather stuffy and suffocating almost. likewise, when under the influence of positive emotions, others may notice that the vicinity is much more lightweight and freeing somewhat.
PERSONALITY: as the epitome of ‘hard shell, soft interior’, gemini finds it both easy and difficult to make friends with others ― on one hand he’s always generous and welcoming, yet on the other hand he is unwillingly intimidating and finds he doesn’t truly click with many. quiet and observant, he has a determined mindset that disallows for distractions in both work and otherwise, though he tries his hardest to accept opportunities when they come and get to know others. gemini takes his role in upholding the balance of life and death very seriously, almost to a fault sometimes ― holding an occupation that lingers on the area in between, he often beats himself up about his work if he feels like he isn’t performing well enough, or especially if he has made what he considers a ‘wrong choice’.
losing sleep, time, and energy are all things he’s become accustomed to ― still, gemini does take the chance to meet new people whenever able. more often than not he’s all smiles, eager to help and even more eager to provide a warm atmosphere. comforting silence is his forte, and gemini prides himself on his ability in being a listener rather than a talker, giving his advice and experience when needed along with a joke or too. he sacrifices the majority of his well-being for others, sometimes to the detriment of his health ― regardless if he’s known you for two seconds or two years, you can best bet that he’ll help no matter the situation.
it is a warm summer morning that beckons forth the home birth of a peculiar child ― silent, cold to the touch, and as grey as the winter’s breath. his mother believe him to be stillborn, though the smallest of movements and the slightest grasping of a finger give them hope otherwise. the midwife says he is on the verge of death, but the glow on the newborn’s face notes otherwise ― it is as if life springs into his very bones the moment he takes his first breath, filling him with the wanting to continue forth with his future.
she names him gemini ― as two-faced as the way and day he was born.
his childhood is filled with days by the sea, nights in the pastures, time spent making friends with the horses mingling about the hills. slanted eyes and strange languages mark him as different from the rest ― but different is good, his mother says. different means you have stories to tell, means you have a future brighter than the others. it takes him longer to find a home within the close-knit community of the little village he is in, but the redemption pays well ― gemini finds solace in the quiet of the early mornings and the familiarity of knowing others by heart, eager to help and even more so to please. he is stranger to none but friend to all ― it doesn’t even cross his mind that he might come to regret such a fact.
come maturation, gemini begins to lose the childhood innocence that lingered on his form for far longer than he’d like. a cold face takes the place of youthful brightness, eyes seeming to pierce into others rather than welcome them closer. his tongue is venomous honey, articulated and a weapon all the same. normalised teenage rebellion begins to evolve into something more ― gemini begins to drift away from others, tired and yet concerned upon hearing their complaints regarding feeling ‘chained’ when around him. he navigates the world alone, save for his mother ― something is different then, he can feel it in the way she watches him at times, in the way she peers at him as if he is danger incarnate.
and for a time, he surely comes to believe it.
he says he was an accident but no one seems to agree on the matter, not even gemini himself ― an argument between two ex-friends turned deadly, they say. one boy gravely injured, the other remorseful for actions committed, and a bloody pen discarded on the cobblestone streets. a split second decision results in him being ostracized from the community, unable to come to his own defense while the life of another hangs in the critical balance ― not that he has a defense anyway. gemini is as stunned as everyone else, having simply believed a sharp poke from the item would merely harm, not bring the other to death’s doorway as it seemed. he is kept locked away inside his home, unable to venture out into the sunlight he so desperately craved. his mother was separated, mentally and physically, only venturing close to him when absolutely necessary ― she was scared, but so was he.
the news of his ex-friend’s death weighs even heavier upon his shoulders than he wanted to admit, breaking a chunk off his mental state and effectively convincing himself if he stayed he would most likely be killed ― they hadn’t been able to save him, lingering on the precipice of damnation before his parents finally decided to pull the plug. superstition was rampant, and gemini wasn’t an exception ― he’s rifling through items in preparation to leave when he stumbles across a letter addressed to him, dated for when he would turn 19. reading it nearly gives him a heart attack, and gemini isn’t sure he wants to believe what lies before him. questions he’d always had but never garnered the chance to receive answers ― who his father was, where he was, why his life had led to this very moment. the reality of the situation, being a demigod, shakes him to his core; but who was he to discern otherwise? gemini is left with even more questions, though he understands one thing only ― he wasn’t safe in any way shape or form.
he leaves in the night, taking with him only what he can carry on his back, the letter, and the drifting pull of something else along the horizon. he drifts among the hills, now a stranger to all and friend to none. for once, gemini has no purpose, finding himself lingering about without aim and only a husk of himself. he’s a recluse, but only to a certain point ― a chance encounter with someone else like him plants thoughts in his head he couldn’t have made up on his own; an island for people like him. an island where he might find his father. the idea alone rocks him to the core, but he is even more shaken when the reality of the situation fully appears ― gemini is lead with a more driven spirit to this place seeming straight out of a fairytale, the sight of civilization effectively convincing him he might actually have a chance.
and sure enough, he has garnered much more than that.
PANTHEON: celtic CHILD OF: dagda POWERS: gemini is able to utilize any object deemed a ‘weapon’ as a taker and bringer of life. if he should use what might be considered the ‘pointy end’ of the item, he holds the ability to bring someone to the precipice of death no matter their situation. likewise, if he ‘flips it around’ and uses said end of the item, he will also hold the ability to bring that person back to their prior or entirely healed state.
after living in mouth phoenix for over 9 years, he has rather good control over the ability, essentially extended to the fact that if he wants to use it, it will almost always work
gemini can focus his ability around a specific ‘area’ if needed ― for instance, if someone’s leg is heavily injured he can utilize his power to deteriorate and then revitalize simply that leg
any item is able to be used, regardless if it falls under the traditional ‘weapon’ category ― hell, a branch could be used as such if he wanted it to
his ability does not only affect the physical, but also the mental ― still, despite many trying to use him as an instant ‘cure’, he’s very picky on who he uses his ability on that aren’t in immediate danger
his ability sometimes falters, causing him to either leave his target in a ‘midway’ state where they are not entirely healed nor entirely in the same state of injury ― if such a case arises, he will have to repeat the process to get desired results
using his powers hurts for the target ― more often than not, those he practices his ability on will wish they were dead one way or another simply from the sheer pain of being drawn near death and likewise back to life. this is not something he can control, likewise resulting in gemini only using his ability when he absolutely needs to
while any item may be used, any item may be used ― should his ability act up (which happens more than he’d like to admit) he may unknowingly cause someone else to experience near death or likewise being brought to a fully healed state. this has caused gemini to be a lot less ‘touch-feely’ than he’d like to be, largely worried he might accidentally bring harm to someone if he does something as simple as handing them a fork
using his ability frequently tires him out, though he has worked up a sense of mental and physical stamina over the years that leaves him be able to ‘hold out’ for longer periods of time. if he pushes himself too much, he will eventually be rendered unconscious
he must use an item; his ability does not carry over to his hands
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Tag Drop; Éowyn of Rohan
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archivednimueries · 4 years ago
tag dump o4.
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blaineandsamevanderson · 5 years ago
Title:  Once in A Lifetime Chapter 23
Title:  Once in A Lifetime Chapter 23
By: @blaineandsamevanderson (SageK on ff.net, kaitlia777 on LJ and AO3)
Graphics and Assistant Brain Stormer: @lauraperfectinsanity
Pairing: Blaine/Sam
Rating: R
Summary:  Late Spring, 2014 Sam auditions for a role in a TV show and Blaine comes along for moral support…and that’s just the beginning of their adventure!
Authors Note: I don’t know anything about the casting process for a TV show or what the process might be before filming.  This is all fiction.  I also don’t have any affiliation with Glee, Agents of Shield or any of the men and women who are involved with making the show.  Again, this is a work of fiction!
Authors Note #2: This is AU for Glee Season 5, pretty Episode 100 and anything after isn’t applicable to this.  Also, the plot for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was thought of before I saw CA:TWS, but was easily adapted…but let’s just say AOS is AU as of Turn, Turn, Turn.
Authors Note #3: We named Blaine’s Mom Anna before we knew Glee had named her Pam and hired and actress to play her…so we’re gonna stick with our name and FC!
Authors Note #4: This isn’t really a fic for fans of Kurt and Rachel.  They’re the antagonists in this fic and are way over the top (in keeping with Glee’s tradition of being OTT).
Authors Note #4: Sorry for the crappy Google translate Spanish!
Tumblr media
An annoying pounding on the door woke Kurt, who groaned and rolled over, his pillow pulled over his head. Whoever it was could just wait! He wasn’t crushing his hair with satin encased memory foam for nothing. Rachel could get the door.
When the banging continued, he remembered that Rachel had gone out on a date with a producer the previous night and had not come home, so she wasn’t around to deal with this pest. Who knocked at…9:13 am, anyhow? It was barbaric!
“Open this damn door right now, or I will make a scene right here in this hallway, TURK!” a feminine voice yowled shrilly through the door, carrying easily into Kurt’s open floor plan sleeping space. It was so nice having the loft to himself for a night, not that he didn’t like rooming with Rachel….
Oh no….
One of those delusional, deranged fans of Blaine and Sam must have tracked him down and somehow knew!
Throwing off his blankets, Kurt swung his legs out of bed, feet sliding into his leather slippers before he rushed to the door. He quickly unlatched the locks and tugged the door aside, calling, “Hold on, hold on!”
As soon as the door was open, Kitty’s small finger (tipped with pale pink shimmery polish, how predictable) stabbed at him, eyes narrowed. She wasn’t in uniform for once, he noted in surprise. Behind her, Unique was standing with her arms crossed, a similar look on her face.
“What on Earth are you blathering about?” he demanded, trying to keep up the pretense that he had no idea why she would be accosting him.
“Oh no,” Unique chided, shaking her head. “Do not even. Unique tracked your cyber trail, Turk! How could you do that to people you call your friends?”
To make matters worse, the door across the hall was wrenched open, revealing Santana, clad in red pajamas, Brittany, in a rainbow striped robe, and Dani, in flannel.
“Did I just hear that right?” Santana hissed in a slow, dangerous tone, the look on her face boding nothing positive.
“You did,” Kitty confirmed in a growl. “This two faced, jealous sack of shit has been trolling Blaine and Sam for months!”
Kurt crossed his arms. “Trolling is such a nasty term…Not that I’m….”
“Unique got your IP address, fool,” Unique snapped. “You left more digital crumbs than a cyber Cookie Monster.”
Well, that wasn’t good.
“Now we just have to decide how we’re gonna handle this,” Kitty snarled, planting a hand on Kurt’s chest and backing him into the loft (what was it with tiny girls having freakish, amazon strength?), followed by the rest of the group.
“Oh please!” Kurt said, licking his lips nervously. “Like it wasn’t fabulous publicity! I did them a favor and upped their notoriety!”
“Don’t even try to justify what you’ve done!” Dani said, wagging a finger at him.
Brittany stared around the room, wide eyed and confused until Unique pulled her aside and murmured an explanation. “No,” she said, shaking her head and turning her gaze to Kurt. “Kurt wouldn’t do that! Only an awful person would be that mean and try to hurt Blam!”
He winced at her words, and immediately realized that his reaction confirmed things for her. “Brittany, you don’t understand. I had to do….”
She shook her head and Dani put an arm around her shoulders. Lovely, now that Brittany was upset, Santana had gone from thunderous to murderous.
This was not at all how he’d pictured his peaceful morning alone in the loft going…..
Tumblr media
Though they weren’t nominated, Blaine and Sam got to attend the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards, presenting at the latter. As those shows were a bit more formal, they allowed Sugar to style them. To be honest, Sam didn’t know how she wrangled these fancy suits out of designers, but damn!
He’d never worn a custom tailored suit before and, according to Blaine, he looked pretty darn dapper…and he’d certainly enjoyed peeling Blaine out of his matching tux after the shows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
March was a bit chaotic. In addition to filming a few episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., both Blaine and Sam got a chance to guest star on a few shows.
First Sam was cast as a US Marshall in one of the final episodes of Justified. Then Blaine almost lost his mind over getting a small part on Game of Thrones, followed shortly by a brief stint as a doomed hotel guest on American Horror Story: Hotel. Sam’s reaction to being offered a bit part on the Walking Dead as an Alexandrian taking part in trying to herd a swarm of walkers rivaled Blaine’s GoT meltdown.
All in all, it was a very good month!
“That was awesome!” Sebastian laughed as Kitty smoothly dismounted from the handstand she had held atop the coffee table.
Grinning, she brushed her hands off and declared, “That’s how Cheerios do it!”
A cheer rand out and turned into a chant of “Drink, drink, drink!”…and who was he to argue with that. Sebastian downed a shot of tequila, provided by Santana in celebration of his birthday. She, Brittany, Dani and Kitty had all flown out to LA to party with him, which was how they found themselves drinking at Blaine and Sam’s.
The previous night, they’d all gone out to a club and danced till closing (aka, when they had to haul Sugar off of the bar top), but tonight was a more private affair, as the majority of them were in fact, underage.
“All right, Blaine! Truth or Dare!” Sugar exclaimed, tipping slightly to the side and bumping into Dani.
Cheeks flushed from alcohol (Blaine was a lightweight, how cute was that?), Blaine hummed, “Truth!”
Honestly, Sebastian thought Dare was probably a safer bet given this crowd. Sure, the Dares would probably get more embarrassing as the night wore on, but the girls probably wouldn’t make them do anything dangerous.
“Oooh, I know!” Brittany crowed, pointing to Blaine, finger wiggling to indicate Sam as well. “If you could choose someone to have a threesome with, who would it be?”
A buzzed cheer rang out and Sam burst into giggles, burying his face in Blaine’s curls. “We need to confer!” Blaine said seriously and pulled his boyfriend into a brief, whisper discussion. In the end, they both nodded and said, “Sebastian.”
“Well, extra happy birthday to me!” Sebastian chuckled happily. “Seriously though, more than willing to make that happen.”
Everyone was used to his flirting and Sam even gave him a playful wink as Blaine asked Brittany to describe her oddest dream.
Even if he had been 100% sober, Sebastian didn’t think he would have been able to follow the Blonde’s rambling tale. All he could be sure of was that it involved a cat, a rainbow powered rocket launcher and fuzzy handcuffs.
Her story derailed their drunken brains and Kitty, the only sober one in the bunch, had to herd them bock onto track by hiding the booze…at least until after cake and presents were done.
Birthday priorities FTW!
TBC….. (Next chapter can be read as a part of the OIAL world or taken as a little diversion, cuz oh, the smut that will be had. If you don’t want to read it, it won’t effect the plot in further chapters!)
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Tag Drop; Lucy Pevensie
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